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CID To Make A Comeback On Television? 'Dr. Salunkhe' Narendra Gupta Says "Everyone From The Cast & The Audience Want..." Read On

If there’s one show that we have literally grown up watching is – CID. From the actors to the storyline, the show has entertained us for years without losing its charm. Narendra Gupta who played the role of Dr R P Salunkhe has now opened up on being a part of such a prominent show for years and if it should come back on television or not.

The cast of the show included actors like Aditya Srivastava, Dayanand Shetty, Shivaji Satam, Dinesh Phadnis, Shraddha Musale and Ansha Sayed in pivotal roles.

In a conversation with ETimes, Narendra Gupta who played the role of Dr R P Salunkhe opened up on the possibility of returning with CID on television and said, “I do not know, but I hope with my fingers crossed that the show returns. Everyone right from the cast and the audience wants to see it come back.”

When asked if he’s in touch with the CID team, Narendra Gupta said, “We speak to each other almost every other day. Around 20 days ago, we planned a get-together and had a small party. Daya (Dayanand Shetty) took the initiative and made all the arrangements. We are like a family. Though we are not shooting with each other anymore, we still remember each other. I miss my CID family and the show like a child would miss his father.”

The CID actor will be now seen in Mauka-e-Vardaat and talking about his character on the show, Gupta said, “Newton Chattopadhyay is a 235-year-old man. Given his experience, he has in-depth knowledge of science, mythology, and history. He tries to help the police officers to combat supernatural villains. This is a very challenging character, one which I have not played yet.”

What are your thoughts on Narendra Gupta’s reaction to the possibility of CID returning to our television screens? Tell us in the space below.

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CID (Indian TV series)

