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HGK477 — Exploring abandoned buildings

Exploring abandoned buildings

  1. Bring a flashlight. 
  2. Bring an extra flashlight.
  3. Walk the perimeter. Locate all possible exits.
  4. Do not be deterred by barbed-wire, high walls, and locked doors. But be on the lookout for holes and tunnels leading to the building.
  5. Wear a mask, gloves, and ideally, a complete protection suit.
  6. Test your steps.
  7. Have a fully charged cellphone with you in case you get trapped. 
  8. If the water is still working, leave immediately.
  9. Never shut the doors behind you. 
  10. The old man sitting by the campfire is not real. The campfire is.
  11. Check if the campfire is built on concrete. If not, leave.
  12. Talk to the man if you want to find yourself.
  13. It is advised to bring a bottle of whiskey.
  14. Be careful not to break anything.
  15. If you hear a woman yell ’Don’t wake the baby!’, yell back ’You don’t wake the baby!
  16. Avoid the man sitting in front of a trash can fire. He is real, the fire is not. It burns souls.
  17. Do not sit in the armchair. 
  18. If a door you had opened is now closed, pray it was the wind. 
  19. Some rooms might be more chilly than others. It is normal.
  20. If you get a message from a friend asking to hang out, do not reply.
  21. They are always watching.
  22. A creaking floor is a bad omen.
  23. The sudden breaking of windows is to be ignored.
  24. The building might not want you to leave.
  25. If there is music playing, it’s probably the wind carrying it from someplace else.
  26. There are cats. Many cats.
  27. The cats can protect you.
  28. Do not look through the windows.
  29. Do not take any pictures with flash. Some things are better left unseen. 
  30. Leave some food for the cats. 

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How to Become Friends with the Months of the Year

  1. With January, only honesty is ensured. Come as you are; if you don’t, they will rip away everything you aren’t. Their embrace is cold, but they can only take so much warmth from you before the two of you are one and the same. It is a relief like nothing else. Don’t get hung up on it when they leave.
  2. February says very little, so hold onto the words she does say. Write them down, save them. She is fascinated by the things you do, the things you never notice. When you feel her hold your hand, pause and breathe until she’s gone. She’s gone so quickly. You miss January. Stop missing January.
  3. March is not quick to make friends. Try as you might, as the weeks pass on, you will not find him if you look. He will find you, and he will approach so quietly, you’ll hardly hear him. He has one word to tell you, one very important word, and you probably won’t like it. But don’t tell that to his face, assuming you ever see it. He is damageable just like you.
  4. April wants to take you far away from winter. She grabs you right by the wrist and pulls you into her bright and buzzing world. It’s exhilarating just to be with her. She guides you along, she speaks the rhythm, the chain of command. It’s a dance designed for forgetting the stillness of winter. Join her. You won’t forget.
  5. May tries harder than anyone else has to make you forget. They offer you all manner of wines and sweets and each one is better than the last. You’re satiated for the first time that you can recall. Everything is beautiful. All your needs are met. You miss the feeling of needing something. Drink as much wine as you want, but it won’t go away.
  6. June gets it. June keeps telling you he gets it. June’s air is frantic with the pull of summer. It swarms your head. You miss January. Stop missing January. God, you miss January. January took a piece of you and now June is hurriedly rearranging all your other pieces in an attempt to fill you back in. Tell him to stop before you become unrecognizable. When he leaves, you will have no idea how to put yourself back.
  7. July carries you across the shore. You’re bleeding; from the empty spaces time has left in you some kind of blood is falling. July holds you, as you hover over sleep. He knows not where he is going; August calls from no one place and he drifts out to meet her. You see the many places time has reached. Out of the corner of your eye, you see the blurs of places it hasn’t. Let your eyes close for a while. You need to rest.
  8. August keeps your eyes locked with hers. You wander in some sort of fog, the heat pulling you away from the ground in waves that twist your vision. You see August. Everywhere you look, you see her. Every sound, every smell, every good and warm feeling becomes August. January exists only as a pang of guilt in your stomach. You are hopelessly August’s. Don’t fight it. Not that you would.
  9. September holds your arm with an unspoken ferocity before August can walk away with you into times unknown. It is not cold, but you shiver. Nothing fits in your field of vision. But they take good care of you. Wonderful care. You’d much rather fall in love with September. You can’t seem to make it happen. Don’t give up. Don’t give up. Don’t give up.
  10. Your eyes blink and October has taken their place. You’re ready, he says. He takes you by the hand and brings you back home—except this isn’t home. It is where you have lived all your life but it isn’t home anymore. October lets you crash at his place and tells good jokes. It all bounces right off the surface, maybe making an entertaining ripple but nothing more. It starts to get cold again. Your thoughts run away from you. October doesn’t know how to fix this. Neither do you. Don’t give up.
  11. November watches you closely. She doesn’t say much. She knows what lies ahead and doesn’t want to tell you. You see indifference in her. She wants only to let you heal. You fall inside yourself. Your stomach feels like it’s shattered, and you don’t know how to fix it, only how to watch it fall apart. You feel like a turbulent mess and the world around you is only getting slower. You miss January. You miss January so bad you could hurt something. The shattered pieces inside you are sharp. Take one, hold it in your shaking hands. Look kindly at November. Watch how she says nothing, out of fear.
  12. December can’t do anything for you. Time has frozen, January is an eternity away, and December can’t be January no matter how hard they try. They can’t heal you; their touch is too coarse. They can’t fix you; you’re missing the most important piece. They can’t take you back to January; January is far in the past and the future has dropped off like a cliff. But they can see what you have been through. And they can feel the pain of the frostbite setting in. And they can hold you, closer and closer every second, as tears of their own hit your flesh like ice, and you grow colder and colder, and colder still, pulling you further and darker down, until deep down you two are one and the same.

