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How To Use Gunlance Guide - Recommended Combos & Tips

Check out this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide & walkthrough on how to use the weapon - Gunlance! Learn recommended combos, skills, play tips, and more!!

How To Use Gunlance Guide - Recommended Combos & Tips
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How To Use Gunlance

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Gunlance - Overview & Strengths

Explosive Firepower With Good Range & Excellent Guarding

Explosive Firepower With Good Range & Excellent Guarding

The Gunlance is a unique weapon that is quite different from its brother, the Lance. Instead of dash attacks, it shoots explosive shells that can deal massive damage to any part of the monster.

Unique Explosive Feature Called Shelling

Unique Explosive Feature Called Shelling

The Gunlance has an extraordinary feature that allows it to shoot shells towards a monster, causing it to explode & inflict heavy damage.

Can Guard Against Monster Attacks

Can Guard Against Monster Attacks

Like the Lance, the Gunlance is capable of protecting the Hunter from incoming monster attacks. It has high guarding power that is one of the most notable in Monster Hunter World.

Ignores Monster Tough Spots With Shelling

The unique feature of the Gunlance is its capability to shoot explosive shells onto monsters. These ignore monster tough spots, allowing it to damage monster parts that are normally impervious to damage.

3 Types Of Gunlance Shelling

Type Feature Shell
Normal Higher Burst Fire damage 5
Long Higher Charged Shelling damage 3
Wide Higher Wyvern's Fire & Wyrmstake Cannon damage 2

Choosing the type of Gunlance Shell can change how you play the weapon. Each Shell has a different capacity and affinity to certain attacks.

Cannot Launch Shell When Sharpness Is Red

When your Gunlance's weapon sharpness is in the red, be sure to sharpen immediately. This means you won't be able to shoot any shells, lowering your DPS greatly in the fight.

Has Special Moves When Launching Shells

Burst Fire Unleashes All Shells In Explosive Fire

Burst Fire Unleashes All Shells In Explosive Fire

The Gunlance's Burst Fire (Full Burst) attack unloads all of its shells in one explosive shot. This ignores the monster's tough spots, making it easy to break horns or damage monster parts.

Charged Shelling Does Bigger Damage With One Shell

Charged Shelling Does Bigger Damage With One Shell

For Gunlances that don't have a lot of shells in their arsenal, Charged Shelling provides higher damage with a single shot. After a thrust, press & hold the Shelling button to charge then release to shoot.

Wyrmstake Cannons Stick To Monsters Then Explodes

Shoots Wyrmstake Cannons That Stick To Monsters

The Wyrmstake Cannon is a projectile that Another unique feature the Gunlance has is that it can shoot a projectile onto a monster that will explode after a few seconds. This is called a Wyrmstake Cannon and is great in breaking or severing monster parts.

Wyvern's Fire Has Heavy Damage But Overheats Gunlance


Wyvern's Fire also shoots out all of the Gunlance's shells but takes longer to reload and essentially overheats your weapon. However, it has exponentially higher damage potential than Burst Fire and is great when monsters are toppled, trapped, or stationary.

Dodging Is Slow & Shelling Loses Sharpness Fast

The Gunlance is not known for mobility. Due to it guarding capability, dodging with this weapon can be slow and draggy. It also loses sharpness fast, with each shell shot, thus reloading and firing intervals are needed to maintain the weapon's attack integrity.

Gunlance - Recommended Combo List

Basic Gunlance Attack Combo

  • 1. Lunging Upthrust
  • 2. Overhead Smash
  • 3. Wide Sweep
  • 4. Wyrmstake Cannon

This is a basic attack combo with the Wyrmstake Cannon move at the end. It also closes in on the monster, doing both vertical and horizontal attacks to keep hitting the target.

Burst Fire + Wyrmstake Cannon Attack Combo

  • 1. Rising Slash
  • 2. Overhead Smash
  • 3. Burstfire
  • 4. Wide Sweep
  • 5. Wyrmstake Cannon

With this move, you can smoothly transition from Burst Fire to Wyrmstake Cannon, allowing you to deal heavy explosive damage on the target monster.

Continuous Shelling Attack Combo

  • 1. Lateral Thrust I
  • 2. Shelling
  • 3. Lateral Thrust I
  • 4. Shelling
  • 5. Lateral Thrust I
  • 6. Quick Reload
  • 7. Rising Slash
  • 8. Shelling

This combo is a basic loop of you shooting Shells and then reloading in between shots. This is great when the monster is not moving or if your target is fixed.

