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Game mocks real tragedy, gang experts say

The release of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," a game that draws heavily upon gang culture and violence, has sparked the ire of the country's embattled gang counselors and educators who say the game not only celebrates the gang lifestyle at a time when gang membership is rising nationwide, but makes a mockery of a tragedy that’s all too real.

"They've done a great job in portraying the negative," said Jose Perez, a counselor who works with gang members in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While game players cheer the realism of "Grand Theft Auto," that same realism is embraced by by street gang members and wannabes who see the game as not only fun but a validation of their lifestyle.

Online message boards devoted to street gangs have been busy studying the game like it's a documentary: discussing the reality behind the game’s North-South Latino gang rivalry and comparing the fashion of another gang with the real deal. "Green da color," reads one post, "but the Ballas color purple dat remind me of Grape St Crips."

How Rockstar North, a game publisher based in damp Edinburgh, Scotland was able to create an interactive epic that resonates with American youth is quite a story. But for gang counselors and law enforcement, the story is not about record sales and five-starred reviews in gaming magazines. It's about telling kids on the edge that they are not a lost cause.

"For those of us out here struggling to prevent gang violence it’s frustrating to see the media glorify it," said Perez. He said he and others are struggling to prevent an all-out gang war in San Mateo County "and when you hear kids coming in here and talking about the game, it makes it a challenge to reach them."

'They see it as vindication'
Pop culture, and particularly gaming's, role in putting its stamp of approval on abnormal behavior has long been a controversial topic.  But for those on the front lines, there is no argument.

"I don’t care what any criminologist or psychologist says, but repeated exposure to any level of violence does alter the psyche of a person," said Ernest L. Cuthbertson, a police detective in Greensboro, N.C.

Cuthbertson actually uses "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," the predecessor of "San Andreas," as part of his work with at-risk kids. He films the kids as they play the game and then challenges them on their in-game decisions to shoot cops and beat up prostitutes.

Sometimes the kids are able to look beyond the game and recognize the repercussions, said Cuthbertson. But other times they reveled in their ability to wield automatic weapons.

"The same technology used to train the military and law enforcement is going into games.  We are raising a society of natural born killers," said Cuthbertson. 

Most gang counselors agreed that playing a game doesn't necessarily lead to picking up an Uzi, but based on their experiences, they do think that virtual violence numbs players to actual violence. And the at-risk kids they mostly work with aren't exactly overloaded with great role models to begin with.

"Kids are culturally inoculated by other kids. So then they see this game selling in the store, about gang life, they see it as vindication," said Stephen Cliff, an educator who works with troubled children in upstate New York.

Cliff's comments were echoed by Lisa Taylor-Austin, a Connecticut-based counselor and "gangologist."

"I don't think a video game is going to cause someone to shoot," she said. "But the kids I deal with, they don't talk about "Grand Theft Auto" like it's a game. They talk about how realistic it is."

Taylor-Austin, who spent the late s and early s in Los Angeles studying gang culture, said she was actually approached by the makers of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" to critique the game to see if it was realistic enough. She refused.

"It would be counterproductive to what I do, which is keeping kids from killing kids."

Spreading the word
"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" also has the misfortune of launching at a time when gang membership is on a rise. Thousands of gang members jailed during the late s and early s during the height of the crack wars are due for release, say gang experts.

This is not just a problem for large cities in the West and Northeast. In the last 15 years, gang violence has spread to the Southeast and Midwest.  And when gangs in places like Arkansas and North Virginia call themselves Crips and Bloods, it may stem from a gang member who's moved in from the cities, say experts. But often the clues come from pop culture.

"The underlying message you get is that gangs are cool, gang banging is cool and crime is cool," said Alejandro A. Alonso, a gang scholar and publisher of "And when you go to a place like the Netherlands and see white dudes doing the Crip walk you know where they learned it."

A former gang member from the Bronx, George A. Monger now works to stem a troubling rise in gang violence in the leafy suburbs of Northern Virginia.

"Most kids in northern Virginia are wannabes," he said. "And so when they look at a game and play a game they see how it’s done and they may want to act it out."

As Mindy S. Gizzard, a probation officer in Richmond, Va., said:  "Great, just what we need, one more thing for yahoos to imitate."

Meanwhile, back in 'San Andreas'
In California, the cultural homeland of "San Andreas," gang counselors grit their teeth and prepare for the worse as kids say the game justifies their life.

Rafael Vazquez, a gang counselor in Sonoma County, California said he talked recently with a teen who played the game and praised its inclusion of several Latino gangs.  "He said that 'it kind of relates to me because it talks about where we come from and where we live.'"

Jose Perez, the San Mateo County councilor said that one of his kids described playing "San Andreas" in an "almost orgasmic rush."

"And the kids I work with say they're kind of glad that finally someone came out with a game that represents the 'hood. They say that they can relate to the characters," he said.

Perez can, too. He spent 23 years as a gang member in the Bay Area before exiting the life to become a counselor in "Being an ex-gang member myself, I can say that some of those acts in the game are not far from reality," said Perez.

Several hundred miles south in San Bernardino County, Terrance Stone is grappling with the same issue. Now the president of a youth leadership group, he's witnessed, first hand, how pop culture has glamorized the gang lifestyle. Stone was a former gang member and leader for 15 years. He got out. A brother, however, began a year prison sentence at the age of

"I have been to something like 50 gang funerals where the guy in the coffin was no more than 20," said Stone. "The game companies don't see the family crying and the people in the coffin. They don't see the impact this has on our culture.

"They make or play their games in the studio, but for kids on the street it's a real life."


Grove Street GTA 5: CJ House Location, Secrets & Real-Life Version

Grove Street GTA 5: CJ house is a secret mission location in Davis, South Los Santos. You will do many missions and jobs in GTA 5 and GTA Online there. Here are all details of this street and interesting facts about the CJ house in GTA 5.

Grove Street

1. Grove Street GTA 5: CJ house location

Grove Street is located in Davis, South Los Santos. It starts at Davis Avenue and ends at Brouge Avenue. The big street gang Original Covenant Ballas occupied this street. It runs parallel to the Los Santos Storm Drain's section. You can also find a vehicle garage at the end of Grove Street.

The character CJ, whose full name is Carl Johnson, is living in a safe house on this street. He is the main character in GTA San Andreas. In that version, his house is a big wooden 2-story house. It has a front wooden fence and a cement side fence. On the right of the main house, there is a garage in which you can park two cars and three motorcycles.

Cj House In Gta San Andreas

In fact, post the San Andreas timeline, CJ will die under the hands of Ballas and Vagos gang, but the devs get some tribute to this character in GTA 5 with the CJ House on Grove Street.

