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Oh, Hufflepuff, if you've ever wished you could infuse a little bit of that Hogwarts magic into your home, you're in luck. With botanical-themed decor and yellow and black accents (and a badger or two!), you can totally make it happen. Now, you might be asking "Yellow? How do I make that work?" but if this list proves anything, it's that yellow is a bold-but-beautiful choice, Harry Potter-themed or not.

The Sorting Hat clearly knows you're loyal and just at heart, so here's everything you need to turn your home into your own totally chic, sunshine-y, plant-filled Hufflepuff common room.

1French Yellow Kendall Sofa


First thing's first: A chic, cozy, yellow velvet sofa for you and all your Hufflepuff friends to hang out on on movie nights. 

2Yellow Pom Pom Blanket

$196 AT ETSY

It can't hurt to add a coordinating throw blanket, too—it's a subtle nod to your Hogwarts house, with skinny black stripes and yellow pom-pom fringe. 

3Hufflepuff Sorting Hat Print


This instantly downloadable print is just begging to be framed and put up on your wall.

4Gemma Fringed Round Throw Pillow


A throw pillow or two can't hurt, and since these two come in your house really can't pass them up, can you?

5Floral Embroidery Hoop Art


Since Hufflepuffs are known for their Herbology skills, this earthy embroidery hoop art with black flowers on yellow cotton represents your house quite well.

6Ombre Pop Indoor/Outdoor Rug

West Elm

SHOP AT $159.00

This rug can work both indoors and outside, and it's a cool way to show off your house colors with a few extra fun hues thrown in there, too.

7Splatter Paint Ring Dish


Keep jewelry and trinkets in this handy little dish—the cool paint splatter detail in the Hufflepuff colors are really just an added bonus. 

8Yellow Macrame Plant Hanger


The Hufflepuff common room is full of plants, so adding fun planters (like this yellow macrame plant hanger) is another way to pay homage to your house. 

9Iris Sketched Floral Comforter

10House Loyalty Candle



What's a Hufflepuff-themed decor scheme without a matching scented candle to complete it all? You can't go wrong with this "House Loyalty" candle that smells like honey and lemon. 

11Stuffed Badger Toy


And perhaps the cutest thing on this list: a small handmade stuffed badger, the perfect addition to a Hufflepuff-themed room for kids. 

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Hufflepuff Bedroom

Turn a child's bedroom into a cozy Hufflepuff Bedroom complete with faux brick wall. Get lots of ideas for this Harry Potter inspired design for your home.

Hi, Geoff here with a guest post. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed creating it!

I don't get to see my step-daughter Emily very much. With her turning 13 years old, her child years are almost over and her moody teen years are due to start! I figured that I had one last chance of making her Christmas extra special. What could be more special to a teenage girl than Harry Potter? With her asking for Harry Potter things for Christmas, I decided to take on a big project. I was going to turn her bedroom into The Hufflepuff Common Room from Hogwarts!

This project wasn't particularly hard, and can be replicated easily. You just have to have a little time on your hands and a lot of patience...

Create faux brick walls

Let's start off with the walls. We live in a wooden house that's painted completely white (inside and out). In order to make this bedroom look fit for a young witch or wizard, we would need to change that. We are going to make the walls look like stone inside a castle...

Tape the walls

Tape the walls

First, take some masking tape and mark out the way you want your stones to look. I made them a foot tall and maybe two feet across. We have wooden planks for walls so I used the natural edges of the planks as the edges to my stones. Copy the design from an actual stone wall and you'll get the jist!

Sponge on the paint

Sponge on the paint

After taping up your whole wall (which may take a few hours - depending on the size of the room) it's now time to paint! I used grey paint from my local hardware store. It doesn't really matter about the color or tone (as long as it looks castle-like) but make sure that the paint is "matte" not "glossy". I think the term used was "flat paint" at the store, but if you tell them you don't want shiny paint, they'll get the picture. This room took around half a gallon to complete.

You'll also need a sponge! The sponge is the important part here. If you were just to paint the walls with a brush you wouldn't get the right effect. Simply dip the sponge in the paint and dab it onto the wall until there's no more paint on your sponge! Simple! When you have gone over the whole room and let the paint dry it's time for the fun part, pulling off the tape! When you are done, the room already looks pretty awesome!

What a difference some paint makes

What a difference some paint makes

Decor and detail

The next thing we did was to change the decor. Depending on which "house" your kid is in, you'll want to use a different color scheme. Emily is in Hufflepuff so her colors are black and yellow. There's also Gryffindor (red and gold), Ravenclaw (blue and bronze) and Slytherin (green and silver). You can see here we bought black sheets for the bed, black curtains and a yellow throw blanket. There's also a badger (the Hufflepuff mascot) thrown in!

Wizard wall coverings

Wizard wall coverings

It's all in the details! The focal point of the room was a large Hufflepuff tapestry that we bought from Amazon. A trip to our local Ross stores uncovered a cool lamp, a golden goblet and supplies to make a broom. For the broom we bought a bunch of twigs (I think they were meant for flower-arranging) and tied them onto a piece of bamboo!

We also bought glow-in-the-dark stars and stuck them to the goblet and to the ceiling. We replaced a "hot pink" cloth drawer in her shelving unit with a black one for good measure!

Wizard goodies!

Wizard goodies!

Here's a closer shot of the broom and corner unit. Note her wand on top. This was her Christmas present a couple of years ago! Make sure you have books scattered around and on the shelves too!


