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Hillary Clinton directly appeals to QAnon to stop claiming she drinks children’s blood: ‘It’s painful to me and my family’

Hillary Clinton recently revealed her feelings about the role she unwittingly plays in various QAnonconspiracy theories, and – unsurprisingly – she is not thrilled at her portrayal.

The former Secretary of State has become something of an arch-villain for those who find themselves at the intersection of conservatism and conspiracy theories.

QAnon believers have a particularly grotesque view of Ms Clinton, painting her to be a psychotic, child torturing, baby eating, demon worshipping paedophile.

Most of the claims are ripped straight out of 80s horror movies; some involve enslaving children to harvest their "adrenochrome," which is oxidised adrenaline that the villains of the story apparently crave.

Ms Clinton was also a focus of the "frazzledrip" conspiracy theories, in which QAnon believers claim she and her aide, Huma Abedin, tortured and murdered a young girl on video, after which they drank her blood and the former First Lady wore the child's face like a mask.

Needless to say, there has never been any evidence linking Ms Clinton or Ms Abedin to any of these claims.

The former Secretary of State addressed the bizarre accusations during a recently released documentary series.

During the Sacha Baron Cohen film Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, the lead character – played by Sacha Baron Cohen – stays at the cabin of a pair of men, Jim Russell and Jerry Holleman, who are believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory.

The men tell Borat why they believe the Democrats are evil at one point during his stay.

Republican chair refuses to condemn QAnon

"Mostly they torture these kids, it gets their adrenaline flowing in their body, then they take that out of their adrenal glands, and then they drink their blood and that," one of the men says.

A follow-up documentary focused on the movie, called Debunking Borat, includes Ms Clinton revealing that she was hurt by the numerous insinuations made about her.

She is given the opportunity in the documentary to directly address the claims the men made about her.

"I know you've heard a few things about me that you'd like to believe. And I know that you're not alone," Ms Clinton said. "It's hurtful. I'll be really honest with you. It's hurtful not just to me and my family, but to my friends and other people to know that this is not just false, but sometimes painfully false."

She then urged for unity and understanding.

"So just as one American to another, I hope that we can start trying to find some common ground again and overcome all those forces trying to divide us and put us into little boxes apart from each other," Ms Clinton adds. "Because wouldn't it be great to kind of come together, instead of drift apart? I hope that's possible. Thank you."

After viewing the message, Mr Russell turns to Mr Holleman and says: "I just can't stand her."

Cohen posted a clip from the documentary follow-up and thanked Ms Clinton for her participation.

"And thanks for clarifying that you don't drink the blood of children — an ugly lie spread by social media and rooted in antisemitism and misogyny," he wrote.

The obsession that QAnon adherents have with the drinking of children's blood is rooted in longstanding antisemitic lies claiming that Jewish people frequently murdered and drank the blood of Christian children.


Jim Caviezel, a Hollywood movie star, discusses adrenochrome and child sex trafficking during a movie promotion which proves that hollywood is involved in child trafficking.

Jim Caviezel, a Hollywood movie star, discusses adrenochrome and child sex trafficking during a movie promotion which proves that hollywood is involved in child trafficking.

Jim Caviezel is propagating a famous conspiracy theory, which remains unsubstantiated and has been debunked previously.

On July 23, a Facebook user shared an InfoWars video featuring Jim Caviezel, a Hollywood movie star. In the video, Caviezel talks about adrenochrome and child sex trafficking, and claims that several hollywood personalities are involved in child trafficking. Before we look into Caviezel's claim, let's break the claim down and understand what it means.

Firstly, InfoWars is an American far-right conspiracy theory and fake news website owned by Alex Jones. The website and Jones are both known for making unsubstantiated claims and for spreading fake news.

Secondly, adrenochrome is a chemical compound, usually found as a light pink solution, that forms by the oxidation of adrenaline, the stress hormone. It is not approved for medical use by the Food and Drug Administration. For conspiracy theorists, adrenochrome represents a psychedelic favored by the global elites which they derive from torturing children to harvest their oxidized hormonal fear. This conspiracy theory, which has existed for decades, has recently been pushed by QAnon adherents and has had a real, harmful impact in the last couple of year. The theory implicates several hollywood personalities and politicians and global elites and claims that they are trafficking children and those children are tortured for their blood for psychedelic experiences, satanic rituals, and even to extend their lifespan.. All of these claims are unsubstantiated and have been debunked previously.