However, in GTA 5 and GTA Online, Grove Street GTA 5: CJ house is only a small brick house. It's located at the end of Grove Street, and it still has a garage on the right of the house. This is an iconic location in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

Cj House In Gta 5

2. How to get to Grove Street GTA 5?

The game has a GPS system that shows players the way to the spot they marked on the minimap. If you pass the turning point, the system will show you another way to that spot. Therefore, you don't need to worry about missing the destination.

Drive To Grove Street

To get to Grove Street, you mark this point on the minimap. The marked spot on the map below is also the location of CJ's house in GTA 5.

Grove Street On The Map

Then, follow the marked route on the GPS system and drive to the marked spot on the map. During the mission Hood Safari in GTA 5, you can see CJ, Big Smoke, and Ryder riding their bicycles on Grove Street when you drive to this street.

"Grand Theft Auto V: How to find Grove Street"

3. What happened to Grove Street Families in GTA 5?

The Families are big African American street gangs. Comparing GTA 5 with GTA San Andreas, the Grove Street Families in GTA 5 play a much smaller role in the game's story. This gang has a rival relation with the Ballas - the occupant gang on this street.

Families Vs Ballas

In , Grove Street Families were disbanded and the Ballas gang took control over this area. They have been maintaining their rival relation up to now. The Ballas members often shout that "The Families were kicked out ages ago". Their members often combat when they appear in the same spot. Franklin is an outstanding example.

The Families

Franklin Clinton, one of the three protagonists in GTA 5 is a member of the Families Gang. Therefore, whenever Franklin appears on Grove Street, dogs of the Ballas gang's members often attack him. Besides, Franklin and the Ballas gang's members often combat when this character insults them.

Families Gang War

4. Grove Street GTA 5 in real life

Grove Street in GTA 5 was inspired by a real street in Compton, California. Houses on this street look like Compton CA a lot.

GTA 5 developers also take inspiration from real-life gangs in the US and bring them to this game. The Grove Street Families and Ballas gangs are two of them.

  • The Grove Street Families are based on Crips - a real African American street gang based in South Central LA.
  • Ballas is the occupant gang in GTA 5. This gang was inspired by Bloods. It's also an African-American street gang based in Los Angeles, California.
Grove Street In Real Life

In real life, Crips and Bloods gangs are also rivals like the Grove Street Families and the Ballas in GTA 5. Besides, Vagos, Aztecas, and Marabunta Grande gangs also have real-life versions. Obviously, many details in this game were made based on real-life in the USA.

Gang War Mission

Those are must-know things about Grove Street GTA 5: CJ house as well as interesting information about Grove Street and street gangs here.

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Carl Johnson (Grand Theft Auto)

Protagonist of the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson's official artwork

First appearanceGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas ()
Last appearanceThe Introduction ()
Created byRockstar North
Voiced byYoung Maylay
Motion captureYoung Maylay
Carjacker (formerly)
Co-owner of several businesses, including a chop shop, car dealership, Zero RC, and Four Dragons Casino
Madd Dogg's manager
AffiliationGrove Street Families
Varrios Los Aztecas
San Fierro Triads
Loco Syndicate (formerly)
Leone Crime Family (formerly)
FamilySean "Sweet" Johnson (brother)
Kendl Johnson (sister)
Brian Johnson (brother, deceased)
Beverly Johnson (mother, deceased)
Cesar Vialpando (brother-in-law)
Significant otherCatalina (ex-girlfriend)
OriginLos Santos, San Andreas, United States

Carl "CJ" Johnson is a fictional character and the playableprotagonist of the video gameGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the fifth main installment in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto series. He is voiced by Young Maylay, who also served as the likeness for the character.

CJ is the underboss of the Grove Street Families, a fictional street gang led by his older brother Sean "Sweet" Johnson and based in their home city of Los Santos (a fictional parody of Los Angeles, California). He is depicted as a somewhat naïve, clumsy, and selfish gangster, who seeks to distance himself from the gangbanger life and become a successful businessman. Following the death of his younger brother Brian in and a falling out with the rest of his family, he leaves for Liberty City to pursue a better life, but ends up returning five years later, after his mother's murder. Discovering that his former gang has lost most of its influence and territories to their rivals because of Sweet's refusal to become involved in the expanding drug dealing business, CJ agrees to stay and help rebuild the Families' strength, while slowly mending his relationships with his remaining relatives and investigating his mother's murder. As the game's story progresses and he completes increasingly difficult tasks, CJ learns to become less selfish, a successful criminal, and care more about his gang, even when he rises in prominence by making criminal contacts and becoming a major shareholder in various businesses across the entire state of San Andreas.

CJ received critical acclaim, with praise going to his flawed character, lack of stereotype and his sense of conscience, and is regarded as one of the greatest video game characters of all time.

Character design[edit]

Carl's physical appearance is modeled after Los Angeles-based rapper and actor Young Maylay, who also provided the character's voice and motion-capture work.[1] When asked about the character model for Carl, Young Maylay stated that the development team took "very professional" photographs of him to model Carl.[2]


Unlike the principal characters of previous Grand Theft Auto games, Carl's appearance is highly customisable,[3] as the player can purchase a wide variety of different haircuts, tattoos, and clothing for him. Certain clothes, tattoos, and hairstyles improve or worsen Carl's standing with his fellow gang members as well as his sex appeal to his selective girlfriends, and the opinions of wandering pedestrians.

The game implements a tracking system for various skills and abilities, each of which gradually improves as it is used or practiced and slowly diminishes if it is neglected. As Carl rides bikes, drives cars and motorcycles, and flies aircraft, his skill improves in each. The same is true for the weapons that he uses. The player can choose to exercise as well, which improves skills such as stamina, (which allows Carl to sprint for longer durations) and muscle (which visibly increases Carl's muscle tone, size and affects his hand-to-hand combat damage, physical endurance and respect status), but if he becomes too muscular, he will have less mobility. Visiting fast food restaurants and regularly consuming their meals will increase Carl's size over time, and if Carl eats too much without cardio exercise, he will become overweight which results in a heavy loss of mobility. Carl can lose this weight by regularly running, or by using certain exercise machines. Carl is required to maintain a small percentage of body fat to prevent starvation.



Carl was born to Beverly Johnson and an unnamed father, in his family home, located on Grove Street in the Ganton district of Los Santos. As a child, he got along well with his mother and siblings Sean (nicknamed "Sweet"), Kendl, and Brian, though not with his father, whom he barely remembers; as he states at one point, "[He] never really had a father."[4] At a young age, Carl, Sweet, and Brian befriended Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris and Lance "Ryder" Wilson, who lived on the same street, and all five eventually joined the Grove Street Families. Sweet soon became the gang's leader, with Carl as his underboss, and Brian, Big Smoke, and Ryder as high-ranking lieutenants.

