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How does the noun play differ from other similar words?

Some common synonyms of play are fun, game, jest, and sport. While all these words mean "action or speech that provides amusement or arouses laughter," play stresses the opposition to earnest without implying any malice or mischief.

pretended to strangle his brother in play

In what contexts can fun take the place of play?

While the synonyms fun and play are close in meaning, fun usually implies laughter or gaiety but may imply merely a lack of serious or ulterior purpose.

played cards just for fun

How do game and sport relate to one another, in the sense of play?

Game is close to sport, and often stresses mischievous or malicious fun.

made game of their poor relations

When can jest be used instead of play?

While in some cases nearly identical to play, jest implies lack of earnestness and may suggest a hoaxing or teasing.

hurt by remarks said only in jest

When would sport be a good substitute for play?

Although the words sport and play have much in common, sport applies especially to the arousing of laughter against someone.

teasing begun in sport led to anger


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How to use played in a sentence

I called it a spinet, because it somewhat resembled that instrument, and was played upon in the same manner.


And then several hours at Liszt's, where one succession of concertos, fantasias, and all sorts of tremendous things are played.


Some were inquisitive enough to ask, Has a treaty been signed or a trick been played upon the rebels?


We always lay our notes on the table, and he takes them, looks them over, and calls out what he'll have played.


He does well to be proud of his men and of the way they played up to-day when he called upon them to press back the enemy.



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A source of enjoyment or delight:


(Countable) A particular instance of playing a game; match.


An object of mockery, jest, or play:


Device made of wood or paper, at the tip coated with chemicals that ignite with the friction of being dragged (struck) against a rough dry surface.


The definition of a musical is a play where the characters sing and dance.


Affectedly dramatic gestures or behavior; histrionics.


The definition of an exhibition is a large public showing or display of art, products or athletic skills.


Movement is defined as changing locations or positions, a group of people with a shared aim or a development or change that occurs.


Working is defined as the process or action of completing a task.


An activity that provides such refreshment.


The definition of a piece is a part of a whole.


Bow means to bend one's head or body in respect or recognition or to yield to someone's authority.


To speak in fun; be facetious:


Caper means to skip in a playful manner.


(Intransitive) To sound by percussion, with blows, or as if with blows.


(Informal) To move with self-assuredness or indifference:


The definition of fun is something that brings pleasure, joy or playfulness.


To enter into, or be in, rivalry; contend; vie

cause to sound


The behavior or an act of a rogue


A performance of a play before its official opening, as to test audience reaction

entertain oneself


Carouse is defined as drinking a lot or having a noisy and fun time while drinking alcohol.


(Intransitive) To be very happy, be delighted, exult; to feel joy. [from 14th c.]

idle away


To move in a playful, lively manner


To leap about; prance or caper


To move rhythmically usually to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures.


To run or advance in a rapid or easy manner.

be a practical joker


To move from side to side, or fidget annoyingly. Usually as a result of being nervous.

be the life of the party


(Intransitive) To perform a work or labour; to exert power or strength, physical or mechanical; to act.


To use the fingers in a certain way or sequence on a musical instrument


Pedal is to use your foot or leg power to power something, or to press on something that provides power.


To make light metallic sounds, as those of a small bell.


To convey or transport (something) by means of pipes.


Full of gaiety or high spirits; playful; merry


(Idiomatic) To enjoy oneself.


To caress or rub with the mouth or lips


To invest (money) repeatedly or persistently in something.


To touch or handle something in a nervous way:


To rub over the surface of with something rough or sharp


To produce a sharp vibrating sound, like a tense string pulled and suddenly let go.


(Slang) To eat or drink very quickly.


To excite the surface nerves of, as by touching or stroking lightly with the finger, a feather, etc., in a way that causes involuntary twitching, a pleasant tingling, laughter, etc.