Caviezel is just the new addition in a long line of people who believe this theory. The video shown in the Facebook post is from the at the Health and Freedom Conference, which took place in and Caviezel went on a wild tangent about adrenochroming. According to the Daily Beast, "Caviezel could have been brought into the QAnon fold through working on his new movie Sound of Freedom, which is based on the life story of Tim Ballard, who runs the controversial anti-child sex trafficking organization Operation Underground Railroad (OUR)." Caviezel also claims that Hollywood doesn’t want a film about the evils of child trafficking, resulting in Sound of Freedom’s delayed release, even though many films’ release dates were pushed due to the ongoing pandemic.

Caviezel connection to QAnon was explored at length in the popular podcast QAnon Anonymous in May , where the the hosts concluded that he is “perfect for QAnon!” The podcast hosts interviewed three anonymous people who worked on Person of Interest with Caviezel and they said that he was “profoundly consumed by a jumble of bizarre religious, military and nationalistic fixations,” initially refusing to participate in an episode where he had to rescue a same-sex couple because it went against his morals. “All of them told me they felt Caviezel was homophobic and believed members of the LGBTQ community were going to hell,” the sources claimed.

In conclusion, this theory has existed for decades but there has been no substantive evidence of a child trafficking conspiracy involving Hollywood elites. However, the theory has taken the form of several protests and hashtags like #savethechildren trending on social media which have become extremely harmful.

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Child abuse documentary Hollywood 'didn't want you to see' goes viral

When the documentary An Open Secret tried to lift the lid on child abuse in Hollywood, it billed itself as “the film Hollywood doesn’t want you to see”. The marketing tagline did not exaggerate.

The film died upon release in There was no theatrical release to speak of, no television deal, no video-on-demand distribution.

“We got zero Hollywood offers to distribute the film. Not even one. Literally no offers for any price whatsoever,” said Gabe Hoffman, a Florida-based hedge fund manager who financed the film.

It did not seem to matter that it was directed by an Oscar-nominated director, Amy Berg, or that it uncovered damning evidence of the sexual abuse of teenage boys by figures in the film industry.

“There was nowhere to see it,” said Lorien Haynes, the film’s writer. “I don’t think it impacted at all. Nobody saw it. We released a film that didn’t [seem to] exist.”

Now, two years later, multiple “open secrets” of predatory behaviour are detonating across Hollywood and the documentary that blew the whistle is getting millions of viewers – but still no distribution deal.

Hoffman released the film for free on the video-sharing website Vimeo this month after reports about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual assaults set off a chain-reaction, with James Toback, Tyler Grasham and Kevin Spacey among those accused of harassment and worse.

Corey Feldman, a former child actor who says he was the victim of a paedophile ring, has raised more than $, through crowdfunding for a purported $10m biopic about the abuse.

Hoffman said he had intended to end the free online viewings of An Open Secret on Tuesday, but extended the window until Sunday because of public interest, with more than 3 million viewings on various social media platforms since 12 October.

“We knew a Harvey Weinstein moment was coming and when it would, that we’d release it for free,” said Hoffman. He hoped the documentary would yet make its way on to television. “We’d love to be on Amazon and Netflix. We’re always ready to talk.”

The documentary’s initial vanishing into the void and belated re-emergence underlines how Hollywood long ducked evidence of abuse. An Open Secret had the elements to make a splash.

Berg, the director, had earned an Oscar nomination for her film Deliver Us from Evil, about sex abuse in the Catholic church.

Her team obtained evidence of a paedophile ring in Hollywood – managers, agents, publicists and directors – that preyed on young boys and teenagers seeking entry to the industry.

Some hosted lavish parties where men allegedly plied the boys with alcohol and drugs and traded them for sex. Others spent years grooming victims, and winning the confidence of their families, before starting sexual assaults.

A handful were caught and served relatively brief jail sentences before returning to the industry. Brian Peck, an actor and acting coach who worked for Nickelodeon and the X-Men franchise, was convicted of two counts of lewd acts with a child. He is now working in the industry again.