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(Crossover episodes with CID Special Bureau episodes 19 & 20 – Bullet .11mm)4 March 2005 35611 March 2005 357Double DNA18 March 2005 35825 March 2005 359The Fortune Teller1 April 2005 3608 April 2005 361The Case of the Engraved Rice Grains15 April 2005 36222 April 2005 36329 April 2005 364The Case of the Stolen Ring6 May 2005 36513 May 2005 366The Case of the Killer Lake20 May 2005 36727 May 2005 368Case of the Staged Murder3 June 2005 36910 June 2005 370Abhijeet Sawant Under Arrest17 June 2005 37124 June 2005 372Code Name Banjara1 July 2005 3738 July 2005 374The Case of the Mysterious Truck15 July 2005 37522 July 2005 376Man Eater29 July 2005 3775 August 2005 378Mad Bomber
(Crossover episodes with CID Special Bureau episodes 65 & 66)12 August 2005 37919 August 2005 380Anokha Intequam (Strange Revenge)
(Crossover episodes with CID Special Bureau episodes 69 to 72)26 August 2005 3812 September 2005 382Watery Grave9 September 2005 38316 September 2005 384Case of the Dead Waiter23 September 2005 38530 September 2005 3863 RAT CAT 37 October 2005 38714 October 2005 388Face Off21 October 2005 38928 October 2005 3904 November 2005 39111 November 2005 392Trail in London18 November 2005 39325 November 2005 3942 December 2005 395Murder by Marriage9 December 2006 39616 December 2005 397Poison in the Nail23 December 2006 39830 December 2005 399Mental Cruelty6 January 2006 40013 January 2006 401Yellow Roses20 January 2006 40227 January 2006 403Killer Whistle3 February 2006 40410 February 2006 405Return of the Jewel Thief10 March 2006 406Maut Ka Saudagar (Merchant of Death)17 March 2006 407Letter from the Past24 March 2006 408Yeh Phool Chaman Mein Kaisa Khila31 March 2006 409The Case of the Baby Killer7 April 2006 410The Case of the Mysterious Shadow14 April 2006 411Dynamite21 April 2006 412Murder at Midnight28 April 2006 413Murder on 97.1 FM5 May 2006 414Murder in the Safety Vault12 May 2006 415Secret of the Code No. 571E111519 May 2006 416Red Rose Killer26 May 2006 417CID Undercover2 June 2006 418The Halloween Murders9 June 2006 419Return of the Dead Child16 June 2006 420Body in the Suitcase23 June 2006 421Monsoon Mystery30 June 2006 422Suicide Pact7 July 2006 423Film Piracy Racket14 July 2006 424The Mysterious Mr. Arvind21 July 2006 425Killer in the Jungle28 July 2006 426The Case of Mysterious Gift4 August 2006 42760 Feet Underwater11 August 2006 428Traitors in CID18 August 2006 429The Secret of the Deadly Chest25 August 2006 430The Invisible Eye Witness1 September 2006 431The Return of the Dead Man8 September 2006 432The Secret of Table No. 615 September 2006 433The Motorcycle Thief22 September 2006 434The Case of the Killer Eyes29 September 2006 435Poisonous Relationship6 October 2006 436The Secret of Scorpions13 October 2006 437Puzzling Suicides20 October 2006 438Case of the Bizarre Suicide27 October 2006 439Case of the Double Identity3 November 2006 440Hostage10 November 2006 441The Case of the Killer Statues17 November 2006 442The Case of the Killer Dogs24 November 2006 443The Case of the Stolen Car1 December 2006 444Masks8 December 2006 445Flashback15 December 2006 446The Case of the Crazy Murders22 December 2006 447Chasing the Tattoo29 December 2006 448Case of the Haunted House5 January 2007 449Fashion Death12 January 2007 450Case of Missing Princess19 January 2007 451The Case of Call Centre Murders26 January 2007 452The Case of Death Sentence2 February 2007 453Case of the Deadly Video Game9 February 2007 454Case of the Bomb Robbery16 February 2007 455The Case of the Scandalous Murder23 February 2007 456Murder of the Killer2 March 2007 457The Case of the Dangerous Lady9 March 2007 458Body in Mid Air16 March 2007 459The Case of the Headless Corpse23 March 2007 460CID At Ransom30 March 2007 461The Case of Body Transplants6 April 2007 462The Case of the Missing Bride13 April 2007 463The Case of the False Robbery20 April 2007 464The Case of Repressed Memory27 April 2007 465The Case of Murder in the Air4 May 2007 466Mystery of Child Missing11 May 2007 467The Great Diamond Robbery18 May 2007 468The Case of the Talking Parrot25 May 2007 469The Case of Killer Hospital1 June 2007 470The Mystery of Room No. 1715 June 2007 471The Case of the Murderous Affair22 June 2007 472The Case of Perfect Murder6 July 2007 4737 Days to Die13 July 2007 474The Case of the Invisible Killer20 July 2007 475Revenge of the Criminal27 July 2007 476Room with a View3 August 2007 477The Don's Final Revenge10 August 2007 478Return of the Clown17 August 2007 479The Case of the Vanishing Magician24 August 2007 480The Case of Dr. O's Missing Treasure31 August 2007 481The Case of Inspector Daya's Abduction7 September 2007 482Return of the Spirit14 September 2007 483The Case of the Talking Wall21 September 2007 484The Curse of the Rose Queen28 September 2007 485The Case of the Uninvited Guest5 October 2007 486The Case of the Double Cross Murder12 October 2007 487The Case of the Murder by the Diamond19 October 2007 488Murder on the Sets26 October 2007 489The Clue in the Burnt Tooth2 November 2007 490Just Body in the Cement9 November 2007 491The Onstage Murder16 November 2007 492Mystery of the Dead Passenger23 November 2007 493The Killer Thugs30 November 2007 494The Case of the Killer Machines7 December 2007 495The Mysterious Body Farm14 December 2007 496Ek Lapata Ladki (A Missing Girl)21 December 2007 497Happy New Year28 December 2007 498Picnic Spot Ya Ek Bhulbhulaiya (Picnic Spot or a Maze)4 May 2008 499Gawah Bana Shikaar (Witness Turned Victim)11 January 2008 500Qaatil Mumfali (Killer Peanut)18 January 2008 501Woh Kaun Thi (Who Was She)25 January 2008 502Rear Window1 February 2008 503Bhoot Bangala (Haunted House)8 February 2008 504Chehre Par Chehra (Face on a Face)15 February 2008 505The Gift22 February 2008 506The Mystery of the Dead Thief29 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Killer8 August 2008 530Case of the Triangular Bullet15 August 2008 531Mystery of the Call Centre Murders22 August 2008 532Khooni Paheli (Killer Puzzle)29 August 2008 533Case of the Haunted Treasure5 September 2008 534Kissa Bhatakti Aatma Ka (The Case of the Wandering Spirit)12 September 2008 535Wall of Skeletons19 September 2008 536Khooni Bhutiya Haveli (Killer Haunted Mansion)26 September 2008 537Khooni Goli Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Killer Bullet)3 October 2008 538Qaatil Dank (Deadly Sting)10 October 2008 539Case of the Suicide Killers17 October 2008 540Case of the Hotel Murder Mystery24 October 2008 541Kissa Khooni Kartab Ka (The Case of the Deadly Stunt)31 October 2008 542Case of the Dancing Killer7 November 2008 543Death Wish5 December 2008 544The Case of the Mysterious Daughter12 December 2008 545Raaz Khooni Suhaag Jode Ka (The Secret of a Blood Stained Wedding Dress)19 December 2008 546Raaz Chipe Khanjar Ka (The Secret of a Hidden Dagger)26 December 2008 547Credit Card Ka 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568Khoon Ka Raaz... Ek Awaaz (The Secret of a Murder... A Sound)29 May 2009 569Khooni Talaab (Killer Pond)5 June 2009 570Ek Rahasyamay Laash (A Mysterious Dead Body)12 June 2009 571Wax Bullet19 June 2009 572Khooni Khabar (Murderous News)26 June 2009 573Rahasyamay Laash (Mysterious Dead Body)3 July 2009 574Paheli Laash Ke Tukdon Ki (The Puzzle of a Dead Body's Pieces)10 July 2009 575Gumnaam Laash (Unknown Dead Body)17 July 2009 576Bhootiya Qatil (Ghostly Killer)24 July 2009 577Khooni Shatranj (Chess of Murder)31 July 2009 578Adrushya Goli (Invisible Bullet)7 August 2009 579Behrupiya (Impersonator)14 August 2009 580Lapata Ladkiyan (The Lost Girls)21 August 2009 581Pracheen Finger Prints (Ancient Finger Prints)28 August 2009 582Khooni Naqab (Killer Mask)4 September 2009 583Khooni Piracy Racket (Murderous Piracy Racket)11 September 2009 584Khooni Khel (Murderous Game)18 September 2009 585Khooni Dandiya (Killer Dandiya)25 September 2009 586Nanhi Gavah (Little Witness)2 October 2009 587Raaz Kankaal Ka (The Secret of the Skeleton)9 October 2009 588Happy Diwali16 October 2009 589Teleshopping Murder23 October 2009 590Dance School Mass Murder30 October 2009 591Kidnap6 November 2009 592Faraar (Absconding)
(Crossover episode with Aahat (Season 4) episodes 1 & 2 – Khajan Mail)13 November 2009 593Raaz Lapata Kidney Ka (The Secret of the Missing Kidney)20 November 2009 594Baal Mazdoori (Child Labour)27 November 2009 595Rahasya Benaam Sar Ka (The Mystery of the Anonymous Head)4 December 2009 596Khooni Khabar (Killer News)11 December 2009 597Aawaazein (Sounds)18 December 2009 598Murda Khooni (Dead Killer)25 December 2009 599Rahasya Shootout Ka (The Mystery of the Shootout)1 January 2010 600Qatil Khiladi – Basketball (Killer Player)8 January 2010 601Khidki Ka Khooni Raaz (The Killer Secret of a Window)15 January 2010 602Khooni Aatmahatya (Murderous Suicide)17 January 2010 603Zehrily Laashey (Poisonous Corpses)22 January 2010 604ACP Pradyuman Giraftaar (ACP Pradyuman Arrested)29 January 2010 605Sangeen Jurm Zameen Ke 6 Foot Neeche (A Serious Crime 6 Feet Below the Surface)5 February 2010 606Bank Locker Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Bank Locker)12 February 2010 607Dead Boxer19 February 2010 608Raaz Khooni Panje Ka (The Secret of a Blooded Paw)26 February 2010 609Khoon Ki Holi (Murderous Holi)5 March 2010 610Khoon Ka Raaz Jahaz Mein (The Secret of a Murder on a Ship)12 March 2010 611Senior Inspector Abhijeet19 March 2010 612Manali Murder26 March 2010 613Galli Cricket Ka Khooni Raaz (The Killer Secret of Gully Cricket)2 April 2010 614Khoon... Zameen Se 25,000 Feet Uper (Murder... Above 25,000 Feet From the Ground)9 April 2010 615Khoon Raaz Ek Qaidi Ke Paas (The Secret of a Murder with a Prisoner)16 April 2010 616Maut Ka Highway (Highway of Death)23 April 2010 617Khoon Bandh Darwaze Ke Peeche (Murder Behind Closed Door)30 