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The 8 Best Porch Swings of 2021

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Three Posts Amelia Porch Swing (view at Wayfair) because the swing is offered in multiple sizes and colors, and is durable enough to be left outside all year. For a budget-friendly option, consider the Noble House Tasmania Wood Porch Swing (view at The Home Depot) because the two-seater bench is easy to assemble, has a minimal design, and includes a 90-day return policy.


Porch swings can come in several styles that range from canopy, gliders, modern, bed swings, mounted to ceilings, and even porch swings with their own stands. When you're choosing a style, be sure to consider where you plan on placing the swing. If you don't have a secure place to mount swing with a rope or chain, designs with a stand will be the best option.


Porch swings are offered in a variety of materials, like wood, metal, rattan, plastic, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). When choosing a swing, the best material is based on where you plan on placing the swing. If it'll be installed in an uncovered area, options made of materials like rattan won't be preserved as well. If you want a swing that can withstand the elements, however, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) designs are a great option.


When it comes to porch swings, safety is certainly a factor to consider. Whatever style you choose, be sure to check that the hardware and hanging mechanisms, like chains or rope, are secure and stay in place. Though you may be able to install most options yourself, it's worth considering if a retailer offers professional assembly.

Furthermore, it is important to make sure that the swing is maintained overtime by visual and manual inspection, in case any hardware rusts or becomes loose.


  • A hanging style will usually come with the proper rope or chain to mount it. If you're installing it yourself, be sure to follow the provided instructions to ensure you're hanging it correctly and using the proper hardware to secure the swing. It's also worth noting if a retailer offers professional installation—if so, they'll ensure it's mounted properly and secure.

  • When choosing a porch swing, it's important to consider the environment you're placing it in. If a swing is made of certain materials, like rattan, they'll need to be to avoid a lot of moisture and humidity while materials like HDPE are suited for all types of weather. When it comes to hanging styles, you'll also want to check that you have the proper space and hardware to mount the swing.

  • There are tons of porch swings out there, whether it be from an online retailer or a smaller, more luxurious brand. If you're not sure what style you're looking for, consider larger retailers like Wayfair, Walmart, and The Home Depot—they'll have a wide selection of styles and prices.

This article was written by Adrienne Jordan, who enjoys a good rock on a sturdy porch swing-especially on warm, summer evenings. The nostalgic feeling of being with great aunts and uncles in the south striking up conversations on porch swings harkens back to warm memories. She enjoys the diverse design aesthetic of porch swings, that can range from vintage, canopy, and bed styles.


Porch Swings

If you long for the old-fashioned relaxation of yesteryear, consider adding a porch swing to your home. It�s amazing what a difference a small addition like a cedar swing can make. You, your family and friends will soon find yourselves gently rocking away the hours outside during the warmest times of the year, forgetting all your cares and enjoying pleasant conversation in a relaxed environment.

At Adams All Natural Cedar, we offer a variety of cedar porch swings for sale, so you can find exactly the right one for your home. If cedar is not your thing, we also have porch swings made of ash and economical pine and aspen. Whichever wooden swing you choose, you will enjoy years of carefree use. All our wood swings are carefully constructed of the best materials.

If you like to work with your hands and save money too, check out our porch swing kits sale. For those without a place on your porch or patio to hang a swing, no worries. Simply order a porch swing stand kit or porch swing frame kit. We also carry pre-assembled standalone swings you can put practically anywhere.

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From warm, sun-soaked mornings spent sipping a cup of iced coffee to breezy nights talking under the stars, no summer is complete without precious moments perched on a porch. Perhaps you've already outfitted your outdoor space with a striking pebblestone path, gorgeous garden blooms, and a comfortable set of Adirondack chairs. Now all that's missing is seating that's fun and functional.

