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Smallest French Door Refrigerators Reviews of 2020

Want to buy the best and smallest french door refrigerator for your home? Then you are at the right place fellas! There are various french door refrigerating units available in the market. But if you are willing to buy a small and the best appliance for you, then you are at the right place. Basically, almost all the french door refrigerators are almost of the same height with a difference of a couple of inches. Still, an inch matters a lot when it comes to adjusting the refrigerating unit with your kitchen cabinets and shelves. So here are some of the best and small french door refrigerators for you.

Smallest French Door Refrigerators

Due to the small sized units, it becomes very comfortable to adjust them along with other kitchen appliances and furnishing. Thus buying a small french door refrigerator is the ideal thinking if you want an amazing refrigerator that can fit in your kitchen according to your cabinet size. So, let us see some of the picks that we made for your comfort and desire.

#1. Kenmore 74093 Elite French Door Refrigerator

Kenmore is a great manufacturer of refrigerators as well as other electronic appliance. It makes great efforts and does all the required things to provide you best quality products with a high grade of performance. Thus going for a Kenmore appliance won’t ever make you regret your decision. In the same, the Kenmore 74093 Elite French Door Refrigerator is the best and the smallest french door refrigerator at present in the market.

Product Description:

Kenmore 74093 Elite French Door Refrigerator

This Kenmore refrigerating unit is a high performance and efficient piece of french door style refrigerating and cooling unit. Moreover, there are many other features that this model possesses that makes it on the top of the chart.

The Kenmore 74093 31.7 cu. ft. Base Freezer Fridge has huge amounts of space for you to stack up with great perishables. Regardless of the matter that you are living with a big family that consumes a lot of food. Or do you have the member that love to party every now and then and invite a lot of people for the entertainment purpose, then this french door refrigerator unit by Kenmore is the best option that you have got. As this unit makes space for all the items that you have got and even gets the ice ready in few minutes time.

Speaking of the wonderful design that this refrigerating unit possesses, this what allows comfortable usage of the unit. The flexible spill-free shelves in the refrigerator, a full-size pantry drawer and great size door opening storage spaces are available in the model as soon as you open this french door cooling system.

Hence, all the searching and investigating for the food items in the refrigerator is now over with a systematic unit and its design. The 3-tier tilt-n-take base cooler makes it simple to reserve sweet treats close by pre-made solidified suppers and staple food items so you’ll never need to go burrowing again. A very compact in width, indoor ice compartment gives you full use of the top ice chest retire and won’t hoard entryway stockpiling. Keep all the more great nourishment promptly accessible with the ultimate capacity Kenmore 31.7 cu. ft. French door refrigerator.

#2. GE PYE22PMKES French Door Refrigerator

GE! We all know GE, don’t be? GE is the world-class electronic appliance manufacturer. No matter whatever you want, you name it and you will get it from GE and that too with fully loaded features. Now, GE being such a vastly experienced company in manufacturing all kind do home and electronic appliance, it won’t be a surprise if they are one of the best refrigerator manufacturers. So, GE PYE22PMKES a comparatively smaller, french door refrigerator that offers a great deal of economic and quality product.

Product Description:

The GE with this model does not only provide you a refrigerator but it even offers you a coffee brewer! Unusual? But it is true that they have tried adding some value to the appliance and ended up adding a coffee brewer into it.

GE PYE22PMKES French Door Refrigerator

Apart from that talking about the refrigerator, it is not that huge to not to fit in the regular size kitchen and not that small to run out of space for storing. So in a sentence, it is an optimum size french door refrigerator available in the market.

In this gear, you can discover adaptable capacity alternatives, which can suit sustenance things of all sizes. It is similar to have a dairy compartment and a drop-down plate which can even be locked whenever required. However, it can even be utilized by the prerequisite. In addition, the Twin Chill Evaporator arrangement of the fridge keeps the atmosphere isolate in the crisp nourishment and cooler segments to keep your items new for a more drawn out timeframe.

