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The Eighties Are Back

In the city of Vista Fortuna in Abundancia, on its west side, there's a building that's still under construction. If you go inside anyway via the roof, you'll drop into a stylized '80s wonderland, to the accompaniment of A-Ha's hit "Take On Me."

Ask your parents.

Getting Over It, with Rico Rodriguez

In eastern Picos Helados, in the foothills, there's a pickaxe standing on end on top of a discordantly-colored outcropping. If you interact with it, you're transported to a short-lived, physics-based minigame that's based upon Bennett Foddy's Getting Over It, complete with Just-Cause-themed narration by the man himself.

You don't get any rewards for completing it, but it's worth checking out, if only to hear Foddy's oddly soothing voiceover. That too is culture.

Cow Gun

Unlike the rest of these Easter eggs, the Cow Gun actually has an achievement attached to it (Cow-Moo-Flage, for turning 10 Black Hand into cows over the course of a single play session), so you're going to want to hunt it down if you're going for % completion or that Platinum trophy.

The Cow Gun can be found north of Los Romeros in Vaivenes, on the front porch of an otherwise-unremarkable farmhouse. It sometimes fails to spawn on your first visit, so if you can't find it, fast-travel away and come back.

The Cow Gun features unlimited ammunition and zero damage. Any human struck with its primary fire turns into a cow until you trigger a loading screen, and otherwise acts exactly as they did before. Its alt-fire turns Rico into a cow.

Save the planet. Go vegan. [click] OR ELSE.

"Meat is murder. And so am I."


In the shanty town that overlooks the stadium in Quya, to one side of the dirt runway that serves as the site for an ultralight stunt for Garland King, there's a child's toy car hidden behind one of the houses.

Not only can this car be ridden, but it's probably the fastest ground vehicle in the game. It's also one of the lightest, which makes it nearly impossible to steer. Still, it can be fun to play with on straightaways.

The Mile High Club

An old Just Cause tradition, the Mile High Club, can be found in northern Umina near the coastline, built into the side of a mountain with a couple of helipads to either side. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by for some cocktails or just to drop a grenade onto the dancefloor. 

The Frying Pan

In the postage-stamp village of Don Hector, in western Abundancia, there's a building on its northeastern side with a balcony facing away from the road, across the street from a power station. On this balcony, you can find a frying pan and a crate.

If you interact with the frying pan, Rico grabs it, holsters it, and uses it as a melee weapon until such a time as you trigger a loading screen.

Mr. Snowman

Another Just Cause tradition returns, hiding in Cueva De Los Susurros, near Zona Tres.

Besides having yet another run in with our furtive frosty friend, finding the cave is necessary to get % on finding all Ruins and earning the wingsuit/parachute.

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Illapa Project - No pilot available

Im playing the mission the Illapa Project. There I have to travel with a pilot to Quya. But when i request the travel there is no pilot available. The selection screen stays empty. So I cannot proceed the mission.


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Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations &#; Javi Side Quests

In Just Cause 4 there are three side questlines. One of those involves discovering a hidden bloodline on the island of Solis for Javi. This questline asks you to find tombs around the map. We have a guide on each Tomb&#;s location, alongside how to solve the puzzle related to opening that tomb. Here are all of the Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations.

As a note having the upgrade that allows you to equip multiple retractors is incredibly useful here, if not mandatory.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations &#; The Secret History of Solis

The first tomb is Javi&#;s first mission. It is part of the main story and can be found early on in the game. The Secret History of Solis will introduce you to the tombs and how to solve them. You will want to use your retractor to pull the ancient lever. This will release a giant boulder called Uma.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

It will fall down a giant gap. Follow it to the bottom. Now, use your retractors to pull Uma onto the pressure plate shown below.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Now turn around and head inside the tomb indicated by the flame symbol on your HUD. Inside, interact with the tomb to reveal the first part of the secret message.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations &#; Tumba De Los Tres Niños

This tomb can be found in the center of the rainforest area of the map, the right side of the map. It requires you to put three Uma&#;s onto a pressure plate. It can be found just next to Tierra Del Qhapaq on a hill.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Once there, parachute to the top of the ruins visible, and head to the back of the area.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Behind this hill is a lever. Pull it with your retractors.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Uma will then be indicated on your screen, follow it to the bottom of the hill and using your retractors, pull it onto the pressure plate.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Now head back to the ruins at the top. This time head to the right side of the area, when your back is to the Uma you just moved.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Against a pillar is the lever.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Follow the Uma down and pull it onto the pressure plate.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Now go to the opposite side of the area, across from the lever you just pulled.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

