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Wolf Anatomy

Wolf Anatomy

Wolf Paws | Wolf Fur | How wolves differ from dogs

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Muzzle – A wolf has two hundred million smelling cells inside its nose and can smell 100 times better then a human being. A wolf has 42 teeth including four canines. Wolves use their sharp teeth to wound, grab and kill its prey. Wolves use their back teeth to crush the bones and make the meat into smaller pieces and they use the small front teeth to nibble and pull at the skin. A wolf has a very rough tongue which is used for cleaning the meat off of the bones.

Eyes and Nose – Wolves move their ears from side to side to determine where a sound is coming from. Wolves have excellent eye sight, a keen sense of smell and acute hearing. Wolves can see and smell a deer from a great distance.

Body – A wolfs body is strong and powerful which enables it to kill large prey such as deer and elk.

Fur – The wolf has two layers of fur. On top is a longer course fur used as guard hairs which keeps the wolf dry. The other is short under fur that keeps it warm.

Legs and Feet – Wolves toes spread apart when they step in the snow so they do not sink. Wolves walk and run on their toes. It makes their legs longer and nimble so they can run with speed and catch fast prey. Wolves have four toes on their hind feet and five toes on their fore feet.

Tails – Wolves use their tails to communicate. For example, the tails position and the state of its hair send specific messages. Wolves also have a scent gland on the back surface of their tails which they use to scent-mark territory.

Skeleton – The skeleton of the wolf is well adapted to its lifestyle. Their bones need to be strong, for power in bringing down large prey such as caribou, deer, elks or moose. The narrow collarbones, interlocked foreleg bones and specially adapted wrist-bones give the wolf streamlining, strength and speed. The radius and ulna bones are ‘locked’ in position. This inability to rotate the forelimbs gives superb stability when running.

Long Skull – Wolves have long skulls which is a typical carnivore skull, housing extensive and strong cheek muscles, necessary for holding onto prey, killing and consuming.

Large Brain Capacity – Skull capacity allows adequate space for an advanced cerebral cortex (brain) necessary for coordinating group social activity.

Wolf Paws

Wolf paws are able to tread easily on a wide variety of terrains, especially snow. There is a slight webbing between each toe, which allows them to move over snow more easily. Wolves are digitigrades (an animal that stands or walks on its digits, or toes) and with the relative largeness of their feet, helps them to distribute their weight evenly on snowy surfaces. The front paws are larger than the hind paws and have a fifth digit, the dew claw, which is absent on their hind paws. A dew claw is a vestigial digit of the paw which grows higher on the leg so that when the animal is standing, it does not make contact with the ground.

Bristled hairs and blunt claws help wolves to grip on slippery surfaces, and special blood vessels prevent their paw pads from freezing. Scent glands located between a wolfs toes leave trace chemical markers behind, helping the wolf to effectively navigate over large areas while keeping others informed of its whereabouts. Unlike dogs and coyotes, wolves lack sweat glands on their paw pads.

Wolf Fur

Wolves have bulky coats consisting of two layers. Their first layer is made up of tough guard hairs that repel water and dirt. Their second layer is a dense, water-resistant undercoat that insulates the wolf and keeps it warm. Their undercoat is shed in the form of large tufts of fur in late spring or early summer (with yearly variations).

A wolf will often rub against objects such as rocks and branches to encourage the loose fur to fall out. Their undercoat is usually grey regardless of the outer coats appearance. Wolves have distinct winter and summer pelages (the hair or fur that covers the animal) that alternate in spring and autumn. Female wolves tend to keep their winter coats further into the spring than male wolves. North American wolves typically have longer, silkier fur than their Eurasian relatives.

The colour of the wolfs fur varies greatly, from grey to grey-brown, to white, red, brown and black. These colours tend to mix in many populations to form predominantly blended individuals, though it is not uncommon for an individual or an entire population of wolves to be entirely one colour (usually all black or all white). A multicolour coat lacks any clear pattern and tends to be lighter on the wolfs undersides. A wolfs fur colour sometimes corresponds with a wolf populations environment, for example, all-white wolves are much more common in areas with snow cover. Aging wolves acquire a greyish tint in their coats. The Grey Wolf and the Red Wolf tend to have interspersed flicks of yellowish colouring appearing through their base colour.

