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Glitch art is part of the contemporary movement focusing on distorted imagery that mimics how images are digitally presented. Glitch tattoos are just a play on that theme that are very trippy and playful. When this tattoo trend first emerged it was common to find established images like Michelangelo’s David or da Vinci’s Mona Lisa “glitched” to comment on how art is mediated in today’s world.

Now, glitch tattoos can encompass an entire world all their own with original artwork, words, and more getting the trippy treatment. We decided to take a deep dive into the world of these weird tattoos to discover the limits and possibilities of this genre. Buckle up! It’s about to get wild! Check out these 25 trippy glitch tattoos that distort our sense of reality and ask viewers to adjust their focus.

Through Water

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

This breathtaking portrait tattoo looks as if you are seeing a face through a drop of water or a wet piece of glass. We love the way pastels have been used here to soften the image that’s so skewed by wavy lines.

Shark Splash

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

This glitch tattoo is a fine example of photorealism meets distortion. We love the movement the splashes of water bring to this piece and how the visual interruption looks like waves of the ocean.

Glitch or Bust

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Here’s an example of a bust that you will commonly find in Roman statuary that’s easily recognizable as such. It works so well as a glitch tattoo because the effect is subverting how you are used to seeing the image. We love the inclusion of color here which really helps warm up this design.

Pagoda Waves

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Here, we find a gorgeous temple that’s feeling a little wobbly. Again, glitch tattoos offer artists a way to collapse the divide between realism and surrealism in such an interesting visual.

Always Smile

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Skulls and smiley faces are very common among glitch tattoos. We find an example here with some very melty-looking eyes. The smile is a bit unnerving, but we do not hate it!

Or Don’t

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Conversely, the glitch skull can also be tattooed to look as if it’s mocking you. As you can see, this skill is a bit more detailed than the last which makes the waves through it appear even more dramatically.

Ada Lovelace

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Ada Lovelace, a celebrated English mathematician is credited with being one of the first computer programmers after writing an algorithm in the 19th century that was way ahead of its time. We find a loving tribute and a fitting subject for a glitch tattoo in this design. How dreamy is this!?

Trippy Tiger

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

This tiger tattoo looks as if it’s been crumpled up like a paper ball and thrown away. We love this super creative design that brings a little whimsy to the traditional cat tattoo genre.


25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

This tattoo of a boy doing a “dab” looks rather hypnotic. We love when people are not taking their glitch tattoos too seriously, they lead to great creations like this one here.

Windows 98

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Here’s a glitch tattoo that might be a little too real for some, but we love this melting Windows 98 logo. How many times did you have to restart that operating system when you were younger?


25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

We love a great food tattoo and this one of a banana is no exception. We are not sure if those blue and red outlines are supposed to give this one a 3D effect, but we love it no matter what the intention.

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Melted Dreams

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Here, the font of the letters matches the aesthetic of the word they spell. “Dreams” is tattooed here in a dreamy way in this glitch tattoo.

Lost & Found

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

This tattoo could easily be a reference to the touchstone show, Lost, or it could just be a sentiment the person with it felt they needed tattooed in a strange way. We’re down for both possibilities.


25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

“Endlessness,” the artist who shared this butterfly tattoo captioned it. We love the weird, sharp wing that seems to be stretched to the limit. You do not see many butterfly tattoos like this which makes the design rather refreshing.

Solve It

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Here’s another melty glitch tattoo of a Rubik’s cube that has seen better days. We love the idea of the everyday object or toy being elevated to art and this certainly delivers on that brief.

Brain is Jelly

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Say “hello” to a very strange brain and jellyfish hybrid that is covered in black bars and linear distortions. The grainy texture achieved on the surface of the brain truly makes this one look like a digital, pixelated image. What a dream!


25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Okay! This witchy tattoo imagines the parts of a goat and a man mixed together in a very strange yet satisfying way. We are not sure if this design was inspired by Robert Egger’s film The Witch, but we would not be shocked if it was.

Face It

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Here, we find a tattoo from a Mexican tattoo artist named Ruben Cuevas Morales that seems to show the Virgin Mary crying. The phenomenon has a storied history in catholicism. Here, the face looks almost tripled or quadrupled with a few sets of eyes and at least four pairs of lips. This one is certainly haunting.

Mad Cat

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

This neon cat glitch tattoo is on a whole different level. There appears to be a laser or bolt of lightning escaping its open mouth. You will notice pixelation, stretching, color distortion and more in this example.


25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

As promised, here is another classical statue that has gotten the glitch treatment. The inclusion of mouse pointer here, really helps nail home commentary on digital mediums.

Hand Habits

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Here are two hands that appear to be sliced up in this glitch tattoo. We love the way the organic shapes of the hands are visually interrupted by the angular lines cutting through them. What a marvel!

Romance is Dead

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

“Drowned in wine,” the person who shared this image captioned it. We find a cartoonish heart and wine glass here obscured by a strange bit of pixelation that incorporates the person’s own skin tone into the mix. A wild ride!

Girl, Disrupted

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

“Mujer entre las nubes” translates to “Woman among clouds” and was used as the caption for this fantastic tattoo. It’s another original design from Ruben Cuevas Morales who completed an earlier tattoo on this list. We love his aesthetic that looks both glitchy and surreal at the same time.