You will find another lever to pull.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Pull the Uma onto the pressure plate once again.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Follow the flame icon again and you will find the tomb at the top of the hill.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations &#; Tumba De La Esposa

This tomb is on the right side of the map underneath Wachikuni on the map.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Head to the small excavation site. You will find the lever in the back corner of the area.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Uma will roll down. You want to pull it into the giant hole in the ground, just next to where you pulled the lever.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Follow it down and pull the Uma to the far wall.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Now pull it to the left path at the intersection.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

From there pull it down the waterfall and onto the pressure plate.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

The tomb can be found right nearby.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations &#; Tumba Del Sabio

The fourth tomb can be found at the top of the map above Umiña.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

To the side, you will see an alcove that the sea runs into.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Once you hit a wall, grapple up and drop down the other side.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Follow the path and grapple up again once you hit the wall.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Up here is the lever, pull it.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

The Uma will bust through the wall and outside. Pull it onto the pressure plate.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

The tomb can be found next to you.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations &#; Tumba Del Guerrero

This tomb can be found on the far right of the map. It is below Deta Río Wanay and North-East of Kunka. This one is a long one.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Head to this area shown below.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

The lever can be found on the left side against a pillar.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

So, now you need to pull Uma all the way around this small town and into the center. The best way to do this is to follow the brown path as you pull it.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Try to keep it on the main path as if it falls down a hill, this begins infinitely harder. Be wary of bridges as well.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Eventually, you will reach the plate.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

The Tomb can be found in the middle of this entire area.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations &#; Tumba De La Princesa

This final tomb can be found on the left side of the rainforest area. It is to the left of Altoyaku.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

There is a hole in the ground, jump down.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Now, look for a path that is wide and flat. It looks as if one of the Uma&#;s could roll down it. Follow it up.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Pull the lever at the end of the path.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Follow the Uma down. Once it reaches the bottom pull it onto the pressure plate.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

The tomb is quite far away, but follow the flame symbol on your HUD.

After completing all of these, a new mission will open up on the right side of the map. Here you will find The Lost Tomb of Otorongo.

Just Cause 4 Tomb Locations

Our review of Just Cause 4 details the highs and lows of the game. In that review, I concluded that the game had some memorable moments, but was brought down by outdated mission design and poor performance.

There are many confusing aspects to Just Cause 4, here is how to unlock fast travel. As well as that, here is our guide on the game&#;s PS4 Pro compatibility.

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Just Cause 4 Travel to Quya with Fast Travel

Where are the airports in Just Cause 4?

Airports in Just Cause 4

  • Quya Airstrip.
  • Villanueva Airport.
  • Los Gorriones Airstrip.
  • Airstrip near Pueblo Kullu/Hamparas.
  • Unnamed airstrip near Punto Sur in Recalada region.

Regarding this, where is the military base in Just Cause 4?

Military bases in the desert

Campo Infierno - Black Hand training base. Mina Rocanegra - Mine (substance: petroleum). Prospero Torretas - Automated turret factory. La Mazmorra - Underground prison for political prisoners.

Subsequently, question is, where are the Easter eggs in Just Cause 4?

All the absolute must-find Just Cause 4 Easter eggs

  • The abandoned Jurassic Park enclosure. In the north-east of the map, hidden in wooded hills in the Delta Rio Wanay area, lurks a mysterious abandoned building.
  • The A-Ha Take On Me video building.
  • The Getting Over It tribute.
  • The cow gun.
  • PUBG's frying pan.
  • The toy off-roader.
  • The Mile High Club.
  • Custom numberplates.

Are there outposts in Just Cause 4?

No you cannot liberate an individual outpost or military base as such. The thing with jc4 is that no base is the same. Every base has a different objective to capture its province. Eg, one liberation mission you are required to lift up huge lightning rods so you are safe from the storm.

Is Just Cause 4 first person?

Just Cause 4 | First Person Mode Controversy? Her literal phrasing is:"You can drive in First Person Mode." In the video when she says this it goes to a front bumper cam where you can't see any of the car, only where you're going and what you're looking at.

Sours: https://answersdrive.com/where-are-the-airports-in-just-cause

Cause 4 quya just

All the absolute must-find Just Cause 4 Easter eggs

Just Cause 4 continues many of the traditions set by the series, featuring the trademark huge explosions and over-the-top physics, alongside wingsuits, parachutes, and a completely unashamed B-movie vibe running throughout. However, there is another staple for which the franchise is well know, and that's the inclusion of many often elaborate in-jokes and references, meaning the game is also chock full of Just Cause 4 Easter eggs.