To discharge a liquid or other substance continuously or in spurts:


To move with a quick, light, wavering motion


(Now Rare) To represent in the form of a person; personify; embody


To represent, depict, or interpret in the manner indicated


To portray by mimicry or action of any kind; to act the part or character of; to personate; as, to represent Hamlet.


The definition of participate is to take part in an activity.


(Archaic) To try to equal or surpass; compete with


To imagine; to believe; to receive as true.


To call to mind; remember:


Chance means to happen by luck or fortune.


Risk is defined as to expose someone or something to a dangerous situation.


To contend; struggle (with or against)


To risk (something) for potential gain.


Fond of eating, drinking, and good company; sociable; jovial


The definition of frivolous is something that has little value or importance or is silly or trivial.


Of or like an imp; mischievous

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antonyms for play with


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How to use play with in a sentence

I assure you, no matter how beautifully we play any piece, the minute Liszt plays it, you would scarcely recognize it!


But I hope at least to play to him a few times, and what is more important, to hear him play repeatedly.


To fill up the time till Liszt came, our hostess made us play, one after the other, beginning with the latest arrival.


Again the sallow fingers began to play with the book-covers, passing from one to another, but always slowly and gently.


Our class has swelled to about a dozen persons now, and a good many others come and play to him once or twice and then go.


It was one day when a student from the Stuttgardt conservatory attempted to play the Sonata Appassionata.


He seemed to know right where to look, which was another feature of the play that I didn't sabe at the time.


Liszt himself doesn't play the chords as well as Gurickx;—perhaps because he does not care now to exert the strength.



Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


Play synonym for


The movable stages were, of course, not very large, so sometimes more than one was needed for a play. At other times the players overflowed, as it were, into the audience.

The pageants were on wheels, and as soon as a play was over at the first appointed place, the stage was dragged by men to the next place and the play again began.

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The list of plays thus presented commonly included: The Fall of Lucifer; the Creation of the World and the Fall of Adam; Noah and the Flood; Abraham and Isaac and the promise of Christ's coming; a Procession of the Prophets, also foretelling Christ; the main events of the Gospel story, with some additions from Christian tradition; and the Day of Judgment.

'Mr.' also comes.] In many places, however, detached plays, or groups of plays smaller than the full cycles, continued to be presented at one season or another.

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The thought that I was not going to playfor myself quite unnerved me.

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Again, another reminded her of children at play, and still another of nothing on earth but a demure lady stroking a cat.

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He merely did not elect to choose them for partners in the big game in which he intended to play. What that big game was, even he did not know.

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"We've playedit always, ever since I was a little, little girl.

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It could make no difference in the play, and as for Cottager himself, when he has got his wife's speeches, I would undertake him with all my heart."

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At the second note the hangman let his prisoner go, and danced also, and by the time he had playedthe first bar of the tune, all were dancing together--judge, court, and miser, and all the people who had followed to look on.

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And the child smiled on the Giant, and said to him, "You let me playonce in your garden, to-day you shall come with me to my garden, which is Paradise."

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As a very young child he could repeat, after a fashion, any composition that was playedfor him.

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"There isn't any reason why you fellows can't make them playa real tune.

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"You have touched upon a subject, senor canon," observed the curate here, "that has awakened an old enmity I have against the playsin vogue at the present day, quite as strong as that which I bear to the books of chivalry; for while the drama, according to Tully, should be the mirror of human life, the model of manners, and the image of the truth, those which are presented now-a-days are mirrors of nonsense, models of folly, and images of lewdness.

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These were the playsthat we loved, and must have read in common, or at least at the same time: but others that I more especially liked were the Histories, and among them particularly were the Henrys, where Falstaff appeared.

