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Have You Ever Thought Of Renting A Luxury Motorcoach?

Living a luxury motorcoach lifestyle has so many rewards, such as seeing beautiful new places, experiencing a variety of cultures, tasting many different foods, and meeting lovely new people. But when you and your family are on the road, hopping from destination to destination in search of more of what’s wonderful about RV life, sometimes it can be hard not having familiar faces around for months at a time.

Life is always better when shared, so why not talk to some of your favorite people about the possibility of making some memories on the road with you? Traveling with others is a lot of fun, especially if it’s caravanning in RVs. It motivates you to do adventurous activities that you wouldn’t typically do on your own, because they are more fun with a group!

You can always invite friends and family to join you in your own Class A RV, but what’s even more exciting, is that they can rent their very own luxury RV, and caravan along with you to the finest Luxury RV resorts around the U.S. and Canada.

Luxury Motorcoach Rental

Our friends at Goss RV have a team of luxury travel experts who will work closely with your friends to ensure all of the logistics of an unforgettable experience on the road are accounted for. With more than 180 coaches in their fleet, and 20 years in the industry, GossRV makes it easy for everyone to enjoy luxury motorcoach travel. In addition to providing a luxury rv rental, Goss can even help with planning out itineraries with the best sites and destinations and luxury motorcoach resorts. And since commandeering a Class A RV takes practice and experience, your friends will be elated to find out that Goss RV has professional drivers available, plus the luxury motorcoach can be delivered to their doorstep, an airport or set up at any resort destination. And there is 24/7 support available to answer any question or accommodate any need. The people at Goss have truly thought of everything to make luxury motor coach rental and travel stress-free and fun.

Travelling with friends is just another adventure in RVing. The freedom to go where you want, when you want, and with all the comforts of home is certainly an experience worth sharing. Potlucks and nightly campfires, surrounded by lush nature are also a must. So when it comes time to take a break from life on the road, make sure to give us a call here at Hearthside Grove. Our luxury RV lots are fully equipped with all the amenities you would want including a full size clubhouse theatre, cooking classes, a resort-style pool, all in a natural setting with landscaping that is second to none.

We hope we’ve inspired you to plan your next RV trip with friends and family!
Contact us at www.reservehg.com/contact-us and reach out to the amazing team over at Goss RV to rent your beautiful coach and see the Goss difference.

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goss rv motorhome rental parade magazine

Must Have for Summer Festivals and Tailgates

“Father’s Day weekend is the perfect time for Goss RV to be highlighted in Parade Magazine. Our family business has a mission of helping our clients to create life long memories in luxury motorhomes. We get personally invested in their families’ travel experience,” says Ken Goss. “As the recognized industry leader in luxury motorhomes, we are the preferred resource of media power houses such as Parade Magazine, HGTV and Biography.com.”

“The Prevost Featherlite luxury coach, featured in this week’s Parade, is a perfect choice as a ‘Must have pick for summer festivals’” notes Jer Goss, Director of Sales.

“Goss RV has the largest fleet of luxury motorhomes in the country. The entire Prevost collection is among our most impressive and most in demand. They are grandly spacious and feature an impressive array of amenities. Amenities can include bunk beds, mobile office space, full gourmet kitchen, master bedroom, satellite entertainment system, and space enhancing slide outs. With a rental of one of these luxury RVs, we will deliver the RV to your doorstep or include a professional driver,” adds Jer Goss.


Goss RV Rentals and Luxury Motor Home Sales are family-owned businesses, headquartered in Atlanta, GA with more than 33 years of experience in providing the best full-service solutions for luxury motorhome rentals and purchases nationwide.

Those seeking more information regarding luxury motor home rentals, or luxury RV sales, and visit ‘Contact Us’

CALL (770) 659-7339 (GossRV)
CALL (866) 693-0333. (Luxury Motor Home Sales)

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Hi thyme! I'll definitely do a full trip report, but the reasons we were looking at moving out of Warren Dunes SP were many! I've never been in a Michigan state park campground that I disliked as much as that one. It was so cramped, had very little shade, you could hear the traffic from the highway-even in the RV sometimes, the facilities were so run down and constantly dirty, there was more poison ivy than I've ever seen anywhere so that it was hard to walk the dog in the campground, and the employees were more interested in enforcing their many rules than giving information about the park or actually taking care of the park. They didn't hassle us, but they were constantly patrolling for rule violations, but would drive right by trash and filthy bathrooms.

OK, so there's my rant about Warren Dunes! More than 90% of the cars in the campground were out of state and that place is such a poor representation of our state! With all the money that park brings in from out staters, it should be better cared for.

We took a look at the private campground to see if it was worth moving the RV over there and it was just ok, not enough to motivate us to move.

The beach is beautiful (though the facilities out on the beach are just as run down and dirty) and maybe because we were down in the dog beach area it was never crowded, even on a hot weekend.

I always fill out comment cards at each park we camp at and have mailed off all 3 of them, with the Warren Dunes one filled with negative scores and comments about needing to care for the park.