Also, GE’s WiFi Connectivity offers a great freedom of connectivity at the best of what you can expect. So that you can stay in contact with the machines in your home. Regardless of whether you’re at home or not. You can likewise get supportive alarms and updates, in order to look at whether it’s the ideal opportunity for a substitution channel, or whether the door of the icebox has been left open or not. Furthermore, the Special Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze settings

You can likewise get supportive alarms and updates, in order to look at whether it’s the ideal opportunity for a substitution channel, or whether the door of the icebox has been left open or not. Furthermore, the Special Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze settings enable you to drop down the temperature and thus keep your items fresh and healthy.

#3 Whirlpool WRX735SDBM French Door Refrigerator

The Whirlpool WRX735SDBM French Door Refrigerator is one of the cheapest and the most efficient refrigerating unit that you can get. Moreover, it even is the smallest french door refrigerating unit as well. Thus it will be easier for you to adjust the same anywhere in your kitchen. However, the unit can be unwilling at some points but when you are trying to buy something lower in cost then it is obvious to let go few features as well. But basically, the unit works flawlessly and does all the basic functions to process up to the mark.

Product Description:

Whirlpool WRX735SDBM French Door Refrigerator

There is a LED light inside that is available in the fresh food items compartment. This LED lights up all the white plastic racking adequately and enabling you to see through the base rack.The bright and wealthy looking is provided so that it becomes very comfortable for you to use the inside of the refrigerator. Moreover, the base compartment and shelves are so designed that they enable you to reach out easily to the center drawer. Also, the inside of the ice creator is enormous, which makes the racks on the left-hand side cooler door little.

Moreover, the base compartment and shelves are so designed that they enable you to reach out easily to the center drawer. Also, the inside of the ice creator is enormous, which makes the racks on the left-hand side cooler door little.

You may get mixed up with its price. As it looks excessively extravagant than really it is. But apparently, the unit does not cost as much as it seems. The cooler of the Whirlpool WRX735SDBM French Door Refrigerator looks more like what you will expect from a fridge of this value extend. Additionally, the cooler is likewise extremely confined, despite the fact that the ice chest has amazing outer measurements. Now, these are the features that make the unit different from others and it becomes so much profit when you get all these at such an affordable price.

Now, these were some of the best yet smaller in size french door refrigerators for you all. Buying them and placing them in your kitchen would be really beneficial for you. After a great reach and study these three units seemed to be coming right on to the expectations and needs that we asked for, actually, they are much more than that. The units here are the best that you can get from the market when you are searching for smaller sized french door refrigerators.

Thus it is advisable for you to buy a french door refrigerator among any of these so that you can get the best than the rest. This will save you time, money and even prove out to be the excellent choice for you. There are going to be some pros and cons in all of them. No electronic appliance is perfect. But the models that are listed here are top-ranked among all others available in the market at present.


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We have a 15 yr old Amana bottom freezer that suddenly doesn't keep the food frozen in the freezer. We've just started looking for a replacement and find that many of the refrigerators are too tall for our space. It is a small kitchen and the refrigerator slides into a space made to 'house' the refrigerator. In other words the cabinetry was built around it. Cabinet above it, attached to a beaded panel on the right side and the wall on the left. The space itself measures 35 inches wide, and 69 inches deep. Most refrigerators that are the same capacity as our old one, measure 33 inches and 70 inches tall to the top of the hinge.

I did find two manufacturers that make one that is shorter, but they seem to have a bad reputation. LG refrigerators that have some horror stories in the reviews, and GE refrigerators that are at the bottom of the reliability ratings with Consumer Reports. Oh, also, there might be a couple of Kenmores that would fit, but we are concerned about rumors that they might be going out of business.

On the other hand, Whirlpool, which is the top rated refrigerator, also has some horrible reviews, despite getting the top rating on Consumer Reports.

So, it appears our choices are....

Buy the top rated Whirlpool and cut our cabinetry to accomodate it. (which will be right up to the door on the cabinet above it, with very little frame under it. Plus the manufacturer recommends an inch of air space all around which we won't have) And hope that we don't have any trouble with it.

