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Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Go to New Gnisis Cornerclub and read the Lost Caravan Guard's Note.
  2. Locate the lost caravan north of Bronze Water Cave and read the Carriage Driver's Note.
  3. Locate the lost caravan east of Loreius Farm and read the Seedy Guard's Note.
  4. Enter Whiterun's Hall of the Dead and read the Caravan Captain's Note.
  5. Locate the final caravan northwest of Peak's Shade Tower and read Velyne's Letter.
  6. Loot the Attunement Crystal and journey to Sightless Pit.
  7. Explore Sightless Pit and use the Attunement Crystal to unlock the entrance to the Sightless Vault near the dungeon exit.
  8. Solve the steam valve puzzles and defeat the Messenger to claim Sunder and Wraithguard as your own.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Letters from the Red Year[edit]

Upon installing the Sunder & WraithguardCreation, you will be directed to the New Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm in relation to a trove of old refugee letters from the Red Year which have recently been uncovered. A Lost Caravan Guard's Note can be found sitting on the bar top and can be freely taken. Reading this note will reveal that a highly secretive smuggling operation had been organized to transport some unknown cargo through Skyrim, using the refugees fleeing Morrowind as cover. Several decoy caravans were employed to transport this cargo, each with a code name based on the Great Houses of Morrowind.

The author of this letter was part of the Telvanni caravan, and was reportedly carrying the cargo towards the Nightgate Inn. The destroyed remains of this caravan can be found half-buried in snow along the road between Windhelm and the inn, just north of the entrance to Bronze Water Cave. Several destroyed Dwarven automatons surround the carriage, along with the skeletons of the unfortunate caravaneers. Unfortunately, the elusive cargo is nowhere to be found, although a Carriage Driver's Note can be found within an "Old Caravan Chest" at the wreckage. The author of this note complains of attacks from Dwarven automatons as well as "singing" coming from the cargo. It also reveals that the items were handed off to the Sadras caravan, which was heading for Whiterun.

The next ruined caravan can be found just off the road east of Loreius Farm. You will be greeted by a familiar scene of Dwarven machines and skeletal corpses. One such skeleton can be found holding the Seedy Guard's Note, which reveals that the cargo had been handed over to the Indoril caravan and that its captain was planning to stop by the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun. Be sure to loot the nearby Old Caravan Chest for valuables, then make your way to Whiterun.

The Plot Thickens[edit]

You will need to enter the Whiterun Catacombs once you arrive at the Hall of the Dead. This area is infested will low level undead skeletons. Down the first set of stairs, you will find the Caravan Captain's Note atop a low-lying table. According to the note, the surviving caravans took a detour towards Falkreath to avoid any further Dwemer attacks. You will find their remains at a ruined campsite in the woods northwest of Peak's Shade Tower. One of the skeletons is in fact the body of Velyne, a member of the Hlaalu caravan and seemingly one of the masterminds behind this venture. Velyne's Letter at last reveals that the secretive cargo is actually Sunder and Wraithguard, and that the Dwemer automaton attacks are the result of a fail-safe system implemented by Kagrenac to prevent his Tools from ever leaving Morrowind. The Dwemer created a Tamriel-wide network of drones which would track down and retrieve the Tools if they were taken out of Morrowind, and would then deposit them in a vault until a Tonal Architect could come and retrieve them. Seeking to put a stop to the attacks, some of the caravan captains betrayed their employers and handed Sunder and Wraithguard over to the drones. Velyne learned of this, and managed to track the items to a vault located in Sightless Pit. She obtained a Attunement Crystal to unseal this vault, but evidently died before an expedition could ever be organised. Take the crystal from her skeleton and be sure to loot the Old Caravan Chest before you leave.

