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Futile Search – Anchor of Light

This one’s in the Anchor of Light. You’ll find it in the big round building in the middle of the area. You can either enter from the back, or through the opening on the second floor, then make your way to the small room next to the big round chamber. The ghost will be on the floor, in the corner to the right.

destiny 2 dead ghost anchor of light

Echo of the Great Disaster – Archer’s Line

This one’s in Archer’s Line, the area in the west. You’ll find it in the western part of the map, next to a crate on a ledge on the side of the spooky green ravine. Watch your step.

echo of the great disaster dead ghost location destiny 2 shadowkeep where to find
where to find echo of the great disaster dead ghost location destiny 2 shadowkeep

We’re going to keep playing the game, and we’ll update the guide with new locations as we discover them, impeded only by the slow drop rate of Lost Ghost Traces. If you’ve found any of the dead ghost fragments that we’re missing here, feel free to leave a comment and let us know.

If you need further help with Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, check out our guides on Dead Ghost Locations, Jade Rabbit Locations, and Eyes on the Moon - How to Start Vex Invasion. If it's Exotic Weapons that you're after, we've got you covered with our Pain And Gain Exotic Quest and Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher - Symphony of Death guides. Going back in time for new players, we can offer you guides like Ikelos Weapons - How to Get SMG, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, or, if you're playing Forsaken content, guides like Corsair Down & Badge - Dead Body Locations.

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In your Moon adventures in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, at some point you’ll come across an item called a Lost Ghost Trace. These will randomly drop from Moon activities after you complete the campaign. Once you have a Lost Ghost Trace, you can take it to Eris Morn to start a number of different quests that involve hunting down the dead Ghosts of her old fireteam on the Moon’s surface. Completing these quests will net you some Phantasmal Fragments as well as Lore entries.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t give you much indication of where to look for the dead Ghosts, except for a general area. Here’s where you’ll find them.

Echo of the Great Disaster

This dead Ghost is found in Archer’s Line, so head there from the Sanctuary spawn point. Just southwest of the structure at the far north end of the area, you’ll find a fissure in the ground. Look for a ledge to climb down onto, then another lower one. You’ll find the dead Ghost there next to some wreckage.

First Crota Team’s Fallen

Enter the Temple of Crota, which you can find by taking the path from the eastern side of the Anchor of Light. Proceed until you reach a circular room with an altar in the middle, then turn right. Head up the stairs, turn left, and look to your left in the small dead-end room. The Ghost is on the floor behind some rubble.

Adonna’s Quest

Visit the Shrine of Oryx by taking the entrance in the northeast of Archer’s Line and going through the Hall of Wisdom, turning left at the large chandelier room, and heading straight through the glowing tunnel. Turn right and head down the long curving hallway and into the tunnel. Coming out the other side, go straight towards the large satellite-like structure. You’ll find the dead Ghost inside it on the floor.

The Greatest Sacrifice

Get to the Gatehouse by going to the far north end of the Hellmouth, entering the structure, and following the path downwards. Inside, head forward until you arrive at a room with a number of elevated platforms, then turn right. Follow the cave path down until it opens up into a large circular room. Here, turn right and walk down the stairs. You’ll find the dead Ghost in front of a grate on the wall.

A True Believer

Enter the Gatehouse by following the steps above, only this time when you reach the large circular room, head straight across instead of keeping right. Exit through the door, head down through the cave, and jump left to continue on through another doorway to reach the Circle of Bones. When you arrive at a large room, turn left and follow the path along the lefthand side of the pit. Continue on until you reach a door that opens up into the Summoning Pits area. Jump up to the upper platform on the right, and the dead Ghost will be sitting in a pile of rubble in the corner.

Dark Dreams

For this one, you have to return to the Lunar Battlegrounds. This area isn’t marked on the map, but it’s where you made your landing on the Moon in the very first Shadowkeep mission. You can get back there by taking the southeast exit from Sorrow’s Harbor. Once you’re in the area, keep going until you reach an area with geodesic domes. You’ll find the dead Ghost at the back of this area, behind what looks like a crashed escape pod.

A Futile Search

This one’s easy. In the Anchor of Light area, enter the large cylindrical structure and head down a path into a dead end. You’ll find the dead Ghost on the floor in this small room.

Together Forever

Get to the Circle of Bones as per the instructions for A True Believer. Head into the middle of the large open room, and you’ll find the dead Ghost behind a short pillar.