The documentary features interviews with Evan Henzi, who was 11 years old when his manager, Martin Weiss, started assaulting him. Weiss pleaded no contest in to two counts of child molestation, and was sentenced to a year in jail and five years’ probation. He was freed immediately due to time served.

“I shared my story in An Open Secret so other victims who have been molested for years just like me can heal,” Henzi, 24, said this week.

“When the film was released, I witnessed a lot of support by people who actually saw the film. What I did not witness was support from film festivals or Hollywood at large to promote the film. I do believe, though, that both some of the film-makers of An Open Secret and the Hollywood establishment are responsible for this.”

Internal disputes disrupted the film’s launch. Hoffman took Berg to arbitration, alleging she did not fulfill her end of the deal. She denied that. There were other rows behind the scenes over the script, crediting and edits.

Berg declined to be interviewed, saying she would let the film speak for itself.

Hoffman downplayed any suggestion that the film-makers had shot themselves in the foot and blamed Hollywood for its distribution travails – for instance initially rating the film R, before relenting and classifying it PG “Hollywood clearly blocked the film. The higher-ups didn’t like how it portrayed the industry.”

Hoffman also claimed festivals in Los Angeles, London and Toronto promised to give the well-reviewed film prominent screenings, only to rescind the invitations without proper explanation. The Guardian could not immediately verify this account.

Haynes, who wrote the script, said mid-ranking television executives seemed eager to buy the film, only to be overruled. “At the top of the food chain is where we got the ‘no’. It did feel that people were scared to run it. It is complete anathema to release a film about corruption in Hollywood in Hollywood.”

She acknowledged another factor: a harrowing film about child abuse was a tough sell. “You’re expecting a lot of an audience to sit through that.”

For two years An Open Secret existed in film purgatory, available only in pirated online versions, few people aware that here was evidence of abuse, collusion and cover-up in the heart of Tinseltown.

Weinstein does not feature in the documentary – he allegedly preferred women, not young boys – but the accusations against him unleashed a gale which put An Open Secret in the headlines as a “must watch” documentary that explains Hollywood’s complicity.

Weinstein has apologized for his past behavior, but denies many of the harassment claims and “unequivocally denied” allegations of non-consensual sex.

Spacey apologized this week after he was accused of making an unwanted sexual advance toward the Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp, who says he was 14 years old at the time of the alleged incident in Spacey, star of the Netflix show House of Cards and former artistic director of London’s Old Vic, said he did not remember the “encounter” but if he had done what Rapp described in an article published by BuzzFeed, it “would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior”.

Meanwhile, Toback, a veteran director, faces allegations from more than 30 women of sexual harassment and trying to trade roles for sex. He has denied the accusations, saying he hired people only on merit. Grasham, a veteran agent, is accused of harassing and assaulting multiple young men. His employer, the Agency for the Performing Arts, fired him after the claims went public. One alleged victim has filed a complaint with the Los Angeles police department. Grasham has not addressed the claims in any public statement yet and could not be reached for comment.

The cascade of allegations have all served to give Open Secret the kind of limelight its backers believe it deserved in the first place.

“The dangers and threats that follow speaking out are very real. I’ve seen them first-hand. But I believe we’ve turned a corner,” said Katelyn Howes, one of the producers. “I hope this continues to push these abuses of power into the spotlight, making it safer for so many people, especially children, who aren’t in the position to talk about their experiences yet.”

Henzi, the former child actor who shared his story of abuse, echoed that. “I do believe that the allegations against Harvey Weinstein have completely opened up the door to having a grand conversation about different experiences of sexual assault by people in the entertainment industry, and that will be really beneficial for a lot of people. It is about time.”

Survivors of child exploitation in St. John's pizza place share their stories

The Dark Ages were rife with plague, fanaticism, and accusations that Jews secretly fed off the blood of children. In , we too are beset with plague, rampant medical misinformation, and a persistent rumor that “global elites” torture children to harvest the chemical adrenochrome from their blood, which they then inject in order to stay healthy and young.

A favorite topic of interconnected QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy communities, so-called “adrenochrome harvesting” long predates these groups. It has, however, resurrected during the Covid pandemic. Google Trends shows significant spikes in searches for adrenochrome in March and June of It’s prevalent on TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram. Reddit removed a dedicated adrenochrome subreddit on July On Friday, July 31, conspiracy theorists plan to hold the first “Child Lives Matter” protest in Hollywood to “expose” child trafficking, advertising the event with references to #adrenochrome.