By , with the drug trafficking business expanding, most Los Santos-based gangs began selling drugs in an effort to increase their power. However, Sweet's morality prevented him from doing the same, causing the Families to slowly lose most of their influence and territories to their rivals. Around the same time, Brian was killed in a gang attack; Carl is implied to have witnessed the attack, but chose not to intervene. This soured the relationship with his family and friends, especially Sweet, who blamed him for the tragedy. Eventually, Carl decided to leave his old life behind and moved to Liberty City, where he began working with Joey Leone in the car theft business.[4]

Return to Los Santos[edit]

The game's main storyline begins with Carl's return to Los Santos following the death of his mother in a drive-by shooting in [5] Upon his arrival, Carl is confronted by LSPD Officers Frank Tenpenny, Edward "Eddie" Pulaski, and Jimmy Hernandez, three highly corrupt members of the city's community policing unit, C.R.A.S.H. Tenpenny and his associates warn Carl early on that they intend to frame him for the murder of police officer Ralph Pendlebury, whom C.R.A.S.H. had killed to prevent him from exposing their illegal activities. They also force Carl to do work for them in exchange for his and his family's safety.

After reuniting with Sweet, Kendl, Big Smoke, and Ryder, Carl learns that the Families have lost almost all of their territories to their main rivals, the Ballas, during his absence, and agrees to stay in Los Santos and help solve the gang's problems. While doing so, he befriends Kendl's boyfriend and Varrios Los Aztecas leader Cesar Vialpando, despite Sweet's initial objections, and helps his friend Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross jumpstart his career as a rapper despite his lack of talent.

The Families' resurgence is short-lived, as Carl discovers that Big Smoke and Ryder have betrayed the gang by forming alliances with C.R.A.S.H. and the Ballas, and planned the attack that killed his mother, which was actually meant for Sweet, in an effort to eliminate the Families. While Carl uncovers this, Sweet is ambushed by a group of Ballas and wounded. Carl arrives to rescue him, but both brothers end up arrested by the police. While Sweet is sentenced to life in prison, Carl is released on bail by C.R.A.S.H., who take him to the countryside near Los Santos so that he can continue working for them. Tenpenny threatens to have Sweet killed if Carl attempts to return to Los Santos or intervene in C.R.A.S.H.'s dealings with Big Smoke, Ryder, and the Ballas, who have effectively taken over the city and flooded it with drugs.

Exile, new alliances and business ventures[edit]

During his time in the countryside, Carl befriends a hippie weed grower known as "The Truth", and performs several robberies alongside Cesar's cousin Catalina, with whom he enters a short-lived relationship. He also engages in a few illegal street races hosted by blind Triad leader Wu Zi Mu/"Woozie", in which he wins a defunct garage from Catalina's new boyfriend. Carl and his associates later travel to San Fierro, where they transform the garage into a vehicle chop shop with the help of several new allies, and purchase a car dealership and an RC shop. Carl later works for the local Triads, strengthening his ties with Woozie in the process, and infiltrates and destroys San Andreas' largest drug cartel, the Loco Syndicate, who supplied the Ballas with crack cocaine. In the process, he also exacts revenge on Ryder for his betrayal, killing him during a meeting with the syndicate's leaders.

After eliminating of the Loco Syndicate, Carl is contacted by its former leader, Mike Toreno, who reveals himself to be an undercover government agent, and enlists his help with several jobs in exchange for Sweet's early release from prison. While working for Toreno, Carl purchases an abandoned airstrip in the desert, acquires a pilot's license, and steals a $60 million jetpack from a military base. He later travels to Las Venturas to help Woozie open a casino by robbing the rival Mafia-run casino, Caligula's Palace, after earning the mob's trust by working for DonSalvatore Leone. In the process, he befriends former Caligula's manager Ken Rosenberg, and helps him and his associates escape from Salvatore's clutches. During his stay in Las Venturas, Carl also rescues famous former rapper Madd Dogg, whose career he inadvertently ruined while helping OG Loc, from a suicide attempt, and works for C.R.A.S.H., until they betray and try to kill him. Carl is saved by Officer Hernandez, who secretly betrayed his partners by reporting them to the internal affairs, and kills Pulaski after the latter murders Hernandez.

As Carl and his associates make plans to return to Los Santos, Madd Dogg asks Carl to become his manager and help him rebuild his career. Carl regains ownership of Madd Dogg's mansion in Los Santos, which the latter had sold to the Vagos gang for drugs, and restarts his carer with the help of Rosenberg and his friends.

Tying up loose ends[edit]

Shortly after his return to Los Santos, Carl is contacted by Toreno for one final job. Upon completion, the latter honors their agreement and has Sweet released from prison. Although delighted to have his brother back, Sweet is not impressed with Carl's business ventures and chastises him for forgetting about their gang, before talking him into helping to rebuild the Families' strength once again.

During this time, Tenpenny is tried for several charges, but is acquitted in his trial, causing all gang-occupied districts of Los Santos to riot. In the midst of the chaos, Carl reclaims the Families' lost turf from their rivals, and tracks down Big Smoke to his crack palace penthouse, where he kills him for his betrayal. Tenpenny then arrives to claim his share of Smoke's money and kill Carl, but the latter survives and pursues Tenpenny with Sweet's help. The brothers' pursuit eventually causes Tenpenny to crash his car outside Carl's family home, whereupon he dies from his injuries. With Tenpenny dead, the riots come to an abrupt end and all loose ends in Carl's life are resolved.

At the conclusion of the game, Carl and his allies are seen discussing what their future holds in the former's home, when Madd Dogg visits them to announce that he has won a gold record for his new album. As everyone celebrates, Carl leaves the house to check things out around the neighbourhood.

