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I’ve purchased from Zulily a few times now, and have only received one order I was satisfied with and actually worked for me. The biggest problem I have experienced using them is that the sizing is not at all accurate and do not match the measurements given in the description.
Most recently I had ordered a sweater as well as a two couch covers. In the case of the sweater based on the size chart, I should have been right in the range of a small or medium, but because I wanted this particular sweater to be long and hang loose I ordered a large. I received the sweater with all tags indicating that it was large but I could not fit my arms through the sleeves and the torso just barely covered my stomach, not only that but the quality of the material was extremely poor. I had a similar experience with the couch covers, according to the size charts one of their smaller covers would be more than enough to cover my sofa, but once received they were only about the size to fit a large chair. Unfortunately, due to Zulily’s extremely limited return policy, these things cannot be returned, so now I have wasted my money on things that do not work and have no hope of ever making work.

I’ve been a Zulily customer for more than 5 years. I’ve always enjoyed the great deals that I can get (though I wish they would offer Free Shipping!). They often have the brands that I like and send me an email when those brands are about to be sold there the next day. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who is shopping for kids.

However, they have added so many products to their site that it makes it really hard to find what you are looking for because the filters don’t really shorten the list of products to scroll through effectively enough. Maybe they are trying to get people to discover things and make an impulse buy. If so, they should also let people return their products.

I had a thoroughly nice experience with Zulily, I even returned to shop a second time. I bought some red, genuine leather heels for $50, that normally retail for around $99 (believe me, I checked!) so that was a great deal. I also bought some lingerie, 2 sets. One set fit, the second set didn’t fit, to my chagrin, and I ended up giving it away to a friend.

On my second shopping excursion, I purchased a new comforter set and a throw for my living room. They are both 100% cotton, and I love the look and feel of the items. The set usually retails for around $130 and I snagged it for $80, the throw was $30, I’m not sure what it normally retails for, but I considered that a fair price.


-The prices are OK
-There’s a nice selection of merchandise
-The website is easy to use
-The process is straightforward


-The shipping fees can be a bit expensive, and there are no “Free Shipping” events
(*with the exception of this: if you place one order at, let’s say 9 am on a Wednesday, all other orders that you place that day before midnight, will have free shipping. I wasn’t at all impressed by this, which is one of the reasons why I’m not compelled to shop here as often as I’d like. I’m frugal.)

-The size charts for each shop are severely lacking. I could’ve saved some money on that lingerie set that didn’t fit had there been a precise size chart provided, that the shop adhered to. There was only a general size chart that it seems Zulily threw together, in the description of most items. It’s highly frustrating, especially if you’re a person like myself that don’t have standard measurements.

-The whole idea of flash sales is that you sell an item for a steep discount for let’s say 3 days, and then you stop the event, and the items are “never to be seen again”- that’s not the case here though. I’ve seen MANY shops have a sale one week, and then turn around and have the same sale 2-3 weeks later. In so many words, I don’t like the pressure it puts on the buyer, because I was fooled! (haha) I definitely could’ve waited an extra week or two and bought the comforter set, but c’est la vie.

-The shipping can take up to two weeks, and it’s clearly spelt out on their “Shipping FAQ” page, just be aware.

-There are no returns allowed, bc Zulily is essentially the middleman in the whole operation. They allow us to place orders for all of the things they have to offer in the boutique. When the event is over, they themselves place an order from the manufacturer, and the manufacturer ships them the goods. Once they receive the bulk order, the Zuiliy warehouse breaks it down, packages it, and ships it to us! I think the concept it pretty cool, I just thought that I should mention this because some might find this to be a con.

I like the site, and when I’m feeling fancy and want something new and exciting, I check it out. A lot of the things here, if I’m out of pocket, or really just can’t spend the money, can be found on Amazon at a later date- the prices are pretty much the same. As a Prime member, I find this enticing since my shipping is free. That being said, check them out, you might be surprised at what you find

I’ve bought from Zulily about 3 times. Each experience was worse than the other. The tent arrived badly damaged, unusable, and without its carrying case. Because I had a bad experience with the shipment, they gave me store credit. Which I used to buy my daughter a play wooden coffee set. It was sitting in “preparing for shipment” for weeks when finally I called and they said, “the box has been ready and is just sitting in the warehouse and they don’t know why it wasn’t sent out yet”. Once again, I received store credit for the trouble. I used the credit to buy a peacoat. It was guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. It didn’t! It arrived the week after because they suddenly ran out of stock after I placed the order and had to wait for the arrival of more. Once it arrived it was too small and had a rip inside. I didn’t bother telling them about the peacoat because I DON’T WANT MORE STORE CREDIT. It’s best to spend your money elsewhere, on good quality items that actually arrive on time, undamaged.

