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Pool noodles are extremely diverse and have a variety of uses. The fact that they are compact and soft, making them amazing for absorbing impact. When you are thinking about your children and impact, there is no bigger danger than a trampoline. Children love to bounce on a trampoline. As long as they stay near the center, there is no chance of them falling and hurting themselves.

If there is a net around the outside, then they are protected from falls too, but where the real danger lies, is in the springs. If kids fall against them, they can hurt themselves or get their skin caught. You can protect them from this by using a noodle. Measure the length of the spring and cut them to this length. Cut lengthways on one side until you reach the hollow middle. You will now be able to slip the noodle pieces over the springs. You can create a colorful pattern all the way around or use just one color.

It is also common to use pool noodles to create your own tennis game for young children. For this, you need some netting to be used as the racket strings, and a softball that they will be able to hit. Fold the pool noodle over in half, and use tape to secure the two ends over. You should have a loop in the noodle, and it should look kind of like a racket. Place the netting over it and pull it tight, securing it at the handles. Repeat this for a second noodle, and then use the two pool noodle rackets to hit the ball back and forth.

You can also use pool noodles to make a great raft for a child or a pet. Take 6 of them, or more if you want the raft to be wider, and place them side to side. At one end, loop a long piece of string and wrap it around the pool noodle, near the end. Once it is around, you should tie it tight and then wrap it around the next pool noodle.

Tie another knot and move onto the next pool noodle. Do this until you have tied all six pool noodles together at one end. Move onto the there’d of the pool noodles and do the same. Now, take two more of them and lay them across the width of your raft. Mark team slightly longer than the width and cut them. Place the two pieces across your raft where you tied the string.

Now, wrap each string around each pool noodle, in the same place, and this time wrap it around the new pool noodle too. Work your way across, securing each pool noodle to the new pool noodle. Once you are done, do the same with the other new pool noodle. Make sure to tie the ends securely. When you are done, flip the raft so that the two pool noodles across the width are on the bottom. Your pool noodle raft is now ready to be used.

If you want to relax in your hot tub, without having to constantly get out to get your favorite beverage, then you can craft your own beverage float. Take a plastic container or bin, which is big enough to fit some ice and drinks, and measure each side of it. Cut four lengths of a pool noodle to those lengths. Take some construction glue, or some other heavy-duty adhesive, and start with one of the sides.

Add some glue to one side of a pool noodle length, and set the pool noodle on the container. Repeat this for all four sides of the container. Allow the cooler to dry for at least 24 hours. The next time you are in your hot tub or pool, you can fill the cooler with ice and drinks, and place it in the water. The cooler will float alongside you in the water.

You really can use them for many different things. For your clothing, you can place them inside your boots to prevent your boots from slumping when you have them in storage. You can also place them on hangers to protect your clothes when you are hanging them.

You can turn them into all sorts of floats in your pool. You can create individual drinks holders for the water, and create floating candles for a romantic atmosphere. Using them for crafts is also a great idea. They can be shaped for use for anything. You can create great foam shapes for your kids to use as stamps, shapes, and pieces of a larger craft project.

Pool noodles are great for storage. You can cut slits in them and store paintbrushes or your saltwater fishing rods. You can also use them for protection. You can add them to corners of tables, or garages to stop car doors hitting walls or ceilings. When you begin to think about what they can do, you begin to realize that there are endless possibilities.

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The 4 Best Pool Noodles

No pool party is complete without the best pool noodles, which are made from buoyant foam or inflatable plastic and are sturdy enough for your intended use. Children can use thinner, flimsier noodles, but adults might need thicker solid-core noodles to support their weight. Foam noodles might not last through repeated heavy use, but vinyl-coated foam is less likely to break down in the pool, and inflatable noodles should last a while, so long as they don't pop.

If you're committed to a classic foam noodle, you'll need to think a bit about design. Most noodles are 40-60 inches long, but some can be longer. Shorter noodles are easier for children to handle but longer ones can support adults better. Noodles can also vary in thickness, and while something as thin as2.5 inches is enough to support a child, adults should opt for a larger diameter. Hollow noodles are super flexible, but solid-core noodles have denser, more buoyant foam that's better for adult weights.

