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What is this?

This a place to where non-creators or to busy people can tell the community their suggestions on what to post or create so don't feel scared to share ideas to expand.

Remember these things

:milky_way: Suggestions for others :milky_way:

🗨Write suggestions in comments or pm me to add it :speech_balloon:

:top: Look at the suggestions before you suggest something :top:

🛡Credit peoples suggestions just don't take them for you own!🛡

(Don't need to credit suggestions like"draw a kwebec!" But credit complex ones ask if you are not sure)


🗳 Suggestions :violin:


:notes: Art / music / animating suggestions :saxophone:

:notes: Boss Rush: An comic or animation of a party facing all known Hytale Bosses in succession :saxophone: Suggested by

🗞News/events :newspaper:

:white_check_mark: Polls or quizzes 🗳


Official images the Hytale team have released showing in game models of mobs in the shared community folder (community shared folder update)

:floppy_disk: To be expanded ⌨

:beginner: Wikis :beginner:

Advanced charter template.

Advanced mob template.

Advanced (object) template,

Just tell me if spelling is wrong on anything please :blush:

Any questions?Ask me!

Well have fun!


Challenge Ideas!

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Hey Dudes

So I currently curate two communities, while leading another, and I find that certain challenges work with certain communities. So I'll be presenting you with my favorites, their categories or genres listed with them! Edit the hashtags as necessary!

◎ ••×••×•°•×••×•• ◎

The #IfYouWere Challenge!

[Mainly for Music or Fandoms]

In this challenge, participants are expected to use their imagination to put themselves into the shoes of their favorite idols. If their idol is a band/musician, the participant will act as if they are part of the group, touring the world. Where do they go? Who do they see? What songs do they play? You can add as many ideas to the concept as you like!

◎ ••×••×•°•×••×•• ◎

The #FavoriteMemory Challenge

[For Endings]

When a group, a year, or a tradition ends, we all like to look back on our favorite memories! When I conducted this challenge myself, my community looked back on the best memories of 2016, as we were then transitioning into 2017. We picked our favorite videos a YouTube pair uploaded in the past year, and discussed them amongst ourselves. This challenge is just for when things are winding down amongst members, or especially when what you all mutually love is ending.

◎ ••×••×•°•×••×•• ◎

The #TwinForADay Challenge

[Almost Anything]

This challenge is just a fun little one, where the participants can pretend to have grown up with those they idolize! It's not a major challenge, and usually no prizes are given. Many variations can be made.

◎ ••×••×•°•×••×•• ◎

The #CoverImage Challenge

[For Anything]

This challenge is for artists in a community, and is a great way to get people posting, though with the latest Amino update, this may have changed. Each community has its own flare and design, and this challenge is all about getting a new cover image for your Community. Allowing participants to enter their artworks, edits, and collages for the background of a community gets them excited to see a winner chosen. They all hope it will be them.

◎ ••×••×•°•×••×•• ◎

The #BestShip Challenge

[Mainly for Fandoms]

Have the participants compete against each other with reasons as to why the best ship within their fandom is the best of all. Have them include at least ten legitimate reasons, with pictures for evidence, and maybe a short summary as to why they love the ship that they do!

◎ ••×••×•°•×••×•• ◎

The #DifferentPerspectives Challenge

[Almost Anything]

This is a writing challenge! Participants are expected to write a short (at least five paragraphs) story about their [ insert community topic ] as if they were in a different time period, or perhaps all gender-bent. Say, if One Direction were all females, what would their sound be? Any hit singles? Or perhaps the lead female heroine in a polar anime! What if she were male and from the future?! Imagination is key! They can write a short story in the perspective of the altered character!

Okay Squad!

Thanks for reading, I hope I gave you a few ideas! Remember that not every challenge is for every community! You may have to alter them to fit with your Amino, including the hashtag, but making it unique is the best part! Have fun!

