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Open Your Eyes to the Unseen World Around You

My guest sees so clearly into the invisible world and he has imparted this gift to thousands. It makes them are you ready. It makes them indestructible next. I'm here with Blake Kelly and uh Blake Today Uh is the director of the Bethel School of Ministry in Atlanta uh and is equipping thousands of young people to move in the same power that he moves in uh and the Blake uh I have to tell you it absolutely provokes me to jealousy at 2 years of age, you're looking into the invisible world. I mean how did you handle it and you know it kinda. In stages when I was when I was really young, uh everything that I saw in the spirit was just as normal to me as anything else cuz I remember when I was young, I just kind of took everything as face value as I got a little bit older, especially 910 years old. Whenever I talk about some of the things that I was seeing I would I would get kind of strange looks from my friends and it made me think maybe this is something you're not supposed to talk about or is impolite to talk about and it made me start to your parents were Christians, but they didn't understand this. Yeah. we grew up in a church that didn't really. Know how the supernatural worked and so they didn't really know what to look for. I'm just curious when you would see angels um did they look like humans? What did they look like as a child? If you can remember yeah, now there's a wide variety. Some of them look more or less like people. I remember we'd be in a worship service and I would see uh angels that look like kind of like young women. they had long hair, but they're wearing this golden flowing robes and carrying banners and leaping great distances and dancing and jumping. During worship well, that sounds like better entertainment than anything we see on television definitely okay. But then you started really seeing clearly the dark side at nine. How would you what what occurred? Yeah? So I would see demons you know now and then when I was younger, but it didn't really feel any sense of fear. It felt like something that was kind of you know out there um when I was nine, though, especially at night time, I'd start to have this just overwhelming fear come over me and I would see demonic things and sometimes. For hours, just lay in my bed, unable to go to sleep just completely and totally terrified. Did you go to your parents over this? I was old enough, then to know that what I was experiencing wasn't entirely normal and so all I really told my parents was that I was scared and you know they gave me all the great things to do. they gave me prayers to pray. They let me have a little CD player that I could play worship music, but um for that for about 3 years, nothing I did helped at all. Then, God took mercy and sent your parents to a new church that believed in the supernatural and of course you went with them. Uh what affect did that have on you? Yeah. It was a real turning point in my life. We um we moved across the country and moved uh to a new church and they're really active about teaching the gifts of the spirit and especially prophecy and so I went to this prophetic class and I was hearing as I was hearing about the different ways that people hear God's voice visions dreams and all these different things. It was the first time that I. A real solid context for what was going on up until that point, I hadn't decided if either I was going crazy or if the devil had just decided to ruin my life now and now what about this fear? How did you you eventually got rid of this supernatural? uh fear? Yeah. It was an amazing thing. as soon as I learned about the prophetic that gave me enough of a context that I was able to uh feel fully comfortable going to my parents telling them everything that was going on. We spoke with the church leader. There and even though none of them had the exact same gift they at least heard of people who had the same kind of gift and that one revelation that this wasn't just the enemy attacking me. This wasn't just me losing my mind, but it was a gift that I hadn't learned how to manage it re oriented my experience from being just something that was happening to me to being rooted in something that I was meant to grow in and that and what happened after that was amazing. I still saw demonic stuff after I had that. Conversation with the leaders that first night, but all of the fear was gone and after about a week it the demonic stuff stop trying to bother me at all and I would have passion to help people that are fearful. Oh, absolutely you know. I believe that again, God is not given us a spirit of fear and it's one of the reasons I wrote. this book is I want people to recognize that we don't have to just chase fear away. We're actually meant to live a life that actually propels the attacks of the enemy. I think. In that early part of my life, even though I was a Christian, I didn't necessarily have a real understanding of that of where my identity was rooted in Christ and it was that revelation that felt like it equipped me to just naturally repel those attacks. So you literally learned how to change your environment by understanding the manufacturer's handbook the Bible and that's and you equip others on how to do this you literally. Believe that until it's God's moment for you to go to heaven, you are indestructible. I absolutely believe that I believe that God has anointed his children to be completely immune to the attacks of the enemy. It doesn't mean there won't be challenged. It doesn't mean there won't be trials, but I believe that we are meant to live a lifestyle and live in his presence in such a way where we know exactly how to navigate those trials and be successful in any kind of challenge. Well, I have to