April 2010 618Khooni Deewar (Killer Wall)7 May 2010 619Maut Ka Aashirwad (Blessings of Death)14 May 2010 620Rahasyamai Darwaza (The Mysterious Door)21 May 2010 621Khooni Kamre Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Killer Room)22 May 2010 622Khatra Chemical Bomb Ka (Danger of a Chemical Bomb)28 May 2010 623Atmahatya Ya Khoon (Suicide or Murder)29 May 2010 624Apharan (Kidnapping)4 June 2010 625Ek Khoon Do Baar (One Murder Two Times)5 June 2010 626Abhijeet in Coma11 June 2010 627Heart Attack Killers12 June 2010 628Manav Bomb (Human Bomb)18 June 2010 629Samundar Mein Laash (A Dead Body in the Sea)19 June 2010 630Kissa Gumnaam Qatil Ka (The Case of an Unknown Killer)25 June 2010 631Kissa Kidnapped Bacche Ka (The Case of the Kidnapped Child)26 June 2010 632Maut Ki Chalang (Leap to Death)2 July 2010 633Khooni Daag (Blood Stain)3 July 2010 634CID Under Fire9 July 2010 635Qatil Khiladi – Javelin (Killer Player)10 July 2010 636Case Lift Murder Ka (The Case of the Lift Murder)16 July 2010 637Bomb Ka Khel (Game of Bombs)17 July 2010 638Kissa Aadhi Laash Ka (The Case of the Half Corpse)23 July 2010 639Kissa Khali Kabar Ka (The Case of an Empty Coffin)24 July 2010 640Talwar Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Sword)30 July 2010 641Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai31 July 2010 642Kabarawali Ladki (The Coffin Girl)6 August 2010 643Mumbai Darshan Murders7 August 2010 644Rahasya Paanch Kankaalon Ka (The Mystery of the 5 Skeletons)13 August 2010 645Desh Drohiyon Ke Virrudh CID (CID Against the Traitors)14 August 2010 646Kissa Kuwe Ki Laash Ka (The Case of a Dead Body in a Well)20 August 2010 647Hire Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Diamond)21 August 2010 648Kissa Aadamkhor Aadmi Ka (The Case of a Cannibal Man)27 August 2010 649Kissa Gumnaam Bacche Ka (The Case of the Unknown Baby)28 August 2010 650Khooni Lootere Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Killer Robber)3 September 2010 651Dowry Death4 September 2010 652Coffin Rakshak Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of the Coffin's Protector)10 September 2010 653Netraheen Gavah (Blind Witness)11 September 2010 654Kissa Daya Aur Nanhe Detectives Ka (The Case of Daya and the Little Detectives)17 September 2010 655Bhutiya Ladki Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Ghost Girl)18 September 2010 656Aakhri Chunauti (The Last Challenge)24 September 2010 65725 September 2010 6581 October 2010 6592 October 2010 6608 October 2010 6619 October 2010 66215 October 2010 66316 October 2010 664Aakhri Chunauti – CID V/s HD in Paris17 October 2010 665Lady in Red22 October 2010 666Subway Murder23 October 2010 667Zindagi Aur Maut Ka Khel (The Game of Life and Death)29 October 2010 668Khooni Bhavishyavani (Murder Prediction)30 October 2010 669CID Ki Jung Baal Mazdoori Ke Sang (CID's War Against Child Labour)5 November 2010 670Khoon Ka Rishta (Bond of Blood)6 November 2010 671Kissa Nakli Notes Ka (The Case of the Fake Notes)12 November 2010 672Asylum Murder13 November 2010 673Rahasyamay Qatil (Mysterious Killer)19 November 2010 674Do Qatil Ki Paheli (Puzzle of 2 Killers)20 November 2010 675Raaz Anjaan Biwi Ka (The Secret of the Unknown Wife)26 November 2010 676Daya Ki Dulhan Ka Raaz (The Secret of Daya's Bride)27 November 2010 677Abhijeet in Jail
(Crossover episode with Adaalat episode 3 – CID Officer Abhijeet Adaalat Mein (CID Officer Abhijeet in Court))3 December 2010 678Khatre Mein Tasha (Tasha in Danger)4 December 2010 679Kissa Double Murder Ka (The Case of the Double Murder)10 December 2010 680Raaz Khoon Peene Wale Qatil Ka (The Secret of a Blood Drinking Killer)11 December 2010 681150 Saal Purana Khoon (150 Year Old Blood)17 December 2010 682Raaz Beech Restaurant Mein Khoon Ka (The Secret of a Murder in a Restaurant)18 December 2010 683Abhijeet Ke Ateet Ka Raaz (The Secret of Abhijeet's Past)24 December 2010 68425 December 2010 68531 December 2010 6861 January 2011 6877 January 2011 6888 January 2011 68914 January 2011 69015 January 2011 69121 January 2011 69222 January 2011 12 Saal Jurm Ke Khilaaf – CID Gallantry Awards26 January 2011 693Khooni Raaste Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Dreadful Road)28 January 2011 694Kissa Mrit Khooni Ka (The Case of the Dead Killer)29 January 2011 695Case Hanging Bodies Ka (The Case of the Hanging Bodies)4 February 2011 696Raaz Khooni Painting Ka (The Secret of a Killer Painting)5 February 2011 697Rahasya Qatil Padosi Ka (The Mystery of the Killer Neighbour)11 February 2011 698Blackmail Murder12 February 2011 699Bhagdad Mein Maut Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Death in a Stampede)18 February 2011 700Maut Ki Bhavishyavani (Death Prediction)19 February 2011 701Insaaf Ka Khel (Game of Justice)25 February 2011 702Waqt Ki Paheli (Puzzle of Time)26 February 2011 703Rahasya Machhli Ka (The Mystery of a Fish)4 March 2011 704Raaz Room Se Gayab Jode Ka (The Secret of a Missing Pair from a Room)5 March 2011 705Magic Cannon Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Magic Cannon)11 March 2011 706Khoon Ki Kitaab (Book of Murder)12 March 2011 707Pune Mein Aatank Ka Khatra (Danger of Terror in Pune)18 March 2011 708Khoon Ka Suraag.. Ek Tattoo (A Murder's Clue.. A Tattoo)19 March 2011 709Khoon Ka Raaz Ellora Caves Mein (The Secret of a Murder in Ellora Caves)25 March 2011 710Lapata Ladki Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Missing Girl)26 March 2011 711Kolhapur Mein Serial Killer (A Serial Killer in Kolhapur)1 April 2011 712Kolhapur Ke Palace Ka Raaz (The Secret of Kohlapur's Palace)2 April 2011 713Neend Mein Khoon (Murder During Sleep)8 April 2011 714Khooni Jaal (Killer Trap)9 April 2011 715Raaz Gayab Laash Ki (The Secret of a Missing Dead Body)15 April 2011 716Zinda Shikaar (Living Victim)16 April 2011 717CID Dhoom – Bus Hijack22 April 2011 718CID Dhoom – Aag Ka Paani (Water of Fire)23 April 2011 719CID Dhoom – Bike Robbers29 April 2011 720CID Dhoom – Raaz Blue Print Ka (The Secret of the Blue Print)30 April 2011 721CID Dhoom – Under Water Action6 May 2011 722CID Dhoom – Finale Ka Akhri Takkar (The Grand Finale)7 May 2011 723Ekta Special MMS Qatl (Ekta Special MMS Murder)12 May 2011 724Shootout at a Park14 May 2011 725Khatre Mein CID (CID in Danger)20 May 2011 726Raaz Kankaal Ka (The Secret of a Skeleton)21 May 2011 727Gayab Goli (Missing Bullet)27 May 2011 728Katte Pairo Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Cut-off Feet)28 May 2011 729Khoon Ki Bansuri (Flute of Murder)3 June 2011 730Raaz Necklace Message Ka (The Secret of the Necklace Message)4 June 2011 731CID Aur Nanhe Detectives (CID and Little Detectives)10 June 2011 732Raaz Wristband Killer Ka (The Secret of the Wristband Killer)11 June 2011 733Bhootiya Khooni (Ghostly Killer)17 June 2011 734Raaz Khooni Ke Khoon Ka (The Secret of a Murderer's Murder)18 June 2011 735Dhobi Ghat Mein Khoon (Murder in a Washing Bay)24 June 2011 736Victoria Mein Laash (A Dead Body in a Victoria)25 June 2011 737Rahasya Qatil Kidnapper Ka (The Mystery of the Killer Kidnapper)1 July 2011 738Raaz Khooni Chetawni Ka (The Secret of a Murderous Warning)2 July 2011 739Qatl Ka Raaz Mare Hue Qatil Ke Paas (The Secret of a Murder with a Dead Killer)8 July 2011 740CID Maut Ke Kagaar Par (CID on the Verge of Death)9 July 2011 741AC Duct Mein Laash (A Dead Body in the AC Duct)15 July 2011 742Khoon Ki DVD (DVD of Murder)16 July 2011 743Peephole Murder22 July 2011 744Stuntman Murder23 July 2011 745Raaz Qatil Hatyar Ka (The Secret of the Killer's Weapon)29 July 2011 746Kissa Paagal Ashiq Ka (The Case of the Mad Lover)30 July 2011 747Paagal Aashiq (Mad Lover)5 August 2011 748Kissa X-Ray Suraag Ka (The Case of the X-Ray Clue)6 August 2011 749Aazadi Ki Jung ACP Pradyuman Ke Sang (Fight for Freedom with ACP Pradyuman)12 August 2011 75013 August 2011 751Daya Ek Qatil? (Daya A Killer?)19 August 2011 752Highway Killers20 August 2011 753Kissa Double Murder Ka (The Case of a Double Murder)26 August 2011 754Raaz Khooni Ke Kidnap Ka (The Secret of the Killer's Kidnap)27 August 2011 755CID Mission Goa2 September 2011 7563 September 2011 757Ganesh Utsav Special (Ganesh Festival Special)9 September 2011 758The Case of Memory Loss10 September 2011 759Bandra Fair Mein Sareaam Maut (A Death Openly in a Fair in Bandra)16 September 2011 760Aakhein (Eyes)17 September 2011 761Raaz Paani Mein Jale Haatho Ka (The Secret of the Burnt Hands in Water)23 September 2011 762Adrush Zeher (Invisible Poison)24 September 2011 763Jale Murde Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of the Burnt Corpse)30 September 2011 764Maut Ki Aawaz (Sound of Death)1 October 2011 765Kissa Raavan Dehan Ka (The Dussehra Case)7 October 2011 7668 October 2011 767Tasveer Ka Khooni Raaz (The Killer Secret of a Photo)14 October 2011 768Bank Robbery Se Bada Shadayantra (A Bigger Conspiracy than Bank Robbery)15 October 2011 769Bezubaan Gavah (Mute Witness)21 October 2011 770Aaropi Dr. Salunkhe (Accused Dr. Salunkhe)22 October 2011 771Khoon Ki Diwali (Diwali of Murder)28 October 2011 772Kolkata Mein Target – Daya (Target in Kolkata – Daya)29 October 2011 773Shaadi Ka Khooni Haar (The Killer Necklace of Marriage)4 November 2011 774Aatma Ka Khel (Game of Spirits)5 November 2011 775Rakht Chinha (Part 1 & 2) (Blood Symbol)11 November 2011 77612 November 2011 777Khoon Peene Wala Qatil (Blood Sucking Killer)18 November 2011 778Rakht Chinha (Part 4)19 November 2011 779Gumraah Saboot (Misleading Evidence)25 November 2011 780Masoom Suraag (Innocent Clue)26 November 2011 781Raaz Khooni Aawaaz Ka (The Secret of the Killer Sound)2 December 2011 782Zehrila Dart (Poisonous Dart)3 December 2011 783CID Ne Kiya Apharan (CID Did a Kidnapping)9 December 2011 784Badli Laash Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of the Changed Body)10 December 2011 785Khush Aatmahatya (The Happy