Influences and analysis[edit]

Young Maylay stated that he was influenced by his own life when portraying Carl. "[The development team] wanted authentic L.A., that's where I'm from and they knew that, so that's what I gave 'em," he added. "I put Maylay on CJ. I make him as much me as I can, without too much changing of the script."[6]


The character of Carl Johnson received critical acclaim after the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and has been included in many lists of the best characters in video games. Jesse Schedeen of IGN included CJ in his list of Grand Theft Auto Favorite Badasses, stating, "Of all the protagonists in all the GTA games, few are as compelling or flat out badass as Carl "CJ" Johnson," and also went on to praise the character customisation and available assets.[7]Crave Online's Paul Tamburro placed Carl eighth in his Top 10 Most Memorable GTA Characters, stating that "it was refreshing to take control of a character who was considerate about when and when not to commit wanton mass-slaughtering."[8] Matthew Cooper of Sabotage Times placed the character in his list of the top 10 characters in the Grand Theft Auto series, stating that Carl Johnson "was the first to appear with a conscience, the first that didn't seem to enjoy killing copious numbers of people."[9]

GameDaily listed Carl among their list of the best black characters in video games, refusing the idea that he reinforces negative stereotypes since he is "more ghetto-born James Bond than straight-up gangsta".[10] Similarly, Larry Hester of Complex Gaming placed Carl second on his list of the 10 Best Black Characters in Video Games, naming him the "gangbanger with a good heart."[11] In , GamesRadar placed Carl 77th on their list of the Best Heroes in Video Games, saying that "few [Grand Theft Auto] heroes have been as charismatic as him, and few likely will in the future."[12]UGO Networks have placed Carl as the second character who most deserves his own live-action film.[13]

In , The Age ranked Carl as the 33rd greatest Xbox character of all time, noting him as "the most humble" of Grand Theft Auto anti-heroes, and as "one of the first strong African-American lead characters in any major videogame."[14] Although Carl ultimately did not make the cut, Game Informer staff considered his inclusion in their "30 characters that defined a decade" collection, with Matt Helgeson saying, "He could have easily been another gangster stereotype, but by the end of San Andreas we see CJ as a flawed, but ultimately good man who did the best he could in the worst of circumstances."[15] In , readers of Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition voted Carl "CJ" Johnson as the 22nd top video game character of all time.[16]


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Comparison Grove Street - GTA SA vs 5 vs Real Life Ep1

The Cast Of GTA 5 Is Gorgeous In Real Life

By Jessica Reyes/Aug. 10, pm EDT/Updated: Aug. 10, pm EDT

"Grand Theft Auto 5" has had an astounding amount of talent and pretty faces working on it behind the scenes. That might not be too surprising for a game that's made more money than any Hollywood films (via MarketWatch). The game features three protagonists — Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa, and Franklin Clinton — all of who have their own network of connections and backstories. Naturally, that means the game has an extensive supporting cast lending their voices to all of the minor characters with dialogue.

What people might not know is what these voice actors look like in real life and what they do outside of voice work. Some of them also act on stage, model, and make a living with jobs that might require what people call a "face for television."

Here's a rundown on who some those performers are, as well as a refresher on some of the lesser-known characters in the city of Los Santos. In other words, here are just a few of the gorgeous "GTA 5" cast members.

Joe Curnutte - Dale O'Neil/Lenny Avery

Joe Curnette has worked both on screen and behind the scenes in a number of short films, plays, and other video projects. He's also one of the co-directors for The Mad Ones, a New York City-based production company focusing on "ensemble-driven work." It seems like live action and stage work is his strong suit, though it isn't his only calling. He's also provided supporting voices for both "Grand Theft Auto 5" and "Red Dead Redemption 2."

Curnette voiced Dale O'Neil and Lenny Avery, two minor characters in the story mode of "GTA 5." First up is Dale O'Neil, one of the drug-making O'Neil Brothers killed by the unhinged Trevor Philips. Beyond that, he doesn't play much of a role in current events. 

On the other hand, the character of Lenny Avery might be more memorable, seeing as he's the actual target of an entire mission. Avery runs a realty gig — a sleazy one. In fact, the reason he's so successful may be because he backstabbed his former business partner, Josh Bernstein. Playing as Trevor, the player can take on the mission "Closing the Deal," in which Bernstein hires the drugged-out criminal to sabotage Avery's business.

Benton Greene - Daryl Johns

Benton Greene mostly acts in television series and films. Just to name a few, he's played small roles in popular series like "FBI", "Law & Order," and "Gossip Girl." He also played main character Derek in "The Battle Below," a fantasy series about a man who comes back to his old neighborhood to find many unsettling changes, including kids fighting with swords and axes. 

Greene lends his smooth voice to Daryl Johns, one of the gunmen that the player can hire to aid in heists in "Grand Theft Auto 5." Daryl is an arrogant gunman who won't hesitate to boast about his own skills and never admits to his mistakes. Tragically, Johns apparently has one of the lowest skill caps in the game, making him more of a wannabe mastermind than a superstar hitman.

In addition to Johns, Green also voiced a crowd member in "Grand Theft Auto 4," as well as other characters for "Red Dead Revolver" and "Red Dead Redemption," making him a bit of a Rockstar Games mainstay.

Abdel Gonzales - Andreas Sanchez

Abdel Gonzales acts in television shorts, series, and films as well as video games. Some of his standout work includes roles in two short series, "Without Glasses" and "Bananas." Aside from "Grand Theft Auto 5," he also provided background voices for "Red Dead Redemption."

Gonzales isn't just an actor, either. His long list of talents and hobbies includes modeling and bartending. He also speaks fluent English and Spanish, which likely helped with his role as Mexican-American double agent Andreas Sanchez in "GTA 5." Despite the character's heritage, Gonzales is actually Puerto Rican. According to his IMDb profile, he immigrated to the United States during his teens for a better education.

In "GTA 5," Sanchez is the right-hand man of corrupt Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) agent Steve Haines. However, it's later revealed that he's relaying information to rival team International Affairs Agency (IAA). Yes, these are parodies of similarly named real-life organizations.

Jackie Long - D from Ballas

Arnold Turner/Getty Images

Jackie Long, who plays D in "GTA 5," also starred in a number of notable film projects, including "ATL," "The Comebacks," and "Idlewild."

Some notable television appearances include the BET drama "Games People Play," Nick Cannon's improv comedy show "Wild 'N Out" on MTV, and "Real Husbands of Hollywood," Kevin Hart's parody reality television series. In addition to his lengthy acting resume, Long also has his own apparel collection, which he can be seen modeling on his website and his personal Instagram account.

D, whose full name still remains a mystery, is one of the main faces of the Ballas gang in Los Santos. Franklin and Lamar Davis (the former's childhood friend) try to kidnap him to hold him ransom for $40, However, in the process, the two accidentally give away their location to the police and need to let him go. The situation only goes downhill from there.

Claire Byrne - Debra

Outside of the world of video games, Claire Byrne seems to focus on live action and promotional appearances, as well as modeling. "Sleepy Hollow," "Talentless," and "Reasons Why I Don't Have a Boyfriend" are just some of her most recent television appearances.