Sours: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g28943-i319-k4947664-o10-Reliable_RV_rental_companies-Michigan.html
Goss RV Inc: Luxury Motorhome Experience @ Biography

'We call them land yachts': The wealthy are spending millions to travel in luxury RVs this summer, and it's reshaping the entire look of high-end travel

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rv travel road trip summer
Getty Images/ Evgeny Vasenev / Aurora Photos

Monaco and the French Riviera are out, and travel to Yosemite and Shenandoah is in.

Elite travelers, with coronavirus travel restrictions in place and summer plans foiled, are looking to hit the open road. 

What constitutes luxury travel is being redefined, Eliza Scott Harris, chief operating officer of Indagare, a members-only boutique travel company, told Reuters. Now, luxury is "the privacy you're afforded," she said. 

And travelers are paying top dollar for the privacy offered by RVs.

"Interest in the RV lifestyle ... is literally off the charts now," Garry Enyart, chairman of the RV Industry Association, told Business Insider's Katie Warren.

Between early April and late May, RVshare, the largest RV rental site in the US, reported seeing a 1,000% increase in bookings. 

RVshare CEO Jon Gray told Business Insider's Brittany Chang in June that he expects to see an influx of first-time buyers looking to substitute "luxurious vacations that they typically took." 

Steve Schoellhorn, the president and owner of luxury RV manufacturer Marathon Coach, which builds coaches costing between $1.8 and $2.5 million, told Chang that he has seen an uptick in interested buyers and predicts the company's sales will be 30% higher this year compared to last year.

Here's a look at some of the most expensive and elaborate RVs in the world:

With leather coaches that look straight out of a West Elm showroom and granite countertops, Goss RV's coaches resemble homes more than a recreational vehicle.

Goss RV motorcouch
Courtesy Goss RV

Source: Goss RV

"We call them land yachts," Goss told Town & Country.

Goss RV motorcoach
Courtesy Goss RV

Source: Town and Country,Goss RV

SLRV, which manufactures some of the world's largest expedition vehicles in Australia, built this custom Commander 8x8 for a family. It transforms into a two-story home with the press of the button.

SLRV Expedition Vehicle - Commander 8x8 - Custom RV - Australian Family of 8
© SLRV Expedition Vehicles

Source: Business Insider

SLRV did not reveal the final price but previously estimated that the price would fall between $670,000 and $1,370,000.

SLRV Expedition Vehicle - Commander 8x8 exterior - Australian family of 8
© SLRV Expedition Vehicles

Source: Business Insider

The ground level includes a lounge area that can seat up to 10 people as well as a fully functioning kitchen with two fridges.

SLRV Expedition Vehicles - Custom Camper - Australian Family of 8
© SLRV Expedition Vehicles

Source: Business Insider

Upstairs, there is a TV and six mattresses that lift up to reveal under-bed storage.

SLRV Commander 8x8.
SLRV Expedition Vehicles

Source: Business Insider

Sours: https://www.businessinsider.com/travelers-are-spending-millions-on-luxury-rvs-this-year-2020-7

Rv reviews goss

Forget Italy or the Maldives. This summer it seems everyone is hitting the open road. RV dealers across the country are reporting high demand as people look for a way to travel and stay socially distant.

The RV lifestyle can be an affordable alternative to booking flights and hotels, but there’s a whole luxury RV subset that that’s anything but economical.

“It's kind of a world that most people are not familiar with, unless you just happen to pass one on the road on vacation. But, these things are well over $2 million in value,” Jer Goss, the CEO of luxury RV company Goss RV told Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round. “It's a large apartment. The walls extending create a lot of extra space on the inside. It's basically a luxurious home on wheels.”

Take the Prevost Legendary. It’s a 45’ foot RV with 3 televisions that rents for $3,500 a day. That’s a bargain, compared to this Prevost Marathon that Goss RV rents for $7,900 a day, $39,500 a week or $158,000 a month.

Goss RV

‘We've never seen anything like this’

“It was unbelievable,” is how Goss characterizes the surge in demand this spring. During the first three weeks of May alone, inquiries were up over 350%. It was a huge reversal from the immediate COVID-19 reaction.

“About the middle of March, we just kind of hit a standstill. And not only that, we were probably at 10% revenue for the month of April.”

While one-way rentals out of New York City happened early on, with the economy beginning to unlock, the floodgates are now open and demand has never been higher for Goss RV.

“We've never — we have a lot of partners in this industry as well. We sell them. We rent them. And so it's just — it's amazing. We've never seen anything like this. There's facilities that are selling out of all their products. We're putting people on the roads. So it's crazy right now.”

Goss RV

RV stocks on the move

The so-called “stay-at-home trade” has been hot this spring with Peloton (PTON) and Netflix (NFLX) benefiting from people sheltering in place. The mobile home trade is also seeing big gains. RV and camping companies, including Winnebago (WGO), Thor Industries (THO), and Camping World Holdings (CWH) — have seen their shares not just recover from the lows of the year, but turn positive.

Jen Rogers is an anchor for Yahoo Finance. Follow her on Twitter @JenSaidIt.

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