At birth, wolf pups tend to have darker fur and their eyes have blue irises that will change to a yellow-gold or orange colour when the pups are between 8 and 16 weeks old. Though extremely unusual, it is possible for an adult wolf to retain its blue-coloured irises.

How Wolves Differ From Dogs

A wolfs long, powerful muzzles help distinguish them from other canids, particularly coyotes and golden jackals, which have more narrow, pointed muzzles. Wolves differ from domestic dogs as they have a comparatively larger brain capacity. Larger paw size, yellow eyes, longer legs and bigger teeth further distinguish adult wolves from other canids, especially dogs. Also, precaudal glands at the base of the tail are present in wolves, however, not in dogs.

Sours: https://animalcorner.org/wolf-anatomy/

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Kero The Wolf (USA)

Josh Hoffman
Kero The Wolf with his fursuit head
Kero The Wolf
Kero The Wolf 2.0
Kero leaving and returning to the fandom via his personal Twitter

Kero The Wolf, formerly known as thedogman2[1][2] (real name Joshua Hoffman)[citation needed], is a fursuiter and YouTuber who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.[3] He was primarily active in the furry community from 2012 to 2018, and from 2021 onwards.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Kero first joined the furry fandom sometime in 2012 after finding out about it from his former friend SnakeThing. Kero states that he saw a wallpaper featuring feral animals and this interested him. In the beginning, he mostly spent his time on Vine, Twitter, and Fur Affinity before creating a YouTube account on July 7, 2013. For the first few years of his time on YouTube, Kero mostly uploaded random furry-related videos and became somewhat well known in the furry YouTube landscape.

Becoming a Popufur[edit]

Sometime in 2017, a friend of Kero by the name of Ashley Zoe Fox talked to the popular YouTuberShane Dawson, and convinced him to ask Kero to interview him about the furry fandom.[4] Shane later uploaded the video which was called WEIRD SIDE OF YOUTUBE: FURRIES on July 6, 2017.[5] Kero went from having 10,000 subscribers to 90,000 as a result of the video. He later hit 100,000 subscribers in early 2018.[6] During this time, Kero was seen as a widely respected individual in the fandom and would continue producing content for his channel regularly until September 2018.

Leaving the fandom[edit]

In September 2018, leaks on Twitter began a major controversy surrounding Kero.[citation needed] Many accused him of zoophilia among other things.[citation needed] Kero would continue to upload some videos on his channel until November 2018. After several months of receiving hate and threats though, Kero left the furry fandom.[7]

Later on in 2019, however, he stated he would eventually return to YouTube to "clear his name" once the investigation was over. As of 2020, he remains to lay low but still interacts with his audience on Patreon, Fur Affinity, and YouTube.

Rejoining the fandom[edit]

On March 12, 2021, after nearly two years of dormancy, Kero uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, titled My Side,[citation needed] in which he explains all that happened within the past few years, trying to defend himself and denounce the accusations brought upon him. An example of this was when he brought up him potentially being arrested, in which he states that — while police did indeed show up to his house, even up to "several times a week" — they ultimately did not find him guilty on any counts, even after it being handled by, quote:


Kero The Wolf (USA)
"Real detectives with degrees" in forensics, and after "two years of digging".[8]


Kero The Wolf (USA)

For some reason, Kero presents this as vindicating him, despite the best evidence suggesting that Kero got off by stonewalling the police, refusing to provide information, and ultimately being outside the statute of limitations. This action drew universal condemnation both within and outside of the fandom, among furs and non-furs, in both social media and furry art sites, with most pointing out the obvious lies and distortions and pointing people back to the evidence that condemns Kero.[citation needed]



Kero was known for making advice videos for other furries as well as doing vlogs and livestreams. He also did collabs with other well-known furry YouTubers and also had a thing for filming scenes of nature. He also did some logo animations early on in his YouTube career.