However, acting isn't her only calling in life. Byrne primarily supports women as a "heartbreak coach," guiding them as they work to move on from past relationships. She's also contributed to Kourtney Kardashian's lifestyle site POOSH. In an interview with "Authority Magazine," Byrne revealed her inspiration to become a heartbreak coach comes from a past experience with an abusive ex, which led her to want to help others heal dealing with similar traumas.

In "Grand Theft Auto 5," the multi-talented actress and relationship guru plays Debra, a high-maintenance lawyer. Trevor Philips, one of the three protagonists, witnesses a lethal fight between her and her fiance Floyd Hebert. It's the first and last time players meet Debra.

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−−− You can also find more information, resources, and support attheir website.

Lenny Platt - Gianni

J. Kempin/Getty Images

Television fans might recognize Lenny Platt from his support appearances in popular series like "NCIS: New Orleans," "Gotham," and "Blue Bloods." One of his first reccuring roles was Griffin O'Reily, the boyfriend of the ill-fated Lila Stangard in "How to Get Away with Murder." 

In "GTA 5," his character Gianni works as a personal bodyguard and right-hand man for Rocco Pelosi, a former gangster of the Ancelotti Crime Family and conniving Vinewood talent agent. The Italian-American thug often shows up alongside his partner in missions throughout "GTA 5," where they serve as minor antagonists to retired criminal Michael De Santa.

However, his voice acting role in "Grand Theft Auto" stands out among his body of work, which includes much more than acting. In an interview with ESPN Front Row, the charismatic performer revealed that he previously worked as a legal assistant and lawyer before landing his leading role in "Quantico" as FBI recruit Drew Perales.

Rebecca Henderson - Karen Daniels, a.k.a. Michelle


Rebecca Henderson has made a name for herself as an actress and producer. One of her most well-known roles is that of Lizzy in "Russian Doll," which was co-created by her spouse, Leslye Headland. She's also landed roles in other well-known and acclaimed television series throughout the years, including "Manhunt," "Westworld," and "Orange is the New Black."

Henderson's "GTA" character, Karen Daniels, first appears in "Grand Theft Auto 4" as Michelle, Niko Bellic's girlfriend. However, players later find out that she is an undercover IAA agent and "Michelle" was only an alias. She eventually breaks up with Niko and continues to work in the organization in hopes of earning her freedom.

Karen would later return in "GTA 5" and "Grand Theft Auto Online," still working for the IAA after all of these years. In "GTA 5," she brutally interrogates a suspect for her superiors, which is likely to leave an impression on the player.

Yasha Jackson - Tanisha Jackson

Yasha Jackson's part in "Grand Theft Auto 5" was actually one of the first few significant roles on her resume. Most recently, she's played recurring roles on TV like "The Bold Type," "The Flight Attendant," and "Blue Bloods." According to her IMDb profile, she's also racked up plenty of movie roles, including one in the feature film adaptation of "Clifford the Big Red Dog." 

TV viewers are probably very familiar with Jackson's face. She has appeared in over 50 commercials — one of which even aired during the Super Bowl. Jackson's other passions include religion and social justice, which she isn't shy about sharing on social media.

However, her character in "GTA 5" isn't quite as justice-oriented. Tanisha Jackson, who shares her last name, is Franklin Clinton's ex-girlfriend and his main love interest that he's trying to woo throughout the game. She, Clinton, and Lamar Davis all went to the same high school and grew up together. She and Franklin apparently broke up because she didn't want to participate in a life of crime anymore. However, it's clear she still cares about the two when she begs Franklin to save Lamar in a time of need. Later on, she even invites him to her wedding.

Olivia Negron - Patricia Madrazo

Olivia Negron has made her mark on camera and on stage as an actress in television and film, as well as on Broadway. Some of the striking performer's TV appearances include "Everything Relative," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and "Love, Lies and Murder." She debuted on Broadway in "Cuba and his Teddy Bear" as the understudy for Lourdes, the leading female role opposite Robert De Niro. With such an impressive body of work, it may come as a surprise to learn that Patricia Madrazo in "Grand Theft Auto 5" and "Grand Theft Auto Online" is one of her only voice acting roles. 

Patricia acts as a love interest to protagonist Trevor Philips in "Grand Theft Auto 5." She and Trevor meet when he kidnaps her from Martin Madrazo, crime boss and all-around terrible husband, after he catches him abusing her. Then, he unexpectedly falls in love with Patricia, who shares Negron's bright eyes and kind smile. Patricia stays with himTrevorfor a bit, not even trying to leave and actually helping with household chores. However, she eventually goes back to her husband for the safety of everyone involved. Her continuing messages to Trevor after the fact suggest that she still cares for him.

Lauren McFall - Kerry McIntosh

Lauren McFall mostly stars in movies and shorts. One of her more prominent roles includes a pitch perfect turn as newscaster April O'Neil in "Splinter and April," a comedy series which stars Master Splinter recovering from empty nest syndrome after the (not-so-teenage) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have all grown up and moved away. Fans can still find some of the episodes on YouTube. Some of her other recent acting work includes two shorts, "The th" and "I Can Change." 

Kerry McIntosh is one of McFall's few voice roles, one that's carried over between "Grand Theft Auto 4" and "Grand Theft Auto 5." One of the hottest celebrities on the Vinewood Walk of Fame, Kerry McIntosh is a head-turning blonde bombshell in the "Grand Theft Auto" world. She's also a total mess, The character appears to be based in part on celebrities who have had tragic public struggles, such as Britney Spears, and McFall gives the performance everything she's got.

Michal Sinnott - Tracey Townley

The multi-talented Michal Sinnott hasn't had many recent acting roles — probably because she's busy crowd-funding, producing, co-writing, and starring in a feature film. Her film "Born That Way" promotes itself as a "magical realist present day fable for the people." Sinnott said in a Reddit AMA that the film dives into questions like "why this life" and especially explores themes of judgement. Outside of her work on "Born That Way," she has acted primarily in television series and films. Some of her appearances include roles in "Law & Order," "One Life to Live," and "Tomorrow's Thespians."

Among video game fans, of course, Sinnott's claim to fame is her role as Tracey De Santa from "Grand Theft Auto 5," for which she recorded the voice and motion capture. Tracey De Santa is the daughter of Michael De Santa, one of the three main protagonists of the game. Throughout the game, Michael takes on multiple missions involving his daughter, typically bailing her out of one of her stunts to become famous. 

Sinnott looks back fondly on her time as Tracey, as can be seen in an Instagram post where she shared an old photo from a publicity shoot. "Working on 'Grand Theft Auto V' was a humbling experience because it brought a lot of fans of the game and the character of Tracey De Santa into my life," she wrote.


