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Serde deserializer for Minecraft: Java Edition's NBT format, and in-browser Rust-to-WASM powered Minecraft map renderer. Supports 1.17.

Demo of Hermitcraft season 7 and more at owengage.com/anvil

alt rendered map

This repository contains multiple related projects.

  • fastnbt: Fast serde deserializer for Minecraft: Java Edition's NBT data format.
  • fastanvil: For rendering Minecraft worlds to maps.
  • fastnbt-tools: Various tools for NBT/Anvil, notably a map renderer.

Aim to support only the latest version of Minecraft. Works with 1.17 worlds and 1.16 worlds at the moment. Might work for more. Endevour to support old chunks in worlds, but not extracting textures from older versions due to the added complexity it would require.

The binary from can render your world leveraging all of your CPU.

See fastnbt's README for performance comparison.

This example demonstrates printing out a players inventory and ender chest contents from the player dat files found in worlds. We

  • use serde's renaming attribute to have rustfmt conformant field names,
  • use lifetimes to save on string allocations, and
  • use the type to deserialize a field we don't specify the exact structure of.
use fastnbt::error::Result; use fastnbt::{de::from_bytes, Value}; use flate2::read::GzDecoder; use serde::Deserialize; use std::io::Read; #[derive(Deserialize, Debug)] #[serde(rename_all = "PascalCase")] structPlayerDat<'a> { data_version: i32, #[serde(borrow)] inventory: Vec<InventorySlot<'a>>, ender_items: Vec<InventorySlot<'a>>, } #[derive(Deserialize, Debug)] structInventorySlot<'a> { id: &'astr, // We avoid allocating a string here. tag: Option<Value>, // Also get the less structured properties of the object.// We need to rename fields a lot. #[serde(rename = "Count")] count: i8, } fnmain() { let args: Vec<_>= std::env::args().skip(1).collect(); let file = std::fs::File::open(args[0].clone()).unwrap(); // Player dat files are compressed with GZip.letmut decoder = GzDecoder::new(file); letmut data =vec![]; decoder.read_to_end(&mut data).unwrap(); let player: Result<PlayerDat>=from_bytes(data.as_slice()); println!("{:#?}", player); }

These are the proirities for the project when it comes to development. Ideally we never sacrifice an earlier priority for the sake of a later one.

  1. Correctness. Worlds are rendered as accurately as possible.
  2. Speed. Worlds are rendered as fast as possible.
  3. Memory. Worlds are rendered without sucking up RAM.


For the libraries

[dependencies] fastnbt = "1"fastanvil = "0.20"

For the executable

cargo install fastnbt-tools
Sours: https://github.com/owengage/fastnbt

McRust Logo

== ATTENTION: McRust HAS BEEN MOVED TO SPIGOT AND WILL BE UPDATED FROM THERE! ==http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mcrust.1490/

What is McRust

McRust is minecraft survival plugin based on the game Rust on Steam, created by Facepunch Studios. Rust was inspired by games like DayZ, Minecraft and Stalker. It is a multiplayer game where you and other players are attempting to survive through the awful conditions, where humanity has been reduced to cavemen. Rust’s world is harsh. The environment is not kind. Zombies and wolves will chase and kill you. Being exposed to radiation for an extended period will kill you. Being cold will kill you. Other players can find you, kill you, and take your stuff. Fortunately for you, you can kill others and take their stuff. Or maybe you can make friends and help each other survive, using the plugin's building tools to create a safe haven?

Rust maps

Here is a list of rust map(s) that you can use for your server. If you made a map, Tell me about it in the reactions! We will add it in this list.

1. http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/1557812-survival-rust-survival-map-minecraft-explore-the/

Game information


The players will not be able to use a crafting table to craft things, They have to use the crafting book. When a new player joins the server or a players respawns the player will get a crafting book. If the player right clicks the book a menu will pop-up and the player will be able to choose what he wants to craft. Also on the first join the player doesn't have all the crafting recipes, They can unlock more with blueprints.

Blue prints

The players are able to find blueprints. With blueprints the players will be able to unlock new crafting recipes. The players can find blueprints by killing zombies and wolves, Or by finding them in chests.


There will also be weapons, On the moment the plugin does not contain any weapon, But they will be added later on.


Airdrops are packages that will fall down 1 time in 1 minecraft day. You can find multiple good items in packages like weapons, Resources and much more.

Commands and permissions

/airdrop1 - Set the airdrop location

Progress video

I made on every update a video about it, Right now I made the videos in my own language (Dutch) But I can make the videos in english if you guys want that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_pvHsKAyiw&list=UU_8P6lBNW7zJpi7fzdyQ7TA English video from benlewisc: http://youtu.be/rSO1dTJR9Aw

In development

This plugin is still in development, Most of these features above are not added on the moment. Im working hard on it to bring out the first release of the plugin. I hope you like the idea, Feel free to post ideas / maps !


Like my work? Please donate and buy me a pizza!




