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BMW X5, anyone ever done one?

Hey Everyone. so here is where i am at. i just sold my trust old Chevy K10. i hadnt driven it in over a year and i felt i just didnt need it anymore. i originally sold it with the intent of buying something smaller, Yota, Jeep, Xterra something like that. but now im thinking why?

I currently own a BMW X5 which i have been doing all my camping and overlanding with for the last year and im thinking i might build it up and use it instead of buying a 2nd vehicle. cause who needs another monthly payment right?

has anyone ever done it? i can get a system from BMW that allows me to jack the airbags to get me 2 inches of lift at the flick of a switch for not much more than a lift kit for most vehicles. the AWD system is highly intelligent and works miracles. im thinking a moderate AT tire and some protection and i should be good.

maybe some new rims to... dont wanna scratch the nice BMW ones up lol...



This lifted, manual BMW X5 makes for an epic overlander

It's pandemic season, which apparently means everyone is adventuring out of the concrete jungles, breeding grounds for Miss Rona. Left and right, it seems people are purchasing sporting goods, camping gear, and off-road vehicles in spades. Hell, two friends of mine even picked up a new 4x4s for the purpose of having adventure-rated daily drivers. The surge in people taking up outdoorsman hobbies to escape an anxious world seems to fall right in line with the rapidly booming popularity of overlanding vehicles, and this modified 2002 BMW X5 3.0i for sale on Cars & Bids could prove to be a hot sell.

Overland vehicles are usually defined as robust off-road machines modified to be capable and reliable with an emphasis on self-reliance over long excursions. Don't think massive rock crawler tires or Baja suspension, but rather whatever it would take to survive multiple day camping trips across vast expanses of rough terrain.

That being said, this Bimmer seems to have just enough additions to cross a desert or at least get to the cabin at the end of a long, muddy road. There's a 1.5-inch lift kit by Fluid Motor Union, a front skid plate, 25mm spacers, and tasteful Fifteen52 wheels wrapped in Falken all-terrain tires. An overlander wouldn't be complete without some extra off-road garnishes, so Rally Armor mudflaps and a Yakima roof rack round out the package.

As for the vehicle itself, the car appears to be in fairly-well kept condition. There's reportedly a clean title and an accident-free history over its three-owner, 183k-mile existence. The owner does note the presence of some imperfections in the paint as well as rock chips in the windshield which have since been filled. The interior has reportedly been reconditioned and is finished in Imola Red leather with a sunroof, aftermarket stereo, and heated seats.

What will surely pique the interest of enthusiasts the most is the presence of (drum roll, please) the rare five-speed manual transmission, its gear lever nestled wonderfully between the front seats and the third pedal by the driver's left foot as the driving gods intended. A manual transmission is always a treat to see in this day and age, especially when it's mounted to a luxury SUV of all vehicles. This manual routes 225 horses and 214 lb-ft of twist from an "M54" 3.0L straight-six to all four wheels.

Everyone nowadays seems to have some lifted Wrangler or overland Subaru Crosstrek, but this manual BMW X5 will surely stand out among the already-crowded field. Kudos to the seller who was willing to use it as a platform for modification and to the future owner willing to give it a new home.

At the time of writing, there stands two days left on the listing with the bid at nearly seven-grand. If you fancy yourself to be that future owner or if you just think it's damn cool, you can find more details about its many quirks and features in the Cars & Bids link embedded below.

Yes, that was a Daddy Doug reference. It is his site after all.

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BMW E53 X5 Off Road 4×4 Lift Kits !

18 Oct BMW E53 X5 Off Road 4×4 Lift Kits !

Want to lift your BMW E53 X5 with one of our Off Road 4×4 Lift Kits? Below is an update on where things stand with our BMW E53 X5 Off Road 4×4 Lift Kits parts.

After shipping out all lift kit pre-orders, we currently still have kits in stock and ready to ship. If you would like to place an order please contact [email protected] or give us a call at 630-305-3054. More details on the lift kit HERE.

Our latest design for the BMW E53 X5 front 4×4 off road bumper is finalized and we’re currently taking orders for production. This is a build-to-order item that currently has a 2-3 week turnaround so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in placing an order as that build time will increase. More details and images found HERE.


This off-road bmw e53 X5 rear bumper was the first attempt at designing something rugged for the rear. We’re very happy with how it turned out however, it is a costly item to reproduce. We’re currently looking at 3-4 weeks on rear bumper orders so again, if interested please don’t hesitate to reach out for pricing information.


As previously mentioned in the past, we’re currently working on finalizing the design and overall testing for the E70 X5 lift kit. The overall design will be very similar to that of the E53 kit but we want to make sure we’ve looked at all variables in application.

We have also developed some other nifty parts for the E53 chassis including:

A weld on camber bolt repair kit.
A LED light Bar mounted to the front A-Pillar
Reinforced front thrust arms to prevent bends when offroad
Dakar rally inspired Mudflaps

If you have any ideas for products, please shoot us an email, as we may be able to fabricate your ideas!

Again, please don’t hesitate to contact us via [email protected] if you’re interested in placing an order!

X5 Overland's First Expedition - BMW X5 Vehicle Overview


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BMW X5 Overland Build


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