tell you your book is a guide book and it is. It'll make you indestructible too. You have an amazing revelation between light and darkness. I like it absolutely you know and it's it's awesome. It's in the bible. you know very frequently in Scripture. uh the dichotomy between light and dark is used to describe the kingdom of the enemy and the Kingdom of God and I love this metaphor because when you when you think about it, you know light does not have to fight to displace darkness if I if I just shows up. Oh, it just shows up if I if I go in my office and turn on the lights, it doesn't slowly you know creep away from from the light doesn't slowly get scrubbed out the moment that light is present darkness is gone and that's that's just the truth is that it's it's not whether the plans of God can outweigh the plans of the enemy. It's are we looking at our life with the lights on or the lights off now you're talking from Bible, but you are also talking from singing so clearly. In the invisible world, so the anime, if you will has tricks for instance, shame tell us about Doug. Yeah, I had this friend when I was when I was younger and uh to make a long story short, he had a really a big problem with substance abuse and as he got a little bit older, he managed to give up most of these issues, but he still had a problem with alcohol. You know he'd be doing good for a few months and then he just had to go on a real uh scary. Bender, where he would just really indulge and the most recent of these events had caused him to spend a little time in jail and lose his license and I saw Doug at um at church and I you know, hey, how's it going and he was you know, saying all these kind of self-deprecating kind of statements and I noticed there was this demon that was following him and anytime that he would say one of those self-deprecating statements it would dump this bucket of this kind of oily tar. Kind of stuff it was this dark. uh you have such an advantage over most People. II am so glad that God raised you up to teach others that their gifts can be developed. Oh totally and it's it's and it's just something that can grow you know and uh and and you know I watched this all this. um this would come on him and uh I told him you know, please stop you know stop saying this stuff about yourself and uh a few. Days later, I saw him again and that very same demon was picking at these different little wounds that were on him all the little hurts and pains of life and was pulling him open with one hand. When with the other hand, it was shaking this brown bottle in front of his face and the next time I saw Doug, he showed up to church drunk and again the second we made eye contact. I could see that he knew that I would that he was had um started drinking again and that exact same demon came and dumped that shame all over him again and there's a. Righteous anger that comes up in me when I when and I and I hope in other people too, and I realized the exact same demon that was trying to tempt him into violating his values is the exact same one that was condemning him and shaming him for having violated those values trying to perpetuate a cycle. Shame is a biggie. There are a lot of people watching us and they have done the things and every once in a while it comes to remember and you feel a lot of. What advice do you have for them? How can they get rid of this shame? Yeah. So when you when you've truly repented when you've changed your mind and change the way that you're living your life, you are invited into stepping into your identity in Christ and when you receive your identity from him, shame can't stick to you and can't hang on to you. It just melts away. You still have a conviction. You still have the holy Spirit helping to direct your path and. And guide you, but it's not like shame tries to tell you who you are tries to have you identify with something negative conviction makes you want to repent again and return to Jesus and let him transform your life. Well, you know it. It's once you come to your senses. I guess he finds a bully wants to find someone else that bite, though there's leave you am I right, Oh certainly okay. what about the lady in the healing line that learned how to hear God? Yeah, this was a great one. I you know we have a prayer lines at the end of our services every day at Bethel Atlanta and um I had a woman come up and you know what can I pray for you for and she was really in a bad spot her she was having problems with her job problems with her husband and problems with her kids. It was just disconnection all over the place and so I started praying for her and I saw three angels standing behind her carrying this big canvas bags and I saw stencil on the bags was the word um undelivered that Angel reached in and. Out a letter and the letter also had a stamp that said Undelivered on it and I said you know II think that the Lord really wants to speak to you. I think he wants to. he has things he wants to share with you have you ever tried doing that before and she hadn't so we did a little simple prayer. I'm gonna pray for you and we're just gonna ask the Lord first. What does he have to say about your job and I watched this angel tore open the letter had gold handwriting on it and it's kinda tilted the letter as if it was pouring a glass of water and all the letters came tumbling off in this gold dust and landed on the woman's head and I said, Do you feel me. Thing and said well, I just all of a sudden felt this sense of peace and it didn't necessarily answer the question, but it brought this feeling of peace. I said. Okay, let's let's see what the Lord has to say about your husband. Another letter opened another and this one he just said on top of her head and she saw this picture of her and her husband and it was uh it was like a good