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TUDN (TV network)

"TUDN" redirects here. It is not to be confused with TUDN (brand).

TUDN (pronounced tu-de-ene; formerly called Univision Deportes Network (abbr. UDN) is an American Spanish languagesports channel. Owned by Univision Communications, it is an extension of the company's sports division of the same name. It launched on April 7, 2012, along with Univision Tlnovelas and FOROtv.

The network's main properties include major soccer events in the Americas, including per-team coverage of Liga MX, the Spanish portion of the Major League Soccer package, the Copa América, and CONCACAF's Champions League and Gold Cup events. In 2018-19, it also became the Spanish rightsholder of the UEFA Champions League. The channel has ties with the Mexican sports channel of the same name, sharing some of its programming. Before July 20, 2019, when the Mexican counterpart was known as Televisa Deportes Network (TDN), the channel was referred to as Univision TDN during these programs.[1] In 2019, it was announced that TDN and UDN would jointly relaunch as TUDN—signifying a greater amount of collaboration between the two channels.

As of February 2015, approximately 39.7 million households (34.1% of those with television) receive the channel.[2] Univision stated per Nielsen ratings that TUDN was the sixth-highest rated U.S. sports channel in 2019 in terms of average primetime viewership.[3]


Logo as Univision Deportes Network from April 7, to December 31, 2012.

In May 2011, Univision Communications announced three new cable television channels to strengthen its position in the Latino market and diversify revenues, including one dedicated to Soccer and other sports.[4] It signed a deal with the Dish Network in January 2012 to carry the channels via satellite.[5] The channel dedicated to sports was named Univision Deportes Network.[6] On May 11, 2012, AT&T U-verse signed a carriage agreement with Univision Communications to carry the channel, along with Univision Tlnovelas.[7]

Logo used from 2013 to 2019.

At launch, it offered a secondary network known as Univision Deportes Network Dos airing repeats of matches and studio programming, which was exclusively carried by Dish,[8] but is currently defunct.

Logo used from January to July 19, 2019 before the merger of Televisa Deportes Network to from TUDN.

In May 2019, it was announced that both Univision Deportes Network and Televisa Deportes Network would be jointly rebranded as TUDN. The new branding is a combination of abbreviations TDN and UDN, but the first two letters are also pronounced as the Spanish adjective "tu" (your), allowing the name to also be read as "Tu deportes network" ("Your sports network"). TUDN will be promoted as a multi-platform brand, and there will be closer collaboration between the American and Mexican channels—allowing for expanded studio programming in the morning and daytime hours (to bolster its expansion into European soccer with its recent acquisition of UEFA rights, and existing content such as Liga MX soccer).[9][10] Univision Deportes Network officially rebranded as TUDN on July 20, 2019.[11]


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The network's signature program is Univision Deportes Fútbol Club, an hour-long sports update show hosted by Xavi Sol (as of late 2017) alongside Félix Fernández and Hristo Stoichkov. There was a late-night version of the program hosted by Alejandro Berry, son of former news and sports anchor Jorge Berry, with various rotating analysts. The two editions of Fútbol Club differed by tone and style, with the early evening version being more lighthearted and comedic, while the late night version consisted of a round table discussion regarding the day's action (similar in format to ESPN's Around the Horn).[12][13] The latter version was later renamed "Linea de Cuatro".

TUDN broadcasts home games for 16 of 18 teams in the Liga MX, away matches for the rest of the teams and playoff games.[12][14] The weekly Saturday night program – Fútbol Central hosted by Edgar Martinez – features football highlights and previews matches from the Mexican league.[12] Other competitions covered include the CONCACAF Champions League and Major League Soccer.[12] Rights to MLS games in 2012 are shared with sister networks Galavision and UniMás.[15]

In January 2016, Univision acquired Spanish-language rights to UEFA tournaments beginning in 2018, including UEFA Euro 2020 and the UEFA Nations League, with the channel planned to be involved in coverage.[16] In 2017, Univision acquired Spanish-language rights to the UEFA Champions League and Europa League beginning in 2018-19.[17]

In 2013, it acquired the U.S. Spanish-language rights to Formula One. However, ESPN Deportes acquired Formula One rights starting in 2020.[18]

Play-by-play announcers[edit]

  • Pablo Ramirez (Soccer)
  • Enrique Bermudez (Soccer)
  • José Hernandez (Soccer)
  • José Luis Lopez Salido (Soccer)
  • Ramses Sandoval (Soccer)
  • Luis Omar Tapia (Soccer)
  • Andrés Vaca (Soccer)
  • Paco Villa (Soccer)
  • Ricardo Celis (Mixed Martial Arts)





 United States:

EuropeUEFA (2018-2024):

Martial arts[edit]

Professional wrestling[edit]

Former programming[edit]










Carriage disputes[edit]

Univision Deportes Network, Univision, UniMás, Galavisión and Univision Tlnovelas were dropped by AT&T U-verse on March 4, 2016, due to a carriage dispute.[23][24][25][26] This did not affect DirecTV Customers (although being a subsidiary of U-Verse's parent company, AT&T), as this was done in a different contract. All of Univision's channels were returned to the U-verse lineup on March 24, 2016.[27][28][29][30]

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  5. S13 drift livery

Univision Charges AT&T With “Redlining” As Programming Goes Dark On U-Verse

Univision lost access to about 5.6 million U-Verse subscribers last night as the Spanish language broadcast company and AT&T failed to agree on terms to renew their retransmission contract.