Buy a refrigerator with a poor reputation that we don't like

Buy a smaller capacity refrigerator when we need a larger refrigerator, and it will look odd having this smaller refrigerator in a space meant to accomodate a larger one.

Unless, someone here might know of a refrigerator that I haven't come across yet? Or some solution I haven't thought of? When did buying an appliance get to be so hard?


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If you’re dealing with a kitchen full of tight corners, the depth of a refrigerator is just as important as its width. What you need is a slender 24-inch wide counter-depth fridge; counter-depth meaning 24 to 29 inches deep (to stand flush with standard 24- and 25-inch cabinets). Essentially, measurements are around 24 by 24 by…however tall your fridge stands. Here are 10 of our favorite models—all with depth measurements that include doors and handles.

(N.B.: Looking for wider but just as flush counter-depth models? See our post on the Best 36-Inch Counter-Depth Refrigerators.)

the fisher & paykel \25 inch freestanding counter depth bottom freezer refr 9
the miele \24 inch counter depth bottom freezer refrigerator (kfn\139\23de) is  10
the bosch 500 series \24 inch counter depth bottom freezer refrigerator (b\1\1c 11
the fagor \24 inch counter depth bottom freezer (bmf\200x) is \26 9/\10 inches  12
the ge \24 inch counter depth bottom freezer refrigerator (gle\1\2hslss) is \26 13
the liebherr \24 inch counter depth bottom freezer refrigerator (cs\1360) is \2 14
the famous smeg retro design \24 inch refrigerator (fab\28uwhl\1) is \27.5 inch 15
💪New Refrigerator Won't Fit?

Looking for a refrigerator to fit into a tight space? These are perfect for the space-starved kitchen: full-height, counter-depth refrigerators that are slim in stature but fat with features. In no particular order, here are ten well-designed narrow refrigerators that offer generous storage while fitting into tight quarters.

 a simple, slim white smeg in the helsinki kitchen of finnish interiors and  9

What To Know About 24-Inch Refrigerators

The standard refrigerator freezer has a 36-inch waistline and generally offers between 18 and 25 cubic feet of storage space. For smaller kitchens, these roomy models are out of proportion—minivans parked in spaces made for sedans. Fortunately, several manufacturers offer what are referred to as apartment-sized or counter-depth refrigerators. Here’s how these diminutive models size up.

  • Most are freestanding (though a few are designed to be built-in) and stand at typical refrigerator height, which can be anywhere from 66 to 80-plus inches (these days, fridges keep getting taller).
  • Scaled to fit flush with standard kitchen counters and cabinets, these slim refrigerators are generally 24 to 27 inches deep (traditional models are about 30 to 32 inches deep) and 23.5 to 24 inches wide (a foot narrower than the average).
  • Most offer a 9- to 13-cubic-foot storage capacity–only about half as much as full-size models, but far from dorm-size. Best of all, they come with most of the features offered by the top-of-the-line giants.

1. Liebherr 24-Inch with Bottom Freezer

the skinny liebherr cbs\1360x \24 inch, counter depth, bottom freezer refriger 10

2. Fagor 24-Inch Refrigerator

fagor&#8\2\17;s bmf\200x \24 inch counter depth bottom freezer refrigerato 11

3. Bosch 500 Series

the narrow bosch 500 series (b\1\1cb50sss) refrigerator is \24 inches deep wit 12

4. GE Counter-Depth

ge&#8\2\17;s gle\1\2hslss \24 inch refrigerator has two freezer drawers; \$ 13

Wide refrigerator short

The best fridges for small spaces that will work in any home

Short on kitchen space? Look for a compact fridge that won’t swallow up precious floor space.