Misplaced Trust

Head to the Hellmouth structure that leads into the Gatehouse. Jump down to the lowest level and turn around to find the dead Ghost on the ground.

While you’re here, check out the rest of our Destiny 2 Shadowkeep coverage, including guides, features, tips, and more. Want to find Exotics? We’ve got your Exotics! Want to know what’s up with the world of Destiny 2 before you jump in? Take a look at our Lore Primer. Don’t know where to start? Check out our guide on Getting Started in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. Good hunting, Guardian.

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Destiny - Crucible Dead Ghost locations for every map

Destiny Dead Ghost Crucible map locations

Remember that these can only be found when playing a Private Match - thankfully, you can do this solo, so you can take your time exploring and enjoy the views without the risk of getting shot in the back.

The Anomaly Ghost location

Go to the corner of the map where the jeep is stationed and the view of the Earth in the skybox behind you. The Ghost is positioned on the left looking at the jeep, behind a crate.


Asylum Ghost location

At the end of the map from where you spawn solo - and through a doorway from where some Heavy ammo spawns in the open - is a dark corridor with an electric billboard at the end. The Ghost is hidden in the grass in the corner.


Bannerfall Ghost locations

At either end of the map when the match starts, each team spawns by a bridge. Go to the one with the black painted square symbol on one side, and a hanging banner on the other, then jump on top and into the room at the end. The Ghost will be on the desk.


There is also a second on the map, requires as finding the Lysander's Cry hidden Sparrow as part of The Dawning event. It's likely, however, to stick around long after the event ends in January.

Bastion Ghost location

Find the corner of this large map where there are two destroyed tanks out in the open. Facing the rest of the arena, there are two paths leading left. In the middle of these, closest to the right of these two paths, are two rocks, with the Ghost embedded inside the top of the one closest to the wall.


Black Shield Ghost location

In one corner of the map, near an outside building, are several piles of warheads. There is a doorway that leads to the main interior of the map, and a path that also takes you round the exterior, and in-between those is a little corridor. The Ghost is in the corner of that corridor.


Blind Watch Ghost location

On the side of the map with the large cylindrical platforms and piping, is a round corner with a series of windows. The Ghost is out in the open next to those.


The Burning Shrine Ghost location

In the outside area are a series of ledges sticking out of the sand. At the outermost one there is a Ghost at the base, but be warned, it's just outside of the map - so be quick in collecting it!


Cathedral of Dusk Ghost location

Go along the outer edge of the map until you find an open area with an obelisk on a plinth (which hides a Heavy ammo spawn behind it). On the opposite side of this area is the Ghost on the ground.


The Cauldron Ghost location

Head to the outer edge of the map that's outdoors so the huge cavern backdrop is behind you. Go to the right-most door here (not the cavern, but the door that takes you to the centre of the map) and the Ghost is just on the left.


Crossroads Ghost location

Venture to the far isolated area where you take the booster pads over to, and next to the teleport portal against the wall is the Ghost in the corner.


The Drifter Ghost location

This Ghost is in the outside part of the map, not far from with the Servitor-like eye that's suspended in the centre. From there, head onwards towards the outside of the map, down some steps to the curved walkway, and it's in the corner.


The Dungeons Ghost location

The easiest way to get this one is to start solo, so you spawn in front of the red banners - then take the right doorway, and it'll be there opposite and a little to the left. Alternatively, find the part of the map where you can drop down to the lower level and can't get back up; follow the wall right, go up the slope, and it'll be on your left there.


Exodus Blue Ghost location

Head to the outside area of the map with the burnt out truck and car. Next to both of those is a little corner-shaped room with the Ghost inside.


Firebase Delphi Ghost location

Starting from the outside area of the map, go to the dome that usually houses a capture point. Go into the doorway opposite that leads indoors, then up the ramp on the right. Instead of going left to the rest of the map, turn right to find a dead end - with the Ghost among the equipment against the far side.


First Light Ghost location

Going through the centre of the map is a series of buildings that you can run from one to the next (they are bookended by two capture points). As you travel outside between bildings, the Ghost is next to a crate on a ledge just off to the side.


Floating Gardens Ghost location

If you spawn in solo in a Private match, it's on a plinth just to the left. Otherwise, go to the outside edge of the map, and in the distance between points B and C, leap on the outside ledge and look to the isolated plinth, and it'll be there.