Gunlance - Recommended Skill List

Loadout For Higher Attack & Shelling Power + Reinforce Guarding

When you're keen on using the Gunlance, it's important to increase your weapon's attack power while countering its tendency to lose sharpness quickly over the course of the hunt.

Recommended Skills For More Explosive Firepower

Skill Effect
RECOMMENDED! Attack Boost Increases raw attack power plus affinity rate after a certain level
RECOMMENDED! Weakness Exploit Increases affinity rate of attacks that land on monster weak spots
RECOMMENDED! Handicraft Increases weapon's sharpness gauge
Artillery Strengthen's explosive attacks of gunlance shells
Capacity Boost Increases a weapon's loading capacity
Critical Boost Increases the damage of critical hits
Critical Eye Increases your affinity rate
Maximum Might Raises affinity when stamina bar is full

The recommended skill loadout above emphasizes boosting the Gunlance's attack power, especially with its shelling. It also gives you increased Crit and sharpness.

Skills To Reinforce Guarding & Improve Gameplay

Skill Effect
RECOMMENDED! Guard While guarding, knockback and stamina consumption is decreased
RECOMMENDED! Guard Up Can block normally unguardable monster attacks
RECOMMENDED! Protective Polish Weapon does not dull for a time after sharpening
Speed Sharpening Lessens time needed to sharpen weapon
Evade Window Increases time of invulnerabilty when you dodge
Mind's Eye/Ballistics Prevents your attacks from being deflected
Flinch Free Prevents knockbacks and trippings, depending on skill level

The Gunlance excels in guarding against monster attacks and these skills will further reinforce its guarding capabilities. It also provides a solution to the weapon's quick loss of sharpness due to shelling and reloading.

Gunlance - Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Use & Abuse Gunlance's Guard Ability

Use & Abuse Gunlance

Since the Gunlance has the 2nd highest guarding ability in Monster Hunter World, it's always best to use and abuse it. This ability will protect you from monster attacks, allowing you to get close and deal shotgun damage to the monster.

Target Breakable Parts With Wyrmstake Cannon

The Wyrmstake Cannon deals high explosive damage to the monster part that it hits. If you're looking to break a monster horn or tail, sic the Wyrmstake Cannon onto that part and watch it break in the explosion.

Sharpen Often To Maintain Weapon Attack Power

Using your shells will cause your weapon to lose sharpness fast. Sharpen every so often to maintain the Gunlance's weapon power so you can inflict as heavy damage as you can.

Dragon Gunlances Can Send Teammates Flying

Most of the Gunlances shelling or explosive firepower don't send teammates reeling back or flying. But take note of dragon-based Gunlances as these have the ability to knock your fellow Hunters off their feet when caught in your shell's explosions.

Gunlance - Damage Per Move

Motion values are still being confirmed in-game and damage per move written below is based on the Training Area.

Weapon Move Damage
Wyvern's Fire 168
Wyrmstake Cannon 130
Wide Sweep 57
Overhead Smash 42
Jumping Smash 38
Jumping Reload Smash 37
Charged Shelling 28
Lunging Upthrust 26
Rising Slash 26
Lateral Thrust III: 21
II: 21
I: 20
Jumping Thrust 21
Burst Fire 20 x No. of Shells
Aerial Burst 20 x No. of Shells
Shelling 18
Guard Thrust III: 16
II: 15
I: 15

Gunlance - Basic Move List

Basic Move List

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Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Guide Combos Controls and Moveset

This is a guide to the Gunlance, a weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn about new Gunlance controls and combos, how to use Gunlance shelling, Gunlance's Blast Dash as well as details on Gunlance Switch Skills.