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Sours: //
Diana and Roma Pretend Play Selling Ice Cream

Synonyms of play in English:


See US English definition of play

See UK English definition of play

See Spanish definition of juego


1‘the children were playing with toys on the floor’


amuse oneself, entertain oneself, enjoy oneself, have fun, have a good time, relax, rest, be at leisure, occupy oneself, divert oneself, play games, frolic, frisk, gambol, romp, cavort, caper

informal mess about, mess around

British informal lark, lark about, lark, lark around

dated sport

archaic, humorous disport oneself

2‘I used to play football’


take part in, participate in, engage in, be involved in, join in, compete in, do

3‘Liverpool play Sheffield United on Wednesday’


compete against, contend against, oppose, take on, challenge, vie with, rival

4‘he was about to play Macbeth’


act the part of, play the part of, act, take the role of, enact, represent, perform, appear as, portray, depict, impersonate, pretend to be, execute, render, interpret

rare personate

5‘he never learned to play a musical instrument’


perform on, make music on

blow, sound, strum

6‘his hair gleamed as the sunlight played on it’


move lightly, dance, flit, dart, ripple, lick, touch


1‘one must strike a balance between work and play’


amusement, entertainment, relaxation, recreation, enjoyment, pleasure, diversion, distraction, leisure, fun, games, fun and games

playfulness, horseplay, skylarking, larks, a good time, jollification, junketing, merrymaking, revelry

informal living it up

dated sport

2‘a play by Shakespeare’


drama, stage play, stage show, theatrical work, theatrical piece, radio play, television play, teleplay, screenplay, comedy, tragedy, farce, sketch

production, performance, spectacle, show

3‘they have understood the play of the real world’


action, activity, operation, movement, motion, agency, employment, working, function, functioning, exercise, interaction, interplay

4‘the steering rack was loose, and there was a little play’


movement, freedom of movement, free motion, slack, give

room to manoeuvre, room to operate, scope, latitude, elbow room, space, margin

5‘we enable people to give full play to their energy and abilities’


scope, range, latitude, liberty, licence, freedom, indulgence, free rein, release


    play up

    1‘there were some boys that really did play up’


    misbehave, be misbehaved, behave badly, be bad, be naughty, be mischievous, get up to mischief, be disobedient, be awkward, cause trouble, give trouble, make trouble

    British informal be stroppy, be bolshie

    2‘the boiler's playing up again’


    not work properly, be defective, be faulty, malfunction, act up, give trouble

    informal be on the blink, go on the blink

    3‘his injured leg was playing up’


    be painful, hurt, ache, be sore, cause pain, cause discomfort, cause trouble, annoy

    informal kill someone, give someone gyp

    bring into play

    ‘all of these factors are brought into play in the strategic planning process’


    use, employ, exercise, make use of, utilize, avail oneself of, put to use

    practise, apply, bring to bear, implement, exert, wield

    play the fool


    clown about, clown around, act the clown, act the fool, fool about, fool around, mess about, mess around, monkey about, monkey around, joke, play pranks, indulge in horseplay

    informal horse about, horse around, screw around, puddle about, puddle around, act the goat

    British informal muck about, muck around, fanny about, fanny around, footle about, footle around, lark about, lark around

    British vulgar slang piss about, piss around, arse about, arse around

    dated play the giddy goat

    play for time


    use delaying tactics, stall, temporize, gain time, hang back, hang fire, hold back, procrastinate, beat about the bush, drag one's feet, delay, filibuster, stonewall

    play something up

    ‘the press has played up the problems’


    emphasize, lay emphasis on, put emphasis on, accentuate, bring attention to, call attention to, draw attention to, focus attention on, point up, underline, underscore, highlight, spotlight, foreground, feature, give prominence to, bring to the fore, heighten, stress, accent

    play around

    ‘I played around a bit but now I've settled down’


    womanize, philander, have affairs affair, have an affair, flirt, dally, toy with someone's affections, trifle with someone's affections

    informal carry on, mess about, mess around, play the field, play away, sleep around, swing, be a man-eater

    North American informal fool around

    vulgar slang screw around

    rare coquet

    play on

    ‘it is despicable to play on the fears of ordinary people’


    exploit, take advantage of, use, make use of, turn to account, turn to one's account, profit by, capitalize on, impose on, trade on, milk, abuse, misuse

    informal walk all over

    play out

    1‘the position of the sub-tropical jet stream across North America will determine how winter plays out’


    turn out, work out, conclude, end, end up, result, come out, fall out, develop, evolve