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Hey everyone! We need your help to create the best party game ever!

Introducing… What The Plot?!

How does it work?

1.) Take a Prompt Card.

Ex. ’Tell us about the time a vampire hit on you.‘ 

2.) You have one minute to bullshit a story.

After the minute is up, the player next to you needs to continue your story and so on. 

However! There is also a pile of cards each with three words on it. Every turn you draw a card and have to use one of the three words from it in your story. Ex. breadstick, cactus, werewolf.’ If you don’t use one of the words during your turn, you lose points. If you can’t continue the story then you also lose points. And if your story is really awful, other players can play the ‘Boo Card’, causing you to lose a catastrophic amount of points. The player who is not the worst wins!

We have already found a supplier and a distribution center in both the US and Europe. We really want to know what you think. Let’s create this game together and make it the best it can possibly be. Are you in?

Please make this a thing. I’d soooo get this!!

where can I get updates???

Suggestion to call it: 

What The Plot?! - A party game for people who like to talk sh*t

This is an awesome concept! An alternative rule could be instead of losing points, people could also maybe take a sip of their drink, it would make the stories even more entertaining. I would definitely play this as a drinking game with my friends!

We need your input! We need more Prompt Cards and really need your help in shaping this game over the next couple of weeks before we launch! [Dec, 2019]

Click here to give feedback and to sign up to help create this party game!

Important update coming tomorrow! Feel free to sign up if you haven’t already!

How to care for a Cat

  1. Get a cat, but let the cat choose you. They can see what you don’t. Also, don’t go into the back alone. They don’t like newcomers.
  2. Buy your cat food, bowls, a collar (preferably with a bell) toys, a bed, and a scratching post. When buying this stuff, ask for Allen. He knows what each cat needs for a successful hunt.
  3. Leave your kitty cat alone and allow them to explore. They need to sniff out the problem areas of your house.
  4. When you are off to bed, turn your lights off. The light hinders their ability to catch the demon.
  5. If you hear running and shuffling outside your door, do not be alarmed. Your cat is chasing away the demon.
  6. If you hear meowing outside of the door, that means that your cat has had a successful hunt. When opening the door, do not look down the dark hallway. You might meet eyes with the strays. They don’t like eye contact.
  7. Quickly shut your door and make your way to bed. Allow your kitty to do as it pleases.
  8. Enjoy the presence of your new kitty. :)

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How to Fall Asleep In Their Arms

  1. Calm down, this is a peaceful and relaxing setting. No need to worry.
  2. Don’t forget to breathe, this is important, you don’t want to seem dead. It might worry them.
  3. Listen to their heartbeat, yours will sync up with it sooner or later. This will calm you even more.
  4. Pay attention to their breathing, like the heartbeats, yours will sync with theirs at some point.
  5. Get comfortable, they love you and wouldn’t let anything hurt you. You’re safe here.
  6. Shut your eyes. You don’t need to see what’s going on in the world anymore. You’re safe here.
  7. Try to tune out the background noise around you. Nothing else in the world matters aside from the two of you in this moment. You’re safe here.
  8. Drift off to sleep. They’ve got you, you’ll be fine. You’re safe here.
  9. Don’t wake up. You don’t need to leave. You’re safe here.