Gang real life ballas


The Ballas are a Los Santos based street gang that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V.

In GTA San Andreas, they act as the primary and first antagonistic group during the early game. During the beginning, the Ballas are the most powerful and influential street gang in Los Santos.

In GTA V, they dress the same as they did in GTA San Andreas, but only attack the player if they have been taunted or if one shoots a gun in their territory. They draw significant police presence, and driving through their territory is a good way to distract police following you and escape a wanted level. The Ballas territory in GTA V is the entire neighborhood of Davis.


Information regarding the founding of the Ballas or the date in which they were formed is unknown. However, they have been around since the 's.[1] They have maintained a traditional, intense and bloody rival with the Grove Street Families. Specifically when the gang war started is unknown, but the rivalry between the two gangs was in full swing as early as The reasons or date of their rivalry with the Varrios Los Aztecas and Los Santos Vagos is unknown. However, it is likely due to territorial reasons due to the close proximity of territories. The Ballas were responsible for the death of Beverly Johnson (mother of Sweet and Carl Johnson) in just before CJ's return. The Ballas used a Green Sabre vehicle to hit the Johnson House with the intent to kill Sweet (leader of the Grove Street Families). However, Sweet was not home and his mother was hit instead. The Ballas also establish underground ties for drug supplies with Grove Street OG Big Smoke before CJ's return - a secret relationship which is initially unknown to Sweet, CJ and the Grove Street Families.

It is likely that the Ballas controlled the area of Temple prior to due to the presence of a fourth Ballas set known as the "Temple Drive Ballas" as well as graffiti of the "Temple Drive Ballas" that still exists in the area. However, during , Temple is under the control of the "Temple Drive Families" (a family set). It is likely that the Temple Drive Ballas are defunct/inactive.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Originally, the Ballas are the Grove Street Families' primary enemy and most influential gang in Los Santos. In the beginning of the game they are the largest and most powerful street gang in Los Santos. They are enemies with all Family sets, especially the Grove Street Families, and the Varrios Los Aztecas, and have established ties with the San Fierro Rifa and the Loco Syndicate for narcotics, and the Russian Mafia for weapons. Their relationship with the Los Santos Vagos is largely "hit-or-miss"; this is because the Ballas and Vagos are natural enemies on the streets, and will act with hostility upon spotting each-other, but briefly collaborate for mutual interest in the drugs trade - especially in relation to secondary antagonist and high-ranking Grove Street Families member Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris and his crack empire. Further, the Ballas also collaborate with the policing unit C.R.A.S.H., comprising corrupt head officer Frank Tenpenny and his hot-headed accomplice Edward "Eddie" Pulaski, primarily for street intelligence and for shared profits. At some point, Ex-Grove OG Mark "B-Dup" Wayne also starts to associate and collaborate with the Ballas for the interest of drugs.

Following primary protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson's return to Los Santos, the Ballas attempt to finish off the Grove Street Families during his reunion with his family through a drive-by shooting on Carl, his brother, deuteragonist and gang leader Sean "Sweet" Johnson, Smoke, and high-ranking gang member Lance "Ryder" Wilson after they are seen leaving Carl's mother Beverly Johnson's funeral, but miss, and are only successful in destroying Smoke's car. The four then make it back to Grove Street in one piece on bicycle while avoiding the Ballas car.

During the early game, the Ballas are very successful at spreading crack-cocaine into Ganton and Grove Street in an attempt to weaken the Grove Street Families. By doing this, they turn members into weak and hopeless addicts while influencing high-ranking members with the money that can be made from drugs - taking them away from gang-banging as is the case with B Dup. However, one of their crack houses on the Idlewood-Ganton border is destroyed by Carl and Ryder on Sweet's orders. This decreases their crack influence. In retaliation for the destruction of the crack house in Idlewood, the Kilo Tray Ballas attempt a drive-by shooting in Grove Street. However, Carl, Sweet, Smoke and Ryder are able to catch them on the way to Grove Street when pulling out of a Cluckin' Bell drive-thru in Willowfield. A car chase follows and the Ballas car is destroyed, though Smoke does nothing and is more concerned with eating his food, providing one of the many early in-game hints for his true connections with the Ballas.

The Ballas eventually suffer a major loss when many members of the "Rollin' Heights Ballas" and the "Kilo Tray Ballas" are killed in a drive-by shooting that involves Sweet, Smoke, Ryder and Carl. Tenpenny and Pulaski tip off all gangs in Los Santos, with the exception of the Varrios Los Aztecas, about a weapons and ammunitions train. All gangs prepare to rob it - but the Ballas and the Los Santos Vagos fail and the train is instead robbed by the Grove Street Families via Carl and Ryder.

The Ballas eventually lose Glen Park to the Grove Street Families in a gang war. This puts the Ballas on a more equal footing with the Grove Street Families and their position as the dominant and most powerful gang is threatened. The Ballas attempt to regain their dominance by wiping out the Grove Street Families through a gang war on Grove Street itself, but Sweet, Carl and other Grove Street members are able to successfully defend their territory and the Ballas fail.

C.R.A.S.H. next tips off Carl about a weapons deal taking place between the Ballas and the Russian Mafia at a Willowfield warehouse. Carl is able to disrupt the deal and members of the Ballas and Russian Mafia are killed along with the Russian Mafia shot-caller of the deal, Andre. A high-ranking member of the "Front Yard Ballas", Kane, is then killed along with many other Ballas during a Ballas funeral at the Vinewood Cemetery at the hands of Sweet, Carl and other Grove Street Families members.

The Ballas then regain all of their power and influence back when Sweet is shot and injured during a gang war and arrested while Carl is abandoned miles away from Los Santos by the C.R.A.S.H. team, upon having discovered the loyalty Tenpenny and Pulaski have earned from Smoke and an unseen Ryder, who are revealed to have joined forces with the Ballas, a truth Carl learns from Mexican-American Varrios Los Aztecas gang leader Cesar Vialpando, who was dating Carl's sister Kendl Johnson, and was nearly simultaneously exiled along with Carl. With this, the Grove Street Families fall apart and the Ballas begin cementing their influence by distributing crack cocaine again. All family sets are eventually wiped out or in hiding and the Ballas start controlling the remaining Families territory - including Ganton and Grove Street itself, Playa Del Seville, Santa Maria Beach and Temple while regaining back Glen Park.