Buttons X.pngLateral Thrust
Buttons A.pngShelling
(Hold)Buttons A.pngCharged Shelling
Buttons X.png+ Buttons A.png
Rising Slash
After Rising Slash, Buttons X.png
Overhead Smash
After Overhead Smash, Buttons X.png
Wide Sweep
Button zR.pngGuard
Button zR.png+ Buttons X.png
Guard Thrust
Button zR.png+ Buttons A.png
After an attack,
Button zR.png+ Buttons A.png
Quick Reload
Button B.pngBackstep
After Overhead Smash, Buttons A.png

After Hail Cutter, Buttons A.png
Full Burst
After Wide Sweep, Buttons X.pngor Buttons A.png

After 2 Shelling, Buttons A.png

After Full Burst, Buttons A.png

After Guard Edge, Buttons A.png

Buttons X.png+ Buttons A.pngthen Buttons X.png+ Buttons A.png
Wyrmstake Cannon
Button zR.png+ Buttons X.png+ Buttons A.png
Wyvern's Fire
Buttons zL.png+ Buttons X.png
Hail Cutter
Buttons zL.png+ Buttons A.png
Guard Edge
Burst Fire Combo
Rising Slash
Buttons X.png+ Buttons A.png
Overhead Smash
Buttons X.png
Burst Fire
Buttons A.png

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Hail Cutter Silkbind Attack.jpg

Buttons zL.png+ Buttons X.png

Hail Cutter is a Silkbind Attack that launches the hunter airborne while reloading the Gunlance. The move finishes with a downward slam where you may opt to use 'full burst' or Wyvern Fire with a shortened charge time!

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Guard Edge Silkbind Attack.jpg

Buttons zL.png+ Buttons A.png

Guard Edge is a Silkbind Attack that acts like a counter-guard but restores sharpness. Considering how Gunlance shelling eats up sharpness at a rapid rate, this is a great addition to Gunlance's arsenal!

MH Rise - GL Ground Splitter

Ground Splitter is a Switch Skill switchable with Hail Cutter. The hunter will drag the Gunlance on the ground while moving foward and strike with an upward slash. It also temporarily boosts the damage for shells, Wyrmstake Shots, and Wyvern's Fire.

Switch Skills are unlocked as you progress in the game. The very first one is obtained after finishing the ★3 Village Urgent Quest, Feathered Frenzy.

The best Switch Skills we recommend for each slot are marked in red.

ControlsOriginal SkillSwitch Skill
ACharged ShellingBlast Dash
zL + XHail CutterGround Splitter
zR + AQuick ReloadGuard Reload

Switch Skills Guide: How to Unlock Switch Skills

MH Rise - GL Blast Dash

Switched WithControls
Charged Shelling
Hold Buttons A.png, and release when charged

Can be performed mid-air using
Button zR.png+ Buttons A.png
Uses recoil to travel far. Aims the Gunlance backwards then launches forward to close in the target. It is possible to use Blast Dash again while hurtling!

Blast Dash propels your hunter using the force of the Gunlance artillery. It does not have any damaging potential but is useful for closing out the distance between you and the monster. Blast Dash can be used up to three (3) times.

MH Rise - GL Ground Splitter

Switched WithControls
Hail Cutter
Buttons zL.png+ Buttons X.png
Scrapes the ground while slashing upwards. Increases shell, Wyrmstake Shot, and Wyvern Fire damage temporarily.
Wirebug Gauge Recovery Speed: Slow
Wirebug Cost: 1

Ground Splitter drags your Gunlance on the ground, heating the tip while increasing the damage of shelling and Wyvern's Fire for a short time. Change into this Switch Skill as soon as you unlock it!

MH Rise - GL Guard Reload.gif

Switched WithControls
Quick Reload
Button zR.png+ Buttons A.png
Has a Guard at the start of the reload. Reloads both the shells and the Wyrmstake Cannon but only reloads less shells than normal Reload.

In Guard Reload, your artillery rounds are reduced to 3 but reloading is now guarded. This will also reload your Wyrmstake Cannon.

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Charged Shelling.png

(Hold)Buttons A.png

You charge your gunlance and unload a single burst of fire onto a monster. Unlike the Unload Burst, charged shelling only consumes 1 ammo at the cost of dealing less damage.

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Wyrmstake Cannon.png

After 2 Shelling, Buttons A.png

After a Shelling, ↓ + Buttons A.png

After a Full Burst, Buttons A.png

After a Guard Edge, Buttons A.png

After a Wide Sweep, Buttons A.png

Buttons X.png+ Buttons A.pngButtons X.png+ Buttons A.png

The Wyrmstake Cannon uses a large metallic stake or harpoon-like ammo which deals a massive amount of damage when fired. Accompanied by this cannon are two attacks which in turn makes the combo a devastating blow to any enemy monster. There are multiple ways to achieve this combo so practice what feels comfortable the most to you.