normal day. They were connecting they were speaking and she said II. Just kinda had this memory of this thought come to my mind and I said, I think the Lord is showing you what he's going to do just a few weeks later. She had total breakthrough with her job. She had a healing and restoration with her husband and just a few months after that, she was trying to reconcile and reconnect with her kids just because she had moved towards learning to hear God's voice for herself and this is what God wants for all of us not run to to a Blake Blake. What's God saying to me now? Blake saw God's end time glory being manifested on earth. I can't wait to find out what he saw so wow. Just We will be right back to it's supernatural. Hello. YouTube is a Hebrew word. It means family. This is Sid welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. If you've been blessed by this show, please subscribe. then click the bell so you won't miss a single episode of it's supernatural. And like the thought crossed my mind several times do you see anything going on in this set right now? I'd be happy to share that well, of course, there's all the normal stuff like every crew member and yourself of course, has a personal angel. That's that's following them around. Oh, just the normal stuff Okay. But the one thing that really stuck out to me that I thought was cool. I saw three angels right around the kinda the sides of the set and they had these um golden staffs and these big beautiful w and every feather of the wing was uh was a different color and I was I was asking. What it was and I heard him say it's it's the impartation for today and it's every impartation that came before. It's an invitation for the body of Christ to awaken the similar gifts that they have in themselves. you you talk about something that is so important for our viewers to understand you call it the graveyard of dreams. Yeah, it's um this is a vision that I had that still leaves me a bit a bit faking. I am I was just out. Of my house playing with my kids when all of a sudden I turned and looked and I saw Jesus standing at the end of my driveway and he uh he looked glorious. he was he was tall. He was wearing uh these beautiful robes and I looked behind him and I saw these large what looked to me like big file cabinets, but they were they were so high that they even blocked out the sun and they were all over. I looked to the left. I looked to the right they went as far as I could see and I said Lord well. Is this I heard him say it's a graveyard and I thought you know why is this in front of my house and then he said It's a graveyard of dreams and then again I thought you know why is this in front of my house? There couldn't be that many dreams for this little neighborhood, you know, but then, he said No. This graveyard covers the entire earth and then I asked the right question. I said, whose dreams are these and Jesus, said they're my dreams and at this point. I looked and I realized that there were these big racks of shelves and some of the shelves looked beautiful. They looked ornate. they were made of marble and gold, and even some of them had flowers in them and others were kind of plain slate gray like just kind of uh you know like a file cabinet and I realized that there's a difference between these two drawers and then I heard Jesus say not all of my dreams come true and he said. Do you wanna see them and he walked for and he opened. One of the great drawers one of the dead ones, and it was a really long drawer in front to back. it was full of all these pieces of paper and he pulled a few of these papers out and the best way I can describe what was on these papers. It was it was the most it was like the most detailed business plan I've ever seen every thought every piece of equipment every personnel every everything that would be needed to accomplish. This particular goal was planned for thought out and prepared, but it just sat there. Has a plan and so then he took me and he opened one of the one of the um beautiful drawers one of the ones and I was shocked that when he opened it, I saw a pair of feet sitting in there and I leaned over and I looked in and could see a whole person and I looked up at Jesus and he said. All of my dreams come true through my children and immediately, I realized that the dreams that had come true were representative of places where people. Given their lives for the plans of God that they had dedicated their lives and their time here on Earth to accomplish God's purposes and plans and the great Roars represented plans where people had not decided to do that and had just left that plan sitting there and I quickly realized that there were a lot more of the greats than there were of the beautiful ones and I felt this kind of anger rise up in me and I without really thinking about. I turned to him and said why do you dream at all and immediately, he said. And when he did it washed all the anger out of me, he said. I never stop hoping in my children no matter how many times my hope is deferred and then he paused from him and said, Would you like to see your drawer and he pulled over to this section? where uh all the drawers were sitting open and they were just empty and he pulled open the drawer in front of me that I knew it was mine and I looked inside and it looked like a coffin. It was padded and soft and I looked and it was about his. As a you know as a file cabinet and I looked down on myself and you know I'm a little bit wider than a file cabinet and so half jokingly, I said it seems a little small and he said that's right. There's no room for your dreams in there only mine and he said. But don't worry. I'll hold on to your dreams for you and I knew at that moment. That was neither a promise that he was going to put those dreams in there with me or