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A guide for sleeping in a lecture hall

  1. Make sure whatever work you have started is in a safe space. If not, they will take it and it will never be seen again.
  2. As you feel yourself begin to get tired, be sure to turn the ringer of your phone on. It will be your way out if something goes wrong.
  3. Make a last check around the room. Keep an eye out for things that may seem different or off. Make note of these. If the writing on the board is reversed, do not fall asleep. You must remain awake for the rest of the lecture for your own safety.
  4. Let your body relax and allow yourself to drift off to sleep. Do not be alarmed if something touches you. They are making sure you are fully asleep.
  5. Once you awaken in your dream, stand up and look around. Check to see if any inconsistencies have transferred over to your dream. If so, it is safe to explore. If not, sit back down and remain completely still.
  6. As you examine your surroundings, check your classmates to see if any have fallen into the dream like you have. Those that have not will have no pupils. Make note of these people.
  7. When exploring around the hall and its building, make sure to never enter the stairs or the elevator. If you do so, you will wake up, and everything will be different.
  8. Keep checking your phone to keep track of the time. You do not want to be the last one out when class ends. They will punish you for that.
  9. When the time is nearing for you to awaken, head back to your seat, not making eye contact with anyone else who may be in the hall now. Rest your head on the desk and allow yourself to fall back to reality.
  10. If you awaken to blurry vision, close your eyes immediately. Do not respond to anything, including calls of your name or questions. Wait until it is silent to open your eyes.
  11. If you awaken and everything is clear, you are safe to leave. Make sure to leave a pen or pencil behind as a thank you to your guides. They worked very hard to allow you the brief respite and always appreciate a nice gift.
  12. If, when you are leaving, your teacher asks you to stay behind, do not listen. Walk to the nearest bathroom and run cold water over your hands. The next time you go to class, do not sleep. All should be well after that.
  13. After your rest, never return to your lecture hall at night. Your guides will be asleep and you will be vulnerable.

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A Guide for the Pregnant Adventurer

  • Whilst you are pregnant, you may want to take time off. But, if you are like me, as I suspect you probably are, the adventurer’s life stops for nothing and no one; not even when you’re growing an entirely new being.
  • After 4 pregnancies on the job, here’s some knowledge I have amassed.
  1. Your blood is extremely valuable and tasty to various beings and creatures, you will want to brush up on your protection charms and technique.
  2. If you dabble in spellwork, your blood will give everything you do a boost.
  3. Never offer your blood as payment to the shadows or their puppets.
  4. Never sign your firstborn over, I mean ethically you shouldn’t sign any of your children over, but firstborns have a sacred magic.
  5. Newly pregnant? You already smell stronger (hormones are fun) and you’ll only get more unwanted attention the bigger you get; wearing a satchel of strong smelling plants will do you good.
  6. And YOUR nose is getting keener as well, the strong smelling plants won’t smell nice to you at all (but you’d rather stay alive, yeah?)
  7. It is a very good idea to call in your favors, hopefully you’ve made some good friends and business partners on your travels.
  8. Always carry silver and iron on you, in whatever way pleases you, and know who to use it on.
  9. Music is your friend, as well as your little one’s.
  10. Morning sickness is a bitch and, contrary to the name, also happens ALL DAY, keep loads of ginger tea stocked up.
  11. You will be nauseous and hungry at the same time, especially during your first trimester, keep snackies (and healthy ones, though I know the personal struggle of craving copious amounts of nachos in the middle of a jungle)(12-16):
  12. Dates are good for keeping your iron levels up.
  13. Granola-based mixes are easy and you can add so many things!
  14. You can never go wrong with berries.
  15. Garlic is really good, but not a lot, it’s a natural vasodilator; you could bleed out.
  16. Honey is okay, as long as it’s pasteurized.
  17. Sleeping is generally not comfy while adventuring, even less so while pregnant, invest in a good maternity pillow (I would say that even if you stayed at home though).
  18. Adventuring away from your family doctor or midwife is no excuse, don’t you dare shirk your checkups, find one in every town you get to.
  19. A pregnant woman has long been a symbol of a bridge between the spiritual and physical, that is still true.
  20. If you possess psychic abilities, these will probably strengthen, the veil may permanently lift whilst you carry and even some time after you give birth.
  21. If this happens, I advise you stay away from places where a lot of death permanently resides, don’t go searching for vampires and don’t take strolls through cemeteries.
  22. If you begin to see auras around people and beings, stay far far away from yellow and pink.
  23. Pick up white feathers for protection, cleanse them with willow smoke, rinse them with moonwater, and wear them about your head.
  24. If birds start appearing in your weirdo pregnancy dreams (oh those are coming, I promise) pay attention and write down every detail you can remember, especially the type of bird.
  25. Go to a dream shaman you trust and get them translated.
  26. Whilst you are pregnant, your appeals will be favored by fertility deities and you will be welcomed and protected in whatever place of worship is dedicated to them, even if you don’t worship them (also, besides home or the hospital, there’s like no better place to give birth, they are very professional).
  27. The fae have a little known law that if a woman carrying a son enters their forest olde, she is to be fed; but be careful, it doesn’t specify what to feed her, not all fae will favor you little mother.
  28. The life you carry is a massive well of destiny, as such, your aura will change whilst you carry and you may react differently to totems and magics that you once could use with ease.
  29. Last bit, very important, read carefully: nothing protects a young mother more than her tribe; find your tribe.
  30. I wish you the best of luck, sisters.