Jun 28, 2021 3:00am
Looking for a fridge for a compact or awkwardly shaped kitchen? You can now find a wide range of fridge models to suit just about any small kitchen space, whether it's under the counter, into a narrow alcove, or even built into the cupboards.
When we talk about dream kitchens we often think about generous spaces with fridges that are even more generous — the full family-friendly french door treatment. But the reality is, many of us are contending with smaller kitchens with strange layouts more often than not.
Choosing the right fridge that fits perfectly into your kitchen's available space while simultaneously packing enough storage room for groceries can be a major challenge in and of itself.
If you're renovating, choosing a clever integrated fridge option is an easy way to hide your fridge from view while also making the most of smart joinery options. Alternatively, tuck a smaller bar fridge under the bench for your wine storage needs.
For those kitchens with pre-set fridge alcoves, you'll want to bust out the measuring tape to ensure your new fridge can slide easily into its new nook — just don't forget to measure the depth as well, as fridges that stick out too much into the walkway can easily create a pain point.

Here are the key things to consider before choosing your small fridge...

How much space do you need?

And we don't just mean how much space is available for your fridge in the kitchen! Its important to think about how much space you and your family will actually need for refrigeration and freezer storage.
Larger families will naturally require fridges with a larger capacity, so take a closer look at your fridge's specifications for ones that have a slim profile but pack a spacious punch on the inside.
If you're considering a supplementary storage option in addition to your existing family fridge, think about whether or not you really need another full-service fridge with both refrigeration and freezing — chances are you'll be able to get away with a small fridge-only bar fridge, or a small freezer draw tucked neatly away.

Where are you putting the fridge?

Be sure to ask yourself: where will the fridge go, and will there still be room to move around when the door is open? Take your measurements with you when you go shopping, noting the depth of the cavity too as it varies between models.
With a wide range of integrated fridge options now available, if you're undertaking a full-fledged kitchen renovation it's well worth considering custom joinery solutions as you can essentially build your dream custom fridge with several shelves and various fridge columns that can be tailored to you.

Dream features

  • Are the shelves adjustable so that you can move things around?
  • Is the water and ice dispenser built into the door so that it doesn't take up any internal shelf space?
  • Are the doors reversible so that you can open them the other way around if necessary?
  • Are you comfortable bending down to reach inside the fridge? If not, you might be better off with a fridge drawer that's fitted into an easy-to-reach spot within your cabinetry.

What type of small fridge is right for you?

Starting from as little as 50 litres in storage capacity, these are perfect for under the benchtop, but might not come with a freezer.
These are larger than bar fridges, but will still fit under most benchtops and may come with a full width freezer.
Such as Smeg's slender FAB28 or Westinghouse's WTB37000AG, which will fit into small cavities while still offering a decent amount of refrigerated storage.
Pull out refrigerated drawers, such as Fisher & Paykel's CoolDrawer Multi-temperature Drawer can be fitted just about anywhere in the kitchen and can be customised to freeze, refrigerate, chill, or store wine.
Ideal if you only have refrigerated items to store in the kitchen, and have a separate freezer elsewhere.
These blend in seamlessly with your cabinetry so that the fridge doesn't visually clutter up the kitchen.
Plenty of storage space, but with narrow-opening doors that won't obstruct people walking through the kitchen.

French door fridge

Most french-door fridges can be quite bulky in the size department, but if you've got your heart set on the style, Samsung's French Door Fridge (SRF533DLS) and LG's Slim French Door fridges are a happy compromise.