Frontier Ghost location

This is the map with the huge bridge running through the middle. Either side is a Heavy ammo spawn point. Go to the one that's on the side of the lake panorama, and on the tall rocky wall nearby, search the patches of grass along the base to find a Ghost sneakily hidden inside.


Icarus Ghost location

This Ghost is next to a column near C's capture point. If you spawn in solo, then run to the far opposite side of the map in the corner to find the location.


Last Light Ghost location

From where you spawn in solo (near the C capture point) go down the left tunnel. After running through the inside of one train, you'll soon come across another. Don't go inside, but turn left, and the Ghost will be on the ground on the left.


Momento Ghost location

This map has a long outdoor passage flanked by ledges and doorways to other parts of the map. Go down this long passage until you come to a mini-van that's parked sideways. Turn here into the corridor, then immediately right, and the Ghost will be resting in the corner, next to a Special ammo spawn.


Pantheon Ghost location

This is a long map with a giant cube surrounded by shallow water which has a capture point next to it. From here, turn to face the outdoors skybox, and drop down to the outer ledge below. Turn left and run alongside the outside of the map until you can't go any further (you may have to leap up a short ledge to continue going near where capture point A would be) and at the very end is the Ghost on a set of steps.


Rusted Lands Ghost location

Go to corner of the map with the exposed bricks and metal supports, near where control point B would be and a Special ammo spawn is found. Jump on top of the thin brick structure, then drop down outside the map, where the Ghost is against the wall.


Sector 618 Ghost location

In the middle of the map are two bridges, and a series of isolated platforms that you can leap to between them. The Ghost is on the widest of those platforms.


Shores of Time Ghost location

Go to the centre of the map - between all the control points - and there is a ravine that goes through the middle. Jump up the ledge with the rock just to the side, and the Ghost is hidden behind the crate.


Skyline Ghost location

From where you spawn in solo, go round the outside of the map going left until you cannot go any further (there is a 'Clovis Bray Health Center' sign on the wall to let you know you're on the right side). On the furthest left side is a walkway, with the Ghost underneath the short stairs.


Skyshock Ghost location

On the open side of the map away from the buildings are several airplane wreckages. Go to the one with the wings still attached, and the Ghost is hidden in a patch of grass right by the outside edge.


Thieves' Den Ghost location

Go to the end of the map inside the cavern that's tinted blue with the Devil Walker in the middle. Next to the Walker is a pile of crates and gold shingles, with the Ghost resting alongside them.


The Timekeeper Ghost location

Go to the outside part of the map with the pool of water. To the side is a tall, thin structure, with the Ghost resting on top.

Destiny 2 guide, story walkthrough

Want more Destiny: Rise of Iron guides, tips and tricks? Then read our Wrath of the Machine walkthrough and guides, complete list of all Dormant SIVA Cluster locations, tips on how to reach Destiny's max Light level, how to complete the Exotic Gjallarhorn Quest, Khvostov 7G-OX Quest and Thorn Quest and new modes Vanguard Elite Strike Scoring and SRL.

Twilight Gap Ghost location

In the middle of the map is a room where paths from all three control points converge on an upper level (from here there are doorways leading to opposite control points, a wide doorway going outside and a ledge to drop down below). In the middle is a solitary crate, with the Ghost inside.


Vertigo Ghost location

In the centre of the map is an illuminated path that banks up towards a large portal outside. Facing the portal, turn right, go down the steps to the next area, and the Ghost is in the right corner.


Widow's Court Ghost location


Travel to the higher end of the map, to the control point that's surrounded by walls (with a Devil Walker just above it). Go left alongside the outside of the map and you'll pass through the outskirts of a destroyed building, and on the upper ledge is the Ghost.

All 9 Dead Ghost Locations w/ Individual Timestamps [Destiny 2 Shadowkeep]

Destiny 2's Shadowkeep expansion is rich in places to discover and activities to complete, including cool new attractions like the Alters of Sorrow and Nightmare Hunts. You'll find many chests around the moon and as rewards for completing activities, and often when you open them, you'll discover new consumable items called a Lost Ghost Trace. These items unlock a new series of bounties from Eris Morn that require you to use the clues in their descriptions to find the Dead Ghosts of fallen Guardians, and each one provides a bit of history about the Great Disaster, an event in which thousands of Guardians fell to the Hive god Crota. Finding each one unlocks a lore Triumph that tells the story of what happened to the Guardians who perished on the moon years ago, in Destiny 2's backstory. It's a fascinating insight into the world Bungie has built.