The Ballas make no major presence and have no more significance in relation to the games story for the rest of the middle game chapters. However, the Ballas do make one minor appearance during a major revenge point. During a secret meeting between the Ballas and the San Fierro Rifa at Pier 69, Carl, Cesar and the San Fierro Triads ambush a drug deal between Ryder, who is later noticed by Carl as Smoke's lieutenant, and the Loco Syndicate in San Fierro. Many Ballas make a presence during this mission to provide protection for Ryder. Carl and Cesar are successful at disrupting the drug deal and Ryder is killed along with his Ballas protection. For the rest of the middle part of the game, the Ballas make no more appearances until theexiled chapter ends with Sweet's surprise release from prison, and the return of the brothers to successfully acquire their home territory from the Ballas.

Following this, the Grove Street Families win back most of their territory from the Ballas and put an end to the remaining drug influence in Grove Street by tracking Dup down to Glen Park and beating him to near pulp. That same year, the Crack Palace operated by Smoke is destroyed and Smoke is killed in his final encounter with Carl, who then succeeds in ensuring Tenpenny's death as well, causing the Ballas to lose a lot of drug influence on the streets, and if the player chooses, can take over all of their territories in Los Santos as part of the gang war mini-game, completely wiping out the Ballas for good.

Events of GTA V

The Ballas are not central to the overall plot in GTA V as they were in GTA San Andreas; however, they are prominent in certain missions for Franklin Clinton.

Early on, Franklin and Lamar Davis attempt to kidnap a Ballas OG named D for $40,; however, Lamar accidentally reveals his identity to D, forcing him and Franklin to release D. While incarcerated, Chamberlin Gangster Families OG Stretch begins to associate with the Ballas. Shortly after Stretch is paroled, he arranges a drug deal in La Puerta, which turns out to be a Ballas ambush gone wrong when the LSPD show up. Some time afterward, Stretch arranges another drug deal with the Ballas for Franklin and Lamar at Grove St; however, Franklin and Lamar this time are accompanied by Trevor Philips. When Trevor demands a taste of the drugs Lamar was buying, he discovers that most of the brick was drywall, forcing Lamar, Franklin and Trevor to shoot their way out of Ballas territory. Shortly, before Franklin, Trevor, and Michael De Santa execute the Union Depositoryheist, Lamar is lured into another Ballas ambush by Stretch at the sawmill south of Paleto Bay; however, Lamar is rescued by Franklin, Trevor, and Michael. Should the player decide tosave Michael and Trevor, Michael tracks down Stretch at the B.J. Smith Recreation Center and Park and kills him and any Ballas resistance.


The Ballas are a black/Afro-american street gang that are easily identifiable by their purple gang color. The color is thought to denote respect on the streets; but could also be a reference to the ancient Roman upper-class. They are involved in drug trafficking/manufacturing (especially the crack cocaine trade), gang-banging, gang warfare, murder, prostitution, gun running/arms dealing, street violence, protection, vandalism, and degeneracy. They can be found walking and driving around their territory - often seen smoking marijuana, drinking malt liquor, and talking in groups. Like the other gangs, the Ballas will often flash their gang hand-signs as a form of representation. They will sometimes buy drugs from drug dealers. They also mark their territory with graffiti; however, Balla graffiti can also be found all over the city - suggesting an attempt to expand their influence out of South Central Los Santos. Upon spotting a Grove Street, Vago, Azteca, Rifa, Da Nang Boy, San Fierro Triad, or Italian Mafia gang member (especially Grove) - they will often react with hostility - usually resulting in a street-fight or a fire-fight/shoot-out. If they spot Carl Johnson, they will usually question him on his gang-banging status (if the player chooses to respond positively) they will attack. The Ballas are always likely to attack the player after completing the mission Drive-By while wearing green clothing.

On the streets, the Ballas are either unarmed or carry the 9mm pistol or the micro-SMG sub-machine gun. In missions and the gang-war mini-game, they are more heavily armed with AK assault rifles, baseball bats, MP5 sub-machine guns, Tec-9 sub-machine guns, and Pump Action Shotguns. During the final mission, the Ballas are also equipped with the M4 assault rifle.

The Ballas are some of Los Santos' most notorious and successful drug dealers and suppliers (especially the crack cocaine trade). Unlike the Grove Street Families, the Ballas have no reservations about making money by selling drugs; the spread of crack cocaine into the Grove Street community is part of their strategy to wipe the GSF out. They are described by the Los Santos Police Department as being "lawless", "mindless", and thought to be uncontrollable and that attempts to infiltrate have mainly failed.

As with the other gangs in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the Ballas have three different skins that walk and drive around their territory. These include:

  • The first member is slightly overweight, wears a dark blue chore jacket, dark blue khakis, white sneakers, and a purple bandana.
  • The second member wears a purple ProLaps jacket, a black beanie, beige khakis, shades, and black/white sneakers.
  • The third member wears purple khaki shorts, a baggy white T-shirt, sandals with knee high white socks, and a purple bandana.


There are four known sets of Ballas:

  • The Front Yard Ballas (FYB) (Idlewood)
  • The Rollin' Heights Ballas (RHB) (Willowfield and Jefferson)
  • The Kilo Tray Ballas (KTB) (Glen Park)
  • The Temple Drive Ballas (TDB) (defunct/inactive)

All Balla sets are allied and all fall and operate under the "Ballas" card while sharing similar traditions. Likewise, all sets wear purple and are all sworn enemies of the Family sets. The difference between the sets primarily rely on territorial differences aswell as a few differences in objectives and business. For example, the Front Yard Ballas are the most influential set when it comes to drugs (especially crack cocaine) - and are considered to be some of Los Santos' most notorious drug dealers. Likewise, it is the Front Yard Ballas that are mainly responsible for the weakening of the Grove Street Families through the distribution of crack cocaine into their territory (primarily from their crack house in Idlewood). On the other hand, the Rollin' Heights Ballas and the Kilo Tray Ballas are more focused on gang warfare. While the Front Yard Ballas weaken the Grove Street Families with crack cocaine, the other Balla sets commence gang wars and perform hit-and-run tactics such as drive-by shootings to finish them off.

Gang Cars

Although they are seen with Voodoos in some missions, the Ballas only have two gang cars: the Tahoma and the Majestic. The Tahoma is a lowrider and sometimes appears with Hydraulics. On one very important occasion the Ballas use a green Sabre to try and murder Sweet in a drive-by shooting at the Johnson House. Sweet, however, was not home and instead they end up killing his mother Beverly Johnson. The Ballas' favorite and default radio station is Bounce FM. Like with any other gang, the Ballas can be set to drive any vehicle the player chooses by modifying the cargrp.dat file.