The adrenochrome harvesting conspiracy theory is a potent example of “hidden virality” and the ways in which unpopular culture animate social media platforms outside of the mainstream view. Named by researchers Britt Parris and Joan Donovan, hidden virality describes dominant content in specific pockets of the internet that are largely unseen by journalists and mass audiences, making them difficult for social media companies to identify and act upon. The impact of hidden virality can’t be stopped by retroactively banning a few thousand Twitter accounts; it is an iterative, memetic phenomenon that outpaces terms of service. Even with early intervention by Reddit and recent movements by Twitter, Facebook and TikTok to crack down on QAnon, adrenochrome harvesting remains a mainstream conversation for some online communities.

Toxic social attitudes spread virally alongside hoaxes and disinformation. Adrenochrome harvesting isn’t outwardly blamed on Jews, but on “satanic” and “globalist” elites—dog whistle terms for the far right. The modern adrenochrome obsession is a permutation of blood libel, an anti-Semitic myth that pervaded Europe throughout the middle ages, and a mutated strain of medical misinformation.

The Lineage of a New Blood Libel

The most effective conspiracy theories are built around kernels of truth. Adrenochrome is a compound that occurs in the body, but about which little scientific research has been done beyond a few studies in the midth century on whether it could play a role in schizophrenia. The question transfixed the writers Aldous Huxley and Hunter S. Thompson, who were obsessed with mind-altering substances. To them, adrenochrome became a psychotropic, akin to mescaline. In his famous Doors of Perception, written just after the first adrenochrome studies, Huxley described adrenochrome as a clue that was “being systematically followed.” “The sleuths—biochemists, psychiatrists, psychologists—are on the trail,” he wrote. Biologists didn’t find much of interest.

Nearly 20 years later, Thompson cast adrenochrome as a psychedelic that must be violently extracted from human glands in his novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The scene was immortalized in Terry Gilliam’s film; a YouTube clip of Johnny Depp’s character taking adrenochrome, which to date has more than million views, has drawn thousands of comments referencing the conspiracy.

Thompson is explicitly invoked in what seems to be the earliest recorded posts about adrenochrome harvesting on 4Chan’s /x/ and /pol/ boards, in and respectively. In an anti-Semitic 4chan /pol/ thread an anonymous poster linked a restricted, unsearchable video named “Jew Ritual BLOOD LIBEL Sacrifice is #ADRENOCHROME Harvesting.” Within these same online communities, Pizzagate formalized and grew in – before spreading to more mainstream social media.

In this same video was shared in a Pizzagate thread about the artist Marina Abromovich and her “spirit cooking” ceremonies. The next several months saw increasingly outlandish claims online, particularly that the Pixar film Monsters Inc. was a cryptic reference to adrenochrome harvesting. As some Pizzagate adherents entered the burgeoning QAnon community in , they brought the adrenochrome conspiracy with them.

These factions expanded their audiences in , citing new “investigations” and circulating the rumor that a (hoax) website sold adrenochrome in exchange for cryptocurrency. Conspiracy filmmaker Jay Myers released a video, “Adrenochrome The Elite's Secret Super Drug!” While the original video was taken down, it remains live on his backup channel and has been uploaded elsewhere online.

In February , Infowars featured a segment on adrenochrome, linking it to the Clinton Foundation via epipen manufacturers, and to the highly controversial “young blood” transfusion startup Ambrosia. A month later, adrenochrome “documentaries” began to emerge on YouTube, followed by many smaller copycat productions, helping form a searchable foundation for the current day conspiracy.

The recent surge in interest can be traced to March and the effects of the Covid pandemic. Celebrities posting photos of themselves stuck at home and looking less than camera ready were besieged on social media with accusations that they were suffering from adrenochrome withdrawal. (In their logic, shutdowns had stalled the adrenochrome child-trafficking supply chain.) By commenting on these posts, believers spread the adrenochrome hashtag to new eyes while harassing their targets.