Suicide)16 December 2011 786Kissa Jaadui Kamre Ka (The Case of the Magical Room)17 December 2011 787Khooni Tohfa (Killer Gift)23 December 2011 788Khatra Radioactive Gas Ka (Danger of a Radioactive Gas)24 December 2011 789Khooni Ka Pardafaash (Expose of the Killer)30 December 2011 790Happy Hew Year31 December 2011 791Holiday Murder6 January 2012 792Kissa Lift Murder Ka (The Case of the Lift Murder)7 January 2012 793Raaz Safed Shirt Wali Ladki Ka (The Secret of a Girl in White Shirt)13 January 2012 794Khoon Ki Bhavishyavani (Prediction of Murder)14 January 2012 795Kissa Daya Aur Lapata Bacche Ka (The Case of Daya and the Missing Child)20 January 2012 79621 January 2012 797Bhootiya Hospital (Ghostly Hospital)27 January 2012 798Raaz Newspaper Ka (The Secret of a Newspaper)28 January 2012 799Raaz Chalte Ped Ka (The Secret of a Walking Tree)3 February 2012 800Raaz Bandh Kamre Ke Khooni Ka (The Secret of a Killer Behind Closed Door)4 February 2012 801Abhijeet Ki Maa (Abhijeet's Mother)10 February 2012 802Pyaar Ka Khooni Tohfa (The Killer Gift of Love)11 February 2012 803Khel Andhvishwas Ka (Game of Superstitions)17 February 2012 804Raaz 25 Saal Purani Laash Ka (The Secret of a 25 Year Old Corpse)18 February 2012 805Kissa Anjaan Caller Ka (The Case of the Unknown Caller)24 February 2012 806Khoon Ka Deewana (Fond of Murder)25 February 2012 807Gayab Gawah (Missing Witness)2 March 2012 808Khooni Keel (Killer Nail)3 March 2012 809Khooni Gulaal (Killer Colour of Holi)9 March 2012 810Bank Ka Khooni Raaz (The Killer Secret of a Bank)10 March 2012 811Dahej Ka Danav (The Dowry Demon)16 March 2012 812Chota Sainik (Little Soldier)17 March 2012 813Buland Hosle (Strong Morale)23 March 2012 814Choti Si Asha (Small Hope)24 March 2012 815Veerta Ki Jung Dacait Ke Sang (Fight for Power from Dacoits)30 March 2012 816Raaz Wheelchair Ka (The Secret of the Wheelchair)31 March 2012 CID Veerta Awards1 April 2012 817Mission Shirdi6 April 2012 8187 April 2012 819Raaz Boondighat Ka (The Secret of Boondighat)13 April 2012 820Raaz Heart Attack Ka (The Secret of the Heart Attack)14 April 2012 821CID Mein Daraar (Crack in CID)20 April 2012 82221 April 2012 82327 April 2012 82428 April 2012 825Raaz TV Reporter Ke Khoon Ka (The Secret of a TV Reporter's Murder)4 May 2012 826Raaz Aatmahatya Ka (The Secret of a Suicide)5 May 2012 827Raaz Bad Uncle Ka (The Secret of the Bad Uncle)11 May 2012 828Raaz Khidki Pe Bacche Ka (The Secret of a Child on a Window)12 May 2012 829Raaz Gayab Bacche Ka (The Secret of a Missing Child)18 May 2012 830Raaz Kate Kaano Ka (The Secret of the Cut-off Ears)19 May 2012 831Operation Theatre Ka Khooni Raaz (The Killer Secret of the Operation Theatre)25 May 2012 832Raaz Accident Ka (The Secret of an Accident)26 May 2012 833Raaz Gayab Maa Baap Ka (The Secret of the Missing Parents)1 June 2012 834Raaz Kaatne Wale Qatil Ka (The Secret of a Cutting Killer)2 June 2012 835Raaz Chandi Ki Goli Ka (The Secret of the Silver Bullet)8 June 2012 836Maut Ka Bulawa (The Call of Death)9 June 2012 837Laash Pe Laash (Body on Body)15 June 2012 838Raaz Dum Dum Bullet Ka (The Secret of the Dum Dum Bullet)16 June 2012 839Raaz Kidnapped Scientists Ka (The Secret of the Kidnapped Scientists)22 June 2012 840CID Mein Gaddar (Traitor in CID)23 June 2012 841Khooni Paani (Killer Water)29 June 2012 842Raaz Sar Aur Haath Ka (The Secret of the Head and Hand)30 June 2012 843Raaz Latakti Laash Ka (The Secret of a Hanging Dead Body)1 July 2012 844Rahasyamay Bullet (Mysterious Bullet)6 July 2012 8457 July 2012 8468 July 2012 847Khatre Mein Tarika (Tarika in Danger)13 July 2012 848CID Virrudh Adaalat (CID Against Court)
(Crossover episodes with Adaalat episode 137)14 July 2012 84915 July 2012 850Khoon Khabri Ka (Murder of an Informer)20 July 2012 851Gayab Pati Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Missing Husband)21 July 2012 852Raaz Qatil Auzaar Ka (The Secret of the Killer Tool)22 July 2012 853Khatre Mein CID Officer (CID Officer in Danger)27 July 2012 85428 July 2012 855Raaz Gayab Laash Ka (The Secret of a Missing Dead Body)29 July 2012 856Khooni Raksha Bandhan (Murderous Raksha Bandhan)3 August 2012 857Raaz 14 Saal Ke Qaidi Ka (The Secret of a 14 Year Prisoner)4 August 2012 858Raaz Kidnapped Birthday Girl Ka (The Secret of a Kidnapped Birthday Girl)5 August 2012 859Aakhri Saboot (The Last Evidence)10 August 2012 860Freddy Ki Biwi Ek Khooni? (Freddy's Wife A Killer?)11 August 2012 861Raaz Laal Raincoat Wali Ladki Ka (The Secret of a Girl in Red Raincoat)12 August 2012 862Target 15 August17 August 2012 863Raaz Dulhan Ke Khoon Ka (The Secret of a Bride's Murder)18 August 2012 864Rahasyamay Hotel (Mysterious Hotel)19 August 2012 865Raaz Khooni Pati Ka (The Secret of the Killer Husband)24 August 2012 866Giraftaar CID Officer Vineet (CID Officer Vineet Arrested)25 August 2012 867Gunehgaar CID Officer Rajat (Criminal CID Officer Rajat)31 August 2012 868Bhootiya Haveli (Ghostly Mansion)2 September 2012 869Dulhan Pe Shraap (Curse on Brides)7 September 2012 870Ice Pick Killer8 September 2012 871Rahasya Bacchi Ka (The Mystery of the Girl)14 September 2012 872Nakli Chehra (Artificial Face)15 September 2012 873Heroine Ka Khatra (Heroine in Danger)21 September 2012 874Rahasya Locked Room Murder Ka (The Mystery of the Locked Room Murder)22 September 2012 875Raaz 2 O'Clock Murders Ka (The Secret of the 2 O'Clock Murders)28 September 2012 876Gaddar (Traitor)29 September 2012 877Khooni Drugs (Killer Drugs)5 October 2012 878Room No. 3036 October 2012 879Abhijit Ka Inteqaam (Abhijit's Revenge)12 October 2012 88013 October 2012 881Rahasyamay Footprint (Mysterious Footprint)19 October 2012 882Maut Jalne Se Ya Jal Se (Death By Burning or Water)20 October 2012 883Laash No. 47 (Corpse No. 47)26 October 2012 884Bank Locker Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Bank Locker)27 October 2012 885Raaz Daya Ke Doston Ki Maut Ka (The Secret of the Death of Daya's Friends)2 November 2012 886Zehreele Fruits (Poisonous Fruits)3 November 2012 887Raaz Breaking News Ka (The Secret of the Breaking News)9 November 2012 888Anokha Khooni Shadyantra (A Strange Murder Conspiracy)10 November 2012 889Abhijeet Ki Deewani (Abhijeet's Crazy Fan)16 November 2012 890Baby Kidnapping Ka Mayajaal (The Baby Kidnapping Illusion)17 November 2012 891Red Suitcase Murder23 November 2012 89224 November 2012 893Khoon Ki Painting (Painting of Murder)30 November 2012 894Chocolate Murder1 December 2012 895Filmy Murder7 December 2012 896Raaz Jali Laash Ka (The Secret of the Burnt Corpse)8 December 2012 897Khooni Kitaab Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Killer Book)14 December 2012 898CID Ki Kidnapping (CID's Kidnapping)15 December 2012 899CID Par Grahan (Eclipse on CID)21 December 2012 90022 December 2012 90128 December 2012 90229 December 2012 903Anjaan Laash (Unknown Dead Body)4 January 2013 904Bhoot Ka Khel (Game of Ghosts)5 January 2013 905Khooni Kitaab (Killer Book)11 January 2013 906Raaz 5 Looteron Ka (The Secret of the 5 Robbers)12 January 2013 907Heere Ki Chori (Diamond Robbery)18 January 2013 908Raaz Ungli Ka (The Secret of a Finger)19 January 2013 909Khatarnak Virus Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of the Dangerous Virus)25 January 2013 91026 January 2013 911Dancer Ki Rahasyamayi Maut (The Mysterious Death of a Dancer)1 February 2013 912Nakli Chehra (Artificial Face)2 February 2013 9133 February 2013 914Sammohan Se Hatya (Murder By Hypnotism)8 February 2013 915Maut Ka Khel (Game of Death)9 February 2013 916Raaz Haddiyo Ki Crockery Ka (The Secret of the Bone Crockery)10 February 2013 917Mohabbat Ka Shikaar (Victim of Love)15 February 2013 918Salunkhe Ki Hatya (Salunkhe's Murder)16 February 2013 919Maut Ka MMS (MMS of Death)22 February 2013 920Zehreeli Hatya (Poisonous Murder)23 February 2013 921Car Murder24 February 2013 922Khooni Natak (Murderous Play)1 March 2013 923Bhootiya Haveli (Ghostly Mansion)2 March 2013 924Lightbox Mein Khoon (Murder in Lightbox)3 March 2013 925Jaadui Box (Magical Box)8 March 2013 926Divider Mein Kankaal (A Skeleton in a Divider)9 March 2013 927Behrupiya Khooni (Imposter Murderer)10 March 2013 928Wax Ka Putla (Wax Statue)15 March 2013 929Maut Ka Safar (Journey of Death)16 March 2013 930Main Hoon Kaatil (I am the Killer)17 March 2013 931Mahabharat22 March 2013 93223 March 2013 933Khoon Ki Holi (Holi of Murder)24 March 2013 934Shaatir Chor (Cunning Thief)29 March 2013 935Khooni Ka Khoon (Murderer's Murder)31 March 2013 936Talaash (Search)5 April 2013 937Jaadui Nakab (Magical Mask)6 April 2013 938Commando7 April 2013 939Khatre Mein Daya (Daya in Danger)
Episode 11 of CID Chhote Heroes12 April 2013 940Heroine Ka Naqaab (A Heroine's Mask)13 April 2013 CID Veerta Awards14 April 2013 941Jungle Ki Ladki Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Girl of the Jungle) 942Abhijeet Khatre Mein (Abhijeet in Danger)19 April 2013 94320 April 2013 944Naari Raksha (Women Protection)26 April 2013 945Naari Par Attyachar (Torture on Women)27 April 2013 946Attyachar Ka Badla (Revenge for Torture)28 April 2013 947Apharan Nanhi Comedian Ka (Kidnapping of a Little Comedian)