I love Zulily. Excellent Quality timely service wonderful customer service. They are amazing… Great selection and choices. Why go out when I can shop Zulily!!! Especially when I live in a small rural area It is so wonderful to have Zulily at my fingertips

I placed an order for four items and waited and waited, only to receive a notice that after three weeks they still had not shipped. So I gave up and asked by email to cancel my order. THEN I read reviews here and saw that I probably should have taken the time to shop locally, to begin with! However, I do give kudos to Zulily for IMMEDIATELY refunding my entire order, including shipping, this very same day. Paying via PayPal no doubt played some part in this instant refund. For me, at least, their customer service was prompt and courteous. I’m unsure if I will order again.

Love, love ZULILY!! I have ordered half of my wardrobe, including boots sandals, plus accessories from them. I’ve shopped there for years and have never had any of the problems other reviews mention. In fact, they have refunded my money and not made me ship the item back, several times! Impressive!! Their customer service is wonderful, taking care of any problem I might have immediately.

Some of Zulily Designs:

More Information about Zulily

Zulily Events

Think of each Zulily event as its own curated experience. Inside, you’ll discover a selection of finds that’s unique to that event. Some events feature items from single brands, while others combine brands into themed collections. New events launch every day and most last 72 hours, so check back often to see what new curated experience you can shop next!

Shipping & Returns

How free consolidated standard shipping works

When you see something you love, buy it before it sells out. Then, you can keep shopping for more finds without paying another Economy shipping & handling fee during the applicable free shipping window. That’s because one of the ways they help you save money is through consolidating items they ship to you. One order with paid shipping & handling must be completed to activate free Economy shipping & handling on subsequent orders.

If you complete another order during the free shipping window, the shipping & handling charge during checkout will appear as $0.00. The end of free shipping depends on each promotion and will be mentioned in the offer description and details. All orders must be made using the same Zulily account and must be shipped to the same name and address within the US. Some items are not eligible for free shipping & handling and are excluded from all shipping & handling promotions. These will be noted on the product details pages or at checkout.

Zulily delivery and Shipping methods:

Most Zulily orders are sent via UPS. They use their Smart Post, SurePost and Mail Innovations programs. These programs allow them to rely on carrier networks for shipping & handling and on your local U.S. Postal Service carrier for final delivery. For very large items that require special handling, they partner with Crane and Ceva. Canada orders are shipped via Purolator International and Canada Post. Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland orders are shipped via DHL. International orders outside of Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom/Ireland are delivered by our trusted carriers, including DHL.

Zulily shipping countries

Zulily ships to the United States (including all territories and APO/FPO/DPO addresses), Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom/Ireland, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore. To view the products available to you, change the country where your purchases will be shipped most often by clicking on the flag icon located on the upper right corner of the Zulily home page.

Zulily’s shipping & handling fees

Domestic shipping & handling starts at $5.95. Their free consolidated Economy shipping programs make base shipping & handling free during the applicable free shipping window after you place your first order with paid shipping. Certain types of products, multiple items or large items may increase the shipping & handling rate. Shipping & handling to Alaska or Hawaii, US territories or international destinations may incur additional charges. The fee is listed in your order summary for review before you complete checkout.

Return of items on Zulily

Whether or not an item is eligible for return will be shown on each item’s product details page after the product description. Items eligible for return can be returned for Zulily credit. Shipping and handling fees may apply. If you are dissatisfied with a purchase that is return-eligible, you have 30 days to submit a return request through the My Orders page of your account.

The shipping & handling options and costs for items marked with rocket ship

You’ll have the option to split your shipment and send these items sooner. The delivery options available for most items that can leave their warehouse in 1-2 days are:

  • STANDARD – generally arrives in 6-11 days
  • FASTER – the delivery date is shown at checkout
  • The FASTEST – delivery date shown at checkout

How long will it take to get you to order

The Zulily process is a little different from how most online stores work. They make bulk orders when each of their events ends—that’s one of the ways they’re able to offer such great deals on so many unique products every day. Next, the brand sends your goodies to them and they ship them to you. Take a look at the product description pages for specific details about each item. The shipping & handling time frame depends on what items you order and to which countries you are having them shipped. Once your order is shipped, Zulily well email you a tracking number and you can always check your order’s status under My Orders.