Despite this increased visibility, conspiracy outlets accused major social media platforms and media of plotting to suppress the truth about adrenochrome. Adrenochrome conversation continued and intensified on social media, from claims Lady Gaga was participating in blood rituals for an adrenochrome fix, to the Covid “spiked adrenochrome’ theory popularized by Pizzagate booster Liz Crokin. Despite claims of censorship, Google trend results showed that spamming celebrities' pages with mentions of adrenochrome was working, leading to a spike in search traffic and social media conversation.

How Hidden Virality Happens

Unpopular ideas and small disinformation campaigns often go unreported, either unseen or ignored by platforms and mainstream press. The longer an infectiously bad idea goes undetected and undebunked, the more likely it is to spread and develop social importance. This phenomenon has enabled the rapid growth of antivax communities, Covid disinformation, and the prevalence of the adrenochrome harvesting theory.

This is all possible because of how social media and search engines work. As a result of the relative unimportance of adrenochrome, it doesn’t get written about much by scientists, journalists, or academics. This creates a data void, a vacuum of trustworthy information unpopulated by authoritative sources. Within a data void, search algorithms surface what's available rather than well-curated local, timely, and relevant content. This is the perfect condition for a viral infection of misinformation and conspiracism.

A Google search for “adrenochrome” prompts a knowledge panel, an automatically generated information box sourced from Wikipedia, with a description of the compound and some scholarly research. However, the edit history of that Wikipedia article reveals that in the last few months editors have constantly been removing attempts to add disinformation. On Google Images, viewers are faced with an onslaught of infographics about missing children, doctored images of celebrities and politicians, and instructions for how to find further troves of “evidence.” DuckDuckGo and other search engines return even more outrageous findings in initial search results.

Pizzagate, QAnon, and other online conspiracy communities encourage newcomers to “Google” an obscure phrase designed to lead down a rabbit hole. This takes them to obscure, debunked publications or reports, as well as carefully curated collections of PDFs. Elements of real science are merged into factually incoherent frames, resulting in troves of documentation, hard to find in the mainstream search engines. These are foundations of sustaining the hidden virality of otherwise baseless ideas. Whittled down to memes and viral slogans, the new conspiracies spread effortlessly across platforms via hashtags and comments.

Why Is Adrenochrome Having a Moment and What Can Be Done?

The pandemic has created an unprecedented level of mistrust and anxiety about inequality, which opens society to all kinds of conspiratorial thinking, and especially to medical misinformation. As interest in adrenochrome was first spiking in March, people were upset that celebrities and athletes seemed to have access to testing that others did not. Attitudes to proposed Covid treatments quickly became politically polarized, as did a rise in mainstream conservative acknowledgement of QAnon and a slew of Republican candidates signaling their attachment to the movement. Articles in conservative publications, like this Spectator takedown by Ben Sixsmith, are a critical intervention to halt the progress of conspiracists operating largely unchecked in ideological echo chambers.

The best way for platforms to fight back is to take early action when something begins to go viral in hidden spaces. Early detection requires knowledge of where conspiracy theories originate online and reliable measurements of how they scale, and it needs to be followed by active promotion of authoritative content that can inoculate against the disinformation. Tech companies must also get better at indexing images and memes. Platforms need to identify disinformation within obscure medical topics that don't have much information, and seek collaborations with experts who could get ahead of these trends with timely relevant information.

The adrenochrome obsession shows just how hard it is to combat data voids. Would a peer-reviewed study on andrenochrome’s inability to reanimate aging global elites even impact the communities that spread these complex falsehoods? Probably not. To date, Pinterest has taken the most aggressive action against the adrenochrome hashtag, directing users to a page about medical misinformation when they search for the word in an effort to curb hidden virality.

And as tech companies commit to eradicating hate speech and medical misinformation on their platforms, they must recognize the bigotry laundered through modern conspiracy. During Thursday’s House Antitrust Subcommittee hearing with big tech CEOs, thousands of commenters left QAnon slogans, and even some references to adrenochrome, in the chat of Fox News’ livestream. The popularity of adrenochrome harvesting theories shows how motivated actors remain two steps ahead of intervention, and how our information systems, if uncorrected, may accelerate the arrival of a new dark age.

Updated 8/2/ pm: A previous version of this article stated the adrenochrome conspiracy was prevalent on Reddit. On July 30, Reddit banned a subreddit on adrenochrome.

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