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best-price-guaranteeAt Nuform Cabinetry, our top priority is to provide shoppers with high-end cabinetry without the high-end price tag. From our superior materials, manufacturing, and assembly processes to our factory-direct pricing model, we’re confident that you won’t find a better deal on cabinets anywhere, let alone anywhere near our prices. If you do happen to see a lower price on comparable kitchen or bathroom cabinets, but you don’t want to miss out on the unique quality, service, and attention to detail offered by Nuform Cabinetry - don’t worry. We’ll do everything we can to match or beat any pricing you find!

As a leading innovator in the RTA cabinetry industry, we’ve developed a proprietary dovetail assembly method that results in cabinetry that looks better, assembles with ease, and is durable enough for even the busiest kitchens and bathrooms. While we’re confident that the value we offer every Nuform shopper is unbeatable, we understand that our job is to prove it to you! Call us today at 954-900-1055 to speak with one of our expert design specialists about price matching or ANY questions you have about your future cabinets! From free virtual 360 designs to no-obligation quotes, our team of professional designers is here to ensure we meet and exceed your needs every step of the way. Whether you have your layout ready and are looking for a more competitive price, or you are just in the beginning stages of your remodel project, Nuform is here for you!

Please note that Nuform Cabinetry is only able to price match items that are similar to the products that we offer. Many Nuform Cabinetry competitors provide cabinets that may appear comparable at first glance, but are actually of much lesser quality, using imitation wood or inferior hardware. Additionally, once an order has been placed, we are no longer able to match a competitor's pricing. Any canceled orders remain subject to cancellation fees.

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Malibu White Shaker

Shaker style cabinets are the most popular types of cabinets available today. Many people seem to really connect with the simple and minimalistic approach that is embodied in the shaker style cabinets. The color of the cabinets that you choose will have drastic effects on the look and the feel of your kitchen. Darker colors will hide dirt and grime better than lighter colors. Lighter colors can make your kitchen seem less gloomy. Many people want lighter colors for some kitchen elements, and many people want darker colors for some kitchen elements.

For a number of reasons, Malibu White Shaker cabinets are the most popular choice out of all of our cabinet options. When you choose Malibu White Shaker kitchen cabinets, it can have a bit of a snowball effect with the rest of your house. The Malibu White Shaker cabinets provide a bright positive and clean feel for your kitchen. Many modern homes use more open floor plans. This means that if you are standing in the dining area or living room or even the entryway, there is a good chance you have a line of sight into the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are one of the most distinct visual elements of the kitchen. So the feel of your kitchen will often bleed out into the other major communal areas of your home. This is particularly true if you use your kitchen often. The Malibu White Shaker kitchen cabinets are particularly appealing to people because they satisfy a number of desirable traits.

Minimalism is in right now. People are trying to "cut the fat" from their lives and be more fiscally and ecologically responsible. This means less waste and less consumption. The Malibu White Shaker design embodies this. The simple lines made without complex details in the woodworking are a perfect example of simplicity and function over complexity and style.

Cleanliness has almost always been a desirable trait. The Malibu White Shaker kitchen cabinets are a favorable choice in this regards for two reasons. First, the obvious fact that white is a color that our brains associate with purity and cleanliness. It shows dirt so easily and clearly that you know when it is clean and when it is not. The second reason is that the simple design of the Malibu White Shaker cabinet doors allows you to easily wipe any dirt or grime off of the doors with ease. So your Malibu White Shaker kitchen will feel and look cleaner, and the cabinets themselves will be cleaner and be easier to keep that way.

Many people like options. A kitchen remodel is a very personal thing, and when you are making a large investment in your home, most people want it to be just right. So options are very important. There are a lot of decisions that will be made to shape the look of your kitchen. Countertops, backsplashes, wall color, and texture, (if your kitchen has a lot of visible walls) major appliances, and flooring materials, just to name a few. With all of these choices, you will be looking for items that match one another and create a pleasing look for your new kitchen. No color in the world is easier to match than white. By choosing Malibu White Shaker as your kitchen cabinets, you open up a lot of potential options with all other choices you will have to make.

A lot of companies have some kind of Malibu White Shaker cabinets. Some are good, some are bad, some are cheap, and some are expensive. At BestOnlineCabinets.com, we offer an excellent quality Malibu White Shaker cabinet for a very affordable price. Our Malibu White Shaker is made from a single solid slab of Rubber Tree wood with a recessed area routed out to create the unmistakable shaker look. This hardwood is strong and durable. Rubber Tree wood also has a strong resistance to warping, so it is the best choice for solid slab doors. Other companies commonly use five piece frame and panel doors for their Malibu White Shaker style cabinets. Even when these doors are made very well with good quality woods and paints, there is always a high probability that over time, the paint will suffer from cracking and chipping around the areas near the corners of the doors where the frame pieces have been joined together. This is why the single piece solid slab doors are the best option for painted cabinets. Even though the quality of our Malibu White Shaker kitchen cabinets are in the upper echelon of RTA cabinets and are comparable to, or better than, most semi-custom cabinets on the market; our Malibu White Shaker cabinets are priced very competitively!

A lot of people are very interested in Malibu White Shaker style cabinets for a number of very good reasons. If you are interested in Malibu White Shaker style kitchen cabinets, then look no further. You will not find better quality cabinets in our price range, and you will love the way our Malibu White Shaker cabinets add so much to your kitchen.

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Ice White Shaker Cabinets

  • Phone Support Hours 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM EST
  • 800-511-5549
Ice White Shaker Door
Ice White Shaker Door

Ice White Shaker Cabinets Features

  • Pure White painted MDF Door
  • Sherwin-Williams GreenSure finish
  • Carb2 Certified Cabinets
  • Recess Square Door Panel
  • Door Center is MDF
  • Full Overlay, Butt Doors
  • ½” A-Grade Plywood Wall/Base Sides
  • Soft Closing Doors and Drawers
  • Undermount, Full Extension Drawer Glides
  • Dovetail Drawers, Adjustable Hinges
  • Interior/Sides color matches door color

You can select all items and add them to the cart at once.

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White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets With Gold Hardware


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