Use the Attunement Crystal to unlock the Sightless Vault
Steam will need to be restored to both valve systems

Hidden Depository[edit]

Sightless Pit is a Falmer-infested dungeon in the snowy wastes southwest of Winterhold. Unlike most dungeons in the game, the entrance to Sightless Pit is one-way, meaning you will need to fight your way through the entire complex in order to escape. See the dungeon walkthrough for more information. Your goal is to reach the final zone, Abandoned Cave. A new door has been added by this Creation, to the right of the lift as you enter the zone. Place the Attunement Crystal on the Dwarven Pedestal to unseal the entrance to the Sightless Vault. This is a new area added by the Creation and consists of a large central room with two side areas. Sunder and Wraithguard are locked behind gates in the center of the room and cannot be reached.

To begin unlocking the gates, you must first activate a Vault Release Valve at the back of the room. You must then solve two steam valve puzzles in the two side rooms, which will involve activating each valve several times until the steam travels in the right direction. Your goal is to direct the steam in the direction of the next valve, until you reach the end of the piping and your journal updates. You will need to fight two Dwarven Spiders and two Dwarven Spheres respectively after you solve each room. With this done, the door near the original Vault Release Valve will open and an extremely powerful ebony-colored Dwarven Centurion named the Messenger will emerge.

Once you defeat this final guardian, the gates will swing open and Sunder and Wraithguard are yours to claim. On its own, Sunder does 5 points of frost, fire, and shock damage each and 15 points of damage to stamina and magicka. With Wraithguard equipped, Sunder becomes a powerful weapon, although unlike its initial appearance in Morrowind it will not kill you if you equip the weapon without wearing Wraithguard. Wraithguard also provides 10% resistance to shock, fire, frost, magic, disease, and poison when worn. If you've already completed Arniel's Endeavor, you will have come into possession of Keening, another of Kagrenac's Tools. Keening is also empowered if wielded while Wraithguard is equipped, and it can be dual wielded along with Sunder. Before you depart, make sure you loot the chest in the room where the Messenger emerged from.


  • The Lost Caravan Guard's Note frequently falls through the top of the bar to the shelf below, making it difficult to find.
  • Upon purchasing the Sunder and Wraithguard creation, the quest may not activate causing the Attunement Crystal to not spawn.

Quest Stages[edit]

Legends Lost (ccBGSSSE008_Quest)
StageFinishes QuestJournal Entry
0Rumors say an old refugee trunk full of letters has been uncovered in Windhelm. I should see if I can find a copy of those letters and more information on the cargo they were carrying.

Objective 0: Find the caravan's letters in Windhelm

1I've found one of the letters, which details the routes of both the caravans as well as decoys designed to misdirect potential thieves. According to the letter, the first caravan was headed west toward Nightgate Inn. Perhaps following its trail will lead to another clue.

Objective 1: Follow the caravan's trail

2The first caravan was attacked by Dwarven creatures. They managed to escape but I found a copy of their logs, along with details of all the other caravans. The next carriage was headed towards Whiterun. I should see what I can find.

Objective 2: Find the second caravan

3On the road to Whiterun I found the remnants of another sacked caravan. According to a note I found in the wreckage, the remaining caravans were set to regroup in Whiterun, and one of the guards visited the Halls of the Dead there.

Objective 3: Find evidence of the caravans in Whiterun

4In response to the attacks, the caravans took a detour towards Falkreath. I'll need to follow their trail to see if they left anything behind.

Objective 4: Find the detoured caravans

5The cargo the caravans were delivering appears to hold the missing Tools of Kagremac: Sunder and Wraithguard. Apparently the items were surrendered to Dwemer drones and taken to a vault in the Sightless Pit. If I'm to open the door, I need to take this attunement crystal I found and use it to unlock the vault.

Objective 5: Enter the vault in the Sightless Pit

Objective 8: Retrieve the Attunement Crystal

6I've unlocked the Sightless Vault. Within lies Sunder and Wraithguard.

Objective 6: Retrieve Sunder and Wraithguard

7As predicted, both Tools are guarded by a powerful Dwarven Centurion. I'll have to defeat it if I'm to claim them as my own.