The Wyrmstake Cannon needs to be reloaded every time it is used using guard reload and normal reload. It cannot be reloaded using Quick Reload.

Buttons zR.pngButtons A.png

Reloading your Wrymstake Cannon is different from reloading the ammo in your Gunlance. Always keep in mind that you cannot successfully perform a Wyrmstake Cannon combo if your gunlance is empty. Reload them using Normal Reload or Guard Reload, Quick Reload will not reload the Wyrmstake Cannon.

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Guarding While During Wyvern Fire

Button zR.png+ Buttons X.png+ Buttons A.png

While the Wyvern Fire isn't a new move to the Gunlance, it was observed that when using Wyvern Fire, the hunter is capable of guarding against attacks! A new and handy feature!

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Burst Fire

After Using Overhead Smash, Buttons A.png

The Burst Fire is a returning move in Monster Hunter Rise! Burst Fire is a move that quickly fires all the current shell you have and is a great move to use for Gunlances with normal ammo types due to its massive amount of ammunition.

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Charged Shelling

Hold Buttons A.png

The Charged Shelling is an old gunlance feature that allows you to increase a shell's damage by charging your shots. It's extremely effective for long-type gunlance ammo due to its inherently high damage output.

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Full Firepower Combo.gif

Buttons X.png+ Button A.pngButtons X.pngButton A.pngButtons X.pngButton A.png

This combo utilizes all of the high damage moves of the Gunlance but leaves you open to counterattacks. Only use this combo when the monster is down.

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Wyrmstake Cannon + Guard Edge Combo.gif

Button zR.png+ Button A.pngButton A.png

With this combo, you can start prepping the Wyrmstake Cannon when the monster roars as that is your opening. Quickly transferring into guard edge can help block against the attack after the roar which then leaves the monster open for you to blast them with your readied Wyrmstake Cannon.

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Full Blast End in Guard Edge Combo.gif

Button zR.png+ Button A.pngButtons X.pngButton A.png

This combo allows you to enter into a Guard Edge then transfer into a full burst. You can also integrate movements for re-positioning yourself while slamming down attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Infinite Full Burst Combo.gif

Buttons X.png+ Button A.pngButtons X.pngButton A.pngButtons X.pngButton zR.png+ Button A.png→ ....

A full combo that bombards the target with infinite full bursts using Ammo Up and Reload Speed and goes well with Normal Shelling Gunlances.

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Fastest Wyrmstake Cannon Combo.gif

Hold Buttons A.png→ ↓ + Buttons A.png

This combo enables your Wyrmstake Cannon to execute faster if shot from Charged Shelling. Combine this with the Switch Skill Guard Reload and you will have an infinite combo.

Check IconUse the Wyvern Fire

Check IconShelling bypasses Monster Armor

Check IconUse Guard Edge to recover sharpness

Check IconUse Wyrmstake Cannon

Check IconUse traps to lock a monster in place for your high artillery combos

Check IconKnow the different shelling types' individual pros and cons

Check IconMaster the three types of reload

Check IconWyvern Fire can flinch allies

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Wyvern Fire Big Damage

Wyvern Fire is the most powerful attack the Gunlance can deliver. Make sure it hits the monster so it would not be wasted!

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Shelling Bypass Armor

Shelling bypasses monster armor so you may bombard any part of the body regardless of the toughness!

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Guard Edge Silkbind Attack Restores Sharpness

Guard Edge is a great addition to Gunlance's arsenal. This is very useful considering that shelling rapidly decreases Gunlance sharpness! You may also use armor skills like Handicraft or Speed Sharpening to mitigate the rapid sharpness decrease.

The Wyrmstake Cannon is Gunlance's main DPS improving skill. It almost doubles your damage so always make sure that the monster has a Wyrmstake cannon in it and keep firing on it with shells!

The Wyvern's Fire used to be Gunlance's strongest move but is replaced by the less flashy Wyrmstake Cannon. The Wyvern's Fire is a burst attack and using it on a monster that has a Wyrmstake Cannon will make the Cannon proc extra explosions from the Wyvern's Fire. The deadliest artillery combo.

Traps are a valuable item in Monster Hunter games. It allows you to ensnare a monster and potentially capture it when their HP is low. With Gunlance's bursty nature, a single opening can prove fatal to monsters, and using traps is a surefire way to get that opening.