Episode 14 of CID Chhote Heroes3 May 2013 948Kidnapper Ka Khel (Kidnapper's Game)4 May 2013 949Coffin Box Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Coffin Box)5 May 2013 950Rahasya Paanch Laashon Ka (The Mystery of 5 Corpses)10 May 2013 951Raaz Na Sadne Wali Laash Ka (The Secret of a Not Rotting Dead Body)11 May 2013 952Rahasya 26 Kankalon Ka (The Mystery of 26 Skeletons)12 May 2013 953Keeday Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of the Insect)17 May 2013 954Kati Ungli Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of the Cut-off Finger)18 May 2013 955Khooni Laash (Killer Corpse)19 May 2013 956Phone Booth Murder24 May 2013 957Khatarnak Zahar (Dangerous Poison)25 May 2013 958Jail Mein Khoon (Murder in Jail)26 May 2013 959Rishikesh Mein Apradh (Crime in Rishikesh)31 May 2013 9601 June 2013 9612 June 2013 962Haridwar Mein Khoon (Murder in Haridwar)7 June 2013 9638 June 2013 964CID Mein Gaddar (Traitor in CID)9 June 2013 965Khooni Daayan (Killer Witch)14 June 2013 966Neend Mein Khoon (Murder During Sleep)15 June 2013 967Raaz Teen Laashon Ka (The Secret of 3 Dead Bodies)21 June 2013 968Raaz Heroine Ki Maut Ka (The Secret of a Heroine's Death)22 June 2013 969Farmhouse Mein Goliyo Ka Raaz (The Secret of Bullets in a Farmhouse)23 June 2013 970Murder of a Dead Man28 June 2013 971Aasman Se Giri Laash (A Dead Body Falling from the Sky)29 June 2013 972Saheli Ke Khoon Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Friend's Murder)30 June 2013 973Scarecrow Killer5 July 2013 974CID Bureau Mein Khoon (Murder in CID Bureau)6 July 2013 975Sharp Shooter7 July 2013 976Khoon Ki Barsaat (Rain of Blood)12 July 2013 977Jungle Ka Darinda (Wilderness)13 July 2013 97814 July 2013 979Teen Mujrim (Three Outlaws)19 July 2013 980Maut Ki Aawaz (Sound of Death)20 July 2013 981Khatre Mein Masoom (An Innocent in Danger)26 July 2013 982Ek Aadmi Teen Haath (One Man Three Hands)27 July 2013 983Maut Ka Nasha (Intoxication of Death)28 July 2013 984Murder in Matheran2 August 2013 985ACP in Danger3 August 2013 986Bhootiya Colony (Ghostly Colony)4 August 2013 987Maut Ka Telephone (Telephone of Death)9 August 2013 98810 August 2013 989Aazadi Ki Jung (Fight for Freedom)11 August 2013 990Sonakshi in Danger16 August 2013 991Raaz Video Game Ka (The Secret of a Video Game)17 August 2013 992Rakhi Ka Bandhan (Bond of a Rakhi)18 August 2013 993Saloon Killer23 August 2013 994Haunted Haveli (Haunted Mansion)24 August 2013 995Baby in Danger25 August 2013 996Aankho Ki Anhoni (Impossible of the Eye)30 August 2013 997Jungli Manav (Wild Man)31 August 2013 998Shreya Ka Shaitaan (Shreya's Devil)6 September 2013 999Nikhil Ki Jung (Nikhil's War)7 September 2013 1000The Mouse Trap13 September 2013 100114 September 2013 1002Forensic Rahasya (Forensic Mystery)20 September 2013 100321 September 2013 1004Rahasya Dweep (Mystery Island)27 September 2013 100528 September 2013 10064 October 2013 10075 October 2013 1008Satara Mein Khoon (Murder in Satara)11 October 2013 100912 October 2013 1010Chehra Par Chehra (Face on a Face)18 October 2013 1011ACP Murder19 October 2013 1012Khooni Keeda (Killer Insect)25 October 2013 1013Bomb Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Bomb)26 October 2013 1014Kaali Diwali (Black Diwali)1 November 2013 10152 November 2013 1016Raaz Boarding School Ka (The Secret of the Boarding School)8 November 2013 10179 November 2013 1018Daya in Danger15 November 2013 101916 November 2013 1020Singh Saab Ki Jung (Singh Saab's War)22 November 2013 1021Ped Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Tree)23 November 2013 1022Antariksh Yaan Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Space Craft)29 November 2013 1023Mrut Maa Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Dead Mother)30 November 2013 1024Khatre Mein Boogie Woogie (Boogie Woogie in Danger)6 December 2013 1025Parchaai Bani Maut (Deadly Shadow)7 December 2013 1026Invisible Gun13 December 2013 102714 December 2013 1028Khaufnaak Chehra (Haunting Face)20 December 2013 1029Khooni Stage (Killer Stage)21 December 2013 1030Khaufnak Haveli (Haunted Mansion)27 December 2013 103128 December 2013 1032Zinda Laash (Living Corpse)3 January 2014 1033Zehreele Saap (Poisonous Snake)4 January 2014 1034ACP Aur Nakul Ka Raaz (The Secret of ACP and Nakul)10 January 2014 103511 January 2014 1036Abhijit Ka Sangharsh (Abhijit's Struggle)17 January 2014 1037Vichitra Mariz (Bizarre Patient)18 January 2014 1038Ahmedabad Mein Daya Faraar (Daya Absconding in Ahmedabad)24 January 2014 103925 January 2014 1040Khooni Laash (Killer Corpse)31 January 2014 1041Lift Mein Anhoni (An Impossible in a Lift)1 February 2014 1042Khooni Joker (Killer Joker)7 February 2014 1043Khauffnaak Laash (Haunting Corpse)8 February 2014 1044Chudail Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Witch)14 February 2014 1045Khooni Makadi (Killer Spider)15 February 2014 1046Raaz Horror House Ka (The Secret of a Horror House)21 February 2014 1047Paudhe Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Plant)22 February 2014 1048Shark Attack28 February 2014 1049Piranha Fish Attack1 March 2014 1050Mumbaicha Dabbawala (The Dabbawalas of Mumbai)7 March 2014 1051Naari Suraksha (Women Protection)8 March 2014 1052Mission Mumbai14 March 2014 105315 March 2014 1054CID Holi Dhamaka (CID Holi Blast)17 March 2014 1055Diamond Robbery21 March 2014 1056Raaz Kanheri Caves Ka (The Secret of Kanheri Caves)22 March 2014 1057Mumbai Ki Chawl Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of Mumbai's Chawl)28 March 2014 105829 March 2014 1059Bus Hijack4 April 2014 10605 April 2014 1061CID Giraftaar (CID Arrested)11 April 2014 106212 April 2014 106313 April 2014 106418 October 2014 106519 October 2014 106620 October 2014 1067Khooni Taxi (Killer Taxi)25 April 2014 1068Choro Ka Khooni Kaun (Who is the Killer of the Thieves)26 April 2014 1069Box Mein Hatya (Murder in a Box)27 April 2014 1070Jurm Ki Aag (Fire of Crime)2 May 2014 1071Khatarnaak Keeda (Dangerous Insect)3 May 2014 1072Gumshuda Parivar (Missing Family)4 May 2014 1073Khooni Chaku (Killer Knife)9 May 2014 1074Fridge Mein Laash (A Dead Body in a Fridge)10 May 2014 1075Anu Malik Par Hamla (Attack on Anu Malik)11 May 2014 1076Khooni Doll (Killer Doll)16 May 2014 1077Khooni Sapne (Murderous Dreams)17 May 2014 1078Sabooto Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of the Evidences)18 May 2014 1079Painting Ki Chori (Painting Robbery)23 May 2014 108024 May 2014 1081Copy Cat Serial Killer25 May 2014 1082Rahasya Chamatkari Talab Ka (The Mystery of a Miraculous Pond)30 May 2014 1083Khatre Mein Masoom (An Innocent in Danger)31 May 2014 10841 June 2014 1085Trishakti (Trinity)6 June 2014 10867 June 2014 1087 8 June 2014 1088Raaz Gayab Magician Ka (The Secret of a Missing Magician)13 June 2014 1089Raaz Magic Trick Murders Ka (The Secret of the Magic Trick Murders)14 June 2014 1090Jadoo Punar Janam Ka (The Magic of Rebirth)15 June 2014 1091Masoom Dost (Innocent Friend)20 June 2014 109221 June 2014 1093Raaz 3 Bullets Ka (The Secret of 3 Bullets)22 June 2014 1094Ek Villain (A Villain)27 June 2014 1095Shahi Talwar Ki Chori (The Robbery of a Royal Sword)28 June 2014 1096Khooni Khel (Murderous Game)29 June 2014 1097Raaz Kate Haath Ka (The Secret of a Cut-off Hand)4 July 2014 1098Mahasangam (Part 1 & 2)
(Crossover episodes with Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah)5 July 2014 10996 July 2014 1100Jahareelay Bichoo (Poisonous Scorpion)11 July 2014 1101Mahasangam (Part 3 & 4)
(Crossover episodes with Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah)12 July 2014 110213 July 2014 1103Band Kamre Mein Laash (A Dead Body in a Closed Room)18 July 2014 1104Raaz Sudden Attack Ka (The Secret of the Sudden Attack)19 July 2014 1105Rahasya Serial Killer Ka (The Mystery of a Serial Killer)20 July 2014 1106Raaz Jungle Ke Bhoot Ka (The Secret of the Ghost of the Jungle)25 July 2014 1107Salman Ki Kick (Salman's Kick)26 July 2014 110827 July 2014 1109Raaz Bus Ke Qatilon Ka (The Secret of the Killers of a Bus)1 August 2014 1110Glass Room Murder2 August 2014 1111Gayab Biwi Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Missing Wife)3 August 2014 1112CID Mein Singham (Singham in CID)8 August 2014 11139 August 2014 111410 August 2014 1115Azaadi Ki Jung (Fight For Freedom)15 August 2014 111616 August 2014 1117Khatre Mein Maasoom (An Innocent in Danger)22 August 2014 111823 August 2014 111924 August 2014 1120Abhijit Ka Bachpan (Abhijit's Childhood)29 August 2014 1121Khatre Mein ACP (ACP in Danger)30 August 2014 1122Daya Bana Dulhan (Daya Becomes a Bride)31 August 2014 1123Ganesh Utsav Mein Apharan (Kidnapping in Ganesh Festival)5 September 2014 11246 September 2014 11257 September 2014 1126Bipasha Par Hamla (Attack on Bipasha)12 September 2014 1127Maut Ka Video (Video of Death)13 September 2014 1128Kankaal Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Skeleton)14 September 2014 1129Maut Ka Kabaddi (Kabaddi of Death)19 September 2014 1130Rahasyamai Maut (Mysterious Death)20 September 2014 113140 Crore Ki Chori (Robbery of 40 Crores)21 September 2014 1132Naari Shakti (Women Power)26 September 2014 113327 September 2014 1134Shreya Ki Sagai (Shreya's Engagement)28 September 2014 1135Ichcha Purti Haveli (The Wish-Fulfilling Mansion)3 October 2014 11364 October 2014 1137Barf Mein Laash (A Dead Body in Ice)5 October 2014 1138Zaharila Baal (Poisonous Hair)10 October 2014 1139Gunaah Ki Seedi (Ladder of Crime)11 October 2014 1140Zaherila Dawa (The Poisonous Medicine)12 October 2014 1141Haddi Mein Code (A Code in a Bone)17 October 2014 1142Samundar Mein Kankaal (A Skeleton in the Sea)18 October 2014 1143Naakun Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Nail)19 October 2014 1144Daya V/S Daya24 October 2014 114510:45 Murder25 October 2014 1146Khoon Ka Badla (Revenge for Murder)26 October 2014 1147Phone Booth Murders31 October 2014 1148Khooni Bag (Killer Bag)1 November 2014 1149Shikaari Ka Shikaar (A Predator's Prey)2 November 2014 1150Masoom Baby Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of an Innocent Baby)7 November 2014 1151Kyu Maalik Bana Chor? (Why the Owner Became a Thief?)8 November 2014 1152Bai Ka Sangharsh (A Maid's Struggle)9 November 2014 1153Faisal Par Humla (Attack on Faisal)14 November 2014 1154Pied Piper15 November 2014 1155Brave Kids16 November 2014 1156Happy Ending21 November 2014 1157Mumbai Chawl22 November 2014 1158Chawl Mein Murder (Murder in a Chawl)23 November 2014 1159Band Kamre Mein Laash (A Dead Body in a Closed Room)28 November 2014 1160Mahabali Shera Ki Dahaad (Mahabali Shera's Roar)29 November 2014 1161Kulhaadi Ka Raaz (The Secret of an Axe)30 November 2014 1162Action Jackson5 December 2014 1163Double Murder Ki Saazish (Double Murder Conspiracy)6 December 2014 1164Bomb Blast7 December 2014 1165Sar Kata Manav (Headless Man)12 December 2014 1166Haunted Haveli (Haunted Mansion)13 December 2014 1167Bhootiya Boat (Ghostly Boat)14 December 2014 1168Chain Chor (Chain Thief)19 December 2014 1169Micro Wave Gun21 December 2014 1170Christmas Party26 December 2014 1171Sher Ka Shikaar (Tiger's Prey)28 December 2014 1172Nakul Returns2 January 2015 11733 January 2015 1174Happy New Year4 January 2015 1175Lift Mein Khoon (Murder in a Lift)9 January 2015 1176Auto Mein Khoon (Murder in an Auto)10 January 2015 11773 Bullet11 January 2015 1178Bhootiya Mehmaan (Ghostly Guest)16 January 2015 1179Theater Mein Bhoot (Ghost in a Theater)17 January 2015 1180Bhootiya Haveli (Ghostly Mansion)18 January 2015 1181CID Ka Sankatkaal (CID's Crisis)23 January 2015 118224 January 2015 118325 January 2015 1184Desh Ke Dushman (Enemies of the Nation)26 January 2015 1185Daya Khatre Mein (Daya in Danger)30 January 2015 1186Khatre Mein Milly Aur Tina (Milly and Tina in Danger)31 January 2015 1187White Mask1 February 2015 1188Shera Ki Dosti (Shera's Friendship)6 February 2015 1189Shark Ka Hamla (Shark Attack)7 February 2015 1190Varun Dhawan Khatre Mein (Varun Dhawan in Danger)13 February 2015 119114 February 2015 1192Fashion Show Mein Murder (Murder in Fashion Show)15 February 2015 1193Jaadui Kalabaazi (Magic Somersault)20 February 2015 1194Khatre Mein Jaadugar (Magician in Danger)21 February 2015 1195Khatre Mein Masoom (An Innocent in Danger)22 February 2015 1196Naqaab (Mask)27 February 2015 1197Behrupiye Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Imposter)28 February 2015 1198Gaayab Jaadugar (Missing Magician)1 March 2015 1199Prithviraj Chavan Ka Raaz (The Secret of Prithviraj Chavan)6 March 2015 1200Dance CID Dance7 March 2015 1201CID Vs Super Villain8 March 2015 1202Khatre Mein CID (CID in Danger)13 March 2015 1203Adrushya Maanav (Invisible Human)14 March 2015 1204Khooni Chasma (Killer Spectacles)15 March 2015 1205Khatarnak Bikers (Dangerous Bikers)20 March 2015 120621 March 2015 1207Khooni Jungle (Kiler Jungle)22 March 2015 1208CID Ki Daud (CID's Run)27 March 2015 1209Ali Ki Khalbali (Ali's Uproar)28 March 2015 121029 March 2015 1211Byomkesh Bakshi Ki Talaash (Byomkesh Bakshi's Search)3 April 2015 1212DCP Chitrole Ki Shaadi (DCP Chitrole's Marriage)5 April 2015 1213Call Center Murder10 April 2015 12144 Laash Ka Raaz (The Secret of 4 Dead Bodies)11 April 2015 1215Golden Eye Gang12 April 2015 1216Jaanbaaz Mr. X (The Brave Mr. X)17 April 2015 1217Plane Mein Murder (Murder in a Plane)18 April 2015 1218Statue Mein Laash (A Dead Body in a Statue)19 April 2015 1219CID Ki Udaan (CID's Flight)24 April 2015 1220Box Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Box)25 April 2015 1221Super Chor (Super Thief)26 April 2015 1222CID in Train1 May 2015 12232 May 2015 1224Telekinesis3 May 2015 1225Satara Mein CID (CID in Satara)8 May 2015 1226Haweli Mein Daya (Daya in a Mansion)9 May 2015 1227Mahabaleshwar Mein CID (CID in Mahabaleshwar)10 May 2015 1228Lootera Monkey Man (Robber Monkey Man)15 May 2015 1229Laal Topi Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Red Hat)16 May 2015 1230Patti Wala Murda (The Wrapped-Up Corpse)17 May 2015 1231Khaufnaak Zulaaki (Dangerous Zulaaki)22 May 2015 1232Khaufnaak Mela (Dangerous Fair)23 May 2015 1233Saajish Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Conspiracy)24 May 2015 1234Drawing Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Drawing)29 May 2015 1235Jaanbaaz Danny (The Brave Danny)30 May 2015 1236Khatre Mein Masoom (An Innocent in Danger)31 May 2015 1237Maut Ka Chakravyuh (Trap of Death)5 June 2015 12386 June 2015 12397 June 2015 1240Maut Ki Baarish (Rain of Death)12 June 2015 1241Aasmani Murder (Murder in the Sky)13 June 2015 1242Yellow Topi Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Yellow Cap)14 June 2015 1243Dahej Ka Chakravyuh (Trap of Dowry)19 June 2015 1244Mall Mein Khoon (Murder in a Mall)20 June 2015 1245Killer Jungle26 June 2015 1246Jaal CCTV Ka (The Trap of CCTV)27 June 2015 1247Abhijeet Trapped3 July 2015 1248Hotel Decent4 July 2015 1249ACP in Hospital5 July 2015 1250CID Mein Daraar (Rift in CID)10 July 2015 125111 July 2015 1252Zinda Murda (Living Corpse)12 July 2015 1253Baccha Chor (Children Thief)17 July 2015 1254Mobile Chip Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Mobile Chip)18 July 2015 1255Khaufnaak Apraadh (Dangerous Crime)19 July 2015 1256CID in Delhi24 July 2015 1257CID in Agra25 July 2015 1258CID in Mathura26 July 2015 1259Car Mein Laash (A Dead Body in a Car)31 July 2015 1260Hostel Mein Ragging (Ragging in a Hostel)1 August 2015 1261Daya Abhijit Ki Dosti (Daya and Abhijeet's Friendship)2 August 2015 1262Nashe Ka Anjaam (Consequences of Intoxication)7 August 2015 1263Shaatir Chor (Cunning Thief)8 August 2015 1264Laal Suitcase Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Red Suitcase)9 August 2015 1265Kati Ungli Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Cut-off Finger)14 August 2015 1266Aazadi Ki Jung (Fight for Freedom)16 August 2015 1267Khooni Khel (Murderous Game)21 August 2015 1268Zeher Ka Kehar (Havoc of Poison)22 August 2015 1269Jungle Ka Khooni Khel (Murderous Game of a Jungle)23 August 2015 1270Raaz Khoon Ka (The Secret of a Murder)28 August 2015 1271The Warning29 August 2015 1272Band Kamre Mein Khoon (Murder in a Closed Room)30 August 2015 1273Gayab Pati Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Missing Husband)4 September 2015 1274Pariwar Ke Khoon Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Family's Murder)5 September 2015 1275Hawai Jahaz Par Maut Ka Keher (Havoc of Death in an Aeroplane)6 September 2015 1276Saazish (Conspiracy)11 September 2015 1277Raaz Gumshuda Bachhon Ka (The Secret of the Missing Children)12 September 2015 1278Khooni Gym (Killer Gym)13 September 2015 1279Raaz Khoon Ka (The Secret of a Murder)18 September 2015 1280Plan Murder19 September 2015 1281Aatma Ka Saaya (A Spirit's Shadow)20 September 2015 1282Shaadi Ka Khooni Khel (The Murderous Game of Marriage)25 September 2015 1283Taaskari (Smuggling)26 September 2015 1284Special Entry27 September 2015 1285Dahlia Road2 October 2015 1286Adhuri Shaadi (The Incomplete Wedding)3 October 2015 1287Behrupiya Biwi (Imposter Wife)4 October 2015 1288Khooni Sandook (Killer Furniture)9 October 2015 1289Khooni Highway (Killer Highway)11 October 2015 1290Masoom (Innocent) 1291Shaatir Kidnapper (Cunning Kidnapper)16 October 2015 1292Mystery Box17 October 2015 1293Vasai Fort Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of Vasai Fort)18 October 2015 1294Khalnayak (Villain)23 October 2015 1295Jheel Mein Laash (A Dead Body in a Lake)24 October 2015 1296Khooni Waseeyat (Killer Will)25 October 2015 1297Double Murder30 October 2015 1298Khooni Angrakhshak (Killer Bodyguard)1 November 2015 1299Dhokha (Cheat)6 November 2015 1300Lift to Death7 November 2015 1301Alien Attack8 November 2015 1302Rang Mahal13 November 2015 1303Jhagdalu Aurat (Quarrelsome Woman)14 November 2015 1304Raaz Puppet Ka (The Secret of the Puppet)15 November 2015 1305Shaatir Qatil (Vicious Killer)20 November 2015 1306Genie Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of the Genie)21 November 2015 1307Khooni Khel (Murderous Game)22 November 2015 1308Coffin Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Coffin)27 November 2015 1309Khooni Bungalow (Killer Bungalow)28 November 2015 1310Samundar Mein Laash (A Dead Body in the Sea)29 November 2015 1311Forensic Clue4 December 2015 1312Khatarnak Racing (Dangerous Racing)5 December 2015 1313Badle Ki Aag (Vengeance)11 December 2015 1314Purani Haveli (Old Mansion)12 December 2015 1315Double Trouble13 December 2015 1316Hotel Red Star19 December 2015 1317Shaapit Case (The Cursed Case)20 December 2015 1318Machchar Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of the Mosquito)26 December 2015 1319Aadamkhor Jaanwar (Carnivorous Animal)27 December 2015 1320Ek Anokha Qatil (A Strange Killer)2 January 2016 1321Chamakta Kankaal (Glowing Skeleton)3 January 2016 1322Newspaper Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Newspaper)3 January 2016 1323Bhootiya Hotel (Ghostly Hotel)9 January 2016 1324Khatarnak Khel (Dangerous Game)10 January 2016 1325Ghayal (Wounded)16 January 2016 1326Khooni Joote (Killer Shoes)17 January 2016 1327Hospital Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of the Hospital)23 January 2016 1328Gumshuda Bachchi Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Missing Girl)24 January 2016 1329Dongara Ki Wapsi (The Return of Dongara)26 January 2016 1330Karo Ya Maro (Do Or Die)30 January 2016 133131 January 2016 1332Khooni Haveli6 February 2016 1333Karo Ya Maro (Do Or Die)13 February 2016 133414 February 2016 133520 February 2016 133621 February 2016 133727 February 2016 133828 February 2016 13395 March 2016 13406 March 2016 134112 March 2016 134213 March 2016 1343Teen Qatil? (3 Killers?)19 March 2016 1344Khufia Gang (Secret Gang)26 March 2016 1345Maut Ka Saaya (Shadow of Death)27 March 2016 1346Bahadur Bachche (Brave Kids)2 April 2016 1347Rahasyamai Aurat (Mysterious Woman)3 April 2016 1348Raaz Machli Ka (The Secret of the Fish)9 April 2016 1349Rahasya College Reunion Ka (The Mystery of the College Reunion)16 April 2016 1350Rahasya 150 Saal Purani Kitaab Ka (The Mystery of a 150 Year Old Book)4 June 2016 1351Rahasyamai Box (Mysterious Box)5 June 2016 1352Birthday Party11 June 2016 1353Water Park Mein Khoon (Murder in a Water Park)12 June 2016 1354Killer Bus18 June 2016 1355Murder Invitation19 June 2016 1356Raseeli Ka Raaz (The Secret of Raseeli)25 June 2016 1357Bank Robbery26 June 2016 1358Dhobi Ghat (Washing Bay)2 July 2016 1359Apaharan (Kidnapping)3 July 2016 1360Bioscope10 