Objective 7: Defeat the Messenger

8☑Finishes questI've defeated the Dwarven defenses and claimed both Sunder and Wraithguard for myself.

Objective 9: Restore steam in the left valve system

Objective 10: Restore steam in the right valve system

Objective 11: Find a way to open the vault gates


Objective 12: Read the Carriage Driver's Note


Objective 13: Read the Seedy Guard's Note


Objective 14: Read Velyne's Letter

  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 9.



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Skyrim: How To Complete "Forbidden Legend"

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, "Forbidden Legend" proves to be one of the more drawn-out quests in the game. It consists of multiple stages and takes a deep dive into Skyrim's ancient history. The player uncovers the dark mysteries of the Gauldur brothers, who murdered their father for his legendary amulet.

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There are a couple of different ways to initiate this quest. Following this guide will ensure the player doesn't miss a beat regarding this quest's story. Some useful tips for tangling with the evil Gauldur brothers will also be beneficial, especially for new players. With the right preparation, this marathon of a quest can be completed in no time.

Reading The Book Of Lost Legends

Players who want to get the most out of this quest should start with the book "Lost Legends." Copies of the book are fairly common. Perhaps the easiest one to find is located underneath a flagon in Farengar Secret-Fire's room in Dragonsreach. The quest is initiated once the book is opened.

The book tells the story of the Gauldurson brothers, who purportedly murdered their father for his amulet. They divided it into three pieces and went their separate ways. The goal of the quest is to reunite all three fragments of the amulet. Although cryptic, the author does mention where one of the brothers went into hiding. The only clue leads the player to the Nordic tomb of Folgunthur, just south of Solitude.

Folgunthur & Mikrul Gauldurson

Outside the entrance to Folgunthur lies an abandoned camp. A journal written by Daynas Valen reveals that the Dragonborn isn't the only one investigating the legend. Inside, the player will have to contend with the usual traps and draugr that always infest Nordic tombs. Keep following the linear path until the corpse of Daynas Valen is discovered. On his body is an Ivory Dragon Claw and some important notes. Take and read everything and the quest objectives will update. Unlock the nearby door with the newly acquired dragon claw.

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The player will need to defeat a few more traps and draugr before arriving at the main burial chamber. Mikrul Gauldurson will burst from his coffin, along with a handful of weaker allies to help him. He likes using Frost-based attacks and his blade possesses an Absorb Health enchantment. Prioritize Mikrul and the fight shouldn't be too difficult. Once he's defeated, loot his body for a writ of sealing and a Gauldur Amulet Fragment.

Join The College Of Winterhold

The next amulet fragment can be found within the depths of Saarthal. Retrieving it, however, requires joining the College of Winterhold first. Gaining admittance to the College is pretty straightforward. Faralda, the gatekeeper, will ask the player to cast a random spell. The spellbook itself can always be purchased from her if the player doesn't know it yet. If the main quest "Elder Knowledge" is active the player may also tell Faralda that he/she is a Dragonborn. Perform a Shout to prove it.

After the player has gained admittance the wizard Tolfdir should be sought out next. After a few introductory lessons the quest "Under Saarthal" will trigger. The player, along with Tolfdir and the other students, will travel to Saarthal to do some archaeological work. Jyrik Gauldurson's amulet fragment will be found there.

Saarthal & Jyrik Gauldurson

Travel to the ruins of Saarthal and follow the associated quest objectives. Exploring the interior of the tomb with Tolfdir will yield the Saarthal Amulet, a necessary item that needs to be equipped in order to overcome certain obstacles. Leveled draugr will be an annoyance along the way, but with Tolfdir's help they shouldn't be much of a problem. Eventually, the player will come to a room with a huge glowing orb. It's here that the battle with Jyrik Gauldurson will begin.