Hanging a porch swing will freshen up your entrance and warmly welcome guests, while also expanding your entertaining space. It'll also tastefully add more outdoor seating (so you don't need to bust out the tacky folding chairs!), and bring the comfort of your living room outside to the fresh air. Just don't be surprised when the next time you have people over everyone wants to take the party to your porch!

Whether your vibe is rustic chic, bright and bold, or sleek and modern, we rounded up 10 unique options that'll lend for long hours of hanging out with your loved ones. And don't worry: Every single one of these picks are first and foremost comfortable, so it's time to let the long weekends of lazy lounging commence!

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Best Overall

Three Posts Amelia Porch Swing


This clean and classic porch swing comes in two sizes, both of which can accommodate multiple friends, and offers a selection of 12 color options. 

Adorn it with a blanket and cushions to enhance your existing outdoor decor, or opt to keep it plain and simple (reviewers claim that it's comfortable as-is!).  


Best Porch Swing With Cup Holder

Breakwater Bay Ison Porch Swing


Just imagine yourself basking in the summer sun while sipping a boozy sangria in this solid oak porch swing. A foldable center console unfurls to reveal two sturdy cup holders, so you can comfortably settle down without worrying about potential spillage.


Best Single-Person Porch Swing

Longshore Tides Balaton Timberland Porch Swing


Whether you're working with a smaller porch, or just prefer to swing solo, this single-seater option is ideal for alone time.

Each piece is one of a kind, featuring rough edges, natural wood knots, and noticeable wormholes. Plus, the structure is suspended by sturdy ropes to compliment the rustic design. 


Best Rustic Design

Backyard Discovery Farmhouse Cedar Porch Swing

Backyard Discovery


Greet guests even before they enter your home with this inviting farmhouse-style wooden porch swing. Natural cedar knots shine through its stained structure, and a two-seat capacity offers a generous weight limit of up to 600 lbs. 

Pre-drilled lumber makes for pretty easy assembly, but if you need additional help, step-by-step support through the interactive BILT app is also available for guidance.


Best Modern Design

Mainstays Auden Outdoor Steel Porch Swing


Perhaps not quite as cozy as some of our other picks, but this sleek porch swing's minimalist lines and metal structure make it ideal for modern settings. A vented seat and backrest allow for sufficient air circulation on hot summer days.


Best Wicker Porch Swing

Colebrook Outdoor Porch Swing
Better Homes & Gardens


How cute is this cushioned white wicker porch swing!? Its woven exterior adds quaint, cottage-style charm to the outside of any home. Perch it overlooking a blooming flower garden, and you'll feel like you're in a fairytale escape.

It features a steel frame that holds up to 450 lbs., so you and a friend can safely laze the day away together.


Best Natural Wood Design

Montana Woodworks Montana Collection Porch Swing


This natural pine wood porch swing will give your outdoor space serious log cabin vibes. The unfinished wood design can be self-stained in the color of your choice. 

Its slanted seat and back are strategically structured to help repel moisture build-up, so rain and snow will slide right off.


Best Metal Design

Best Choice Products Metal Fleur-De-Lis Porch Swing


This two-person porch swing features a distressed metal frame and a fleur-de-lis at its center that adds some French country flair. 

Keep it as is for a clean and sophisticated look, or add a comfy water-resistant cushion to avoid burning your bum on hot days. 


Best for an Uncovered Porch

Furinno Tioman European Swing with Canopy



No porch covering? No problem! This charming stand-alone swing is a particularly sweet option for open spaces. A removable canopy will help you enjoy the outdoors on hot summer days. The gorgeous dark red meranti wood is treated with water-resistant teak oil for long-lasting durability that can withstand even the strongest of storms. 


Best Cushioned Porch Swing

Cane Patio Outdoor Patio Swing


You'll have a hard time convincing guests to go inside after hanging up this cozy, cushioned porch swing outside of your home. 

Although it's a splurge, its sprawling 6-foot width is long enough for you to lay down and relax with a good book, or comfortably snuggle up to your significant other with plenty of room to spare. 

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