Developer Avalanche Studios doesn’t do things by halves: anyone who has played a Just Cause game will testify that the developer appears to have a compulsion to go bigger and further over the top than any of its peers. Which explains why it's rammed full of some of the most elaborate and genuinely amusing Just Cause 4 Easter eggs we’ve ever come across. Quite simply, if you have a copy of the game, you’ll need to track these beauties down.

1. The abandoned Jurassic Park enclosure

In the north-east of the map, hidden in wooded hills in the Delta Rio Wanay area, lurks a mysterious abandoned building. Emblazoned with the logo: “Project Solisian Amber” – a reference to the amber from which dinosaur DNA was supposedly extracted in the films – it’s a carefully cribbed copy of the Velociraptor compound from Jurassic Park. 

Although abandoned – a solitary cow roams around inside (again a Jurassic Park reference, as cows were lowered into the Velociraptor compound to act as food) – you can grapple up to a control tower and activate a console, which triggers yet another (voice-based) Jurassic Park reference which we won’t spoil for you.

2. The A-Ha Take On Me video building

Cheesy pop band A-Ha’s single Take On Me was renowned for its arty video, featuring a faux-pencil-drawn visual effect which was ground-breaking at the time. Clearly, it’s a song that has special meaning for Avalanche Studios, since its legendary video has been recreated in Just Cause 4.

Head to the city of Vista Futura in the Abundancia district, and you’ll find a half-constructed building. Enter it, and you’ll hear Take On Me playing; head up to the second floor, and you will find yourself in a painstaking reconstruction of the video, complete with pencil-outline graphics, and a normal-graphics area in which a woman is dancing. Head towards that, and she’ll dance with Rico.

3. The Getting Over It tribute

Towards the eastern edge of the mountain range in the Picos Helados region, you will find what might just be Just Cause 4’s most imaginative Easter egg. On a white rocky platform sits a cauldron and a pickaxe. Walk up to it, press Use and you will find yourself in a short but perfectly reconstructed version of one of ’s most bizarre and uncompromising indie games: Getting Over It.

Just as he did in the original, Getting Over It’s creator Bennett Foddy provides a quirky, philosophical commentary, while you try to navigate Rico – now stuck in a cauldron, armed only with a pickaxe and confined to a side-scrolling perspective – to the end of a level. Which is every bit as fiddly and frustrating as it was in the original game. Clearly, Avalanche Studios loved Getting Over It…

4. The cow gun

Head to the south-west of the map, to the north-east of Vaivenes and you will come across a quaint-looking farmhouse. On the stoop outside it sits a unique gun – and since it’s not just a weapon but an Easter egg, it also operates as a reference to Just Cause 3’s DK Pistol, which caused the heads of everyone Rico shot to inflate like balloons.

Just Cause 4’s equivalent is even more deliciously ridiculous: it’s a cow-gun. It’s utterly useless against anything other than humans (and when you carry it around, you’re effectively restricting yourself to one usable gun), but it’s well worth finding if you fancy a laugh.

Shoot anyone with it (including Black Hand enemies) and they will turn into anthropomorphised cows. They’ll continue doing what they were doing previously, which throws up all manner of comic possibilities, and will walk on two legs like humans. Except they will also look like cows. And if you hit the cow-gun’s alt-fire, Rico will also turn into a cow.

5. PUBG’s frying pan

Just Cause 4’s Getting Over It homage isn’t the game’s only tribute to one of Avalanche Studios’ favourite games. In the small village of Don Hector, in the Abundancia region, if you snoop around for a while, you’ll come across the balcony of a house on which sit two objects. A crate (with which you can’t do anything) and a frying pan. Those two items operate as a shout-out to PUBG.

Walk up to the frying pan and hit Use, and it will replace Rico’s whip as his one and only melee weapon. It actually feels a bit more powerful than the whip when you use it on an enemy, so it constitutes that rarest of things: an Easter egg which is also thoroughly practical.

6. The toy off-roader

Solis’ city of Quya, to the north-east of the country, is supposed to be a hotbed of resistance to Oscar Espinosa – and it also harbours a great Easter egg. It takes a bit of finding: you must root around the favela-style part of town, above the huge stadium. But stashed around the side of a house, you will find what looks like a kid’s toy pedal-car, in the shape of a jeep.

However, that toy off-roader isn’t what it seems: it might just be the fastest car in the game, and it’s certainly the most hilarious one. Rico Rodriguez looks utterly ridiculous when he climbs into it, but it works like any other car and, as with so many of Just Cause’s Easter eggs, is the source of endless amusement.