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  1. Synonym centralized
  2. Seal team 6
  3. Sacral chakra art
  4. Willow lane sheepadoodle

:thought_balloon: Ideas :thought_balloon:



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You are all in many communities on Amino. All of them with diffrent topics and themes, right?

How many of you have 2 communities with the exact same topic?

And how many of you join the smallest communities with the topics you want, instead of the bigger and most active ones?


user uploaded image

Some people don't like how an amino works and decide to make their own version of it. But how excactly does that turn out?

Not so good, uh?

Listed communities always win more members and the big ones even better.

When you have a problem with a community, speak with the leaders and might aswel become one and help the community grow.

If you just want to be a leader of a community and you decide to make on more of the classic ones...well dude your amino is doomed.


user uploaded image

Be original!

If you have all the positivity and energy to help, go help someone else with their ideas.

Support small communities with original ideas and make them grow, so people can see something more than just more and more of the same topics.

Help, don't copy.


How To Create a Community In Amino App - Amino: Communities And Chats

Amino - Communities, Chat, Forums, and Groups

AMINO - COMMUNITIES, CHAT, FORUMS, AND GROUPS is an app that lets users access and contribute to communities about a range of subjects, including bands, books, genres, and activities. The communities around gaming, anime, K-pop, and horror are especially active, and users can join or create as many communities as they like. When users create an account and log in for the first time, they can browse a range of suggested communities and use the "Explore" tab to browse lists of communities curated by users and organized by subjects, such as music, technology, video games, and sports. When you tap a community, you can view its description, community guidelines, and the number of registered users in that group. Once you tap "Join Community," you can browse members' posts on the Front Page, check out posts from users you're following, and join or create public chats on a variety of conversation topics. You can add posts to your Favorites and share your Favorites through the Catalog feature, which lets users collect and organize related content for their own use or for others to browse. You can also follow individual users and other users can elect to follow you. You can chat through text, voice, or video formats and share your general location in your profile.


Ideas amino community

Challenge Ideas (3)

user uploaded image

As you know, I've done two of these blogs prior to now, and you can search through both Number One and Number Two for any ideas not mentioned here.

◎ ••×••×•°•×••×•• ◎

The #IceBreaker Challenge

Link To My Friend's Original Post

My friend Sierra created the post originally on the Leader Amino, and transferred it to SWS Amino when we co-lead together.

The idea is to give a series of five to ten questions asking members to introduce themselves when they enter your community. This challenge is meant to never end, and the challenge blog should be linked in the welcome you greet new members with.

◎ ••×••×•°•×••×•• ◎

The #UnpopularOpinions Challenge

[For Anything]

Sometimes it's helpful for members of your community to list off a few things that they don't enjoy about the topic. Say the community is about a band, the members could list things that most people love, but they don't. Or which popular characters of a television show that the member really hates.

◎ ••×••×•°•×••×•• ◎

The #Origins Challenge

[For Books & Movies]

Encourage your members to design a back story for a character, or maybe the origin of the city they live in. Before the show / book took place, what was everything like? Have them describe certain events that took place in the past, and what may have happened to give certain characters their personality traits. (Perhaps Squidward is so mean to Spongebob because as a child, his parents left him alone with no company too often)

◎ ••×••×•°•×••×•• ◎

The #MostActive Challenge

[For When Things Get Slow]

This challenge is both for when your member activity gets low, and when you're a bit too busy to design an entire challenge. It's a simple challenge, and you should promise a few simple prizes. All you need to do is start on a single given day, and after one week, you reward those that have been the most active in the last seven days. They have to not only be within the top 3-(however many you choose) but they should have posted at least once in the week.

◎ ••×••×•°•×••×•• ◎

The #Playlist Challenge

[For Any Fandom]

Have members design a playlist of songs that remind them of either the community topic or an event that happened in the years that the fandom has existed. There should be a minimum of however many songs, and there should be a defined emotion behind them. If they make a playlist and the first song is sad, the rear should be sad, and likewise with happy songs, otherwise the playlist gives off too many emotions, and they should have one definite feel to them.