Hufflepuff Notices

For the final bit of decor we added a common room notice board with all of the latest Hogwarts notifications. For this, we went to a local craft store, bought a large yellow foam board and screwed it into the wall (you could also probably use sticky tape).

An online search found a few cool notices that we printed out and stuck to the board. You can even make your own by rubbing an old tea-bag onto some paper and burning the edges with a match. This will give your paper a cool, medieval feel.

Emily the witch

Emily the witch

After all your hard work, the best part is yet to come! Set your camera recording and march your 13-year-old into their brand new Hufflepuff Bedroom! 



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Harry Potter: 10 Most Incredible Hufflepuff Nail Art Designs

Harry Potter has inspired so much fan art over the years and that includes nail art! Here's a look at 10 designs centered around Hufflepuff.

Harry Potter probably has one of the most intense and wide-reaching fan bases when it comes to books and movies. Of course, everyone knows what Hogwarts house the sorting hat would place them into. For those of us that are loyal, fun, and totally compassionate, we're likely wearing yellow and sitting beside Cedric Diggory.

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Huge fans probably have tattoos or jewelry to show for it, but have you ever had a manicure to prove your loyalty to your house? For some inspiration, or just for some appreciation of these designs, here are 10 incredible Hufflepuff nail designs.

10 Sweet, Simple Yellow

For fans that aren't about super wild or bold nails, this simple yellow look is definitely for you. As seen in this post, fans can add any golden accessory to their beautiful nails, as long as the solid paint is as yellow as the Hufflepuff crest.

This beautiful look is simple and elegant, but it still certainly shows some loyalty to this house. This design is how Hufflepuffs go to a fancy event and still wear their colors. This nail art is definitely the most sophisticated and elegant on this list.

9 The Animal Inspiration

These nails are honestly mesmerizing. Of course, Hufflepuff nails wouldn't be complete without some form of badger, and this look certainly does this furry creature some justice. This design is one of the most intricate we've seen.

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The crest and the paw print are just cherries on top, and this yellow paint is much more subtle and pleasing for those who aren't crazy about a bold and bright yellow. This look certainly has us Hufflepuffs excited and in awe.

8 Simply Geometric - Yellow & Black

The house colors of yellow and black make it pretty easy to have bold and beautiful nail designs. This simple yet bold look is showing off both these wonderful colors. Of course, it's important to add some shimmer and shine, too.

This design is also up for some personal flair, but we love the geometric and block design of these two bright colors. Whether fans want a badger or an 'H' is totally up to them, because both are absolutely stunning.

7 We Love Glitter & Yellow

This nail design is certainly for all the huge Harry Potter nerds out there. This look certainly isn't a subtle indication of Hogwarts members, but that's what we absolutely love about it. For die-hard fans of the franchise, this design might be for you.

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This design has all the key symbols from this popular series, while still giving a perfect nod to all those Hufflepuffs out there. Plus, some sparkly black and yellow is more than enough for a beautiful design.

6 Badger + Floral

The badger strikes again in this nail design, but this time, fans can add some beautiful floral designs. Honestly, it looks stunning with the yellow base and the black floral pattern. This design fits in perfectly with the mysterious and magical vibes of Hogwarts.

This look is simple, and the best part is that it isn't super obvious unless you're a fan of this popular franchise. Black and yellow certainly makes for a fantastic look, and we love this elegant and mystical floral touch.

5 Harry Potter, But In Yellow

This look is perfect for Hufflepuffs that are loyal to their house but still want to show some major pride for the franchise as a whole. This design celebrates animals, 9 3/4, the Deathly Hallows, and Harry Potter himself.

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If you can't decide which accent design to get, why not just get them all? This look is for the nerdiest of the nerds, and we are absolutely obsessed with these designs that are painted in Hufflepuff yellow.

4 Shimmer & Shine + Badger

Of all the badger designs out there, this one probably takes the cake. Hufflepuffs are fun-loving, and this cool and cute badger is absolutely perfect for this wonderful house. That Hufflepuff scarf and the happy badger is bound to make every member of this house giddy and excited.

Plus, the shimmer and shine on the rest of the nails is absolutely stunning. We love some lines and some sparkle, and we think that every famous Hufflepuff would totally approve of this design. Of course, the badger definitely does, too.

3 Checkered & Sparkly

The shine in this design is much more elegant and professional. For those that don't love much shimmer, this solid shine is totally beautiful. Of course, the badger strikes again, but also in a much more sophisticated manner.

Our favorite part of this design, though, is definitely the black checkered look. These nails are stunning, nerdy, and yet still look elegant enough for the fanciest of parties at Hogwarts. Besides, we're confident that every Hufflepuff likes shimmer and shine at least a little bit.

2 My House, My Rules

Again, out of all the designs out there for this wonderful house, this crest is certainly one of our absolute favorites. The sparkle of the crest and the white background does this house perfect justice, and this design is astounding.

Of course, we're also in love with the simple pattern of the gold and the thin black lines. And for fans that want to add some personal flair, you can certainly make the other nail popping black or a bright yellow.

1 Simple Yet Proud

This look is one of the more simple ones of this list, but it still remains one of our all-time favorites. This elegant and sleek French-tip design is a subtle nod at Hufflepuff and Hogwarts.

While still showing some immense pride, this beautiful design is elegant and is certainly not bold and in-your-face yellow. This level of sparkle and the black accent is everything we could ever want in a nail design. We're totally standing Hufflepuff strong with this stunning nail art.

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