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A Guide to Surviving American Suburbia

  1. Your house is big. It looks the same as all the other houses in the neighborhood. Has it always? Don’t think too hard about it, you will find things in your memory you don’t want to.
  2. Ask the tiktok boy with ripped jeans and bleached hair for assistance, if needed. What he will give may not be what you need, but it is what you want.
  3. The group of skinny pilates moms clad in pink never stops running. You shouldn’t either.
  4. You haven’t eaten in weeks, maybe years. Do not tell your father that you are hungry or his smile might have too many teeth when he replies.
  5. Your neighbor is having a Sunday barbecue. Do not go if the family has not audibly fought for at least a month. Ideally, the shouting should begin the morning of said barbecue.
  6. Keep holy water in a hydro flask. It won’t do anything, but it might be comforting.
  7. Blend in at all times. If you do not, they will see and they will not be pleased.
  8. If there are cranberries in the salad, that is not your mother.
  9. At one point, there was more than hard-packed dirt and neat grass in your lawn. Do not change this, or it may invite danger into your house. Acceptable additions include a small inflatable pool and a trampoline. Perhaps a plastic playset, as long as you guard it every waking and sleeping hour.
  10. If your younger sibling no longer smiles, get them help from the blonde girl who sometimes lives at the end of the cul de sac. You may be able to save them.
  11. If you find your original fingernails, ignore them and leave them where they are.
  12. Ignore the faces outside of the neighboorhood. Soon they’ll just be part of the scenery.
  13. If you need to leave, leave at 2am when the world hasn’t quite loaded in yet. It will be easier.
  14. Bring your phone with you everywhere for navigation, but if you have a nightmare that you are being strangled by tongues, smash it and do not replace it.
  15. The neighborhood never ends. Just keep going. Take a vehicle or you may be stuck for an indeterminate amount of time.

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A guide to working the night shift