While most pool noodles are foam, inflatable plastic options are a must if you need to maximize storage, since these noodles can be deflated. The disadvantage is that they can pop, and popped noodles won’t work as floatation devices anymore. (On the flip side, even when foam noodles degrade, leaving bits of foam floating around, they still remain functional.) Vinyl-dipped foam noodles should last longer than undipped foam, but come with a higher price that may not be worth it if you need lots of noodles or don't use them very often.

Whether you’re getting serious about pool exercises or just adding some color and fun to your pool, check out this roundup of the best pool noodles to find the right ones for the job:

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


A 3-Pack Of Solid Foam Pool Noodles

This three-pack of solid-core noodles from Oodles of Noodles is a great pick for anyone looking for a sturdier floatation device. The 55-inch noodles come in seven fun colors and boast a 4.4-star overall Amazon rating from over 200 reviews. Many reviewers love this dense, solid-core foam noodle which is able to support more weight than hollow-core ones, despite the fact that it measures just a tad more than 2.5 inches in diameter.

In addition to being better for floatation, the added buoyancy also makes these pool noodles better for resistance training. Since they’re built to really, really float, it takes legitimate effort to push them fully under water.

According to one reviewer: “Took these to the pool and received many compliments on how dense and sturdy they are. Many people asked where I got them. Great quality foam and we use them in the lake as well."


A 35-Pack Of Foam Pool Noodles In Assorted Colors

This bulk pack from SwimWays has earned a 4.6-star overall Amazon rating, based on more than 1,200 reviews, and it's easy to see why. The pack offers a whopping 35 pool noodles in an assortment of five different bright colors — for less than $2 per noodle. This is a convenient choice for anyone who wants to keep plenty of noodles on hand for pool parties, epic pool noodle sword battles, and other summer fun. This pack is also a great choice for swim teachers.

The noodles are 55 inches long and 2.375 inches in diameter. They feature a hollow-core design that makes them super flexible for bending into shapes without ripping or breaking. The shorter length and thinness, along with that hollow design, makes them better suited to kids or adults who don't need a lot of buoyancy. But with so many in the pack, adults can also easily use two or three to add buoyancy while still leaving plenty of noodles left for everybody else!

According to one reviewer: “These are perfect in the pool for all the grandkids and their guests. No more waiting for a turn to use one, and with so many, two or more can be used at a time”


A Durable Vinyl-Dipped Pool Noodle

With an overall 4.5-star rating based on over 3,300 (and growing!) Amazon reviews, this vinyl-dipped pool noodle by WOW Sports is a popular choice for lounging in the pool. The heavy-duty noodle is on the shorter side at 46 inches long, but it's a super-thick 5.5 inches in diameter and supports up to 250 pounds.

The interior of each noodle is made from dense, pliable foam that's easy to bend. It's coated in vinyl that's soft but not slippery, and has a ribbed texture so you can lean back comfortably without feeling like you’re going to slide off. The coating is also UV-resistant so it wont fade or peel as quickly as undipped foam.

Overall, this is a durable, well-designed noodle for both kids and adults, and it even comes in six different colors and a few different styles.

According to one reviewer: “These noodles are great! They are shorter in length than traditional pool noodles, but much wider making them easier to transport in the car. They are smooth to the touch and somewhat soft, but most importantly really buoyant. We've taken them to the subdivision pool and the river, and they held up great on all adventures, being [dragged] along, pounced on, tossed on riverbanks...mud wipes away with a simple dip into the water. Super fun noodle!”


A Set Of Inflatable Pool Noodles

With six straight and squiggly noodles in three bright colors, this pack of inflatable noodles from Swimline will add a dose of fun to your pool. You can also choose from five other designs and shapes to add even more playfulness to swim days.

The inflatable design has earned a 4.4-star overall rating after more than 800 Amazon reviews. Many reviewers love the convenience of the inflatable pool noodles for travel and off-season storage. When you’re not floating around a pool on these noodles, deflate them and toss them in a drawer or bag until you need them again.

