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If you&#;ve got a Lenovo laptop, you&#;ve probably noticed an app called Lenovo Vantage has popped on your PC. It sounds like a pension scheme and an instant candidate for uninstallation, but it&#;s actually a useful set of utilities for keeping your laptop healthy and up-to-date. Here&#;s the lowdown.

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What is Lenovo Vantage?

Vantage has three key sections: Health & Support, Hardware Settings and System Update. We&#;ll tackle each of these in turn.

Health & Support  This is the place to go if you&#;ve got a problem with your laptop. The Hardware Scan feature is like an MOT for laptops, checking all the key components are working as Lenovo intended. If you&#;ve got a faltering hard disk, dodgy memory stick or wobbly power supply, this will probably identify it.

This section also reveals the extent of your warranty and provides links to book an engineer visit or other warranty support care.

Hardware Settings  This includes a bunch of handy tweaks that you might not find in the regular Windows 10 Settings menu. From here, for example, you can switch on the clever Intelligent Cooling feature, which throttles performance when it detects the laptop&#;s being used on your lap, to keep the base cooler.

You&#;ll also find the option to set a new Battery Charge Threshold. What the Charlie Dickens does that do? Well, if you&#;re almost always using your laptop plugged into the mains, you&#;re better off setting the battery to charge to less than %. This will reduce the length of time the laptop can run on battery power, but improve the health of your battery in the long run. Given most laptop batteries can&#;t be replaced these days, that&#;s almost certainly worth doing.

System Update  In some ways this replicates the Windows Update settings, ensuring you&#;ve got the latest security patches from Microsoft. But it also houses Lenovo&#;s own hardware driver updates, letting you know if there&#;s a new piece of software for your graphics chip, touchpad or other components.

In my experience, major Windows updates often knock out the touchscreen on my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga X1. However, a quick visit to this section of the Vantage app often reveals a new display driver that returns the touchscreen to working order.

Should I uninstall Lenovo Vantage?

No. It&#;s lightweight and unobtrusive, yet contains several useful features, especially if you&#;ve got a problem with your PC. This is one of those rare pieces of bundled software that&#;s actually worth keeping.

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What Is Lenovo Vantage and Should I Remove It? [Partition Manager]

Summary :

what is Lenovo Vantage

What is Lenovo Vantage? What uses does Lenovo Vantage have? Should I remove Lenovo Vantage or keep it? In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard will give you answers to these problems.

What Is Lenovo Vantage?

Lenovo Vantage is an app provided by Lenovo and pre-installed on Lenovo PCs. This app is created specifically for PCs running Windows 10 and replaces Lenovo Companion, Lenovo Settings, and Lenovo Account Portal applications.

Lenovo Vantage interface

What uses does Lenovo Vantage have? Actually, nearly half of its features are overlapped with Windows features. These features include:

  • PC Personalization: it can personalize PC in power, audio, visual, input, and Smart Settings. For example, it can manage and prolong notebook battery life; adjust camera settings, brightness control, microphone settings, Dolby settings; and change Touchpad, Function Key (Fn), Keyboard Backlight, and mouse/pen/touch settings.
  • PC Protection and Update: it can protect your PC and update important system software and drivers.
  • Health Check: it can evaluate system health and run diagnostics on your device.
  • User Guide and Support: it can access your system’s user guide, and get support.

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Windows offers services similar to the above features. But to do the above jobs, you should perform several operations, while in Lenovo Vantage, you can do the above just in one interface.

Apart from the above features, Lenovo Vantage also has some special functions. For example:

  • Have access to Lenovo Migration Assistant - a free application that seamlessly transfers files and settings from one PC to another.
  • Discover other fun and useful applications.
  • View accessories compatible with your device.
  • Identify warranty status (start date and end date).
  • Improve your WiFi security, avoiding data leakage.
  • Identify the system serial number, product number, and BIOS.
  • Lenovo Security Console provides an invisible layer of protection for your cloud applications.
  • Security Advisor provides a suite of security tools that is recommended by Lenovo and vetted by security professionals, such as McAfee LiveSafe, Dashlane Password Manager, SurfEasy VPN, etc.

These features are very useful. If you don't have other alternative programs to do these jobs, keeping Lenovo Vantage is a good choice.

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Should I Remove Lenovo Vantage?

Now, you see what Lenovo Vantage is and you can decide whether to remove it or not. In my opinion, you can save this software in your computer, because this software has some useful features but only takes up about MB space.

But some users report that this software is full of ads and they want to remove it. In this case, you can try uninstalling it from Control Panel. Here is the tutorial:

  • Type "Control Panel" in the Windows Search menu.
  • Click Control Panelto open it.
  • Click Programsand then click Uninstall a Program.
  • On the Programs and Featuresscreen, scroll down to find Lenovo Vantage Service.
  • Right-click this software and choose Uninstall.

Through the above steps, you can remove Lenovo Vantage. If you want to get this software back later, you can download it from Microsoft Store. Here is the brief tutorial:

  • Find Microsoft Store in the Start menu.
  • Type "Lenovo Vantage" at the search bar in Microsoft Store.
  • Click the Lenovo Vantage icon to access the application page. Then click Get and Launchto download Lenovo Vantage.
  • Click Launchafter downloading Vantage and Vantage will load and open.
  • Choose your preferences and read over and agree to Lenovo’s privacy policy.
download Lenovo Vantage from Microsoft Store

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