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Note: LS-800 HLI sensors are non-voltage producing devices and do not contain energy storing com-

ponents. However, since primary use is in hazardous locations, an appropriate intrinsically safe inter-

face device is required.

Gems LS-800 HLI High Level Indicator has a 2" NPT mounting, making it ideal for use in underground and aboveground

storage tanks. When mounted vertically at the tank top, it reliably indicates high liquid level. This indicator is exceptionally

versatile. The unit adapts to just about any environment due to rugged construction and the multiple design options avail-

able. The LS-800 HLI is available in brass or stainless steel, making it suitable for use with a wide range of liquids.

Adjustable versions of the LS-800 HLI are available for varying tank sizes. A special cinch nut on the mounting allows the

stem to travel up or down, to fine-tune actuation points. The extent of the adjustment depends on the unit length and dis-

tance from the mounting to the highest float stop.

Sensor Operating Principle

Gems LS-800 HLI liquid level sensor operates on a direct,

simple principle. A float is equipped with powerful, permanent

magnets. As the float rises or lowers with liquid level, it actuates

a magnetic reed switch mounted within the stem. This condition

either opens or closes the electrical circuit to operate an exter-

nal alarm or control circuit. When mounted vertically, this basic

design provides a consistent accuracy of ±1/8th inch.





Sealed Magnetic

Reed Switch

Note: Please refer to specific Gems outline drawings for

operational specifications.

Mounting Types

Liquid Tight






2" NPT

Environmental Products

These Sensors may not be compatible with indicating

and alarm equipment supplied by other manufacturers









1/2" NPT






Model LS-800 HLI

High Level Indicator

Instruction Bulletin No. 155896



1-7/8" Dia.

(47.6 mm)




LO ± 1/16"




2" NPT


Float Types

316 Stainless Steel


(46.0 mm)


Actuation Level

L1 ± 1/8"

(63.5 mm)


(53.3 mm)


(54.2 mm)



2" Min.


LS-800-5 Series Single-Point Level Switch

LEVEL SWITCHES Large Size - Alloys SINGLE POINT When a Switch won’t fit in the tank, use a non-intrusive Bottle Type Bottle type level switches are ideal for large or small tanks or where access to the inside is impractical or impossible. These units mount completely outside of the tank, at the level actuation point. LEVEL SWITCHES L1 SWITCH ACTUATION LEVEL† (SEE ORDER TABLE FOR VALUE) ACTUATION LEVEL FLOAT ASSEMBLY (SPERICAL SHOWN) Specifications Materials,Housing Stem Float Operating pressure Temperature Actuation Level at a density of 1 Min. specific gravity of the liquid Type of reed switch Electrical connection* approx 0.6m Mounting thread Protection rating Weight approx. LS-800-5 Brass Brass S Steel 35 bar -40 °C to +150°C S Steel S Steel S Steel 50 bar -40 °C to +150°C LS-159000 Alumium Brass S Steel 27 bar -40°C to +150°C Alumium Brass Buna N 17 bar -40°C to 120°C Oil -40°C to 80°C Water 48mm from top of unit How to Order 172625 * K6 option for LS-800-5, consult Sales Office Customer selectable switching NO/NC

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