The breakdown affects the Univision broadcast network as well as UniMás, Galavisión, and Univision Deportes NetworkCharge.

As you’d expect, Univision blames AT&T for the loss, accusing it of “redlining our audience by refusing to recognize the value of the Univision networks and the consumers we serve.”

The company adds that “AT&T’s discriminatory behavior is preventing Hispanic America from receiving content and information in language and in culture, which is especially vital during this election year. These disputes can be confusing for consumers, but in our case it’s simple: we must receive fair compensation, on par with English language broadcasters.”

AT&T counters that Univision “blocked” its transmissions from U-Verse. “This is about nothing more than Univision demanding we pay an outrageous price increase,” the company says in a statement. “We are fighting for all of our customers to keep what Univision charges at a reasonable amount… Spanish-language channels are important to us and our customers. That’s why we carry 78 Spanish-language channels.”

On February 23, Univision CEO Randy Falco told his lenders and investors that he was “optimistic” that a deal would be struck “because AT&T seems to be saying all the right things and we certainly think along those lines that we should be able to get a fair deal done.”

AT&T has been eager to reduce its programming outlays, in part by bringing U-Verse payments in line with the lower rates paid by DirecTV, which it bought last year.

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Sours: https://deadline.com/2016/03/univision-accuses-att-redlining-retransmission-dispute-1201714354/
The BEST Streaming Services for Spanish Speakers

Univision networks dropped from AT&T U-Verse system in fee dispute

Television giant AT&T and Univision Communications, the nation’s largest Spanish-language media company, are embroiled in a high-stakes feud over programming fees.

Unable to reach an agreement on a new contract, AT&T removed the signals of most of Univision’s networks from its U-Verse pay-TV system late Thursday. The networks dropped from U-Verse include the flagship Univision network, secondary broadcast outlet UniMas and cable channels Galavision and Univision Deportes.

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AT&T has about 6 million U-Verse customers nationwide, including about 300,000 homes in the Los Angeles region.

The outage does not affect AT&T’s DirecTV customers because those subscribers are covered by a separate contract.

“Despite Univision’s tireless efforts to reach an agreement, AT&T is denying its U-Verse customers access to our networks and stations, which have the most popular Spanish-language news, sports and entertainment,” Univision said in a statement.

AT&T said the dispute is about money.

“This is about nothing more than Univision demanding we pay an outrageous price increase,” AT&T said in a statement. “We are fighting for all of our customers to keep what Univision charges at a reasonable amount.”

The dispute comes at an important time for Univision. Owners of the privately held media company are considering whether to take the company public. Univision had planned an IPO for last year, but it was put on hold because of a dramatic drop in the value of media companies.

Univision is expected to decide soon whether to go forward with the IPO this summer. In addition, Univision is set to broadcast the March 9 debate between Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Los Angeles billionaire Haim Saban, a longtime Clinton supporter, is one of Univision’s owners.

The flap was not unexpected.

AT&T has long said that it intends to negotiate lower fees for the TV networks carried on U-Verse. The company acquired DirecTV last summer, and DirecTV pays significantly less per subscriber for some of the same channels that U-Verse carries. AT&T wants to bring the U-Verse rates into alignment with those paid by DirecTV.

AT&T, now the nation’s largest pay-TV operator, has said the effort will lead to substantial savings.

“We’ve already renegotiated a ton of contracts and as a result of that, we are bringing U-verse content costs down now,” John Stankey, chief executive of the AT&T Entertainment Group, said earlier this week at a Morgan Stanley investor conference in San Francisco.

“They are coming down because we are standardizing content agreements,” Stankey said.

Univision alleged that AT&T was harming Latino consumers.

“AT&T is redlining our audience by refusing to recognize the value of the Univision networks and the consumers we serve,” Univision said in its statement. “AT&T’s discriminatory behavior is preventing Hispanic America from receiving content and information in language and in culture, which is especially vital during this election year.”

Not so, said AT&T.

“Numerous and diverse programming deals we have signed recently prove this can be accomplished,” said AT&T, noting that the company carries 78 Spanish-language channels.

“We hope to resolve this matter quickly and appreciate our customers’ patience. Spanish-language channels are important to us and our customers,” AT&T said.

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Media firms make a big push into video streaming

Disney’s Bob Iger feels ‘pretty good’ about those Disneyland price adjustments

Univision fought with Donald Trump and now it wants to register 3 million new Latino voters

Sours: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/cotown/la-et-ct-att-univision-uverse-outage-fee-dispute-20160304-story.html

Uverse univision deportes




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