Zulily payment methods:

Zulily accepts:

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
  • PayPal
  • ApplePay
  • MasterPass
  • Visa Checkout
  • Zulily gift cards
  • Store credit

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Zulily strike-through prices that are listed on their products

Unless otherwise noted, the strike-through price displayed for products on their Web site is based on the suggested retail price for the product provided to Zulily by their vendor. The strike-through price is not a price at which Zulily previously sold the product. Because they sell their products over the Internet nationwide and internationally, the strike-through price may or may not represent the prevailing price at any particular time or in every location, and Zulily makes no promises about the reliability or accuracy of any such information. Nothing can replace your own comparison shopping, and notwithstanding the strike-through price information provided, if this is an important factor for you in your purchasing decision, it is recommended that you conduct your own individual research as well.

Some of their vendors provide merchandise to Zulily that is not widely sold elsewhere or that is exclusive to Zulily. For items in this category that are similar — but not identical — to products sold through other retailers, Zulily uses the phrase “compare at” next to the strike-through to indicate your savings. This “compare at” price represents the vendor’s estimated original retail value of a comparable item of the same quality, construction and material offered elsewhere.

While pricing is not an exact science, their buying team has years of retail experience and partners with their vendors to determine whether an item is comparable based on the type and quality of the material and the construction of the item. Ultimately, their “compare at” price is an estimate of the original retail price of comparable items.

Zulily always strives to provide you with the best prices on the items they sell, but they encourage you to do your own comparison shopping as well. For items that they offer as a set, the strike-through price is based on the total of all the suggested retail prices for each item in the set. For clothing items that are priced higher for larger sizes, they average the prices across sizes to determine the strike-through price.

For international sales of products from the U.S. to a foreign jurisdiction, the strike-through price reflects the exchange rate conversion from the U.S. strike-through price plus, if applicable, an adjustment for additional international surcharges that cover items such as taxes, duties, and shipping.

As a result, the strike-through price you see may be different than what you see at another retailer that uses a different methodology for calculating international surcharges or for which no surcharges apply.

Nothing can replace your own comparison shopping, and notwithstanding the strike-through price information provided, if this is an important factor for you in your purchasing decision, we recommend you conduct your own individual research as well.

What is Smart-pay, and how it works

With Smart-pay, you can own the item now and pay for it in multiple interest-free payments called “Smart payments.” Smart-pay is available only to eligible zulily members, and there is no need to apply. Any applicable taxes and shipping & handling fees will be included in the first Smart payment, which will be charged to the payment method you provided during checkout within five days of the order date. Remaining Smart payment(s) will be charged approximately every 30 days after your initial payment. Please note that certain payment methods, including prepaid cards, are not available for Smart-pay purchases.

Does zulily ship internationally?

Yes! Zulily orders can be delivered to the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom/Ireland, Mexico, Hong Kong and Singapore. To see a list of which countries Zulily ships to, simply click on the flag icon located on the top right corner of the zulily home page.


“Vouchers” are great deals that you redeem at other websites. Vouchers are purchased just like anything else on zulily. When you order one, you will receive a code in your email—that is how you redeem the voucher. You can also send them as gifts!

Do they charge sales tax?

Yes, in WA, NV, OH, PA, NY, CA, and SC. They are required to charge sales tax in any state where they have a physical presence.

Do you have experience with Zulily? Good or bad, kindly use the comment section below to give us your brief Zulily review.

Sours: https://www.topreviewssite.com/zulily-review-legit-scam/

Intro: Zulily Dresses and Clothing | The Truth About Zulily.com Dresses, Shoes, and Clothes

Zulily.com is the digitized incarnation of the flash sale. With steep discounts and a wide range of products, Zulily women’s clothing and Zulily clothing for children are growing in popularity.

Zulily dresses offer style and comfort with the draw of discount prices. This model applies also to Zulily shoes and Zulily clothes of all kinds.

This billion dollar ecommerce giant offers inexpensive style, and their business is based on a model that utilizes limited time merchandise held at other companies. 

This relatively new, though not unheard of, practice leads many to question, “Is Zulily legit?” Let’s take a closer look in this Zulily review that delves into the characteristics of a towering organization.

zulily review

Photo courtesy of: Zulily

We’ll get a closer look in our Zulily review by examining:

  • Zulily dresses
  • Zulily.com reviews 
  • Zulily complaints
  • The Zulily shopping experience
  • The Zulily app
  • Is Zulily legit?