In Grand Theft Auto V, they drive Tornados, Buccaneers, and Peyotes, while Felons appear during Hood Safari, Rampage Three, and certain Property Management missions.

Members and associates

GTA San Andreas
  • Kane (deceased): OG and high-ranking/well respected member. Possible leader of the Front Yard Ballas but unconfirmed. Was killed while attending a Ballas funeral.
  • "Little Weasel" (deceased): Originally a member of the Grove Street Families, defects to the Ballas and sells drugs. Possible OG and friend of high-ranking member Kane. Killed by CJ on Sweet's orders.
  • Mark "B Dup" Wayne: Associate of the Ballas. Enters a drug/supply relationship with them while receiving protection.
  • Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris (deceased): Associate of the Ballas. Hires Ballas for protection and drug trafficking. Killed by CJ.
  • Lance "Ryder" Wilson (deceased): Associate of the Ballas. Enters drug trafficking business with them on Big Smoke's behalf. Killed by CJ.
  • Alan Crawford (deceased): Manager of gangsta-rapper Madd Dogg. Has very close-ties and friendships with high-ranking Balla OG's - claiming that they are "like brothers". Possibly receives protection/security from them. Killed by CJ on OG Loc's orders.
GTA V and GTA Online

Mission appearances

GTA San Andreas
GTA Online
Chop the Dog (game)


  • The Ballas were originally going to be called the "Flats" in GTA San Andreas. It is unknown why Rockstar changed this.
  • The Ballas originally looked different in the beta version of San Andreas.
  • An additional three different Balla skins can be seen in The Introduction video.
  • The Balla with the white shirt, purple khaki shorts, knee high socks and sandals, and a purple bandana originally also wore a cross necklace. It is unknown why Rockstar changed this.
  • There is a fourth Ballas set known as the "Temple Drive Ballas" but they never appear in the game or in the storyline. Graffiti tags in Temple still exist and can be tagged over by the player. Temple is instead controlled by the Temple Drive Families (a Family/Grove set). The "Temple Drive Ballas" are either inactive/defunct or were scrapped for some reason by Rockstar before the game's release.
  • The rivalry between the Ballas and the Grove Street Families is loosely based off of the rivarly between the Bloods and the Crips in Los Angeles. Violence between the two gangs hit a peak during the early 's - largely due to the crack cocaine epidemic. A situation mirrored in early 's Los Santos.
  • Their name is a play on the slang term "baller"; meaning a street thug that has made it big-time.
  • Ballas means "Bullets" in Portuguese and Spanish.
  • When involved in road accidents Ballas members can be heard saying some of the following:
    • “Awww man!”
    • “You broke it, you fix it.”
    • “Hey this is my momma's car, man!”
    • “This ain't even my car, man!”
    • “You hit the damn car!”



GTA San Andreas

  • The graffiti for the Temple Drive subsection of the Ballas.

  • The graffiti for the Rolling Heights subsection of the Ballas.

  • The graffiti used for the Kilo Tray subsection of the Ballas.

  • The graffiti used for the Front Yard subsection of the Ballas.

  • Ballas members, as seen in "The Introduction"


  • Ballas gang members in GTA V.


Deceased Gangsters
Kane · Little Weasel
B Dup
Los Santos Vagos · Russian Mafia
Former Associates
C.R.A.S.H. · Loco Syndicate · San Fierro Rifa
Deceased Associates
Big Poppa · Big Smoke · Eddie Pulaski · Frank Tenpenny · Ryder
Big Smoke · Carl Johnson · Ryder · Sweet
Grove Street Families · Los Santos Vagos · Varrios Los Aztecas
Big Smoke's Crack Palace · Crack Den
East Los Santos, Los Santos · Jefferson, Los Santos · Verona Beach, Los Santos · Willowfield, Los Santos
Former Turf
Ganton, Los Santos · Glen Park, Los Santos · Idlewood, Los Santos · Playa del Seville, Los Santos · Temple, Los Santos · Santa Maria Beach, Los Santos
Grove Street in Real Life - Compton CA

5 gangs from the GTA series that took inspiration from real life

The GTA series is known to incorporate real-life elements into its games. Rockstar Games has been taking a dig at a lot of actual situations through these games.

GTA 5 featured an online social networking service, Life Invader, supposedly based on Facebook. The Grand Theft Auto series also featured several gangs throughout its games. Some were based on real-life units too.

Note: This topic has been speculated upon a lot, but below is what is primarily believed in the community

Five real-life gangs incorporated into the GTA series

1) Grove Street Families

Grove Street Families is based on the Crips (Image via GTA Wiki - Fandom)

The Grove Street Families is based on the Crips, an African American street gang in South Central LA. They are one of the largest and most violent street gangs organizations in the United States.

The gang, founded in , has been associated with murders, robberies, and drug dealing, to name a few crimes.

In GTA San Andreas, the Grove Street Families was also an African-American street gang and one of the oldest in-game.

2) Ballas

The Ballas gang is based on the Bloods (Image via Grand Theft Wiki )

The Ballas gang is based on the Bloods, another African-American street gang in Los Angeles, California. Its members wear red-colored clothing to distinguish themselves. The unit also has special symbols and other signs.

They featured in GTA 5 and San Andreas and were rivals with the Grove Street Families in the latter, similar to Crips and Bloods in real life.

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3) Vagos

Vagos is based on the Sureños (Image via Grand Theft Wiki)

The Vagos gang is based on the Sureños. The term Sureño means “southerner” in Spanish. The Sureños are collections of loosely affiliated units that pay tribute to the Mexican Mafia.

The Vagos are a sizeable Mexican street gang that appeared in GTA 5. They are the largest Hispanic street gang in Los Santos, and members wear different clothes with their logos and yellow colors to match.

4) Aztecas

The Aztecas are based on The 18th Street Gang (Image via GTA Wiki - Fandom)

The Aztecas are based on the 18th Street Gang, who started as a street gang in LA but quickly became one of the largest transnational criminal gangs in Los Angeles. The gang members follow a strict set of rules.

The Varrios Los Aztecas, or Aztecas, is a small Mexican street gang that appeared in GTA 5. They can be easily distinguished by their light teal/turquoise-colored cholo-style clothing.

5) Marabunta Grande

Marabunta Grande is based on the MS gang(Image via GTA Wiki - Fandom)

The Marabunta Grande is based on the MS gang. Mara Salvatrucha, aka MS, is an international criminal gang that started in Los Angeles, California. The unit is known for its cruelty and its rivalry with the 18th Street gang.

Marabunta Grande is a Salvadoran gang in GTA 5. They are heavily involved in drug trafficking and have a rivalry with the Aztecas.

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