Main article: Zoosadist Evidence

In September 2018, Telegramchat logs circulated online which appeared to show Kero discussing acts of bestiality[11] and necrophilia[12][13] with animals, and videos which are claimed to be Kero committing such acts.

Kero disputed the claims on the grounds that several of the features of those in the videos do not match Kero,[14] however, the user IDs of the Telegram chat logs appear to match those of Kero's real account, which include pictures of Kero in sexual situations with his dog, a dead fox supposedly found on the road[15], and that said videos were sent by him personally to SnakeThing[16]. Kero variously claimed that his account was hacked,[17] or that the logs were faked, though the latter is not technically possible since the logs have been forwarded through Telegram's own back-end server information. It is speculated that Kero used a proxy IP address via VPN to fake this screenshot.

On September 28, 2018, Kothorix uploaded a YouTube video claiming that he personally confronted Kero, with who he had previously conversed, about the veracity of the logs.[18] In the video, Kothorix claims that Kero admitted to him that the logs were real, and that "he does have an interest in some aspects of zoophilia."[18](timestamp 7:58) He went on to say the Kero denied engaging in any actual, physical animal sex acts, which directly conflicts with the now confirmed information in the chat logs.

Kero repeats this claim in a video interview with Ashley Zoe Fox, uploaded the same day,[19] saying, "I have never had sex with any animals." In this second video, Kero reiterates his assertion that his Telegram account was hacked, adding that he later lost control of the account due to this and that a previous screenshot he had posted of an account he still had access to was fake, "found on the Internet." He claimed the logs were only "five percent" true. He said that he had, in fact, joined a chat group for feralartwork, through which he befriended Nelizar/Snake-Thing, another individual implicated in the logs who was later arrested in real life and that he ultimately stopped speaking with this individual because he was made "uncomfortable". Despite the contradictions between Kothorix's video and Ashley's, Kero retweeted a link to Kothorix's video and called it accurate.[citation needed]


Along with other people[who?] identified in the chat logs, the evidence against Kero was submitted to the authorities. In a tweet thread posted on November 8, 2018, Kero revealed he was under police investigation,[20] stating that he is taking the situation seriously and apologizing for causing the furry fandom "trouble"[20]

On January 30, 2019, Kero put out a tweet after a two-month absence in which he stated that he's leaving the fandom, citing "toxic mindsets" and "witch hunts" against members of the community.[21]

Around June 2019, Kero sold his third fursuit to a fan of his by the name of Diamond Dwolf, who said they would wear it at Anthrocon 2019. It is unknown if they went through with their decision or not. The fate of his other two fursuits is currently unknown although it's likely Kero still possesses them.

During Anthrocon 2019, it was reported that Kero was in attendance, leading to speculation that the sale of his fursuit was a ruse so that Kero himself could walk around in it.[22] At that same convention, it was discovered that someone was going around wearing Kero's second fursuit.[23] On July 20, 2019, LordOcelet, a nonfurry who is friends with Kero in real-life uploaded a video that confirmed that it was him in Kero's fursuit. According to Ashley Zoe Fox who also attended the con, it was done as a "social experiment" to see if furries there would care or not.[24]

Speculations were[citation needed] made on if Kero will ever return to YouTube or not. Kero has mentioned multiple times in the past he wants to return to making videos on YouTube but states that he can't because he has to wait for the investigation to end. Despite this, it was revealed by Archive The Wolf that sometime around late 2018 and early 2019 the Pennsylvania State Police seized all of Kero's electronic devices after getting a warrant. About 30 devices were taken.[25] Because of this, Kero hasn't been able to make any videos since November 2018.


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This is an article about the species. For topics that share the name, see Wolf (disambiguation)

Wolves are defined as any of several large carnivorousmammals of the genus Canis, of the dog family Canidae. Wolves are one of the most popularspecies for fursonas.