There are a lot of reasons for the stylized, cost conscious consumer to like Zulily dresses and clothing. But does the low-cost clothing come at other costs like customer service and speed?

Zulily Review: Zulily Dresses

This truly modern business model seeks to bring value to the customer thorugh targeted sales. As Zulily states on their site, “Every day is special.” This can be taken literally.

Zulily dresses within Zulily women’s clothing feature low retails because the company negotiates special pricing with their vendors. These deals are limited in quantity and thus duration.

Our Zulily review reveals that this approach is best suited for the value shopper. Zulily clothes do offer style and a chic appeal.

However, delivery times are longer than what the average online consumer expects, as the merchandise is shipped to Zulily and then from Zulily to the customer. For this reason, some Zulily reviews lament the slow pace of their fulfillment.

When it comes to Zulily dresses –including the majority of Zulily clothing– the demographic driving the Zulily brand is not that of women, but rather babies. Nearly four million babies are born every year in the United States. New mothers need new outfitting options for themselves and their children.

This is why our Zulily review quickly honed in on two similar offerings, “Maternity” and “Baby & Maternity,” where a new mother or an expecting mother can find dozens of options. This also explains the presence of Zulily plus size offerings.

Impulse is at the center of the Zulily experience. Customers are conditioned to seek short-lived value. Dresses and other apparel don’t last long on the site.

Co-founder Mark Vadon built the Zulily strategy around this, explaining, “We are in a unique position of changing what we sell every day, sourcing unique product that people might not otherwise find.”

This concept of an ever- changing stock cycle within Zulily women’s clothing has led to some angst among customers. Zulily complaints and various Zulily reviews underscore the problem with the model.

One customer reports, “They told me no refund or return.” The structure that allows for deep discounts also dictates the difficult “one and done” policy.

Zulily reviews concerning their dresses are also troublesome. Given that Zulily clothes are not kept on the premises, there is virtually no oversight regarding quality of the pieces.

One disappointed customer remarked, “products are made very cheaply and are not what they look like on their website.”

This is common among Zulily reviews. The discounted prices are likely a function of liquidated stock or near non-sellable merchandise.

An honest Zulily review, however, should also note that this inferior quality is not necessarily viewed as a core default by the company themselves. For them, the core concept here is pricing, not quality.

These goods, worn by women going through temporary body changes, are not meant to last. The value-centric approach also explains the prevalence of Zulily coupons.

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Zulily Review: Zulily.com Reviews

The Better Businees Bureau reports an “A+” Zulily review. However, the customer reviews listed there posit a different image.

Our Zulily review shows that over the last three years, the BBB has closed 294 complaints. These Zulily reviews are concentrated around problems with the service and the merchandise(53%).

The founders built the company to be a resource for mothers to buy things repeatedly, as opposed to one-time, big ticket purchases. This is true of Zulily clothes, Zulily dresses, and Zulily shoes.

This is where the question, “Is Zulily legit?” comes to the forefront. The construction of the clothing and the material used is less of a priority given their limited use before being replaced.

Those asking, “Is Zulily legit?” are right to do so. The practices of the company are not fraudulent, but they do represent the adage, “You get what you pay for.”

Asking “Is Zulily legit?” might be asking the wrong question. Instead, “Is Zulily clothing legit?” or “Is Zulily advertising legit?” might be more helpful questions.

Zulily cannot examine every good. Many of the dresses and other Zulily clothes are available suddenly, with just one piece brought on-site and only for the purposes of photography.

Poor Zulily reviews are the result. The company simply doesn’t have time to inspect each garment, and the same goes for Zulily shoes.

Zulily reviews often include complaints of sizing. The true sizes of the pieces are likely provided by the vendors, not Zulily’s own staff. As a result, the parameters of a “medium” are closer to the body type seen in the clothing’s country of origin, not the U.S.

Platforms like the Zulily app are designed to capture the impulse buy, which might make it a victim of it’s own success in this regard.

Speed comes at the sacrafice of information. There are no rating systems for Zulily clothes, and these fast offers have no history.

Without history, there is no backdata to mitigate Zulily complaints about sizes that are slightly larger or smaller than expected or to warn of any other complaints.

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Zulily Review: Zulily Complaints

Customer review site Highya shows Zulily reviews at only an average of 2.3 out of 5 based on 72 Zulily reviews. These poor ratings only reinforce the underlying problem with the model.