There are at least eight dead Ghosts to locate, but they work differently than those in Destiny 1, which you could discover on your own. Shadowkeep's dead Ghosts involve acquiring a Lost Ghost Trace and then cashing it in with Eris for a quest to find a Ghost in a specific location on the moon. That in turns rewards you with a new lore book and Phantasmal Fragments.

No Caption Provided

Below, you'll find a list of all of the dead Ghosts we know about, their listed locations, and--where possible--details on exactly where to find them. We'll continue to update this as we locate more. As you hunt for them, just know they have a slight glowing effect to help you track them down, but you won't receive any objective markers as you do with the items you hunt down for the Lectern of Enchantment's Essence quests.

Echo of the Great Disaster -- Archer's Line

Spawn at Sanctuary and head to the left, toward Archer's Line. Follow the path to the left when it branches, and you should then see it branch again just in front of a crashed truck. Follow it to the right a short ways until you see a jump. Stop there and turn right to face the large fissure in the ground. Just to the right, you should see a lower ledge. Jump down there and move forward to another lower ledge with a crashed truck and other wreckage. You'll find the dead Ghost nearby.

Archer's Line dead Ghost location


First Crota Team's Fallen -- World's Grave

Head to Anchor of Light and make your way to the east side of the area, looking for a path between the lunar colony buildings that leads to a winding canyon road. Follow that road to hit the Temple of Crota and head inside. Keep working down through the temple, past a couple of Hive seeders. You'll hit a big room with one last Hive seeder in it and a lot of enemies. Look for a door with green light coming out of it and head through there.

No Caption Provided


The path forward will take you into the World's Grave. Move through the first room into a rocky hallway with high ceilings and continue past the enemies, up onto the second level to find a door. Continuing forward, you'll next hit a room with a big round platform in it. Turn right and look for the big door with an orange-lit room just behind. Enter that room, climb the stairs, and turn left. You'll see another open door ahead of you. Enter it and look in the left corner of the small room beyond to find the dead ghost.

Adonna's Quest -- Shrine of Oryx

The Shrine of Oryx is accessed through Archer's Line. Spawn at Sanctuary and drive to Archer's Line, then make your way up the hill on the right side toward the dome building. Pass through it and follow a path down and into the Hive structure. Drop down and you'll soon hit the Hall of Wisdom.

No Caption Provided


Keep moving forward into the round room with the large, lit orange crystals hanging from the ceiling. Turn left and go through the door. You'll see a big round entrance with what looks like tubes or power cables heading into it. Head down that hallway to its end, then follow the curving path around the edge of the shrine until you reach the large room with a big structure in the center that you can enter. Head through the center doorway into the structure to find the dead ghost on the ground.

The Greatest Sacrifice -- Gatehouse

The Gatehouse is a location you'll find by traveling through the Hellmouth. In the northern section of the area, you'll find a hole in the side of the top of a structure. Head in there and then turn down the stairs, and follow the path forward to enter the Gatehouse. Keep descending through the halls, past the room with the black water and racks of swords (you'll recognize this is where you defeated the Swarm Princes in Destiny 1).

No Caption Provided

Turn right through the door and keep moving until you hit another round room with enemies inside. (If you hit the Circle of Bones or the path where you have to jump a gap, you've gone too far.) You'll also often find a Barrier Knight in this room. Check the right side of the room relative to where you entered to find a grated wall where white light is coming through. The dead ghost can be tough to spot because of the light, but it's lying in front of the grate on the ground.

No Caption Provided

Together Forever -- Circle of Bones

Make your way to the Gatehouse in the Hellmouth (as described above), then turn right to proceed through a set of tunnels and rooms. Keep descending through the Gatehouse area, and you'll come into an area with platforms hanging over a giant chasm; just jump to the left and proceed into the next set of tunnels to enter the Circle of Bones.

No Caption Provided

As you enter the Circle of Bones, you'll have paths stretching out to the left and right, and a large round room just ahead with enemies and a Wizard inside. Go straight forward and clear out the Hive in the round room. With your back to the way you came in, check the pillar on the right side of the room to find the Ghost sitting on the ground beside it.

A True Believer -- Summoning Pits

When you enter the Circle of Bones (see above), take the path to the left. Take a doorway to the left and proceed through this hallway, and you'll find a closed door you can open.

No Caption Provided

Step into the Summoning Pits and immediately turn 45 degrees to your right. You should see a long, thin platform ahead of and above you that runs along the edge of the room. The dead Ghost is sitting on that platform, right in the corner.

