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BTS’ Jungkook dyes hair blue, fans go wild

Jungkook’s vibrant new look came out of the blue.

A month after dyeing his hair blond, the BTS star, 23, shocked fans by debuting wavy blue locks on Monday.

The K-pop phenom posed for a mirror selfie to show off his style switch-up, telling fans that he dyed his hair himself.

While the blue ‘do was revealed right after BTS’ episode of “MTV Unplugged” aired, Jungkook still sported platinum locks in the previously filmed performance.

The dynamite dye job soon exploded on Twitter, with a fan writing, “i’m still processing jungkook going blond and now i have to start processing he has blue hair.”

Others thought the fresh color could be a sign of new music, with one person writing, “jungkook with blue hair?! that’s really a “im about to drop a mixtape” look. we best be ready.”

It’s far from the heartthrob’s first trending hairstyle, as his man bun on the “Tonight Show” went viral in September.

Following the group’s first Grammy nomination, it remains to be seen whether he’ll reach for the dye bottle again before the March 14 ceremony.

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BTS Fans Are Freaking Out Over Jungkook's Blue Hair

BTS fans are freaking out over Jungkook's colorful new look.

Just one month after going blond, the K-pop heartthrob unveiled his striking blue hair in a mirror selfie and revealed that it was a DIY dye job. And needless to say, the announcement has sent ARMY into a frenzy.

For the most part, the vast majority of fans loved the look. However, some were also surprised by the quick color switch-up, especially since Jungkook was still rocking his old color during BTS's recently aired episode of MTV Unplugged.

"IM NOT OVER WITH BLONDE AND YOU WENT BLUEEE WHAT????," as one commenter wrote, while another added, "I didn't have enough time to get over blonde undercut Jungkook and then he just hits me with Blue Jungkook. Fck me."

Meanwhile, a few fans also hypothesized that the color change meant the star could potentially have another big surprise up his sleeve: His JJK1 mixtape.

And others expressed their excitement over the possibility of seeing Jungkook's blue hair during a potential performance at the upcoming 2021 Grammys.

But while we'll have to wait and see if BTS will grace the Grammys with a performance, until then, see what else ARMY is saying about the new look below.

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BTS’ Jungkook Dyed His Hair Blue & Fans Are Freaking Out

Just a month after he went bright blonde, BTS’ Jungkook dyed his hair blue and it’s trending on Twitter like crazy. And for good reason! Fans have been mocking up faux blue hair photos for a year and now it’s a reality. A fan page dedicated to the K-pop star posed for a mirror selfie to show off his new ‘do and fans think these are all clues his mixtape is coming soon.

Over on Twitter, a Jungkook fan page told fans he dyed his hair blue himself, as many of us are doing these days. Once hair is as blonde as his was, it’s pretty easy to do yourself with a pigment-depositing conditioner. He did a great job with his. The color is vibrant and even-toned. With the photo, he used the hashtag #JJK, which has fans wondering if this means new solo music. Or it could just be a cute nod to his full name, Jeon Jung-kook.

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Of course, the ARMY also thought his EP could be titled “Golden” because 2021 is the Year of the (golden) Ox and his hair was the shade of gold. With his blue color, is that still true?

A Jungkook fan page also tagged IdolxCosmetics in his post, showing off some subtle eyeshadow. The company is actually rolling out a Dynamite Eyeshadow Palette in just a few days!

On Sunday, February 28, only 20,000 units of the palette are dropping and the brand says there won’t be a restock so you’ll want to set an alarm. The 18-shade palette has matte and shimmer finishes for a variety of K-pop-inspired looks.

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BTS Jungkook's charms no one can resist

BTS' Jungkook Dyed His Hair Blue & the ARMY Is Convinced He's Dropping His Mixtape Soon

He also debuted his blond 'do at the Golden Disk Awards in January, which seemed to seal the deal on the ARMY's theory.  Tweeted one fan at the time: "WAIT I JUST REMEMBERED WHEN TAEHYUNG ASKED JUNGKOOK WHY HE DYED HIS HAIR BLONDE LAST NIGHT JUNGKOOK COMPLETELY AVOIDED ANSWERING THE ACTUAL QUESTION- JJK1 MIGHT ACTUALLY BE DROPPING SOON."

So what does his blue hair signal in terms of his mixtape? Some Twitter users think the hashtag he used at the end of his tweet, #JJK (which stands for his full name Jeon Jung-kook), could be be a sign that his solo music is on the way. Or simply it means new hair, new music.

"What if he dyed his hair for JJK1.... also the # on his tweet .... Jungkook mixtape haha," one fan tweeted. "#JJK#JJK#JJK#JJK MIXTAPE COMING SOON I KNOW THATS RIGHT"

"We all know he used the hashtag which is the #/JJK and us, have a feeling that JJK1 mixtape will come SOON," noted another ARMY member. "A new comeback, jimin and namjoon is blonde right now, but JK changed his hair color to blue."

Either way, Jungkook did assure the ARMY at the end of BTS' MTV Unplugged special Tuesday night, "We will continue to stay by your side this year with good music." So fans will have to wait and see what exactly he has in store for them in 2021. 