Fisher and Paykel 123L CoolDrawer, $5199, The Good Guys
Ensure your fruits and vegetables stay fresh and crisp with Fisher & Paykel's CoolDrawer. With the push of a button this stainless steel appliance can be used as a refrigerator, pantry or freezer that stores 123L of produce.
Width: 85.5cm | Height: 64cm | Depth: 55.7cm
Samsung 455L Bottom Mount Refrigerator, $1399, The Good Guys
Safely store all your produce and enjoy refreshingly chilled water straight from the fridge door with Samsung's SRL446DLS model. This contemporary design features all around cooling to maintain an even temperature throughout the refrigerator.
Width: 70cm width | Height: 170cm | Depth: 70.5cm
Husky Retro Style Bar Fridge 123L, $749, Bing Lee
If you're living in a truly petite space or are looking for a second small fridge to pop in your garage, home office, or bar area, this adorable retro-style fridge is a fabulous choice. The internal cavity features adjustable spill proof glass shelves, a vegetable crisper and a chrome wine rack for optimal storage.
Width: 55cm | Height: 84cm | Depth: 54cm
Westinghouse 370L Top Mount Fridge WTB3700AH-X, $830, Appliances Online
Featuring ample storage capacity and an adjustable internal layout, the Westinghouse 370L Top Mount Fridge is a sleek and modern choice.
This design features a full-width humidity controlled crisper, FlexStor door bin storage solutions, twist ice and serve and easy clean adjustable glass shelves.
Width: 65cm | Height: 175.5cm | Depth: 160cm
Hisense 92L Top Mount Refrigerator, $244, The Good Guys
Compact and affordable, this bar fridge is a fantastic kitchen appliances for studio apartments, small offices, holiday homes, granny flats, dormitories, or even mobile homes. You'll be surprised by how much this 92L fridge can actually hold, and it boasts a freezer section for all your ice cube trays and frozen veggies.
Width: 47.5cm width | Height: 85.7cm | Depth: 54.7cm
Samsung 471L Top Mount Refrigerator, $1495, The Good Guys
If you've got your heart set on the French door style, this premium Samsung fridge is a winner. It's smaller than the average French door fridge but offers a generous amount of space for groceries. The built-in water dispenser provides refreshing chilled water from the fridge without installation.
Miele - K 28202 D EDT/CS - 393L Freestanding Refrigerator, $2899, The Good Guys
Renowned for their high quality appliances, you can't go wrong with a Miele fridge. This efficient and durable model features DynaCool for consistent temperature inside the cavity, TouchControls as well as pptimum and maintenance-free LED lighting.
Width : 56-56.8cm | Height: 177.2-178.8cm | Depth: 55.5cm


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Read More

    Different Sizes and Capacities of Refrigerators

    Our 5 Favorite 30” Refrigerators for Small Kitchens

    Your friends in the business at Spencer’s TV & Appliance believe a healthy family starts with proper food storage. In line with that, our inventory of name-brand refrigerators is sure to keep your groceries fresh for midday snacks and dinnertime meals—not only that, but they are perfectly designed to suit a wide variety of kitchen layouts, lifestyles, and aesthetic preferences.

    That said, the standard width of most freestanding refrigerators is around 30 inches. Dissecting this dimension further, French-door and bottom-freezer fridges start at approximately 29-½ inches while top-freezer configurations start at 28-¾ inches (and the minimum width of side-by-side models surpasses this figure at 32-¾ inches).

    Off the bat, we can tell you a 30” refrigerator can comfortably house groceries for a four-person family and is considered a viable option for small- and mid-sized kitchens. So, if your family size and kitchen space fit the bill for a 30-inch fridge, check out these bestselling models from our catalog as they range from entry-level to luxury-tier brands and price points!

    Frigidaire top-freezer refrigerator in a sunlit kitchen

    1. Frigidaire® 20.4 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

    Our first spot goes to this 30” refrigerator from Frigidaire (FFTR2021TS, FFTR2021TB, and FFTR2021TW). With a number of patented organization features, this top-freezer fridge maximizes usable storage space. The Store-More™ Gallon Door Shelf gives you room for a variety of items—large and small—to provide more shelf space inside the refrigerator. And the Store-More™ Humidity-Controlled Crisper Drawers keep your fruits from spoiling and your leafy greens from wilting.

    Moreover, the half-width deli drawer offers you another storage option that is conveniently located so you can have straightforward access to your favorite sandwich fixings. Up top, the freezer offers a full-width freezer shelf to enable easy organization of your frozen foods.

    Overall, this 30-inch fridge is a cost-effective option that is guaranteed to exceed expectations. Often designated as an entry-level appliance brand, Frigidaire abundantly manufactures top-freezer fridges, which are the most budget-friendly option in terms of full-sized models.

     product image of Frigidaire FFTR2021TS refrigerator

    2. LG 21.8 Cu. Ft. 3-Door French Door Refrigerator

    Hosting an impressive 21.8 cubic feet of storage space, this premium appliance from LG (LFCS22520S and LFCS22520D) has an above-average capacity for being a 30-inch-wide refrigerator. Not only that, but this LG fridge also offers ultra-convenient features like low-decibel operation, hidden hinges, and digital temperature controls.

