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Top 101 Best Fairy Tattoos [2021 Inspiration Guide]

“I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?”

– John Lennon

Fairies manifest magic and wonder, dreams and sometimes even nightmares. Old wives tales, the Brothers Grimm, and modern takes by Disney show fairy stories are as old as time, nuanced and never ending.

Fantastic fables of fairies, elves and magical creatures are taught to children from the crib, staying on with people as they grow up in a world all too often lacking the innocence and wonder felt as a child listening to bedtime stories. Creatures of live in the closet, under your bed, in the forest, or at the bottom of your garden.

Fairies are favorites in the tattoo world, representing magic, freedom, and the carefree spirit illustrated people look for in body art and wider self expression. They can be colorful, careful, crazy or cool, but they’re individual symbols of wonder depicted in a wide variety of styles and themes.

Read on to take a closer look at 101 examples you can sprinkle into your ink ideas as you plan the perfect fairy tattoo.

1. Black and Gray Fairy Tattoos for Women

German Vegan Line Work Fairy Tattoo

This classic fairy does well balancing simple fine line black outline with flatter black fill in the strawberry and butterfly wings. The concept is cool but some of the pattern and shading in the wings looks a little cramped and hurried. The fairy’s dress is a highlight, utilizing strong short lines for ruffles and pleats.

Pretty Black And Grey Acilia Fairy Tattoo

An effective small tattoo of a forlorn fairy. The shades are spare dotwork accents smartly placed into the tattoo, and the use of white ink dots and runnels in the main images adds quality. The white ink on the outside however, gets lost by itself – if the artist added black in to help color the small crosses it would look more visible on the skin and fashion the framing more effectively.

Little Fairy On The Woods Getting The Goods

This is a deft and elegant fairy tattoo. Her wings are beautifully etched in black with white flourishes that contrast against her black hair and even finer features. The artist has created breadth and depth with the bell like fruit of the tree, and the branch she rests on while smelling a flower.

Custom Design Line Art Fairy Tattoo

A well crafted Disney Tinkerbell sprinkling fairy dust downward to cleverly create the Scarlett font. It’s cleanly delivered, flowing nicely down the subject’s arm with a mix of white speckles and gray shadow. It’s a sturdy tattoo that doesn’t do anything truly outstanding from a technical perspective.

Back Work Black Fairy Tattoo

An interesting fairy tattoo. This piece differs from most by focusing on the back of the pixie rather than the face and front. The concept is excellent and delivery is useful, especially the abstract quad wings sticking into her back like shards of glass. There’s not a lot of gradient shading, which may have been achieved by threading through the fairy’s hair and skirt with more gray scale.

Graphic Surreal Dark Art Fairy Tattoo

An excellent lower leg and foot tattoo. The curvature of flowing black line is a tremendous technical choice. The wings too are well inscribed with peacock feather like effects threaded in.

Tarot Card Witchy Crescent Moon Lion Line Work Fairy Tattoo

This fairy tattoo is fantastic. I love the magical white dot highlights sprinkled though the image like pockets of fairy dust. The Tarot card style border works brilliantly to frame the piece, helping the cursive font’s boldness by utilizing negative space. Putting the clean, sharp stars both inside and out of the wider tattoo creates a unique effect, while the hybrid dotwork and graduated gray shading  is well worked.

Matching Disney Fairy Tattoo

This sassy Tinkerbell is a little beauty. I love her funky hair and the fine facial features. There’s not a lot to it, however the line work/shading is deft and professional.

Adorable Line Work Fairy Tattoo

This minimalist fairy is a killer small piece of black ink. It’s crisp, clean and fresh looking despite being placed on the awkward foot surface. The clarity of fine black line makes the flowing abstract body look brilliant – like an extension of the pixie’s hair trailing behind her like a wedding train.

2. Color Fairy Tattoos for Women

World Tetovanie Color Fairy Tattoo

This tattoo links ideas tremendously around a beautiful, purple main fairy image with a sweet color palette. I enjoy framing the concept of love for books with the map of the world and the wondrous watercolors contrasting against the fuzzy globe shading. The fairy is the star though, her diaphanous shape stretching up towards the globe like a ballerina in a music box.

Flora Fauna Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tattoo

This version of the Fairy Godmothers is weird but make for a cool tattoo. The scheme of solid colors work as a means to differentiate each character. They look a little like a girl’s dolls come to life. The pink one’s a little scary though, she reminds me too much of that evil witch Dolores Umbridge.