July 2016 1361Goli Ek Laashein Do (One Bullet Two Corpses)16 July 2016 1362Dream Murder17 July 2016 1363Thak Thak Gang23 July 2016 1364Sammohit Chori (Hypnotic Robbery)24 July 2016 1365Bebas Shikar (The Helpless Victim)30 July 2016 1366Khatarnak Delivery (Dangerous Delivery)31 July 2016 1367Maut Ka Paigam (Message of Death)6 August 2016 1368Mumbai Darshan7 August 2016 1369Raaz Anjaan Bachche Ka (The Secret of the Unknown Child)13 August 2016 1370Khufia Adla Badli (The Secret Interchange)14 August 2016 1371Pyaar Ki Jung (War of Love)20 August 2016 1372Raaz Apharan Ki Saazish Ka (The Secret of a Kidnapping Conspiracy)21 August 2016 1373Kissa Naamumkin Khoon Ka (The Case of the Impossible Murder)27 August 2016 1374Khatarnak Jungle (Dangerous Jungle)28 August 2016 1375Jaanleva Mod (Life-Threatening Turn)3 September 2016 1376Maut Ka Hathoda (Hammer of Death)4 September 2016 1377Daya Ka Ateet (Daya's Past)17 September 2016 1378Raaz Bandh Kamre Mein Khoon Ka (The Secret of a Murder in a Closed Room)18 September 2016 1379Tohfa (Gift)24 September 2016 1380Bhootiya Hotel (Ghostly Hotel)25 September 2016 1381Kanchola Ka Darr (Fear of Kanchola)2 October 2016 1382Wapsi (Return)8 October 2016 1383Raaz Khopdi Ka (The Secret of a Skull)9 October 2016 1384Rahasya Adrushya Khooni Ka (The Mystery of the Invisible Killer)15 October 2016 1385Dulhan (Bride)16 October 2016 1386Chaalbaaz (Trickster)22 October 2016 1387Do Masoom Shikaar (Two Innocent Preys)23 October 2016 1388Rahasyamai Beti (Mysterious Daughter)29 October 2016 1389Laash Mein Hathyar (A Weapon in a Corpse)30 October 2016 1390Muqabla (Clash)6 November 2016 1391Hospital Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of the Hospital)12 November 2016 1392Gaadi Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of the Car)13 November 2016 13935000 Feet Pe Maut (Death on 5000 Feet)20 November 2016 1394Raaz Adrishya Padosi Ka (The Secret of the Invisible Neighbour)26 November 2016 1395Rahasyamai Painting (Mysterious Painting)27 November 2016 1396Cop Ya Qatil (Cop or Killer)3 December 2016 1397Maut Ka Vehem (Illusion of Death)4 December 2016 1398Chehre Par Chehra (Face on Face)10 December 2016 1399Khooni Chupta Nahi (Killer Doesn't Hide)11 December 2016 1400Sahi Timing (Right Timing)18 December 2016 1401Happy New Year1 January 2017 1402Kaanch Ke Paar (Across the Glass)8 January 2017 1403Bhavishyavani (Prediction)14 January 2017 1404Statue15 January 2017 1405Rahasyamayi Aatmahatya (Mysterious Suicide)22 January 2017 1406Band Aankhein (Closed Eyes)29 January 2017 1407Rahasya Laundry Ka (The Mystery of the Laundry)4 February 2017 1408Shaatir Qatil (Vicious Killer)12 February 2017 1409Raaz Naklee Pistol Aur Aslee Goli Ka (The Secret of a Fake Pistol and a Real Bullet)26 February 2017 1410Khooni Courier (Killer Courier)5 March 2017 1411Maut Ki Dastak (Knock of Death)11 March 2017 1412Apradh Ki Awaaz (Sound of Crime)12 March 2017 1413Maut Ka Muqabala (Clash of Death)18 March 2017 1414Filmy Murder19 March 2017 1415Maut Ka Video (Video of Death)25 March 2017 1416Vasiyat Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Will)26 March 2017 1417Jungle Ka Kehar (Jungle's Havoc)1 April 2017 1418Khoon Ki Saazish (Murder Conspiracy)15 April 2017 1419Aakhri Suraag (The Last Clue)16 April 2017 1420Khooni Safar (The Murderous Journey)22 April 2017 142123 April 2017 1422Samundar Mein Laash (A Dead Body in the Sea)29 April 2017 1423Durghatna Ya Apraadh (Accident or Crime)30 April 2017 1424Bank Robbery6 May 2017 1425Kaun Hai? (Who is it?)7 May 2017 1426Anokhi Chori (The Strange Robbery)13 May 2017 1427Imtihaan Ki Ghadi (Testing Time)14 May 2017 1428Rusi Paheli (Russian Puzzle)20 May 2017 1429Bhootiya Lift (Ghostly Lift)21 May 2017 1430Rahasya Gayab Logo Ka (The Mystery of the Missing People)27 May 2017 1431Agni Pariksha (Ordeal)28 May 2017 1432Khooni Sapna (Murderous Dream)3 June 2017 1433Phone Ka Dhamaka (Phone Blast)4 June 2017 1434Pocket Maar Gang (Pickpocketing Gang)10 June 2017 1435Raaz Dhamake Ka (The Secret of a Blast)11 June 2017 1436Teen Qatil (Three Killers)18 June 2017 1437Haveli Ka Shraap (The Curse of a Mansion)24 June 2017 1438Parchhai Ka Raaz (The Secret of a Shadow)25 June 2017 1439Andhekha Khooni (The Unseen Murderer)1 July 2017 1440Aalap Alpviram (Comma after a Note)2 July 2017 1441Maut Ka Sandesh (Message of Death)8 July 2017 1442Smartphone Khooni (Smartphone Killer)9 July 2017 1443Qatl Ya Khudkushi (Murder or Suicide)15 July 2017 1444Bala Ki Wapsi (Return of Bala) 1445Pyaar Ka Junoon (Obsession of Love)22 July 2017 1446Khooni Chaal (Murderous Trick)23 July 2017 1447Juaari (Gambler)29 July 2017 1448Speed Dating30 July 2017 1449Bejaan Khooni (Lifeless Killer)5 August 2017 1450Daud (Run)6 August 2017 1451Raaz Bandh Building Ka (The Secret of a Shut Down Building)12 August 2017 1452Apharan (Kidnapping)13 August 2017 1453Antim Khushi (The Last Grin)19 August 2017 1454Khooni Safar (Murderous Journey)20 August 2017 1455Bhayaanak Raat (Haunted Night)26 August 2017 1456Maut Ka Khel (Game of Death)27 August 2017 1457Ret Mein Chhupa Raaz (The Secret Hidden in the Sand)2 September 2017 1458Ajeeb Gawah (Strange Witness)3 September 2017 1459Forensic Guthi (Forensic Puzzle)9 September 2017 1460Bandar Ka Bawaal (Commotion of Monkeys)10 September 2017 1461Shaatir Khooni (Vicious Killer)16 September 2017 1462Bhootiya Paheli (Ghostly Riddle)17 September 2017 1463Anokha Khooni (Strange Killer)23 September 2017 1464Apharan (Kidnapping)24 September 2017 1465Adrishya Khooni (Invisible Killer)7 October 2017 1466Baal Chor (Hair Thief)8 October 2017 1467Jharokha (Window)14 October 2017 1468Andhaa Gawaah (Blind Witness)15 October 2017 1469Anko Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Numbers)21 October 2017 147022 October 2017 1471Andha Insaaf (Blind Justice)28 October 2017 1472Sazaa-e-Maut (Death Sentence)11 November 2017 1473Bhula Hua Khoon (The Forgotten Murder)12 November 2017 1474Maut Ka Sandesh (Message of Death)18 November 2017 1475Maut Ka Jungle (Jungle of Death)19 November 2017 1476Dhamaka (Blast)26 November 2017 1477Jadui Chaku Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of a Magical Knife)9 December 2017 1478Jungle Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Jungle)10 December 2017 1479Khooni Mehndi (Killer Mehndi)16 December 2017 1480Murda Ghar Ka Rahasya (The Mystery of the Morgue Room)17 December 2017 1481Pankaj Ka Faisla (Pankaj's Decision)23 December 2017 1482Pedh Mein Kankaal (A Skeleton in a Tree)24 December 2017 1483Khatarnak Abhijeet (Dangerous Abhijeet)30 December 2017 1484Khooni Ghar (Killer House)31 December 2017 1485Daya Ek Hatyara (Daya The Murderer)6 January 2018 1486Woh Kaun Tha (Who Was He)13 January 2018 1487Aakash Mein Khoon (Murder in the Sky)20 January 2018 1488Putle Ki Maut (Mannequin Murders)21 January 2018 1489Khatarnak Din (Dangerous Day)27 January 2018 1490CID 20 Saal Baad (CID 20 Years Later)28 January 2018 1491Waapsi (Return)3 February 2018 1492Paryawaran Prem (Love for the Environment)4 February 2018 1493Drugs Ki Taskari (Drug Smuggling)10 February 2018 1494Chaal (Trick)11 February 2018 1495Khooni Chaal (Murderous Trick)17 February 2018 1496Darr Ki Aawaaz (Sound of Fear)18 February 2018 1497Khatarnak Kaatil (Dangerous Killer)24 February 2018 1498Khel Suraag Ka (Game of Clues)25 February 2018 1499Khooni Aasmaan (Killer Sky)3 March 2018 1500Muft Delivery (Free Delivery)4 March 2018 1501Sachh Ya Sapna (Reality or Dream)10 March 2018 1502Choro Ke Khoon Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Murder of Theives)11 March 2018 1503Mukhota Mein Khooni (Murderer Behind A Mask)17 March 2018 1504Nadi Mein Laash (A Dead Body in the River)18 March 2018 1505Andher Nagri (Dark Town)31 March 2018 1506Khooni Tasveer (Killer Photo)1 April 2018 1507Daya Laapata (Daya Missing)7 April 2018 1508Maut Ka Khel (Game of Death)8 April 2018 1509Hawai Jahaz Mein Khoon (Murder in an Aeroplane)14 April 2018 1510Apharan (Kidnapping)15 April 2018 1511Jaadui Khoon (Magical Murder)21 April 2018 1512Majboor Khooni (Helpless Killer)22 April 2018 1513Chalti Gaadi Mein Maut (Murder in a Moving Car)28 April 2018 1514Icchadaari Saanp Ka Raaz (The Secret of the Wishful Snake)29 April 2018 1515100 Saal Baad (After 100 Years)5 May 2018 1516Adhrishya Khooni (Invisible Killer)6 May 2018 1517Maut Ka Ghar – Mahaepisode (House of Death – Superepisode)12 May 2018 1518Khooni Daya (Killer Daya) 1519Gumshuda Laash (Missing Dead Body)13 May 2018 1520Daya Ki Shaadi (Daya's Marriage)19 May 2018 1521Bhayanak Sach (The Haunting Truth)20 May 2018 1522Khooni Dhun (Killer Tune)26 May 2018 1523Bhavishya Se Paigam (Message from the Future)2 June 2018 15243 June 2018 1525Khooni Dimaag (Killer Mind)9 June 2018 1526Asambhav Khoon (Impossible Murder)16 June 2018 1527Rahasyamai Aurat (Mysterious Woman)23 June 2018 1528Nashe Ki Pathshala (School of Addiction)24 June 2018 1529Dhokha (Cheat)30 June 2018 1530Cricket Dhamaka (Cricket Blast)1 July 2018 153110 Saal Ka Badla (Revenge of 10 Years)14 July 2018 153215 July 2018 1533Raaz Gayab Gaadiyon Ka (The Secret of the Missing Cars)21 July 2018 1534Khooni Jungle (Killer Jungle)22 July 2018 1535Sazaa-e-Maut (Death Sentence)22 September 2018 1536Ajeeb Jasoos (The Strange Spy)23 September 2018 1537Imtihan Ki Ghadi (Testing Time)29 September 2018 1538Shaatir Khooni (Vicious Killer)30 September 2018 1539Behosh Khooni (Fainted Killer)6 October 2018 1540Hanging Daya7 October 2018 1541Abhijit Ka Insaaf (Abhijit's Justice)13 October 2018 1542Rahasyamai Gavah (Mysterious Witness)14 October 2018 1543Rahasyamayi Hatyar (Mysterious Killer)20 October 2018 154421 October 2018 1545Aakhri Chunauti (The Final Challenge)20 October 2018 1546The Message21 October 2018 1547The Final Challenge27 October 2018
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Neither Daya Nor ACP But Dr Salunkhe Is The Real Mastermind Of CID