that he was going to hold those dreams back. It was simply an invitation to trust him and so. Wanting to do just that I'd stepped in the drawer and the second that I stepped in the drawer. I had something happened that it only happened once before that I can remember in my life When I when I see in the spirit, it's it's intermix with everything else that I see and so it's just kind of naturally there um but this was different. This was a full open vision. I could still feel the ground underneath my feet. I could still hear my kids playing but everything that I could see was nothing, but this vision that God showed me and I found mine. Uh high up in the sky about airplane heights and I looked down there was a city below me. I looked to my left and I looked to my right and there was other people as far as I could see in the air with me and I looked behind me and I saw Jesus there just as glorious as he had been before. and as Jesus was there was this light that was shining out of him. This pure beautiful light and it shown out in this straight beams. And as these beams came, they hit each person as they hit each person just like white light going. Through a prism, the light split into these into multiple colors, but then it continued to split into patterns into shapes into different movements. Some of them very organic and natural and beautiful, and some of them are very uh geometric and architectural and also beautiful in their own way. And then I listened and I heard him say watch what it does. And as I looked ahead, my vision just began to go further and further and further and I watched as this light. All of these different places on the earth from the greatest to the least I saw his presence landing on a school and I saw what his glory look like manifested in the school. I saw it. I saw it hit the boredom of a Fortune 500 company and I saw what his glory would look like manifested there not just people being slain in the spirit or overwhelmed by his presence, but releasing glory and the unique expression that was designed for that place. and for what felt like ours I saw place after place. Every level of society, I saw the children of God running to the brokenhearted to the motherless to the fatherless and releasing healing and wholeness, and it was uh the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and it went on for what felt like hours until finally it I blinked and I was back in my driveway. I'm sorry you blinked. I shouldn't have blinked. I shouldn't have blinked uh I blinked I was back. My driveway and Jesus was standing in front of me and I said is what was that is that what's what's going to happen? is that what could happen? What is that and he said it's already started and I realized then you know I can I can maybe get a little bit of a picture of what it would look like for God's glory to show up in the church service. I can I can imagine what that looks like uh for my younger days. I can imagine a little bit of what uh the glory of God looks like on a school campus, but there are so many. On this earth that I just really don't know what his manifested glory looks like what is it? What is it look like in an auto shop? What is it look like in an attorney's office? What is it look like at a dentist? Well, we're walking down a path that the world has never walked down before and the old ways are not going to work. The only thing that's gonna work is your own experiential knowledge of God through Jesus. Tell God you're sorry for your sins. Believe that he's forgiven you of every bad thing you've ever done in your life because he paid the price for it and then with your mouth, say Jesus come inside live inside of me and be my lord your own words, but do it now. Call now and get Blake's Brand-new book indestructible and his exclusive three-part audio CD master's Class nine keys to seeing in the spirit. Plus this bonus bookmark and exclusive package for our supernatural audience. Yours for a donation of $35 shipping and handling is included. Ask for offer Number 9701 through Blake's brand-new book indestructible. You will learn about angels and demons from a man who can see them. Blake Answers your press. Questions about spiritual warfare such as what spiritual weapons has God given you what kind of enemy are you facing? Can God really use you to fight this battle and be victorious. You will also receive his exclusive three-part audio CD master's class nine keys to seeing in the spirit through this teaching you will realize that the gifts of the spirit are meant to lead you into a deeper relationship with God. Learn how seeing in the spirit works and how you can begin your journey in walking in a. Supernatural understand how angels minister and support you understand how to operate in victory and your God given authority. Blake Pray a blessing over you for God's presence and peace for your heart to become softened to God's voice and nature for you to clearly hear God's voice for your ears and eyes to be opened to see the things of the spirit you never ever have to worry about the fight between light and darkness. It's not a fair fight you win. plus you will get this bonus bookmark nine keys to seeing. In the spirit, this bookmark will allow you to keep these nine keys in your jacket pocket or in your Bible is a reference wherever you go. Don't miss out on getting Blake's Brand-new book indestructible and his exclusive three-part audio CD master's class nine keys to seeing in the spirit. Plus this bonus bookmark and exclusive package for our supernatural audience. Yours for a donation of $35 shipping and handling is included. Ask for offer number 9701 call or you can. Your check to Sid Roth. It's supernatural PO box 392, Charlotte, North Carolina 28278. Please specify offer Number 9701 or log on to Sid call or write today.