    In addition, you can expect to reap the benefits of Smart Cooling®. Designed to maintain superior conditions, this system relies on a linear compressor that reacts quickly to temperature fluctuations and strategically placed vents to surround your food with cool air—no matter where your appliance sits. In terms of organization, this French door fridge offers a full-width Glide N’ Serve™ Drawer that makes it easy to arrange and access your foods.

    In the “bells and whistles” category, this mid-priced refrigerator is stocked with a door alarm that goes off at 30-second intervals after a refrigerator door or the freezer drawer is left open for more than 60 seconds. And the SmartDiagnosis™ feature transmits data via your smartphone to the LG service center to find quick solutions to any performance issues.

    product image of LG LFCS22520S refrigerator

    3. Maytag® 19.68 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator

    Touted as a reliable brand, Maytag has become synonymous with long-lasting performance and superior customer service. If you’re looking to curate an upscale look in your kitchen without the hefty price tag that often comes with it, look no further than this French door 30” refrigerator from Maytag (MFW2055FRZ). 

    Complete with temperature controls, the Wide-N-Fresh™ deli drawer is the ideal size for large party platters and deli trays. Meanwhile, the humidity-controlled FreshLock™ crispers help keep your greens tasting great and your fruits full of flavor. And in terms of optics, the easy-to-clean and fingerprint-resistant stainless-steel finish keeps your refrigerator looking as beautiful on the outside as its performance on the inside.

    Best of all, with a 10-year limited-parts warranty on the compressor, you can count on the heart of your refrigerator to keep all of your groceries cold and fresh for many years to come.

    product image of Maytag MFW2055FRZ refrigerator

    4. Whirlpool® 18.0 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

    In the “great-value” category, we have this space-efficient Whirlpool top-freezer refrigerator (WRT108FZDM, WRT108FZDB, and WRT108FZDW). But make no mistake: This refrigerator does more than just keep your foods chilled. Impressively, this refrigerator offers a Flexi-Slide™ bin that quickly moves side-to-side for convenient storage options—allowing you to create space for items when you need it most, whether it’s for storing a two-tier birthday cake or a tall pitcher of lemonade.

    What’s more, convenient, up-front electronic temperature controls let you choose the ideal temperature for whatever foods you're storing. Your freezer doesn’t have to miss out on the fun; you can also keep your frozen items perfectly ice-cold with adjustable controls. And quiet cooling keeps noise down in the kitchen while you’re trying to hold a conversation or hear instructions for a recipe tutorial.

    For compact spaces and wallet-friendly options, Whirlpool top-freezer refrigerators are a solid option when it comes to outfitting your kitchen with a compatible purchase that doesn’t skimp on performance.

    product image of Whirlpool WRT108FZDB refrigerator

    5. Miele MasterCool™ 16.0 Cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

    For our last pick, we look to a luxury-tier brand that has taken the appliance industry by storm: Miele. This bottom-freezer 30” refrigerator from Miele, specifically, surpasses expectations for compact models, as it is loaded with high-tech versions of classic features we’ve come to rely on. In the end, you’ll find operating this Miele refrigerator is both easy and fun.

    Among its cooler attributes (pardon the pun), the Miele MasterCool fridge lets you remotely operate and monitor your appliance with WiFi Connect, integrates perfectly in flush-inset kitchens with a push-to-open door, and comes with overflow protection in the glass shelves to retain spilled liquids.

    In terms of practical features, this luxury fridge boasts a MasterFresh system that keeps foods fresh up to three times longer, a NoFrost system that spares you of the constant hassle of defrosting and cleaning your appliance, and an Active AirClean filter that effectively prevents odors.

    product image of Miele KF2801VI refrigerator

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