Sunderland Floral Botanical Snail Mushroom Fairy Tattoo

This lower leg tattoo is amazing, mixing a superb fairy with classic realist elements of the frog and snail. Her wings are as good as any you’ll ever see, the gentle rainbow effects are elegant, wonderful snatches of shimmering color. The cherry blossoms help frame the long tattoo and fashion a better sense of scale and shape.

Carnation Angel Child Color Fairy Tattoo

A delicate yet spectacular small wrist tattoo. The use of color is flat to allow the amazing technical skills to show through in shading and line work. Her beautiful wings are an amazing feature, as if they’ve been lifted straight from a butterfly and placed on her skin.

Amityville Color Fairy Tattoo

I love this tattoo. The Inception concept of tattooed fairy within a fairy tattoo is good fun and delivered with style. The artist’s brilliant depiction of the imp’s wings and hair is subtle, inked cleanly with solid color and curving, clean lines of curving black. Also like the flush of color within her face, like a blushing bride or sunburned tourist.

Back Shoulder Stencil Art Fairy Tattoo

This shoulder tattoo has the fairy depicted like a waif wandering disconsolately through a relationship break up. The concept is clear but the technical application needs work, as the right wing shape seems odd and the white highlight shading isn’t strong enough to counter the flat black of the fairy’s dress.

Recklessheart Color Fairy Tattoo

This vibrant, almost anime watercolor Tinkerbell is astonishing. The artist’s ability to draw maximum color from the ink and surround cleanly effective lines and squiggles take it to another level. The wings are boss level cool, built with a haystack technical effect of wild straight lines fuzzed with vivid pink.

Bold Will Hold Old School Fairy Tattoo

Is this a succubus or a fairy? Either way, sticking her in the top of a bottle of poison seems excessive. This fairy tattoo is a good depiction of American Traditional style, the colors are muted but well crafted and the image is weird enough to bring back the good old days of alienation and rebellion.

Disneyland Princess Color Fairy Tattoo

I’m here for fairy godmothers dive bombing in formation on a wrist tattoo. The subject is a big Disney fan, and the piece jibes excellently with the background castle and charm bracelet. The three fairies are inscribed strongly, using clean line work and their trademark colors to craft the ink. Their flying shape is the coolest part of the tattoo. My only issue with it are the very faint trails of yellow ink used to depict the Fairy Godmother’s magic. It needs a touch up at the very least, and maybe strengthening line added to bring the effect through with more clarity.

Cool Amazing Watercolor Fairy Tattoo

Love the vibrant watercolor effects of this fairy tattoo. They look like small paintball explosions on skin, mixing brightly to create an outstanding back fill for the more subtle, understated butterfly winged fairy central to the tattoo. It’s a classy concept and strikingly well delivered piece of body art.

3. Delicate Fairy Tattoos for Women

Fantasy Line Work Black Work Fairy Tattoo

This finely etched black and gray tattoo is elegant and brilliant. There are numerous technical applications fully expressing the tattooist’s skill in crafting unique, fine line shading. It’s a light piece but one built to last with it’s intricacy and crisp defining outlines. The fairies dress in particular looks amazing, meshed with interconnecting cross-work stitching that contrasts against the deft negative space found in the arms and flower petals.

Disney Tinkerbell Fairy Tattoo

A delicate yet strong concept and tattoo. Depicting the fairy as a faceless imp seems strange but works within the presentation of the ink. Love how she sits demurely on a cloud, encased mainly in negative space and small flourishes of light ink shading. Choosing to match dress and shoes in light green works as a technical touch as well.

Contemporary Fine Line Art Fairy Tattoo

This fairy is a lovely piece of classical sketch style tattooing. Framing shape or contrasting colors – think ground and/or air effects – added to the effective black and gray ink would really send it to the next level.