    2‘this scenario plays out all across the country’


    happen, occur, take place, come about, come to pass, crop up, turn up, arise, chance, ensue, befall, be realized, take shape, transpire

    rare eventuate

    play up to

    ‘he's been playing up to her the whole time’


    ingratiate oneself with, seek the favour of, try to get on the good side of, curry favour with, court, fawn on, fawn over, make up to, keep someone sweet, toady to, crawl to, grovel to, pander to, be obsequious towards, truckle to, flatter

    informal soft-soap, suck up to, butter up, be all over, lick someone's boots, brown-nose

    British vulgar slang kiss someone's arse, lick someone's arse

    North American vulgar slang kiss someone's ass, lick someone's ass

    play a part in

    ‘historical events have also played a part in directing these efforts’


    contribute to, be instrumental in, be a factor in, be partly responsible for, have a hand in, be conducive to, make for, lead to, cause, give rise to

    help, promote, advance, further, forward, oil the wheels of, open the door for, add to

    formal conduce to


    stand in the way of

    play ball

    ‘if you play ball, I can help you’


    cooperate, collaborate, play along, play the game, go along with the plan, show willing, be willing, help, lend a hand, assist, be of assistance, contribute, reciprocate, respond

    pitch in

    play at

    ‘he will play at being kind and good’


    pretend to be, give the appearance of, affect the role of, assume the role of, pass oneself off as, masquerade as, profess to be, pose as, impersonate, make out, fake, feign, simulate, affect, go through the motions of

    North American informal make like

    play something down

    ‘ministers sought to play down the extent of the damage’


    make light of, make little of, make nothing of, set little store by, set no store by, gloss over, de-emphasize, underemphasize, downplay, understate, underplay, minimize, shrug off

    soft-pedal, tone down, diminish, downgrade, trivialize, detract from, underrate, underestimate, undervalue, think little of, disparage, decry, deprecate, talk down, belittle, slight, scoff at, sneer at

    informal pooh-pooh

    rare derogate

    played out

    ‘the melodrama is a little played out to be entirely satisfying’


    stale, hackneyed, well worn, clichéd, stock, trite, banal, worn out, time-worn, threadbare, hoary, tired, overused, obsolete, antiquated, finished, old

    clapped out, old hat, hacky

    play havoc with

    ‘dust will play havoc with electrical systems’


    disturb, disrupt, disorder, disorganize, disarrange, interfere with, upset, unsettle, convulse

    obstruct, impede, hamper

    hold up, delay, retard, slow, slow down

    throw into confusion, throw into disorder, throw into disarray, cause confusion in, cause turmoil in, derange, turn upside-down, make a mess of

    ruin, wreck, spoil, undo, mar, frustrate, blight, crush, quell, quash, dash, scotch, shatter, devastate, demolish, sabotage

    informal mess up, screw up, louse up, foul up, make a hash of, do in, put paid to, put the lid on, put the kibosh on, stymie, queer, nix, banjax, blow a hole in

    British informal scupper, dish, throw a spanner in the works of

    North American informal throw a monkey wrench in the works of

    Australian informal euchre, cruel

    play the game

    ‘I don't trust them—they don't always play the game’


    play fair, be fair, play by the rules, abide by the rules, follow the rules, conform, be a good sport, toe the line, keep in step

    play on words

    ‘its very title turns out to be a play on words’


    pun, wordplay, double entendre, double meaning, innuendo, witticism, quip, quibble

    rare paronomasia, equivoque, amphibology, pivot, calembour, carriwitchet, clench, clinch, conundrum, nick, pundigrion, whim

    play something out

    ‘the simmering tension between them is played out against the sweep of world events’


    portray, represent, depict, characterize, describe, present

    enact, perform, render, act, stage

    express, give expression to, communicate, set forth, articulate


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