The Gunlance's playstyle, while fixed into the DPS tank role, will vary greatly depending on their weapon's shelling type.

AmmoBest Movesets and Playstyles
NormalMost Ammo capacity, gets high damage from Burst Fire due to ammo quantity.
SpreadLeast ammo capacity, benefits greatly from a poke, fire, quick reload style of play.
LongMedium ammo capacity, has the highest shelling damage and can benefit the most from Wyrmstake Cannon and Shelling only playstlyle.
ReloadSlow Reload Speed
Bullets and Wyrmstake are both reloaded
Quick ReloadFast Reload Speed
Only the bullets are reloaded
Guard Reload
Switch Skill
Can Guard while reloading
Fast Reload Speed that includes the Wyrmstake but reloads only 3 bullets

It is important to know when to use these types of reloading. Wyrmstake Cannon is very powerful but it is cumbersome to reload. A great Gunlance player knows if the situation calls for Reload or Quick Reload.

The Switch Skill Guard Reload is the middle ground but you don't unlock it until the Hub ★6 so it's a long way to go. By that time, you should have mastered both Reload and Quick Reload.

Switch Skills Guide: How to Unlock Switch Skills

Be careful on using the Wyvern Fire when there are allies nearby. The explosion can flinch them and will disrupt their combo. Maintain proper decorum and use Wyvern Fire only when there isn't an ally nearby or let them know if you will use it so they can back off.

RankB Rank Icon

The Gunlance is a weapon that can easily deal damage. However, since there's a big windup time for its attacks, it needs knowledge of a monster's moves so it doesn't get interrupted. The Gunlance is also slow, making it difficult to move around the battlefield.

Weapon Tier List

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Strengths

Check IconShelling neglects monster armor

Check IconPhysical attacks are strong too

Check IconLong reach and can aim high places

Check IconOne of the best with guarding

Shelling attacks ignore monster armor so Gunlance players revolve their playstyle around it. This is mostly where the Gunlance shows its full potential!

Though shelling is where the power lies, Gunlance's physical attacks are not too shabby either! Depending on the situation, you can build your Gunlance for poking only!

Like the Lance, the Gunlance also has a long reach and can aim high. This enables the hunter to reach the high heads of Anjanath or hit flying enemies like Rathalos!

The Gunlance is also top tier when it comes to guarding! It is possible to bombard enemies with shelling while guarding to keep this in mind!

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Weaknesses

Check IconShelling consumes sharpness

Check IconVery poor mobility

Check IconWyvern's Fire and Shelling Ammo needs proper management

Unfortunately, shelling rapidly consumes sharpness. Remember to use Guard Edge or sharpen during the fight! We suggest putting in the armor skill Master's Touch to slow down sharpness degradation. If not, just opt with Speed Sharpening so you can sharpen in less time.

When unsheathed, the Gunlance reduces the hunter to a crawl. Sheath your weapon or build your Gunlance for Evade Extend to reposition effectively! Blast Dash can be used to mitigate this but you will not have access to Charged Shelling anymore.

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Wyvern

In addition to managing sharpness, Gunlance users must also manage the Gunlance's Wyvern's Fire and Shelling ammo. This requires optimal presence of mind whenever you play!

Check IconWyvern Fire can be shot while guarding

Check IconWyvern Fire cooldown is shown (below the Wyrmstake Cannon icon)

Check IconBurst Fire now possible from the start of a combo

Check IconSpread Shelling has the stun values

Monster Hunter Rise - Gunlance Wyvern Fire Meter Appears Now.png

The cooldown for the Wyvern Fire is now displayed with an orange meter below the Wyrmstake Cannon icon. You can now see (at a glance) if Wyvern Fire is ready!

Weapons Partial Banner.png

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At its best, the MHW Gunlance is a tremendously versatile weapon. It offers high damage, the ability to break monster parts, and incredible defense. The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion made that truer than ever. Now the three different styles of MHW Gunlance offer different advantages and disadvantages — depending on your shell type. That makes choosing the best Gunlance in MHW pretty difficult. There isn’t so much one shell type or weapon that stands above the rest. Instead, you need to look carefully at each category and consider which one is best for you. Our guide to the best MHW Gunlance is here to help! Let’s take a look at what goes into all these ultra-flashy boomsticks, and which one might be best for you.