See Jungkook's new blue 'do below.

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Hair blue jungkook

BTS‘s Jungkook made headlines when he dyed his platinum blonde hair blue, but his new ‘do might not be what it seems!

In 2015, a dress went viral when people began disagreeing about its color. Some viewers saw the dress as blue and black, but others insisted it was white and gold. Now, BTS fans are having their own color discussion about Jungkook’s “blue” hair.

According to fans, Jungkook might have used the “snow” filter on his photo, which would make his hair appear blue. In reality, his hair could actually be purple: BTS’s signature color.

Even Samsung is getting in on the action!

All will be revealed when BTS posts new photos or videos, but until then, are you Team Blue or Team Purple?

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The evolution of Jungkook's hair in 2021 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Fans Think Jungkook's New Blue Hair Is An Optical Illusion & It May Actually Be Purple

In a rare Twitter selfie shared on Feb. 23, Jungkook surprised fans by revealing he'd made a huge change in his appearance: "Dyed my own hair," the BTS member wrote alongside a shot of his new blue 'do. ARMYs were shook, to say the least, because he has never donned that shade before. A day after he broke Twitter with his swoon-worthy new hairstyle, a fan pointed out he may have been using a filter that disguised his actual hair color. This led ARMYs to ask, is BTS' Jungkook's new hair blue or purple? Let's investigate.

Jungkook's selfie does look like it has a filter over it. The lights appear to have a soft effect, and if you take a look at the ceiling panels, they also seem to have been slightly tinted. There's also a faux-vintage timestamp on the bottom-left corner of the pic. As for Jungkook's hair, it looks very obviously blue. There's no doubt about it. Since he had never dyed his hair that bright blue before, fans were at a loss for words. In February 2020, Jungkook had blue highlights, but his hair was still dark overall, so there's a huge difference compared to his style now.

Take a look at Jungkook's selfie showing off his new hair color below. (Peek his hand tattoos, too!)

The theory his hair is actually purple began when Twitter user @luvdailyBTS pointed out the filter he used could have hidden his real hair color. To test out their theory, they compared before and after shots of purple ink, revealing it turned blue under the Samsung camera filter.

Adding to the suspicion, Samsung responded to the photo, writing, "You see [blue heart emojis], we see [purple heart emojis]."

This led fans to question everything. Fans were seriously shook thinking Jungkook could have been playing them all along. Purple is the color of BTS' fandom, so it would make sense that Jungkook would go for that color.

It was bringing back memories of another huge internet debate.

While purple hair would be cool, it seems Jungkook's hair is really blue, after all. Another ARMY said Jungkook wasn't using the same filter the other fan thought. "jk could've used any filter, but for it to change the hair color from purple to blue, it has to have a blue effect and it would make the background have blue tones, but jk's pic doesn't have [them]," they said.

It's also worth noting that the filter that changes blue to purple doesn't change the color blue. So if Jungkook's hair is blue, his hair would remain blue under the filter.

ARMYs will just have to wait until Jungkook shares another selfie to settle this debate once and for all!

Sours: https://www.elitedaily.com/p/is-bts-jungkooks-new-hair-blue-purple-this-fan-theory-will-blow-your-mind-63658157

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BTS: Jungkook dyes his hair blue and ARMY is convinced his mixtape is on its way

BTS singer Jungkook has dyed his hair again this year. The singer, also called the Golden Maknae, took to Twitter to debut his new hair colour. The singer shared a selfie and revealed he dyed his hair himself. Jungkook adorably wore a small hair clip, matching his new hair colour, to keep his hair from falling on his face.

The new photo has left the fandom, ARMY, weak in their knees. Many fans approved of his changing hair colour while a few wondered why he was switching it up so often. For the uninitiated, Jungkook previously left fans in a frenzy when he coloured his hair blonde.

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A few fans believe that the changing hair colours have something to do with his mixtape, dubbed as JJK1. The singer had first mentioned his mixtape during an interview with Buzzfeed in May 2018. However, a year later, he said he wasn't ready just yet. Nevertheless, he brought up the mixtape reference again in September 2019, when he gatecrashed J-Hope's VLive and teased that he was working on it but it wasn't fully ready to release.

Now, with the changing hairdos, BTS fans think Jungkook could surprise the fandom with his mixtape release.

Jungkook revealed his new hair colour soon after he was seen joining fellow BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and V during a special episode of MTV Unplugged. During the episode, the septet performed five songs. They performed Telepathy and Blue & Grey for the first time on a stage. They then followed it up with a cover performance of Coldplay's Fix You and ended the episode with Life Goes On and Dynamite.

During the show, Jungkook said he misses the ARMY. "We will continue to stay by your side this year with good music,” he added.

BTS recently also released BE Essential Edition.

Sours: https://www.hindustantimes.com/entertainment/music/bts-jungkook-dyes-his-hair-blue-and-army-is-convinced-his-mixtape-is-on-its-way-101614168705735-amp.html

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