Sunflower Color Fairy Tattoo

Tinkerbell Disney Fairy Tattoo

Elegant Cute Fairy Tattoo

4. Dreamy/Surrealistic Fairy Tattoos for Women

Black Art Fairy Tattoo

Girly Hip Skeleton Fairy Tattoo

Recife Pernambuco Fineline Fairy Tattoo

Black And Grey Dainty Traditional Fairy Tattoo

Classic Charming Fairy Tattoo

Fairy Wing Feminine Tattoo

5. Fairy Tattoos with an Animal for Women

Detailed Illustrative Elephant Fairy Tattoo

Sketch Art Work Cat Lover Fairy Tattoo

Small Amazing Cute Fairy Tattoo

6. Fairy Tattoos with Butterflies for Women

Single Needle Butterfly Fine Line Tattoo

Happy Flower Fairy Tattoo

Moon Free Soul Butterfly Tattoo

Girl Colorful Fairy Tattoo

Nymph Floral Black Dot Work Fairy Tattoo

Dream Girl Fairy Tattoo

7. Fairy Tattoos with Flowers for Women

Fairy God Mother Magic Creatures Happy Tattoo

Schorndorf Black White Design Ink Fairy Tattoo

Emily Inked Fairy Tattoo

French Traditional Flash Fairy Tattoo

Black Grey Fantasy Kwadron Fairy Tattoo

Feminine Rose Sculpted Fairy Tattoo

Mid Summer Night Dream Fairy Tattoo

Wild Girl Whip Shading Black Fairy Tattoo

Fairy Bell Sister Friend Cute Fairy Tattoo

8. Fairy Tattoos with the Moon for Women

Classic Tribal Moon Leg Fairy Tattoo

Ballito Twisted Ink Arm Tattoo

Basel Black And Grey Living Dead Fairy Tattoo

Mandala Moon Fairy Tattoo

Diy Moon Colored Fairy Tattoo

Small Colored Fairy Moon Tattoo

Heartbreak Moon Fairy Tattoo

9. Fairy Tattoos with Stars for Women

House Of Pain Simple Fairy Tattoo

Crucible Magic Naughty And Nice Queer Fairy Tattoo

Equilattera Dark Art Peterpan Fairy Tattoo

Beautiful Cute Body Art Fairy Tattoo

10. Large Fairy Tattoos for Women

Cicada Fantasy Fairy Tattoo

Healed Fairy Tattoo

Botanical Whimsical Flower Fairy Tattoo

Lacross Line Work Fairy Tattoo

Abstract Fairy Art Tattoo

Girl Fine Line Art Work Fairy Tattoo

Artistic Colored Fairy Tattoo

Spooky Black And Gray Bad Fairy Tattoo

Amazing Butterfly Fairy Tattoo

11. New School Fairy Tattoos for Women

Fuki Ink Witch Fairy Tattoo

Cute Sweet Fairy Line Work Tattoo

Flaviaverda Mushroom Skin Art Fairy Tattoo

Creali Fatina Girl Fantasy Fairy Tattoo

Spooky Empire Free Hand Fairy Tattoo

Real Work Art Magical Fairy Tattoo

Best Colored Fairy Tattoo

Mythology Unsual Love Fairy Tattoo

Sexy Girl Colored Fairy Tattoo

12. Silhouette Fairy Tattoos for Women

Beauty In And Out Innocence Fairy Tattoo

Cute Color Fairy Tattoo

Amazing Cute Little Fairy Tattoo

Back Moon Stars Cute Little Fairy Tattoo

Black And Grey Ink Cute Fairy Tattoo

Lovely Silhouette Fairy Sitting On A Mushroom Tattoo

Globe Magic Fairy Tattoo

Wrist Lovely Butterfly Fairy Tattoo

13. Tiny Fairy Tattoos for Women

Small Disney Fairy Foot Tattoo

Sugar Plum Color Fairy Tattoo

Tiny Fairy Tattoo Minik Melek

Tinker Bell Tangled Fairy Tattoo

14. Traditional Fairy Tattoos for Women

Little Old School Angel Fairy Tattoo

Healing Water Color Tattoo

Platform Boot Black Sabbath Fairy Tattoo

Kink Black Work Bondage Fairy Tattoo

15. Fairy Tattoos for Men

Victoria Cute Cat Fairy TattooWild Flower Sweet Fairy Tattoo

Cute Tiny Moon Fairy

16. Fairy Tattoos for Men or Women

Sad Fallen Angel Fairy Tattoo

Fairies Wear Boots Tattoo

Pixies And Fairy Totems Tattoo








Best Tattoos of Fairy for Women

This article will be specially dedicated to representatives of the female gender, because we will talk about the theme of fairy tattoos. These tattoos adorn thousands of girls' bodies all over the world and their popularity does not wane over the years. Fly like a fairy in our fairy tattoo design gallery, one of them will definitely end up casting a spell on you.

Best Tattoos of Fairy for Women

Introduction of Fairy Tattoo Designs

The stories and fairy tales originate from western European (British Isles) folklore and then spread to Germany, where authors like the Grimm brothers made them popular. Fairies are said to be fallen angels or demons who granted the desires and wishes of humans while committing deeds full of malignancy. These spirits have very contradictory characteristics. Which is also one of the meanings of fairy tattoo designs. They are both modest and boastful, obedient and rebellious, innocent and Machiavellian. This mix of personalities could be the reason for the popularity of fairy tattoos.