Historical views[edit]

In ancient Rome, wolves were considered symbols of sexual potency as well as good mothers, the latter easily noticeable in the Roman foundation myth of Romulus and Remus, where the twins were raised by a she-wolf. Native Americans revere the Wolf Totem in a different light, seeing wolves as Pathfinders and Guardians. This flies in contrast to the place of the wolf in most western history, wolves having been primarily seen as creatures to be feared, a viewpoint even noted in religious texts such as the Bible: "Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves."

Modern perspective[edit]

Though the connotations associated with the wolf from ages past still lingers, the view of the wolf today is constantly evolving. Everything from scientific research and readily available documentaries to books and films has done much to alter the public view of these creatures, one notable such example being the film Never Cry Wolf. As the wild ancestors of domestic dogs, wolves are both familiar and exotic to humans, which might explain their continuing fascination. Wolves have almost become cliches in some types of modern historical and fantasy fiction, shown as noble, savage, or a mixture of both qualities. The Wolves of Time duology included wolf characters from nobly self-sacrificing through to unrepentantly evil. In the furry fandom, a mix of both elements is seen: admiration and distrust.


  • gray wolf, also known as the timber wolf
    • Alaskan tundra wolf, a subspecies of gray wolf whose range is parts of the Arctic coastal tundra region
    • Alexander Archipelago wolf, a subspecies of the gray wolf
    • Arabian wolf, subspecies of gray wolf
    • Arctic wolf, also known as the white wolf, a subspecies of gray wolf
    • Baffin Island wolf, a subspecies of gray wolf living on Baffin Island (the largest island in Canada) and nearby islands, in Nunavut, Canada.
    • Bernard's wolf, an extinct subspecies of the gray wolf
    • British Columbia wolf, a subspecies of gray wolf
    • Cascade mountain wolf, an extinct subspecies of the gray wolf
    • eastern wolf, also known as the Algonquin wolf or Great Lakes wolf (and sometimes eastern Canadian wolf) (taxonomic classification under review)
    • Eurasian wolf, a subspecies of gray wolf
    • Great Plains wolf, an extinct subspecies of gray wolf that lived in the Great Plains from Manitoba and Saskatchewan (Canada) to Texas
    • Hokkaido wolf (aka Ezo wolf), an extinct subspecies of gray wolf that lived in north-east Asia.
    • Hudson Bay wolf, a subspecies of gray wolf
    • Indian wolf, a subspecies of gray wolf whose range is from Southwest Asia to the Indian Subcontinent
    • Japanese wolf (aka Honshū wolf), an extinct subspecies of the gray wolf that lived on islands in the Japanese archipelago
    • Kenai Peninsula wolf, extinct subspecies of gray wolf
    • Labrador wolf, a subspecies of gray wolf native to Labrador and Quebec (in Canada)
    • Mackenzie River wolf, a subspecies of gray wolf in the Northwest Territories of Canada.
    • Manitoba wolf, an extinct subspecies of gray wolf.
    • Mexican wolf, also known as the lobo, a subspecies of gray wolf
    • Mogollon mountain wolf, an extinct subspecies of gray wolf that was in Texas and Mexico.
    • Newfoundland Wolf, extinct subspecies of gray wolf
    • Northern Rocky Mountain wolf, subspecies of gray wolf.
    • northwestern wolf, also known as the Mackenzie Valley wolf and other names, a subspecies of gray wolf
    • Southern Rocky Mountain wolf, an extinct subspecies of gray wolf that lived in various USA states.
    • steppe wolf, also known as Caspian Sea wolf, is a subspecies of gray wolf
    • Texas wolf, an extinct subspecies of gray wolf that was in Texas and Mexico. (Texas red wolf is a different canid, with an unresolved taxonomy)
    • Tibetan wolf, a subspecies of the gray wolf
    • tundra wolf, also known as the Turukhan wolf, a subspecies of gray wolf
    • Vancouver Island wolf, a subspecies of grey wolf
  • Red wolf, a rare species in Eastern USA (unresolved taxonomic identity)
    • Gregory's wolf, also known as the Mississippi Valley wolf, and sometimes as the swamp wolf (and other names), a subspecies of the red wolf.

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