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Initially, Jyrik will be invincible for a few moments. Tolfdir will realize that the glowing orb is protecting the villain and will start to cast lightning at it. Jyrik will now be vulnerable to the player's attacks, although it's worth keeping in mind his rotating elemental shield. When Jyrik is bathed in a particular element, whether it be fire, frost, or shock, he will be immune to it for several seconds. Players utilizing a mage-build will have to vary their attacks as a result. When Jyrik is dead, retrieve his Gauldur Amulet Fragment.

Geirmund's Hall & Sigdis Gauldurson

The last stop for the final piece of the fragment is Geirmund's Halloutside Ivarstead. The interior contains a familiar assortment of draugr, traps, and puzzles. Players should follow the linear path until they come across the skeleton of the Archmage Geirmund. Take the key laying next to him in order to unlock the next door. The final resting place of Sigdis Gauldurson awaits.

The fight with Sigdis may seem challenging at first, but the secret is knowing his tricks ahead of time. Sigdis will conjure clones of himself in order to confuse the player. Killing the illusions does nothing as Sigdis will simply create more. The real Sigdis can be identified in several ways. One is that Sigdis will not glow blue like his clones. Also, the horns on the real Sigdis' helmet are curved downwards, while those belonging to the imposters are curved upwards. Killing him yields the final Gauldur Amulet Fragment.

Reachwater Rock & The Final Showdown

The conclusion of this quest takes place at Reachwater Rock, southeast of Markarth. Once inside, take the Emerald Dragon Claw and insert it into the nearby door. The next door needs to be unlocked with the Ivory Dragon Claw that was found inside Folgunthur. Inside the last room, place the amulet fragments on each of the three pedestals. Doing so will summon the ghostly shades of the three Gauldurson brothers, who will need to be defeated again in turn.

The fight with each brother is much the same as before. Mikrul will summon allies to help him. Sigdis will conjure various clones to confuse the player. Lastly, Jyrik will teleport around the room, also summoning allies as he goes. Once all three have been defeated the spirit of Gauldur himself will arrive and obliterate the remains of his treacherous sons. The player will be rewarded with the reforged Gauldur Amulet, which increases Health, Stamina, and Magicka by 30 points. Congratulations!

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Wiki Guide

Yet another way to begin the quest is by finding one of the amulet fragments.



Head to the location on the map, a small campsite just outside Folgunthur, and read Daynas Valen’s journal sitting on the ground. Investigate this further by paying a visit to the journal’s owner, Daynas, inside Folgunthur.

The inside of Folgunthur looks just as uninviting as the outside. If the numerous freshly bloodied bodies aren’t indication enough, the booby traps rigged throughout this small area should deter even the most intrepid adventurers. The first room has familiar-looking animal tiles and an imprint of a claw, which you don’t have yet. Proceed further and fight some draugrs in the next room.

There’s a floor trap at the bottom of the staircase. You can pull the lever or just jump over to the stairs. Daynas Valen can be found at the very edge of the second floor ledge, but isn’t in any condition to give you useful information. However, his notes will do just fine. Take the Ivory Dragon Claw from his robes and leaf through the notes to learn that you’ll need to uncover the Gauldur Amulet Fragment here in Folgunthur and in two other locations.

Set the Ivory Dragon Claw in the slot just above Daynas’ body to lower the bridge and continue in. You will come into a room in which stairs lead down, but a sturdy metal grate blocks your passage. Open the lever on the left throne to enter this room and move some tiles. Facing the tiles, the sequence should be the eagle, whale, and snake symbols all facing outward (to mirror the similar pattern on the other side). Note that if you can not rotate the pillars even though it says activate pillar you need to leave Folgunthur and then return to the dugeon. You should be able to move them then (worked on Xbox 360 version). You should hear the sound of a mechanism being unlocked, and then pull the lever in the previous room to retract the metal grates. Head down and follow it to a corridor, at the end of which is a stone door with rings of special engravings adorning it.

To view the correct pattern, go into your items inventory and examine the Ivory Dragon Claw: the pattern is engraved upon the claw itself. Starting from the outer ring, the correct sequence is: eagle, eagle, dragon, then insert the claw into the slot.