◎ ••×••×•°•×••×•• ◎

The #InterestingRP Challenge

[For Roleplay Communities]

Because I don't roleplay, I forget to mention these types of challenges, but this one is for the topic. What you're members should be encouraged to do is design the best and most unique roleplay scenario they can.

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user uploaded image
Amino Guidelines Ideas/help!{PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!} --SalmaA.

Ideas for the Community :pencil:

Hello Liars!

How is everyone doing? 🙃

We've been noticing many new members on this app since the transfer to the new amino.

We're very excited to get to know all of you better. :revolving_hearts: If you haven't participated in the Weekend Introduction Challenge, then doooo it! Do it now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

user uploaded image

One of our main goals as leaders, is to keep everyone on this app happy and entertained!

So I think it's a good idea, to maybe once a month, come together and discuss what we can do to improve this community.

We want to hear your opinions!

:small_orange_diamond: How are you liking this new update? (Not much we can do about this, but I'm curious)

:small_orange_diamond: Do you like the new layout?

:small_orange_diamond: What would you like to see more of on this app?

:small_orange_diamond: What kind of weekend challenges do you enjoy the most?

:small_orange_diamond: Do you have any concerns with safety or bullying?

:small_orange_diamond: Are there any new features that you would like a tutorial of?

Etc etc 🤓

user uploaded image

Remember, we can't do everything, but the rest of the team and I will do anything we can do to make sure things run smoothly.

Please comment any opinions, ideas, or concerns in the comments!

*If you see someone else's comment that you agree with, don't repeat it in a new comment, but just like it so we'll know you agree. :relaxed:

Fun Tip:

One nice thing that has changed with the update is the like button!

Just like on Facebook, you now have more options when you like a post.

Instead of just tapping the like button, press and hold it. Then a display of options will appear.

user uploaded image

Cool right! :sparkles:

Lots of love!

:kiss: The Curation Team

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Similar news:

Community Ideas

I've been pondering quite often about this community. My friends, the show, my mistakes, and the newspaper.

I'll never be able to forget that.

But, nonetheless, I've found many ways I think this community could grow, blossom, and be... uhmm...

Please wait, thinking of bad pun



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Here go my ideas. Some can be changed by the community, some the leadership, and some can only be changed by amino themselves.

1. Username limits

Many usernames are so repetitively repeated, some being names of characters from the show, that they are impossible to find. "Steven" the username should be banned. Maybe "Steven 817" or "Steven The Creestal gem" are acceptable, but "Steven" is impossible to find. This is what I Or when I searched Steven for users.

user uploaded image

2. Categories

I had this great idea! People could link their post to specific categories, accessible from the side, to be able to find a good audience.

Wait...déjà vu? Yep.

They exist, but they are very helpful.

People's posts aren't monitored based off of category. So, you get this:

user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image

NONE of those have anything to do with the topics.

PS not censoring names because your put yourself out there for the entire amino, so...

3. Those Guidelines

I honestly love this community. The guidelines are strict. Or, at least, they say they are.

Some guidelines have been...unattended to...without a doubt. For example:

user uploaded image

This is a Cartoon Network family cartoon.

user uploaded image

That's a leader's bio.


user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image

Safe for all ages. How's that going?

4. Public chats

To be 100% honest, leaders have brought this up.

But haven't done anything about it.

Public chats... where do I begin...

I'll give examples.

user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image


5. Quizzes

Many quizzes seem to have some stupid questions. A quiz with 2 yes is not right.

A quiz with a wrong answer is not right.

Also, I don't think it fair to have very detailed voice actor questions. Maybe their name, at most. Asking where Estelle was born isn't very fair.

Idk just my thoughts.

Comment Your Thoughts

See ya

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