7. The Mile High Club

This is probably the most self-referential Easter egg in Just Cause 4 – the Mile High Club, supposedly a nightclub and brothel, first appeared in Just Cause 2 (where it was located on an airship), and it returned as an Easter egg in Just Cause 3. And yep: it’s present and correct in Just Cause 4, too (close to the northern coast of Solis, in the Umina region, to be precise).

You’ll find it half-way up a forested mountain, serviced by a helipad. Outside, there’s a large bar area, but if you wander inside, you’ll find a veritable cornucopia of references to past Just Cause games. There’s no sign of a brothel, but this time around, the interior is a fully functional club, with the recurring character Bolo Santosi (from Just Cause 2 and 3) on the decks.

Among the dancers is a creepy-looking guy in an all-over green body-suit (who could also be spotted in Just Cause 3), and Santosi’s decks, naturally, were manufactured by Just Cause’s fake hi-fi company Panau Sonic. In effect, Just Cause 4’s Mile High Club is a number of Easter eggs packaged together.

8. Custom numberplates

Not perhaps the most thrilling of Easter eggs, but wherever you go in Just Cause 4, it’s worth taking a look at the numberplates on the cars. Some of them, for example, spell 4VA LNCH, while others spell JC7 C4US. More divertingly self-referential nonsense…

9. Barbecues and outdoor raves

You might argue that they don’t properly qualify as Easter eggs, but there are two recurring themes in Just Cause 4 which provide great insight into what the good folk of Solis like to do when left to their own devices.

Firstly, you get the impression that not many of them are vegetarians – grapple around the house balconies in any random town or city in Just Cause 4, and you will eventually find a barbecue going on, with heaped plates of prepared meat waiting to be torched. Not only that, but the Solinos love a good rave. 

Usually – hilariously – to the accompaniment of cliched Andean pan-pipe music, pretty much every settlement in Solis contains a group of people having a good old outdoor rave, and at least one of them will be enthusiastically wielding a set of glow-sticks.

Want to read more? Here how Just Cause 4 tries to separate Rico Rodriguez from more Nathan Drake types.

Sours: https://www.gamesradar.com/just-causeeaster-eggs/
Just Cause 4 Solis Pro Tour - Furia Sportbike (Quya)

How do you get the secret achievement in Just Cause 4?

How do you get the secret achievement in Just Cause 4?

Ride a friendly Agency drone for meters, without getting off it. This is a hidden achievement. Defeat an Agent riding an Agency drone while riding an Agency drone yourself. This is a hidden achievement.

How do you make a cow a demon?

To get this trophy, you simply need to shoot a demon with the cow gun. The cow gun is located in the Vaivenes region, at a farm just north of Los Romeros. Once you pick it up, go to any demonic infestation mission and shoot a demon with the cow gun to unlock this easy trophy.

What happens when you shoot a cow with the cow gun?

Performance. The cow gun is a semi-automatic rifle which turns any person shot with it into a cow. The cow gun&#;s secondary fire turns Rico into a cow. You can still drive vehicles and parachute/wingsuit while in cow form.

Where is the cow gun on the map?

The location of the cow gun is in the bottom left corner of the map. It is slightly north-east of Vaivenes. If you land, you will find a house on a farm. On the porch of that house is the Cow Gun.

Is there a pogo stick in Just Cause 4?

Pogo stick, near the north-east corner of the city.

What vehicles can you drive in Just Cause 4?

Cadía &#;83 hatchback / Cadadía 83&#; Hatchback &#; Looks like an old Volkswagen Golf / Stria Carera Standard. Kerner 16&#; Vigeur &#; Sporty-looking car. Unknown if has 2 or 4 doors. Sol 21 Sport Sedan &#; Modern 2-door car.

Where is the mini monster truck just cause 4?

Locations. At Quya, at north side of Islas Intichayes. Look for the stunt ramp leading to the stadium. From there, go behind one of the buildings at the right side of the dirt road and right on the next building, you should see the car in there, among some stuff behind the building.

How do you call the black market in Just Cause 4?

On PC, you use 4 to equip the beacon, and then you press E when the beacon indicates a good spot. On Xbox, you use the D-pad and then press A.

What does the dog car do in Just Cause 4?

The car is equipped with nitros (speed boost) and turbo jump (jumping ability depending on the speed). The boosted maximum speed is only achievable for a split second before the nitros runs out. In normal traffic, on an average road, it easily possible to maintain km/h even with out the boost.