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Ratings and Reviews

Sid Roth’s app is awesome!

We are Jewish believers having accepted Yeshua over 30 years ago. We have 2 grown kids that are also believers. We have listened to Sid Roth’s ministry the entire time we’ve been saved. His messages have helped us to grow in our faith. The INS app is wonderful! It encourages us daily to move forward, not stagnate and go to the next level of utilizing the gifts of the spirit God has given us. I don’t know what we would do without this marvelous tool. Thank you Sid and the entire staff for your hard work and listening to the Lord’s voice daily.

I Crave This Show!

In 1985, I was a baby Christian when I stumbled upon Sid Roth on the radio. I listen to him and was immediately drawn to him. There was something about him that filled my deepest spiritual desire for the "Supernatural" things of God. There was this intense yearning for the Messianic teachings, at the time I was a 26 year old black woman fascinated with Sabbath, The High Holy Days, miracles signs and wonders! Sid Roth played a very vital part of my wisdom and knowledge for the deeper things of Elohim. I ordered several broadcast and I have the "app" on my phone from "ISN"! It is far most one one the BEST shows on!

Thanks for making this show available

I enjoy watching EVERY episode. Unlike some other reviewers, I don't have any trouble getting the show to load or run on my iPad. If you were to ask me how it could be improved, I would like to suggest allowing the user to search the episodes by name. For example, suppose I'd like to see all episodes where Sid is interviewing a certain person. If you provided a search box where I could enter the person's name......(I'm sure you get the idea).

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Sid Roth's It's Supernatural

Television series

Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

Sid Roth on the set of Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

GenreChristian talk show
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Original networkDaystar, TBN, many others, on ISN
Original release1996 (1996) –
2007 (2007)

Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! is a talk show hosted by televangelist Sid Roth to promote the supernatural as it relates to Christianity. The show is broadcast widely in the United States on Christian television networks and various international networks.


Sydney Abraham Rothbaum (born September 7, 1940) is an American talk show host and author. He was raised Jewish;[citation needed] but, at age 32, after dabbling in New Age philosophy for several years, he became a born again believer after a co-worker convinced him that Jesus is indeed the promised Messiah of the Jews. He soon embraced the somewhat nascent at the time Messianic Judaism movement.[1]

Roth launched his nationwide radio broadcast Messianic Vision in 1977. In 1996, he graduated to television as Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! began airing.[2] In late 2013, Roth's ministry started ISN (It's Supernatural! Network), a full-time online network that streams episodes of Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! and other content produced by the ministry and its partners for free.[3]

Format and guests[edit]

Each week, Roth interviews people who have experienced miracles and personal encounters with God. Some of the guests featured on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! include:

  • Tommy O'Dell, grandson of legendary evangelist TL Osborn
  • Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger
  • Bill Johnson, of Bethel Church
  • Robin Bullock, a man who claimed on Sid's show that God told him Joe Biden would not be President and that both the US House and Senate would be under GOP control after the 2020 election cycle.
  • John Waller, Christian singer-songwriter known for writing the theme song for Fireproof (film)[4][5]
  • Guillermo Maldonado, senior pastor of El Rey Jesús[6]
  • Misty Edwards, a contemporary Christian musician from International House of Prayer[7]
  • John Paul Jackson, founder of Streams Ministries International[8]
  • Walid Shoebat, Palestinian-American Baptist and lecturer


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Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

Access the supernatural wherever you go with the official app for Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! Network (ISN)!

Through ISN you can watch over 700 new and archived episodes of Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! as they stream to your device 24/7 on EDGE, 3G, 4G, or WiFi connections. Additionally, you will be able to watch new, original programming for ISN as it is released!

This application also features video and audio on demand of recent Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! TV episodes and Messianic Vision radio episodes.

-Stream the It's Supernatural! Network (ISN) in HD live to your mobile device.
-Watch powerful episodes of Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! TV show on demand.
-Listen to recent broadcasts of Messianic Vision radio.
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-Download TV episodes and radio broadcasts directly to your mobile device to watch anywhere -- even without an Internet connection!

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