Inside the Folgunthur crypt, draugrs rise from their coffins, including Mikrul Gauldurson, who is stronger than the rest. After slaying him, search the body for the Gauldur Amulet Fragment. You can also loot the Gauldur Blackblade from him.

Use the claw to open the gates behind and you should also find a Word Wall allowing you to learn Frost Breath, Freeze. There's a chest nearby with additional goodies as well.

Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Geirmund’s Hall

Geirmund's Hall is located to the east of Ivarstead and south of Lost Knife hideout on a small island between the river.

As soon as you enter you will be greeted by a giant spider and a draugr. Take care of them and drop down from the giant hole into the small pond. While in the pond, go underwater & swim down the hall to a chest with some loot. There is also a common soul gem on the floor. Stock up on hanging moss before you get out. Go through the iron door & take care of 2 frost spiders. To your right is another iron door, pick the lock & grab the Orcish armor and potion of healing. Be careful as you move on because there is a foot trap in the room. The chest is fire trapped, so stand to the side to open. Fight off a few Draugrs and you will come across a room filled with water. On an alter there is a black soul gem & a drought of regeneration. Be careful to take the gem as it will activate a trap. Stand beside the table so the trap does not impale you. You have to set a combination of stones so you can open the door on the other side.

The combination is: eagle, whale, snake, whale.

After the door is open go through the narrow passage and fight Draugrs and move up the stairs. Immediately to the right you will find Archmage Geirmund, except he's not what you'd expect. Take the key and the note from him. Go left and move up the stairs. Kill the draugr.

Next you have to pull a lever to bring the wooden bridge down. There are two levers in the room.

One to the edge to the right side of the room and the second one is behind the first one hidden in a corner opposite the first lever.

The first lever will is a trap and it will bring out the spikes on the wall to the right side of the lever. Pull the second lever and bring the bridge down. Move up and again, pull the lever to the left, bring the second bridge down. Kill the draugrs. There is foot trap in the next room which activates the pendulum axes, so watch your step.

Next you will be in a giant room filled with water. Go down and kill the restless draugr. There are two platforms in the middle of the room and one small section to the left and a room to the right. You may want to save your game here.

Go up to the right room and you will be in a boss fight now.

Sigdis Gauldurson, the boss, will disappear and appear with two clones of himself.

Perhaps a safer strategy would be to stick to Archery to kill him and stay in the room where he wakes up as you have enough cover. The clones can be killed with a single arrow. The annoying part is that this boss uses a shout that can send you flying across the room. What's worse is that if your character ends up getting clipped or stuck anywhere in the battlefield as Sigdis will use this opportunity to take free shots at you.

Another strategy if you're focused on melee combat, would be shouting a Fus Ro Dah towards the correct Sigdis (the one who has not a blue shine). This will knock him off the plattform giving you some time to attack him as he recovers. After that, he will teleport somewhere else. Take cover, wait for the shout to recharge, heal yourself if necessary and repeat 2 or 3 more times.

Kill him to retrieve the second Gauldur Amulet Fragment. You can also loot the Gauldur Blackbow from him. Go through the cave to get out of the hall.

Find the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Saarthal

This walkthrough is also applicable for the quest Under Saarthal.

You cannot enter [[Saarthal]] without a key. In order to access Saarthal, you need to go to The College of Winterhold and follow that questline for a bit until you receive the quest Under Saarthal. Rendezvous with Tolfdir there and he will take you inside.

You are to meet Arniel, who can be found relatively easily. Arniel asks you to find four artifacts. One of the artifacts is the Saarthal Amulet. Once retrieved, you'll be trapped inside the room. Do as instructed and wear the amulet, then cast a spell (any spell) on the wall where the amulet was.

Doing so breaks down the wall, after which Tolfdirpasses through expecting you to be behind him. Once in the room, you will have a vision from someone in the Psijic order. After you inform Tolfdir about the vision, he suggests looking around a bit. You might have draugrs to deal with your immediate future.