Sours: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/mcrust
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Dust – A Rust Inspired PVP Map

Dust Map

Have you played Call of Duty before? Do you remember a map like Rust in this game? If so, and you really remember such a map, then you will probably be interested in the new map for the Minecraft world. This map in Call of Duty allowed players to play games of different genres fighting among themselves in a special arena. The new mapis called Dust. This map for Minecraft also allows all players to play together with their friends fighting in a new arena.

As mentioned earlier, the idea of creating this map was borrowed from the world-famous game called Call of Duty. Please note that this map may be of interest not only to those players who have previously seen something similar in another game but also to those who just like to have fun with their friends in the arenas of the Minecraft world.

In the screenshots below you can see that all actions will take place in the desert with certain structures. Also, players will be able to use one of the available types of games that will be presented in this map.

Fight with your friends and become the strongest!

Additional features allow players to change rules, make amendments, and add weapons!

Dust map (1)

Dust map (2)

Dust map (3)

Dust map (4)

Dust map (5)
Sours: https://mcpecube.com/maps/191-dust-map.html
Archon Outlands... Minecraft Rust Start of Map PVP *

Comparing Valheim's Map Size to Other Survival Games

Although Valheim has only been around for almost three months, it has already gathered a lot of attention from players interested in survival games. In this game by Iron Gate Studios, players have to prove themselves worthy of entering Valhalla by surviving in the dangerous land of Valheim.

While this sandbox game is not officially released yet, Valheim has already become one of the most played games on Steam. However, the full release is expected to have considerable improvements including finishing some of the biomes. The game's map is approximately 314 square kilometers already, and it takes a little over four hours to cross it by foot. There is no question Valheim's map is big, but how big is it compared to other survival games?

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Facepunch Studios' Rust is another survival game that was fully released in 2018. This game is a multiplayer-only title, in which players have to watch their back for other users who might be roaming the area.

The game's map is procedurally generated to further ensure uniqueness. On its early release, Rust's map was about 3.95 square feet. This means the island players get to explore in Rust is a little big bigger than the land of Valheim but still pretty similar in size. Another similarity between the two maps is that they are procedurally generated which means players will get to see a different map every time they start a new game.


Ever since its release in 2011, Minecraft has been a huge success. Players of all ages continue to play the game to this day, and it does not seem like they will stop any time soon. One of the reasons that Mojang's game has become so popular is that Minecraft's map is extremely big, randomly generated, and it changes every new game. This is exciting because of the sandbox nature of Minecraft which means players will get to build in different settings every time.

Comparing Minecraft to Valheim is a little bit different because Minecraft worlds are usually measured per block. Minecraft worlds are considered "infinite" because they do not have hard limits but get buggier as the player gets further and further away from the spawning site. The biggest world is 5120 square blocks and each block is a square meter, meaning the biggest Minecraft world is 55111.22 square feet making it considerably bigger than Valheim's map.

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No Man's Sky

One of the features that made this game so popular is the attractiveness of No Man's Sky extremely big world. This title by Hello Games was highly anticipated, but it went through a rough start as the game was buggy. Still, No Man's Sky has continued to improve making the game more attractive.

This space-set game generates planets procedurally as well. The game has over 18 quintillion planets meaning is about 20 times bigger than Minecraft's world. Some of its planets alone can be 9000 square miles. Some approximations say that it would take over 500 billion years to explore the full world, and while this is likely, maybe, hopefully an exaggeration, this game's map is considerably bigger than Valheim's.

Valheim is available now for PC.

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God of War Ragnarok Fan Art Imagines What Odin Might Look Like in the Game

With gamers not yet having an idea of how God of War Ragnarok’s Odin is going to look, one fan suggests a possible design for the Norse god.

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Map minecraft rust

Standoff 2 Rust Map for Minecraft PE 1.16


CSGO for mobile phones, this is how Standoff 2 can be described, developed for both iOS and Android. There are really a lot of common features between both games, and if at some point you want to play a shooter on your smartphone, then install Standoff 2. After that, go back to Minecraft PE and download this map to add a defuse map.

By: tmwyout

Rust Location:

This is not to say that the map exactly repeats the Rust level from Standoff 2. There are some differences if you take a look at the general plan. But anyway, it really resembles that same map with two teams. If you are going to recreate events, in Rust you need to do the same as in the competitive mode of CS:GO.

Rules of the game:

Participants can set the rules themselves, but following the original idea, create two teams (5 people each are desirable). The first team aims to destroy the location by planting and detonating a bomb. The second team must either kill all the terrorists or deactivate the bomb.

Standoff 2 Rust Map for Minecraft PE
Standoff 2 Rust Map for Minecraft PE

What is attached?

For a better perception, the map contains Vanilla+ texture pack and realistic shaders.

How to install the Standoff 2 Rust?

1. Download the map.
2. Open it using Minecraft for auto importing. 

Download Standoff 2 Rust Map for Minecraft PE 1.16

Sours: https://for-minecraft.com/maps-for-minecraft-pocket-edition/4722-standoff-2-rust-map-minecraft-pe.html


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