The manufacturer doesn't specify the diameter of these long 72-inch noodles, but reviewers report that they're fun for both adults and kids.

According to one reviewer: “I like the foam noodles but they are not ideal for taking on an airline given their length and inability to compress down. I purchased these gems for a 2 1/2 week trip to Colombia and they survived the use from 4 adults ranging in weight from 90-180lbs. Despite being rolled/unrolled, folded and hastily shoved into backpacks, beach bags, dry bags and multiple uses in pools, rivers and the ocean they came back home unscathed!”

Sours: https://www.elitedaily.com/p/the-4-best-pool-noodles-75083789
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Introduction: 8 Pool Noodle Life Hacks & Diy's

Pool noodles are one of those things I always have lying around.

I hate when you can't get them in the winter (at least not easily)

I think they should be sold all year round as they are very useful.

In this Instructable we'll have a look at 8 things you can do with pool noodles.

If you are Interested in the video version of this Instructable and the embedded video does not appear on your mobile device, here is an alternative link

Step 1: Phone Holder

I used a foam cutter to make a phone holder.

If you don't have a foam cutter, you can also use knife.

The holder can hold the phone in different angles.

Step 2: Pool Noodle Cutter

For some of the Life Hacks/ Diy's we'll need a cut noodle, so let's make a cutter.

I used thermoplastic to make a ring around the noodle.

Then I pushed through a utility knife (in a slight angle - around 4°) and left the thermoplastic to harden.

Step 3: Pool Noodle Cutter

When the ring was hard, I slid it onto the noodle and reattached the knife.

By twisting the noodle and holding the ring, you'll get a spirally cut noodle.

Step 4: Improve Your Garden Chair

Because of the way the noodle is cut, you can wrap it around the objects that are much bigger/fatter than the pool noodle's hole.

I improved the chair so it's more comfy.

I also wrapped table legs, so my son does not hit his head.

Step 5: Hang the Torch

If you need to hang a torch in the tree or somewhere else, pool noodle does a great job.

Step 6: Beverage Can Thermos

There are time when I finish my beer fast and times when I make it last

I prefer my beer cold until the last drop, but because of the hot weather it's not always cool.

Pool noodle is a great insulator, perfect to make a thermos bag.

I cut off the top of a can and used that can to cut a hole in a pool noodle.

Step 7: Beverage Can Thermos

To remove the core, we need a bent knife.

I heated up a utility knife with a blowtorch and bent it with pliers.

Step 8: Beverage Can Thermos

I used that knife to cut the bottom, so I can remove the core.

Step 9: Beverage Can Thermos

I did the same procedure with another piece of noodle.

Step 10: Beverage Can Thermos

And last, I closed the holes.

That's it!

We have a thermos that will keep your beer cold for longer.

Works great!

Step 11: Toilet Cistern Tablet Saver

I like to use one of those toilet cistern tablets, but they don't last too long.

Here is a way to make it last 40% - 50% longer.

(I've been testing this thing for months)

I cut a space/cavity in a pool noodle for the tablet.

Then I covered it with a sink strainer. I used elastic bands and cable ties to hold the strainer.

I also put 2 eyelets in the strainer, so the sharp holes don't cut the elastic band.

Step 12: Toilet Cistern Tablet Saver

Put in the tablet and drop it in the toilet cistern.

Make sure your toilet cistern's mechanism is not affected by the "Toilet Cistern Tablet Saver"

Because the tablet is not completely submerged in the water, it will last much longer.

Of course the water will not have as many chemicals in it as before, but it will still do the job.

Step 13: Bottle Protector

If you need to protect the bottles when travelling, pool noodle does a great job.

Step 14: Tie Together All Those Pipes & Sticks in the Corner

I have a corner where I keep PVC pipes and wooden sticks.

Pool noodle is a great help in keeping the corner more organized.

Step 15: Curtain TieBacks

You can make many curtain tiebacks from a pool noodle.

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