Leave Tolfdir and pull the two chains in the room to uncover a door to the next area. More draugrs. Kill them and go up the stairs. Be sure to snoop around the area to loot chests and whatnot.

Careful of the poisonous arrow floor trap as you move down. Beyond this trap are more powerful draugrs: a Restless one and a Draugr Wight.

In the next room, you have to arrange six pillars to open the door ahead. The solution is right behind the rotating hawk, dolphin, and snake. Note: It's easiest to temporarily bump up your brightness in-game as the clues will probably be difficult to see under most standard brightness settings (unless you have it at maximum).

The solution from lever facing back (towards the way you came in):



Once opened, your prize is really just another enemy, but in the form of a powerful Draugr Deathlord. He can dole out a lot of pain in a single swing. It's best to take him out from a distance if possible. Another strategy involves running back to the room with the pillars and standing next to the lever. As the Deathlord approaches, close the door and shoot him with arrows. This will have to be repeated a lot of times depending on your level.

After defeating, move on up the stairs and through the door. There are two alchemic traps here on the floor. If you go through those traps, you will be hit by lightning. Disable these traps by using some Destructionspells on it a couple of times.

Time to arrange four pillars again in order to open the door. And of course, pulling the lever with incorrectly arranged pillars will shoot poisonous arrows from the wall.

The solution is on top of each pillar, but the pillars here are a bit difficult to shuffle as activating the first or second pillar to the left will also activate the two pillars on the right. And activating the second pillar on the right will activate the first one on the right.

So, here is the combination for rotation:

  • Rotate the first pillar on the left once.
  • Rotate the second pillar on the left once.
  • Rotate the second pillar on the right twice.
  • The first one on the right can rotate individually so you can rotate that for the correct pillar.

After you open the door Tolfdir will catch up with you. Beware of the foot trap ahead. Move to the next room to face Jyrik Gauldurson. Behind Jyrik is a giant sphere. As you move down, though, Jyrik moves into hostile action. Your attacks will not affect him. Tolfdir will attack the giant ball, which will weaken Jyrik, allowing you to take him out. Retrieve the amulet from Jyril's corpse. This will complete the quest for finding the amulet.

Tolfdir will ask you to return to the College and to inform them about the giant sphere that you discovered.

Make your way out after learning the Dragon Shout in the next room.

Forging the amulet

Note: In order to complete this quest you need to have the Ivory Dragon Claw.

In order to forge the amulet, you need to make your way to the Reachwater Rock, which is south of Sky Haven Temple. The cave is behind a waterfall, so look for that.

On your way up, you will find a dead Nord, the Emerald Dragon Claw and a note warning you to not enter the place.

As you move up, you have to arrange the rings on the doors correctly to open the door. The sequence is there on the Emerald Dragon Claw. Then use the Claw to unlock the door. For the fifth one, you need to have the Ivory Dragon Claw. The solution to the rings on the fifth door is there on the Ivory Dragon Claw. Incorrect arrangement of the fifth door will release poisonous arrows from the wall.

Once inside, you will have to face all three bosses that you faced in the earlier quest of retrieving the amulets individually. Go ahead and place the three amulets on the three plates and the three bosses will appear. They will fight one at a time. First one will summon draugrs to attack you, second one can create clones of himself and shoot arrows from a distance, and the third one will use magic to summon an ice creature.

Defeat them all and you will have created the amulet which will give 30 points of health, Stamina and Magicka.

At the bottom of the pool by the entrance is a locked chest. (Be careful with this chest. Make sure you have some Water-Breathing potions with you, as trying to get back up after you loot the chest, some areas won't let you come up. And the only way up is a ramp, but there are 2 areas to get up. Go to the farther one on the other side to get up again. This doesn't always happen, but it literally shoves you back down, and it's very annoying. Just do what I said, and you can get back up) 

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