Note: This guide references weapons only attainable by fighting the limited-time monster known as Safi’Jiva. Awakened Weapons are the randomized drops that you get at the end of any Safi’Jiva siege. Whereas Xeno + weapons are built normally, along the Xeno’Jiva tree, using parts from both Xeno’Jiva and Safi’Jiva to reach the highest level of upgrade.

To determine when Safi’Jiva is available on your system, please head to the official MHW event calendar for consoles right here. Steam players can find their own event calendar at this link instead.

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Normal Shell – Full Burst Style

Gunlances with the normal shell modifier are typically played using the “full burst” playstyle. This is where you initiate a melee combo (usually by stabbing forward), slam your Gunlance down with Triangle+Circle/Y+B (depending on your controller), and detonate all your shells at once with Circle/B. Then you can slash again and do a quick reload to create an infinite combo of powerful strikes and explosive finishers. This takes advantage of the normal shell Gunlance’s high ammo capacity, but low individual damage.

Safi’s Shatterbuster or Venombuster(Safi’Jiva): Since normal shell Gunlances use melee combos more than their peers, you’re free to use whatever element or status effect you prefer. However, you might as well get the highest level of shell possible. Any Awakened Gunlance from Safi’Jiva will give you just that, with the right ability. And while you can get Safi’Jiva variants in all elemental types, Blast and Poison damage are the “easy” options. Blast in particular does tremendous raw damage (while breaking monster parts and building up consistently). No normal monster in the game is immune to either effect. Whereas Safi’Jiva and Xeno’Jiva actually take increased damage from both.

Stygian Avaritia (Stygian Zinogre): Your other option for Level 7 normal shells, for the time being, is the Stygian Avaritia. This sucker takes some serious farming in the Guiding Lands. However, it will earn you a decent Gunlance with the highest level of shells in the game, plus some incredible purple sharpness. And it’s not tied to an event monster like Safi’Jiva!

Queen’s Panoply (Gold Rathian): Before its first wave of free updates, the best weapons in Iceborne were typically Gold Rathian variants. These are all-rounders with high damage, Affinity, sharpness, and Poison. The downside is that they only have Level 6 normal shells — meaning the burst will do less damage compared to the newly introduced Level 7 version. The upside is that this golden Gunlance is significantly easier to farm than its siege or Guiding Lands cousins.

Long Shell – Charged Shelling Style

Long shell Gunlances are typically all about charging. After any melee attack, you can hold down the fire button — Circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox — to fire a juiced-up single shot from your weapon. Long variants do the most damage with this attack type, and hit from a greater distance thanks to their higher range.

Xeno Hemta + (Xeno’Jiva/Safi’Jiva): Not all Safi’Jiva weapons rely on random drops. You can also construct upgraded versions of the Xeno’Jiva tree from base MHW using Safi’Jiva body parts — forgoing the need to farm Dracolite. They’re pretty good, too! The Xeno Hemta + comes with 15 percent Affinity, some of the highest raw damage in this weapon class, and a whopping two Level 4 decoration slots. You won’t get much use out of Affinity with a charged shelling build. However, those extra slots are tremendously hard to pass up.

Deathlance Vaal Spysa (Blackveil Vaal Hazak): On paper, the Deathlance Vaal Spysa is weaker than the Xeno Hemta + in nearly every way. It sports weaker raw damage, less sharpness, zero Affinity, and only two Level 2 decoration slots (compared to two Level 4 slots). However, damage and Affinity barely come into play with charge shelling builds — since shell damage is fixed according to level, and isn’t affected by sharpness unless you get extremely low. That means the Spysa (which also sports Level 6 shells) only really loses out to the Hemta + on slots.

The Spysa isn’t tied to an event, either. That means any player can farm for this weapon at any time — without needing to wait for a siege. That makes it a perfect early step if you’re just starting out with long shell Gunlances.

Wide Shell – Poke Style

Wide shell Gunlances saw some pretty major changes with the release of Iceborne. Once the go-to shell type for their class, the shotgun spears are now just one option among many. Specifically, wide shell Gunlances are good for the “poke” playstyle — wherein you mostly stay behind your shield, poke the enemy with a melee attack, fire a shell, and repeat, stringing together the shots, stabs, and quick reloads.

There are several benefits to this style of play. Poking means you never have to commit to long combos (as with the full burst playstyle). Nor do you push yourself back with recoil (as with the charged shelling playstyle). That means your damage stays incredibly consistent, as if you were using a standard Lance, while allowing you to shift to a block on the fly. Plus you can break monster parts and build up status effects at a good clip.