Dark Dreams -- Lunar Battlegrounds

The Lunar Battlegrounds are accessed by traveling from Sorror's Harbor toward the southeast. Spawn at the Sorrow's Harbor landing zone and head toward the southeastern exit, which takes you across a bridge. Head straight across the Hive fortifications of the next area to find a road on the far side of the small canyon. Keep moving forward to reach the Lunar Battlegrounds, which you might recognize as a big Destiny 1 Crucible map.

No Caption Provided

As you arrive, turn right and drive along the right side edge of the area, which will curve away from the wall toward some buildings. Look for what appears to be a downed orange of a spacecraft with a crater beside it. Your dead ghost is just behind it.

A Futile Search -- Anchor of Light

This is a named location on the map. Spawn at Sanctuary, hop on your sparrow, and follow the path to the right to get there. When you arrive, look for the big disc-shaped building in the center of the area. Head in through one of the doors and look around for a small room off the big round main room. The dead ghost is just inside and not hard to spot.

Misplaced Trust -- Hellmouth

Hellmouth is another named location on the map. From Sanctuary, follow the path to your right, move straight through Anchor of Light, and you'll hit the Hellmouth. Alternatively, start at Sorrow's Harbor and take the southwest exit near the landing zone. When you arrive, head around the edge of the Hellmouth to the north end of the area, where you can enter the Hive structure. This is the path you'd normally take to the Gatehouse, the Circle of Bones, and the Summoning Pits, among other locations.

No Caption Provided

As you enter the building, stairs will descend to your left with a few Hive enemies waiting for you. Go down to the bottom and head for the edge of the platform ahead of you (rather than turning right to go through the door). Spin around and face back up the stairs to find the dead ghost, which is secreted behind the half wall at the bottom of the stairs.

No Caption Provided

A Loyal Friend

The last of the Lost Ghosts is only available once you have access to the Pit of Heresy dungeon. Once that unlocks, you can turn in one last Trace to Eris to get the bounty. Head into the dungeon and work down to the second major encounter, in which you're running from a few giant invincible ogres. Work your way through the maze until you hit the edge of the area, where a cliffside and a large pit. Keep the cliff on your left and work your way down to the end of the area. You should spot the Dead Ghost on a platform at the far end of the room, which you'll have to reach by jumping. Grab it to complete the Dead Ghosts set and unlock the Lunar Memoriam emblem.

How To Get Lost Ghost Traces

Lost Ghost Traces appear to be random drops from activities on the moon, and you'll need one in your inventory to even see the dead Ghost quests offered by Eris. We've found them through various means, including the chest spawned by killing a barrier champion on the moon and completing the Scarlet Keep Strike and Nightmare Hunts.

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Ghost location destiny

Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

This guide has been updated to include all Dead Ghosts from The Dark Below, House of Wolves, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph expansions.

Destiny's Ghosts are the spittle spewed out during the last death rattle of the mighty Traveler. Finding and reviving Dead Ghosts (presumably representing the spirits of professional voice actors that were originally turned down in favour of the Dinklage) on your travels will unlock Grimoire cards that add to your Grimoire points. The higher your Grimoire score, the more in-game benefits you'll be able to enjoy.

The Grimoire cards each hold a snippet of lore relating to the Destiny universe that can be read over at or on the nifty free companion app. Even better, when you collect 50 of them, you'll unlock the Ghost Hunter Trophy / Achievement.

You can start reclaiming Dead Ghosts at the locations below, after which you can flog them as paperweights or futuristic Lego then use the Glimmer to buy a fancy spaceship and get the hell out of Dodge.

It's worth noting that collection of Dead Ghosts applies to an account as opposed to a single character. So if you have 3 classes on the go, you only need to collect a Dead Ghost from a certain location once, and it will apply for all 3 characters on your account.

Dead Ghosts are not mission specific, but some locations aren't visited in story missions, so you may need to pop back in explore mode to mop up the last of them.

Table of Contents:

Looking for extra help? Then head to our Destiny Walkthrough for a complete set of guides, covering collectible locations, gameplay tips, and more.

Current page: Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide

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All 9 Dead Ghost Locations w/ Individual Timestamps [Destiny 2 Shadowkeep]

Destiny 2: All Lost Ghost Trace Locations

By John Higgs


Destiny 2's Shadowkeep expansion is set on a moon haunted by murdered Guardians, and here is how to find their Lost Ghost Traces.