Sours: https://boardgamestips.com/helpful-tips/how-do-you-get-the-secret-achievement-in-just-cause-4/

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Quya is a city in Just Cause 4.


From the Quechua for "Queen", the city is a large population/commercial center and the second largest city in Solís (with Nueva Voz being the first). There is notably a financial center downtown with touristy/commercial/office buildings along the coast identified as tall, modern glass skyscrapers. A stadium is located west of downtown as well as slums along the hillsides. A road system leads to an international airport to the south of the city.

Quya is described on the promotional Just Cause 4 website as "Home to the free-spirited, free-thinking people of Solís."

The map description states "Home to the free-spirited, free-thinking people of Solís. A counter to the rigidly Espinosa-controlled capital of Nueva Voz."

Its population (speculated) is estimated to be around ,

The highest concentration of the "Street Art" monthly challenge can be found here. Look for 13 Black Hand propaganda billboards throughout the city.

The I runs through Quya on its way to Aeropuerto General Benitez/Cayito. There are 3 exits/connections for the city to the I network, which run all around Solís.

A Black Hand Statue can be found here near the main skyscraper.


Aeropuerto General Benitez, Solís' only large international airport, is located south of the city. It serves as the main tourist airport in the country and the city. Roads easily transport people from the airport to the city. There is also a smaller airstrip for smaller planes to the west of the city.

A smaller regional airport is located northwest of downtown complete with a waiting lot for taxis, parking lot, and some hangars.


At the southern end of the city is a beach area complete with tourist resorts and businesses.

Cable cars

There are two systems of cable cars leading up and down the mountains around Quya.


The downtown is a mix of modern commercial, financial or office buildings and hotels for tourists. The skyline of the downtown district includes the tall tower, glass high-rises, and the port. It lines the northern coast of the city's limits. Here in the central park lies the tomb of Otorongo.


A port is located north-west of downtown, next to the tall tower.


A poor district of slums is located on the hillsides to the west and south of the city.


A large stadium is located west of downtown and contains multiple parked Chupacabramonster trucks. The vehicles are parked around a small stunt track (with small ramps and such).

Garland King mentions the name of the stadium during the mission Cut During The Chase. At one point she calls it "Allianza Stadium" and later "El Estadio". "El Estadio" literally translates to "The Stadium" in Spanish, which doesn't sound quite official (as there are 3 stadiums in Solís), while "alianza" is a Spanish word meaning "alliance", "wedding ring", or "political coalition", which sounds more like it "could" be an official name.

There are only 3 stadiums in the known Just Cause Universe, all of them in Solís.


The city is located on a peninsula on the eastern portion of the Solís, east of the rain-forest biome. To the north is a large, mostly unprotected bay. To the south is a protected bay.

The city is a part of the Islas Intichayes region.


  • Several Chupacabras in the stadium.
  • A system of Cable cars is right at the edge of the city.
  • Civilian vehicles drive around the city. There are also several parking lots with civilian vehicles. Before Islas Intichayes is taken over, Black Hand vehicles will drive around. After liberation, the Army of Chaos vehicles will replace the Black Hand vehicles. Black Hand vehicles can still spawn after the region is liberated, inevitably leading to firefights.
  • Toy Offroader near the stadium.


  • 1 Speed Stunt - Pass through the ring faster than km/h (aircraft recommended.)
  • 3 Car Stunts. Completing these stunts unlocks them in supply drop.
  • 2 Wingsuit Stunts.
    • Wingsuit through all rings in less than 3 seconds. Try not to hit a hard surface too fast lest Rico take critical damage.
    • Wingsuit through all rings in less than 20 seconds.


  • The map has the number inscribed on the sea, north of the city.
  • The city has a stadium which is the first known stadium in the Just Cause Universe. There is another in Nueva Voz that was later confirmed through promotional material.
  • It's possible Quya was, at some point in development, intended to be the capital of Solís - on the game's official website, a photo of Quya is named as "screenshot-capital-city-small.jpg".
  • El Estadio (The Stadium) could be named Allianza Stadium.
  • The tallest skyscraper (the blue, shining glass one) located on the coast of the downtown area somewhat resembles the ICC in Hong Kong.
  • Historically Incan queens were called "Quyas" according to Wiktionary.
  • Interestingly, while the city itself is smaller than Nueva Voz (by only very little), the buildings in Quya are actually taller and arguably more modern in shape, material and general architectural style. The same can be said for the road systems. Obviously, this is completely subjective.
  • The stadium somewhat resembles Stade de France (the biggest stadium in France), though smaller.


Sours: https://justcause.fandom.com/wiki/Quya

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