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Full Auto Volume Five M1 Carbine to M2

Preparation for war has the habit of bringing out the best in technological advances. In no case is this more true than in the development of the M1 Carbine and its ammunition.This manual helps you convert your M1 to a full auto version. ” X ”, 60 pgs. Illus., softcover.

Ruger 10/22 Carbine Full-Auto Open Bolt Conversion

This is the complete set of manufacturing drawings and instructions for converting the RUGER , L.R. carbine into a fully automatic weapon which fires from an open-bolt. This full auto design is based upon the same principle widely used in military open-bolt submachine guns. It has been thoroughly tested, and is an exceptionally robust and trouble free design. 5 X 8, 24 pgs. Illus., softcover.

Full Auto Ruger 10/22 Full Auto Conversion Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide the necessary instructions and manufacturing data required for conversion of the Ruger 22, semi-automatic carbine, into a selective fire automatic unit. When modified to the specifications given, the weapon retains its semi-automatic mode of operation and also allows fully automatic functioning by moving the selector lever into the proper position.%.5” X ”, & 42pages.

Full Auto Modification Manual

Author: U.S. Government. Here, in one book, are the full plans and instructions for the conversion to selective fire of 7 of the most popular weapons. Includes plans for the HK 91, HK93, Mac, Mac, AR, Mini and the M1 Carbine. 51/2 x 81/2, 71 pages, softcover, illus.

Full Auto Cobrey M/9

The Cobray M/9mm represents the most popular configuration for modern machine pistols and sub-machine guns. Manufactured by S.W Daniel, INC., the M is the semi-automatic version of the very popular M sub-machine gun of the same company.Featuring open-bolt action and loads of accessories, the M has proven to be reliable and rugged, as well as fun to shoot 5” X ,” 28 pages, soft cover.

Full Auto H & K 91/93 Manual

The purpose of this manual is to present the necessary engineering data, manufacturing procedures, and machinist drawings for conversion of the semi-automatic H&K and H&K rifles into selective-fire weapons.In their modified condition, these weapons will function in basically the same manner as their military counterparts, the G-3 and H&KFull auto rates of fire for the converted rifles will approximate rates of fire in the original, selectivefire weapons.Minor design changes in the commercial H&K and H&K have made exact duplication of the military versions impractical.However, the information presented in this manual will explain and show these differences, as well as providing the information required for successful conversion 51/2x81/2, softcover, 52 pp.

Suppressors Volume Three For AR-7

The purpose of this manual is to provide the necessary information, instructions, and machinist drawings for the construction of an integral suppressor for the CHARTER ARMS AR~7, caliber carbine. The total noise emissions from a weapon modified to the specifications presented here will be reduced greatly when compared to a standard unmodified rifle. T” X ,” 44 Pages

Full-Auto Volume 3: MAC Modification Manual

Author: N/A. The semi-auto MAC 10 owes its popularity to the earlier, full auto version.This manual presents six different methods of converting the semi-auto MAC 10 to full auto fire. All modifications are easy and require no difficult machining operations. 51/2x81/2, softcover, 52 pp.

The Silencer Cookbook

Author: Nolan Wilson.Full instructions and machinist’s drawings of three different rimfire silencers are included, utilizing materials commonly available at the local hardware store. Unlike many home workshop designs, these actually work, and work well, having been constructed and tested by a licensed Class II manufacturer. Contrary to popular belief, silencers are legal in many areas with prior BATF approval. 81/2 x 11, softcvr, 32 pp., illus.

Sours: https://www.bluetoad.com/article/Full+Auto+%26+Silencer///article.html

FULLY AUTOMATIC 22 Rifle- Ruger 10/22 (with Red/Green Tracers)

Hey, this is Andrew with GYsix Vids. You guys ever seen a fully automatic ten twenty-two? You&#;re about to. Empty mag. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait. We got one more. It&#;s like jam. No big deal. Alright, now, we&#;re empty. Alright, so now, we are going to shoot some tracer rounds. A little bit of green and a little bit of red. Full auto. Full mag, red and green tracers. Check it out. That&#;s cool. Full auto twenty-two. Two tracer rounds down at some low velocity in the red exploding target. That&#;s a fully automatic with tracers and a big **** explosion. This is Andrew at GSX Vids. I&#;ll catch you guys next time. Gonna go organic. Taking a bow. Everybody, thank you. As you call redneck tree cutting. Can I get America? America. Hey, guys. So, I&#;m out bear hunting. Uh I guess if you&#;re seeing this, I made it back in time to upload my video for Friday. Uh no such luck this trip on getting any bears. I was gonna film that and post more maybe this video up for that but no luck this uh trip. Hopefully next time. But hope you like the Full Auto and uh leave me some comments. Let me know. Wildlife. Uh leave me some comments. Let me know what you think I should do for the next video with the full out of ten twenty-two. I&#;m flying back out to Florida hopefully in a couple of weeks and uh should have that bad boy out there again on the range. So, let me know if you have any ideas. Uh give me some ideas in the comments. Hope you guys like the video. Click the like button. That thumbs up helps a lot. Share with your friends. I&#;ll see you next Friday.

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RUGER 10/22 TEK Select Fire Class II Replacement Parts Set & Guide

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Full-Auto Glory! The 10/22
I don't know you, or your buddy, but the best advice I can relay to him, through you, is: Why would he want to expose the FFL holder of the store he works at, the gunsmith, himself, you and anyone here who responded to a hare-brained request like this to some seriously unwanted attention at the very least, and possible criminal prosecution at the other extreme.

What he is discussing is illegal, and every FFL holder and gunsmith knows it. Now you do too.

Your 'buddy' wants a machine gun? Advise him to pay Uncle Sugar for the "privilege". $ bucks, plus the now exhorbitant cost of a legal weapon, after the attendant check by BATF. Hey, lots of people do it. I know of several. OR, (this is the cheap way), tell him to go enlist in the Army or Marines. They will be happy to issue him one to "play" with, assuming he meets the entry requirements.

There are also folks who, for a small fee, will let people shoot one, and get the desire to R&R out of thier system. I suppose you need to supply or pay for some ammo, too.
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