Shadowkeep, the fourth expansion to Bungie's looter shooter Destiny 2, takes players back to the moon for the first time since the original Destiny. Unfortunately, the place is haunted by the shadows of long-dead Guardians calling desperately for help that players can't give, which really does nothing for the atmosphere. The silver-lining is that a few of them have left their Ghosts behind, and they are ready to be gathered up by a kind-hearted member of the living and then shattered into Phantasmal Fragments in Destiny 2.

After completing the Shadowkeep story missions in Destiny 2, players will begin to find Lost Ghost Traces among their loot. These can be traded to Eris Morn in order to begin the Ghost Quests, which are treasure hunts across the moon that unlock some interesting lore as well as Phantasmal Fragments, a rare crafting material. There are nine of these mini-missions in total, and here's how to find them all.

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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - Lost Ghost Trace Locations

Echo of the Disaster

Hidden in a blind ravine in Archer's Line, this Ghost can be easy to overlook. The simplest way for players to reach it is by starting a Patrol session on the moon, which will cause them to spawn in Archer's Line, before heading to the start location for the Ether Resupply Public Event. Looking over the cliffs opposite the facility, players will see a crashed truck halfway down the rock face. The Ghost is just in front of the cab. While in Archer's Line players might also want to grab the secret NASA easter egg in Destiny 2, which is located in the Lost Sector area.

First Crota's Team Fallen

If Destiny 2's server problems are over, then players will have no trouble finding this Ghost in the Anchor of Light region, which is near the circular room where they discovered the Shard of the Traveler and defeated the Phantasm of Omnigul. The boss room is through the doorway on the left side of the picture below, and the Ghost is found through the doorway to the right.

Adonna's Quest

This is another Ghost in Archer's Line, and it is located in the Hall of Wisdom on the eastern side of the region. Once they've reached the center of the halls, players should head through the large, circular door to the left and then follow the path until they reach the boss room. The Shrine is located in the very center, and the Ghost is beside it. Players can save a return trip to the Hall of Wisdom by also picking up the Necromantic Strand in Destiny 2, a key ingredient for a powerful hand-cannon, while they're in the neighborhood.

A True Believer

This Ghost is at the bottom of the Summoning Pits, which can be found underground on the northern side of the Hellmouth region. The Ghost itself is located in the room in which players fight the Phantasm of Phogoth the Untamed, on an upper ledge at the far end. There are some nasty mobs this deep below Hellmouth, so players might want to make sure they're well-equipped, perhaps with the new Destiny 2 Monte Carlo rifle if they've been lucky enough to get one.

Misplaced Trust

One of the easiest to collect if a player knows where to look, this Ghost is also located in the Hellmouth region, but it is above ground. It can be found in the northern part of the region, hiding just inside the entrance to the catacombs, directly below the word Hellmouth on the map. Players can also take a moment to appreciate the moon's haunting isolation, and perhaps feel glad that Shadowkeep is barred to the hordes of players rushing to try Destiny 2's New Light, a free-to-play version of the game.

Dark Dreams

To find this Ghost, players should go to Sorrow's Harbour and then head southeast from the spawn into the Lunar Battlegrounds. From there, head past the Hive to where the old structures are, and stick to the right-hand side — the Ghost can be found in the shadow of a crashed engine. While traveling, players may want to keep a wary eye out for Shadowkeep's new champion enemies, with their Barrier, Unstoppable and Overload powers in Destiny 2.

A Futile Search

This Ghost is located in the center of the Anchor of Light region. Players should enter the large circular building that's marked on the map, and then head to the smallest room inside where the Ghost can be found on the floor. They may also want to keep an eye out for Destiny 2 Jade Rabbits, just in case.

Together Forever

Another Ghost found beneath the Hellmouth region, this one can be located by descending into the area known as the Circle of Bones. In the large, circular room with five broken cylinders players can find piles of bones scattered across the floor, and the one at the back-right contains the Ghost. While in the Circle of Bones, players might want to pick up the Hive skull they'll need to craft Destiny 2's Deathbringer, an Exotic Rocket Launcher.

The Greatest Sacrifice

Located in the Gatehouse area of Hellmouth, the final Ghost is also underground. It can be found by going under the Hellmouth ramp, heading down the stairs, and turning right. This will lead to a large, circular room with enemies. After dispatching them, take the exit to the right and head down to another round room with large windows — the Ghost is beside them on the far side.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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