Fairies, native to Celtic, Roman, and Greek mythology, are fantastic and magical beings typically depicted as small, human-like creatures of pretty women, with transparent wings and colorful clothing. That’s why fairy tattoo designs are more suitable for women. These beings, according to different mythologies, have supernatural powers, such as flying, warding off spells, predicting the future, communicating with animals and many others. Girls with fairy tattoos might have imagined that they were fairy too.

These beliefs, coming from different mythologies and cultures, present different explanations of the origins of the existence of fairies. They are believed to be the reincarnation of the spirits of the dead or that they are a kind of fallen angel. On the other hand, they are also thought to be a species of creature in and of themselves, kind of little devils who have fun by mischievousness and disturbing human beings. But in fact, different kinds of fairy tattoo designs stand for different meanings.

The theme of fairy tattoos with images of fairies is still developing even today and these tattoos represent certain lifestyles and ways of thinking. A fairy tattoo design can be something pretty and delicate, as if it came out of a children's tale. This type of tattoo evokes a certain childhood nostalgia for those who remember it deeply and happily. In this sense, fairy tattoos are a symbol of youth and childhood.

Fairy tattoo design

Fairy tattoo designs stand out naturally and work well as a complement or part of another design, which gives very great versatility to this type of fairy tattoo designs. For example, common combinations are tattoos of fairies and flowers or fairies and butterflies - or both. Another frequent drawing, that of fairies accompanying the drawings of the moon or angels. So, these versatile tattoos provide multiple possibilities for women who can place it on any part of the body. When it comes to making fairy tattoos, you can use a large palette of bright colors or black ink with plays of shadows and sepia tones.

If any of these designs you like, and you are considering getting it tattooed, we would like to recommend that you put the quality and health of your skin first, that is why you should go to places that offer you professional services so that these fairy tattoo designs, which you will wear all your life, are in perfect condition.

Meaning of Fairy Tattoo Designs

Fairy tattoos are usually full of color and popular with women, given that they have an easier connection with the meaning and symbolism of this artwork. According to legends, fairies are magical creatures that represent:

  • Femininity
  • Beauty and grace
  • The fulfillment of dreams and desires
  • Innocence and youth
  • Spirits of nature and paganism
  • Frivolity and gambling
  • Machiavellianism
  • Freedom

Fairy tattoos are sometimes combined with religious symbols like crosses or stars, as well as with natural elements (like mushrooms and flowers), which represent the spiritual connection associated with these mythical creatures but are also a way of changing the meaning of the tattoo for the wearer. Popular variations of fairy tattoo designs are:

1. The Flower Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

Flowers are the natural symbols of femininity. Fairies are often depicted sitting on them or playing with them. The flowers represent youth, frivolity and connection with nature. Sunflowers symbolize warmth, energy and longevity. Daisies represent innocence, love and purity, while white lilies symbolize youth and motherhood. What do you think of a flower fairy tattoo?

Flower Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

Fairy tattoo design of via Instagram

2. The Butterfly Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

Butterfly fairy tattoos represent nature and innocence, and when associated with fairies, they represent beauty, grace, and freedom. Butterfly tattoo designs therefore symbolize rebirth and transformation, as butterflies go through a phase of transformation during their life.

3. The Gothic Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

Gothic fairy tattoo designs combine innocence and youth with darker connotations and elements (some sometimes use skulls). They represent dark fairies who have anguished and tortured expressions. Gothic fairies generally represent the loss of innocence. When the fairies in the drawing have challenging poses, they represent strength and power in the face of adversity.

4. The Crying Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

Sad fairy tattoos also represent the loss of innocence. A crying fairy, sitting on a flower or a mushroom, symbolizes the sadness of a lost connection with nature or broken ties with a loved one. Wearing a crying fairy tattoo represents loss and emotional grief, as the fairy, who is normally a powerful female figure, has been hurt and weakened.

5. The Evil Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

In some cultures, evil fairies are evil beings who create chaos by stealing babies and destroying crops. The designs of evil fairy tattoos sometimes have touches of innocence (like an apple) that date back to the times of Norse mythologies and refer to tales like that of Loki, the serpent from the biblical story of Heaven on Earth, and well others.

6. The Tribal Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

Combined with a fairy image, tribal tattoos represent a fusion of cultures and myths from visibly different worlds. Nowadays, the true meaning of each tribal symbol has been lost, but the designs of tribal fairy tattoos generally represent femininity and a connection with nature, with our ancestors or with a particular culture. They are usually black in color.