One Zulily review reads, “the quality of the sweater was very poor.” Another Zulily review mirrors this, “The material is cheap and badly made.” This arises time and time again among Zulily reviews and Zulily complaints.

The zero-merchandise concept reduces operational complexities but leaves customers scorned. One writes, “I don’t want to use this site anymore because it takes them too long to ship.”

Our Zulily review reveals that their exceedingly cost-conscious ethos affects the sales cycle. Also, an item must be identified on the product information page as eligible for return, but this kind of fine print is difficult to ascertain on the Zulily app.

One reviewer, offering only one star on Amazon, reports, “They have a NO RETURN policy that was not apparent on their site. I am VERY displeased and would strongly suggest NOT purchasing from them.”

Our own Zulily review found that, while Zulily states that they are “generally unable to process returns,” the company may make exceptions in limited circumstances or in special promotions. Still, with such a vague return policy, it seems as though the Zulily complaints about returns may be legit.

While the flash sale structure depends on the convenience offered by the Zulily app, it seems only lead to customers who are ultimately unhappy with their purchases.

There are also some complaints about expensive Zulily shipping costs. This likely comes as aresult of a tier shipping chart that curtails slow shipments but only at a higher cost from the customer. The average cost to the customer for Zulily shipping is approximately $8.00.

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Zulily Review: The Shopping Experience

It’s not a surprise that our Zulily review shows great online usability as the company self-identifies as a technology company. Zulily leverages countless tests to ensure thay each user is presented with increasingly desirable options.

The system uses volumes of data to get to the core of each user’s preferences. Zulily reviews reflect this positive aspect.

The founders come from a tech background and expertise that this gives them an advantage in the marketplace.

To access the site and the offers, customers must first sign up. The site is designed to limit the purview of those who aren’t members.

While it does not cost anything to sign up for membership on the Zulily app or website, this limitation may also form the basis of the question, “Is Zulily legit?”

The shopping experience can be strange when a first-time buyer is not permitted to view the full set of merchandise. This also makes the Zulily app cumbersome. 

The Zulily app is, however, aggressively promoted. Any Zulily review should note that there are in fact some perks and offers only available via the Zulily app.

Though not strictly a “membership” service, the company operates based on many of those principles. This is seen not only in the Zulily app but also in the incentive program.

When a user invites a friend, they’re rewarded with $15 toward future purchases on the site. These Zulily coupons help the company widen their base.

This reference component may draw the skepticism among those asking, “Is Zuliliy legit?” as it seeks to get members to recruit others.

Rewards like Zulily coupons are also given to those who invite friends to join via social media.

Zulily Review: The Zulily App

While all the clothing options are made available on the Zulily app, other goods including décor, toys, and gifts for sale. The interface is breezy and direct.

The perfect photos and data-driven approach seek to call the customer to action. The Zulily app is also the perfect tool for capitalizing on the impulse nature driven by the limited stock.

zulily app

Photo courtesy of: Zulily

Reviews of the Zulily app are strong. The averge rating is 4.5 stars out of 5. This Zulily review is particularly impressive given that it’s based on 17,708 ratings.

The sheer number of Zulily reviews regarding the Zulily app is impressive. The answer to the question, “Is the Zulily app legit?” seems to be a resounding “yes.”

The Zulily app review on Google Play is even more impressive. An astounding 26,664 reviews yield an average 4.5 out 5 star review. 70% of those engaging with the Zulily app give it a top score.

The advertised discounts are up to 70% on some items. The short-term offers last no more than three days before being eliminated, playing off our bargain hunting instincts and desire for novel items.

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Conclusion: Is Zulily Legit?

The company is legit in the most basic sense of the word. They are upfront about how the business operates, and they are clear on the costs.

On a more nuanced level, new customers might be surprised at the quality of the clothing, the slow shipping, and the poor or non-existent refund policy.

While they soared to incredible heights in their nascent years, recent history hasn’t been so kind, and Zulily.com reviews illustrate this.

The share price has seen substantial erosion over the years. However, in 2015, QVC acquired the firm in a $2.4 billion cash and stock deal.

Since then, they have been making headlines and expanding their reach, marking a bright future for the business.

Zulily is a great option if you’re willing to sacrifice quality for cheaper goods that you expect to discard after a short period. It’s possible the Zulily review composit will improve under the new management, but only time will tell.