  1. Check it there is going to be a full moon. If there is not, go in as normal. You will be okay.
  2. If there will be a full moon, it is essential to follow this guide.
  3. Get lots of sleep the day before.
  4. Bring a fully charged phone, snacks, and water. Do not bring any flavored drink. The spirits will turn it to water, anyway.
  5. About an hour before work, drive to your nearest Church. Do not walk or take the bus. If you must, ignore anyone who tries to talk to you on the way. They will be spirits trying to learn more about you.
  6. Enter the Church and put some holy water on your hand. This will not do particularly anything, but it is nice to have some reassurance.
  7. If there is an old man in the pews, ask him for his greatest piece of advice. If he ignores you, and he will, ask him again. He will tell you to be careful at work tonight. Make sure to thank him for his time, he will appreciate your manners.
  8. Drive to work. Be a bit early, the spirits will not expect you to be early.
  9. If you know your co-worker(s) well, ask them for gum. If they give you mint, back away slowly and continue working as normal. They are a spirit in disguise. Any other flavor, tell them to leave early. Do not take no for an answer.
  10. If you do not know your co-worker(s) well, do not get too attached. They will be dead before 11pm. Do not feel guilty, there is nothing you can do.
  11. Keep an eye on the clock. Do not walk or talk loudly, it can hear you. Do not wonder about what “it” is, you wouldn’t be able to fathom it anyway.
  12. Once the clock hits 11 pm, the lights will go off. Do not worry, they will go back on soon.
  13. When they come back on, your co-workers will be gone. Do not cry. The spirits will not pity you. There will be 3 customers left. 2 are spirits, one is real. You should help the real customer escape, he will give you something you need. However, you cannot leave with them. It will not allow you to.
  14. Approach the first customer. Ask him if he needs any help. Slowly tap your foot while talking with them. If they cover their ears, apologize. They are a spirit. Spirits hate foot tapping. They will not hurt you, at least for now. Repeat until you find the real customer.
  15. Tell the real customer that Bob sent you. He will know what you mean. He will begin to exit the store with his items in hand, unpaid for. Remind him that he must pay. He will glance at you, then begin walking out again. Do not worry, he will have paid you. You will find out what he gave you soon.
  16. Now, you will be alone with the two spirit customers. Relax for a little bit, the worst is yet to come. Drink your water, but not too much. You don’t know what the spirits could have put in there.
  17. Once the clock hits midnight, the lights will shut off again. Except this time they will not come back on. Leave the register, go to the back of the store. You will see a bottle of water that is upside down. Take it and drink it, for that is not water. You will be able to see better now.
  18. Items from the shelves will begin to fall over. Pick them back up. You are, after all, working the night shift. If items from the fridges begin to fall, the spirits are extra angry. You must have wronged them. I told you to follow the guide exactly. I am sorry. Death is not what you should fear. What will happen to you is much worse than death.
  19. If the fridges stay intact, you are safe for now. Do not talk or yell. Do not bother calling the police. Call your mom. Mother knows best. She will pick up. Although, it will not be your mom. Nevertheless, listen to her. She will tell you how to contact the spirits. I cannot share that information with you.
  20. Use her instructions and contact the spirits. Ask them to spare you. They will say no. That is expected.
  21. Spirits do not spare people willingly. They take trades, however. It is not easy to trade with a spirit. They only accept souls. People are only born with one soul, their own.
  22. Put your hand in your right pocket. You will feel something indescribable. Do not pull it out. It is what the real customer paid you with, a soul. Do not feel bad, he has many.
  23. Contact the spirits using the method from before. If you do not remember how there is nothing you can do. I am sorry. Your fate is sealed.
  24. Tell the spirits you have a trade. Take the soul out of your pocket, and hold it up above your head. You will feel your legs begin to weaken. You will fall to your knees, and eventually you will pass out. You will wake up with the soul gone and the lights back on. Continue working as normal, the spirits have spared you.
  25. Do not speak of this event to anyone, the spirits will not take kindly to that. They will appreciate your silence. Make sure to call your mom and thank her. She will not have any idea what you are talking about, but she will appreciate the gesture.

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A Guide to Keeping your Heart Soft

  1. Love Big.
  2. Compliment often.
  3. Expose the Greatness in everyone you meet.
  4. Hold no unsaid expectations against anyone.
  5. Forgive easily.
  6. Tell the kid how cool their toy/picture/story/rock is-and watch the light flood their eyes.
  7. If you hold anger against someone/if they said something that hurt you, talk about it in a healthy way.
  8. When it comes to unsolicited wisdom, the very least you can do is listen and think about it, you don’t have to agree, but give yourself the option to learn and grow.
  9. Purge bitterness from your bones, it makes you older faster and clogs your joints.
  10. SMELL ALL THE CANDLES IN THE STORE; cake-scented candles never ruined anyone’s day.
  11. Tell yourself one thing you love about yourself every day, to start, and more will follow: Toes, I love that you balance me; calves, I love that you’re strong; thighs, I love your power, etc.
  12. Laughter is a healing balm.
  13. Do not lie to yourself, acknowledge the power of you.
  14. If you suffer, all you have to do is survive; AND THEN give yourself permission to thrive.
  15. Do not be afraid to be extraordinary; in your craft, in your hugs, in your words.
  16. I wish you the best of luck.

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Sours: https://hgk477.tumblr.com/post/181893694604/exploring-abandoned-buildings

The Carleton Villa, Carleton Island, New York. Unknown photographer.