7. The Dragon and Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

The dragon is a symbol of the primary forces of nature. It lives in deep dark cellars (earth), steals (air) and breathes fire, and in Asian culture, it is associated with water. Dragons and fairies represent different expressions of nature: Dragons tend to be masculine and powerful, while fairies are delicate, feminine, and strong. In a sense, dragon and fairy tattoos represent the male and female elements of nature, which contradict and balance each other.

8. Mischievous Fairy Tattoo Design Idea

The mischievous fairy tattoo designs evoke images of innocence, frivolity, evilness and youth.

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Posts from the ‘Fairy Tattoo meaning’ Category

Fairies (faeries) are known by many names, such as fay (fae), sprites, pixies, gnomes, fair folk, wee folk, and brownies to name a few. According to legend, they are magical creatures who can be enormously helpful or incredibly destructive. In general, fairies look exactly like humans, but are often described as being incredibly small, having wings, having pointed ‘elf’ ears, having fangs, being part demon, or being dead.

Traditionally, most stories and tales about fairies primarily focus on keeping them away and protecting both family and property from their influence. Perhaps the most atrocious activity associated with fairies is their penchant for swapping healthy babies with changelings, which are often described as unhealthy, weak children who fail to thrive. In olden days, a child who was born healthy but later became sick, weak, or fussy was believed to be a changeling and fairies were blamed.

Feminine fairy tattoo design

The modern idea of fairies is far removed from those of folklore. Today, the word “fairy” inspires thoughts of Disney’s Tinkerbell and the Blue Fairy, rather than Shakespeare’s Puck and Queen Mab. Fairy tattoos represent a link to the magical and enchanted aspects of nature. The fairy tattoo motif often represents childhood or youthful innocence because of the obvious connection between fairies and fairy tales, or children’s stories that have fantastical elements and a happy ending. In most tales, fairies are predominantly female characters, with few exceptions. The modern myths paint them as beautiful, tiny, winged females who clothe themselves with flower petals and leaves. This starkly contrasts older stories of fairies, which describes them as human-sized, walking among mortals, and frequently dead.

Extensive fairy tattoo design that incorporates stars and butterflies

Of the two genders, women are more likely to choose fairy tattoos than men. Fairy tattoos can either be cartoon-looking or realistic, but are usually colored or very detailed. Because fairies are considered to be small, they translate well into small tattoos, which is partly why they are a popular tattoo theme. Fairy tattoo designs fit well in a variety of places on the body, like shoulders, hips, lower back, ankles, etc. Fairies can be depicted in a variety of positions, like standing, flying, sitting, reclining, or crouching. Fairy tattoo designs can also be elaborated to include flowers, petals, mushrooms, toadstools, butterflies, hummingbirds, dragonflies, frogs, or leaves. Fairy tattoos also vary greatly in their overall design of the fairies.

Detailed and elaborate fairy tattoo

When men choose fairy tattoo designs, the fairies are drastically different from the tattoo designs women choose. Men often pick fairy tattoos that depict the fairies as pin-ups, or seductive women. These fairies are frequently naked, and represent exotic or impossible seduction, rather than innocence or childhood, just like the men’s mermaid tattoos are very different from those chosen by women. For this reason, the male fairy tattoo is more likely to harken to the more sinister traditions and aspects of fairy folklore. The male fairy tattoo is seductive, but also dangerous.

Tinkerbell tattoo design

Sometimes, women choose specific fairies, like Thumbelina or Crysta from Ferngully. These tattoos are typically accurate representations of the characters as they were in the films. With character fairy tattoos, the meaning behind the tattoo has less to do with a love of fairy folklore or what fairies represent, and more to do with connotations and feelings associated with that specific work. For example, a woman with a Tinkerbell tattoo might only care for that character, and have no particular love of other fairy designs. Fairy tattoos, because of their symbolism for childhood and children’s stories, are sometimes used as commemoration or memorial tattoos for children who have passed away. These tattoos might mean that those lost children are forever innocent, childlike, and pure.

Tattoo of a fairy seated on cresent moon, which is a very common fairy design

Fairy tattoos spiked in popularity around the same time as butterfly and dragonfly tattoos. This might be because women are drawn to the magical and mystical aspects of these creatures, their deep symbolism and historical significance, their delicate natures and innate fragility, and their distinctly feminine characteristics. Fairy tattoos continue to be a common motif and fairies in general are becoming increasingly popular.

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