You must have seen Walter White boasting about his knowledge of chemistry in Breaking Bad and, like Jesse Pinkman, marvelled at his brilliance. But way before he said "Science, bitch!", there was a man who could teach Mr. White a thing or two about chemistry.

Yes, we're talking about none other than CID's Dr Salunkhe!

While Daya is thodoing darwazas and ACP Pradyuman is busy changing lightbulbs, it's Dr Salunkhe who has been solving cases for CID for 19 years now.

Such is the man's genius that by just looking at fingerprints, he can tell you who they belong to. He can even look at a piece of wood and find the forest it came from. 

Well, at least he claims to do so. And frankly, who are we to question the man who has been successfully running the Crime Investigation Department of Indian TV, right?

Such is his brilliance, Dr Salunkhe can look at a bullet and tell you who shot it. 

People wait for weeks to get a DNA report in our country. Even for those high-profile cases, days are spent before forensic experts can ascertain those results. 

But not with Salunkhe. He can trace someone DNA within seconds!

After all, who can challenge a man who has a science lab in his bedroom?

As humans grow older, they start ageing. It's the law of nature, right?

Wrong. Or, wrong at least in the case of Dr Salunkhe. 

Look at his transformation:

We wonder how the Nobel prize committee has still not taken note of this man.

Remember how he famously brought back ACP's eyesight even when doctors had failed him? Those firang shows with all their technology don't stand a chance in front of Salunkhe

I mean, who can beat this profound line: "Yeh toh bullet wound hai, lagta hai ise goli lagi hai"

The man is a genius!

Even when he's hospitalised, ACP has to turn to him to solve the case.

Over the years, we have seen a lot of lab assistants with Dr Salunkhe

They came and went because when there's a fine mind like Salunkhe, there just isn't any space for silly assistants who spend time flirting with Abhijeet.

Daya might have the muscles but the brain behind the operation has always been Salunkhe

If it wasn't for him, CID might have shut many years ago. ACP Pradyuman might think that he's the showman but such is the kindness of this man, he lets him believe so.

Salunkhe is a gift to the world of science. 

What the Stephen Hawkings and James Watsons of the world took a lifetime to learn, Salunkhe has been teaching us for almost two decades. 

If it wasn't for him, the world of science in Indian TV would have completely collapsed.

Long live, Dr Salunkhe!

Best Of CID - सीआईडी - Do or Die - Part 2 - Full Episode


Doctor salunkhe cid


Salunkhe's Special Relation With The Case - सीआईडी - CID - Rahasya


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