Raging Brachydios Gunlance

Lightbreak Gunlance (Raging Brachydios): Blast damage, purple sharpness, and two potent decoration slots: you can’t expect much more than what the Lightbreak Gunlance provides. Sure, the sharpness isn’t as high as the Furious Rajang version, but that’s not a major factor on this weapon type anyway — just a nice bonus. It also doesn’t have any innate Affinity. But this exploding pike has the highest base raw of any Gunlance currently in MHW, without the negative Affinity that usually entails. Not to mention Blast damage is just good all around. Plus a Level 4 and a Level 3 decoration slot makes this one powerful addition to any build you want to play around with. Finally, a good Brachydios weapon in MHW!

Furious Rajang Gunlance

Demonlord Gunlance (Furious Rajang): Surprisingly shortly after the release of Safi’Jiva, two new normal weapons gave the Gunlance category a run for its money. The Demonlord Gunlance comes from the Furious Rajang variant of the famously angry monkey. Like its counterpart, it’s one of just two Gunlances in the game to sport Level 7 wide shells! Not even the standard Safi’Jiva sports that. Though who knows what might happen with a potential new monsters down the line… Even so, this surprisingly hardy stick sports a whole mess of purple sharpness, 15 percent Affinity, and a somewhat respectable 300 Thunder damage. However, we probably give the nod to the previous Gunlance.

Safi’s Shatterbuster (Safi’Jiva): Safi’Jiva weapons are typically some of the best in the game (if you can get them). And the Blast damage from Safi’s Shatterbuster pairs well with the mix of melee strikes and quick shells you fire with this style. Just make sure you roll for Level 6 wide shells. You’re probably better off just farming for Raging Brachydios, though, if you’re truly married to the Wide life. That’s especially true since the Raging Brachydios armor set is the best in the game for Gunlance users.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne - Gunlance Guide - Rurikhan Crash Course

This is a guide on how to use the high-explosive melee gun hybrid of Monster Hunter World (MHW), the Gunlance. Read on more to learn about their controls and how to effectively use them.

L2.png+ O button.png
Fire Clutch Claw

Shelling is the firing of the gunlance like an actual gun. The bullet does not travel, but it causes an explosion at the tip of the lance. What's unique about this is that it ignores monster armor, although each shot takes double the sharpness of a normal hit. These rounds also need to be reloaded if they run out, though at the cost of no items.

Wyvern Fire is a massive explosion that causes overheating of the gunlance. Once doing this, you'll notice your weapon physically open up and expose a hot-red portion. As long as this shows up on your weapon, your Wyvern Fire is on cooldown.

The Wyrmstake Cannon is a sharp blade that can get stuck in monsters, causing damage over time for a few seconds and culminating after. It's usually the last strike of a combo and it cannot reload via quick reloads, only full reloads when blocking. Take note however that these are easy to miss as there's a few second delay between the thrust and ejection of the Wyrmstake.

Second to the Lance, the Gunlance's blocking is best in-game. As long as you have stamina, you can block most of the attacks monsters can throw at you. Be aware, however, that some attacks can break through your block, and these attacks often deal massive damage.

Triangle button.png> Triangle button.png> Triangle button.png> O button.png

This basic combo is a good way to close distance against enemies, ending up with a strong shot. This combo attacks mostly frontwards.

Triangle button.png+ O button.png> Triangle button.png> Triangle button.png> Triangle button.png

This is one of the stronger combos. The first two attacks hit overhead, followed by a third wide slash, then a final hit that's a Wyrmstake Cannon hit.

O button.png> O button.png> O button.png

This is a simple combo that shoots two shots and ends with a Wyrmstake Cannon strike. Very useful and should often be followed by a full reload.

Triangle button.png+ O button.png> O button.png> O button.png> O button.png> O button.png

To shoot upwards, which is especially useful if you're underneath a monster, start with an upward strike, then proceed to shoot while the lance is up. The shots and the Wyrmstake will go upwards instead of forwards, allowing you to deal damage directly above you.