‘Rest Energy’

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Marina Abramović is one of the world’s most celebrated conceptual and performance artists. We find a tribute to her with an iconic image from her piece titled Rest Energy. It is open to interpretation what this person hoped to achieve with it as a glitch tattoo. Color us intrigued.

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25 glitch tattoos that showcase this emerging, trippy trend

Here, we find two matching glitch tattoos that are slightly different with one showing colored bars like you might find on a broadcast TV and the other with static waves. We love the delicate and beautiful frame used to contain both images of chaos. A very trippy and original idea here for these designs.

Well, you managed to keep your focus and make it all the way to end of this list. We hope you enjoyed these glitch tattoos and you will consider one for yourself to keep this stunning trend alive. These truly are remarkable designs that give people a lot to think about when they see them. Bravo!

25 glitch tattoos that showcase this trippy trend | lean into the weird with these thrilling glitch tattoos with imaginative designs for our digital world.

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50 Glitch Tattoo Designs For Men – Malfunction Ink Ideas

Glitch tattoos are the ultimate mind trip and definitely a unique way to ink your body. Glitch art is part of the contemporary movement–focusing on distorted imagery.

If you’re unfamiliar with this genre–some inspirational work to check out include artists like Banksy’s Little Mermaid or Ferruccio Laviani’s Good Vibrations.

Glitched ink designs work best with iconic and recognizable imagery is altered. Do you have the perfect iconic image to be glitched? Any subject or topic is game. Whether Marilyn Monroe, a Campbell’s soup can, or a planet in the solar system the distorted effect of glitch art draws in the audience to the subject matter.

The beauty of glitch style tattoos is that there is a fit for everyone as long as the art is something they’d like to put on their body. Pop culture to scientific structures to family photos can get the glitch treatment. There are no limitations to what can be glitched.

Colors really turn out well when working with glitched tattoos. Adding to the illusion of fluidity–the glitch style turns a subject on its head. People will stop you on the street to look at the design.

The popularity of digital media and computer-based graphics has brought along a whole new trend. A glitch in the Matrix is described as something in the real world that appears glitchy and pixelated–like in a computer.

Blending hand-drawn and digital lines are key elements of these types of glitch tattoos. Pixelated designs demonstrate the blending of our social society with digital society.

Glitch Tattoos are not for everyone. They are complex and intricate–real body art and a definite conversation starter. These melty images will mess with the minds of anyone who beholds them. A forever lasting optical illusion.


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The black, vivid, glitched-out tattoos of LOUIS.LOVELESS marry a dirty, punk style with a new media artist's sense of digital malfunction. The artist, who gave only his alias, defies tattooing as an artform and flies in the face of the subculture's decades of tradition. By his own admission, he got kicked out of a tattooing apprenticeship within a few short months, and this problem with authority finds its way into a design aesthetic that seems to obey no rules but his own. The London and Paris-based artist denies the very ideas of elegance and refinement, instead choosing to explore his whims in monochromatic blank ink, which calls to mind South Korean tattoo artist Oozy's work.

LOUIS.LOVELESS tells Creators that he didn't absorb the ways and imagery of traditional tatooing. Instead, he sought to find his own way of doing things because, as he puts it, "flowers do not grow on the well-trodden path."

Early on, LOUIS.LOVELESS was into linear, solid graphics, and more experienced tattoo artists advised him to add shading and other traditional techniques to his work. Aesthetically, he declined their input. "I knew what I liked and what direction I wanted to go in from the start, even if this did not conform with what was going on at the time," he says. "Now, amongst people of my generation, this is quickly becoming a popular 'style.'"

Over time, LOUIS.LOVELESS's application of ink is becoming less technically clean. These days he favors more fluidity and a certain quality of dirtiness, while preserving a high-contrast aesthetic. For him, each tattoo is an opportunity to make his designs conventionally "untattooable."

"I think we are currently living in an age revolving around social media and an influence of a digital nature," he observes. "These things have an effect on our social etiquette, blur perceptions, and effect real human connection, paying more attention now to online alter egos rather than actual reality… [it's] constant documentation for the benefit of others and to feel validated."

LOUIS.LOVELESS suspects that social media is responsible for new trends in tattooing, including his own style. This, he says, has both positive and negative effects. For his part, he only agrees to glitch certain images—things that are inherently symbolic.

Skulls are something that LOUIS.LOVELESS will happily glitch, because they represent the death of real life interaction in the digital age. He will also glitch statues because, for him, they represent justice, power, and authority. By glitching them, LOUIS.LOVELESS is trying to bring attention to what he sees as the mirage of the justice system and society's blind obedience to power structures. He also creates glitch tattoos of religious icons to lay bare the facade of false idols.

LOUIS.LOVELESS's process is a bit different from what one might expect. Making the glitches requires a different way of sketching, which he at first executed by making his stencils and drawings by hand, since he is admittedly not very technological.

"It would be a process of making the design twice to scale, then shifting the tracing paper, and redrawing it on another layered piece to create the glitch effect," he explains. "I now just use a plastic surgery app that I found on my iPad. I then redraw it by hand so the glitching process has actually transitioned from handmade to digital."

"Thanks to a social media-sparked insecurity epidemic, we have apps enabling us to edit and change our faces," he adds. "I now have an easier way to glitch my designs… LOL [sic] the irony."

Click here to see more of LOUIS.LOVELESS's work.


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