The Carleton Villa was built in 1894 for typewriter magnate William Wyckoff as a summer residence and large spot for entertaining. Wycoff’s wife died of a heart attack a month before he moved in, and on his first night in the mansion he suffered a heart attack in his sleep and died. Wycoff’s youngest son inherited the villa after his father’s death, but within a few years the family lost much of their fortune in the Great Depression and the house fell into disrepair.

The villa was sold to General Electric, who planned to demolish it. Materials from the home were offered to anyone who would salvage them, so stained glass windows and whole sections of flooring were removed. Soon, World War II intervened and General Electric abandoned the property entirely. The villa, which is located on 7 acres with gorgeous river views, is currently listed for $495,000, but will require millions more to bring it back to its former glory

Sours: https://bestabandoned.tumblr.com/
  1. El patron
  2. Cologne from walmart
  3. Amazon dvd player
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  5. Scarab wow

Horace Burgess’s Treehouse of The Minister’s Treehouse (Crossville, Tennessee)

ADDRESS: 364 Beehive Lane, Crossville, TN 38571 

COORDINATES: 35.985300, -84.994433

Horace Burgess, one of Crossville’s local ministers, alleges that he was praying in the year 1993, and during that prayer, he was told by God, “If you build a tree house, I’ll see that you never run out of material.”

After receiving that message, Burgess began building a treehouse to serve as a church where he could deliver the Lord’s message. The treehouse ended up as a 97-foot-tall treehouse supported by a live 80-foot-tall white oak tree with a 12-foot diameter trunk. The treehouse also relies on six other oak trees for support. Although there is no Guinness World Records category for the largest treehouse, it is often referred to unofficially as the world’s largest. The treehouse served as a church, and when not in service a basketball court. (See basketball hoop towards the back in the last photo.) 

In 2004, fire marshalls shut down public access to the structure as it did not comply with fire safety codes. Horace said “I built it for God, and God watches over it. He’s protected everyone for all these years” in response to the shutting down of the church. Since Horace stopped construction in 2005, the structure has been immensely vandalized with graffiti. (Some of it praising God, to which Horace responded, “I don’t know how to take that.) "I have to remind myself that it is a tree house,” said Horace, who feels that it somehow causes people to act like children. “That’s why I’ve never prosecuted anyone for bustin’ the stuff up.”

There have been no deaths reported at the treehouse, nor any near it. Despite this, many feel extremely uneasy upon exploring the treehouse; almost as if they are being watched. Horace himself called the church a “haunted house” that is “possessed by the Holy Ghost.” 

*I took these with my new camera, hope you all enjoy! I do believe that I’ve made a post about this treehouse before if so enjoy it again! Happy exploring.

Sours: https://theabandonedsouth.tumblr.com/

Urban decay on Canal Street. Chinatown, New York City.

New York City changes and evolves at a rapid pace. In certain areas, changes occur faster than others. Lower Manhattan is one place that has changed the most in the last decade. Development happens fast and the current trends are extremely tall buildings constructed mostly of glass, chain stores and luxury boutiques. In neighborhoods that were once bohemian and home to artists and rebels, these current changes have been hard to swallow for long-time residents who run the risk of being out-priced out of the neighborhoods they have called home for decades.

Despite these changes, there are still parts of lower Manhattan that recall earlier decades. New York City suffered economically in the 1970s and it was during this decade that much of lower Manhattan was transformed into a danger zone full of abandoned lots and buildings and rampant crime. Having grown up in New York City in the 1980s and early 1990s, I have vivid memories of riding graffiti-covered trains from Queens into Manhattan. I was taught to ‘watch my back’ at all times since everyone seemed to know someone who had been mugged. Things were still different in those days prior to the initiatives by mayors Koch and Guiliani to ‘clean up’ the city (and discourse is still rampant regarding how they handled it).

When I came across this section of Canal Street initially, my heart almost leaped out of my chest. Here I was staring at a section of a spot in Chinatown that seemed as if it had been dipped in 1980s New York City and had become frozen in time (thankfully I had my camera). It’s hard to put into words how powerful this scene is for me personally. It’s a bit like staring at something that once existed in a distant life.

A city may change rapidly discarding pieces of itself, but it’s the people who carry it’s broken pieces with them in their hearts who imbue the city with its memory.


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15 Largest Abandoned Cities on Earth


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