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Mhw gunlance guide

Monster Hunter Rise: Gunlance Guide (Combos, Moves, & More)

Monster Hunter Rise gives gamers the chance to slay mighty beasts and craft awesome gear with the materials they gather. There's a satisfying feeling of progression as players hunt increasingly epic monsters with weapons and armor that just get more and more stylish and badass. Monster Hunter Rise features 14 returning weapon types for players to try out, all of which have been revamped to synergize with the gameplay elements introduced in this newest entry in the series. Few of the weapons are as originally unique as the Gunlance.

The Gunlance has always been known as a weapon that is capable of both devastating offense and ironclad defense. In the Monster Hunter Rise demo that was released ahead of the game's launch, players were able to see that the capabilities of the Gunlance have reached a whole new level. With the addition of Silkbind attacks and Wirebug movement, the Gunlance not only becomes more impenetrable but also more versatile. This guide will set hunters on the right path towards mastering everything this weapon type has to offer.

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Gunlance Controls And Combos

The basic commands for the Gunlance are as follows:

  • X - Lateral Thrust
  • A - Shelling
  • Hold A - Charged Shelling
  • X+A - Rising Slash
  • ZR+X - Guard Thrust
  • ZR+A - Reload
  • ZR+X+A - Wyvern’s Fire
  • ZR - Guard

The Gunlance has the ability to attack from a guarded position, making it a great weapon choice for players who seem to always get smacked around when they get up close and personal with a monster. A hunter can ensure that their shield is always pointed in the right direction by locking on to the opposing monster. But the most unique aspect of the Gunlance is its Shelling capabilities. Shelling attacks deal non-elemental damage and are effective against armored monster parts that deflect most other physical attacks. The Gunlance can only load so many shells at a time though, so reloading will eventually be necessary.

Wyvern's Fire is one of the most powerful attacks a Gunlance wielder can perform. After a long charge-up time, the Gunlance unleashes a huge explosive attack. Because of the charging time, this technique is best used when a monster is downed or otherwise immobile. Wyvern's Fire also has a long cooldown period after use, so it can't be relied upon for every situation.

Some useful combos for the Gunlance are as follows:

(Left Stick)+X > X > X > A

X+A > X > A

X+A > X > X > ZR+X+A

The "Burst Fire Combo" ends with a large blast that uses all the currently loaded shells in a Gunlance at once. A player who wants to make the most of this technique will make sure to always keep their weapon fully loaded. The "Strong Combo" ends with a Wyvern's Fire if it's not currently on cooldown. This combo dishes out a lot of damage in an efficient manner, but is time-consuming and should only be used if there's a long opening such as when the monster is caught in a Shock Trap.

Wyrmstake Cannon and Silkbind Attacks

The Wyrmstake Cannon is another ultimate attack that the Gunlance can use in addition to Wyvern's Fire. The attack fires a blade in melee range that will inflict damage to a monster multiple times before triggering a high-damage explosion. After use, the Wyrmstake Cannon can be readied again by simply performing a standard Reload action. There are three ways to use Wyrmstake Cannon:

  • Press A after two Shelling attacks
  • Press (Left Stick down)+A after a Charged Shelling attack
  • Perform one of the following combos:

X+A > X+A

X+A > X > X > X or A

Silkbind attacks are a fun new addition to Monster Hunter Rise. Hunters are equipped with a Wirebug, which is represented by a number of Wirebug symbols at the bottom of the screen. Silkbind attacks can be executed by pressing either ZL+X or ZL+A and consuming either one or two Wirebugs, depending on the attack. These Wirebugs will then become available again after a short period of time.

There are a number of Silkbind attacks that become available to players as they progress through Monster Hunter Rise. They will be able to mix and match however they choose to create a loadout that best suits their individual tastes and strategy. The following Silkbind attacks are the initial options for Gunlance users:

  • Hail Cutter - Perform a Rising Slash and then an Overhead Smash. Can be chained into a Burst Fire or a Wyrmstake Cannon combo. Each usage of this Silkbind attack reduces the cooldown time for Wyvern’s Fire. Costs 2 Wirebug Gauges.
  • Guard Edge - A perfect guard that regenerates weapon sharpness if a monster’s attack connects, and can be followed up with various attacks. Costs 1 Wirebug Gauge.

There are many other weapons to collect and techniques to master, not to mention a broad selection of quests and monsters to try them out on. With additional free content already on the way, dedicated hunters should take the time to learn as much as possible about the ways of hunting in the latest game in the legendary franchise.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch, with a PC release planned for early 2022.

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