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Rated with 1 star
Audrey of Bellflower, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 8, 2021

I see plenty of ads for Zulily online. I'm an avid online shopper. I keep forgetting that Zulily is one of the sites that forces you to get membership before you can even look to see if there's anything you want. I refuse to shop at these kind of places. They say they do that so they can offer you good deals. That's ridiculous. Membership is open to anyone. So if they allow you to look around with or without membership, does that mean they can offer good deals? I don't get it. I won't shop with them, that's a good policy.

Rated with 1 star
Kristen of East Lansing, MI Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2021

I ordered two items on August 20th, a blouse (called the "Suzanne Betro Weekend Navy & Rust Geometric Half Sleeve Henley Tunic") and a cardigan. I realized that I was going to have to wait until September 12th for one of them to ship and I had ordered them to wear together. I emailed support to cancel the late-shipper so I could order it somewhere else and get it on time for the event I wanted to wear it for. I was told, "We understand that you would like to cancel this item, but unfortunately, it is already in the process to be shipped out and we are unable to process a cancellation at this point. " Wait, what? It's already in the process of being shipped out? I thought it wasn't shipping out until September 12th. Which is it? No answer to that one. That was red flag number one!

After receiving the cardigan, I looked it over and gave it a 'mediocre' rating in my mind. It's ok but not as nice as it looks on the site. However, I will wear it and it fits fine. After receiving the blouse, I put it on and realized it is COMPLETELY SHEER AND SEE-THROUGH!! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP GARBAGE!! NOT AT ALL HOW IT LOOKS IN THE SITE!! WORTH ABOUT $5 MAXIMUM!! I was super disappointed. This blouse absolutely cannot be worn without another top, like a tank top, underneath it, which is not how I prefer to dress. Not happy!! If I had a printer to print the return label, this trash would be on its way back. I will never order anything from Zulily again. They ripped me off once, no more chances!!!

Read full review
Rated with 1 star
Barbara of Saint Petersburg, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 2, 2021

The order takes forever to get to you. Company does not state that you have to wait for shipment from Asia. Everything fits too small. I ordered larger than my size. Still too small. The return fee was outrageous. I received an email stating $21.39 store credit minus $17.90 for shipping and handling. Refund was $3.49. Save your money. Shop American

Rated with 1 star
Kristine of Lenexa, KS Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2021

This past summer I ordered four items. Two of the items were delivered about a month later, which is typical. The other two items showed as shipped, but I never received them. What I did receive was an email confirming that I not only received the items, but I initiated a return. I cannot initiate a return on items that I have never received. This initiated return apparently allowed for Zulily to charge me full price plus shipping for these two items. Because Zulily initiated a false return on my behalf, I was refunded a very small part of the purchase price and I was also charged again for return shipping. When I contacted the company I was given an automatic reply followed by the breakdown of why I was only getting a partial refund bc I initiated a return. Nope! Customer service was zero and I paid for nothing! I will never use this company again. I have also never written such a poor review of a company.

Rated with 2 stars
Jennifer of Mount Vernon, WA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2021

Zulily has good prices but remember, you get what you pay for. Most of the clothing they sell is cheap polyester or acrylic. I've bought several pieces that were described as 100% cotton to found out that they're actually polyester. If you want good quality cotton apparel, you will have to look elsewhere.

Rated with 1 star
Lynn of Clearwater, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2021

I used to order from Zulily years ago and was always happy. Wow has that changed. I ordered 5 women's blouses. The sizes were either ridiculously big or too small. Made a return. They charge $8.99 to return using their own label and do not allow the customer to use their own postage which would have been half that. They also only give store credit so once you place an order with them, you are stuck with reordering with your refund. Because I could not be confident that any clothing I ordered would actually be my size, I ordered fashion jewelry which I did not really need but at least will be safe. I had an issue with my order and email address and the customer service representative was annoyed with me when I couldn't figure it out. I finally told her I would call back and figured it out myself.

Last time I will ever order from them. Very shady company and not worth the time and trouble.

Rated with 4 stars
profile pic of the author
terry of Clermont, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2021

I have been buying from Zulily for 5 years before QVC bought them. Most of the items are Chinese and are cheaply made. Suzanne Betro is an exception and Thredup will take them to resell if in good shape. I have bought shoes Home Goods toys you name it. Yes shipping takes a long time but I am used to it now. They carry some name brands including makeup and fragrances. I miss weekend free shipping. Customer service is not the best now so I am more careful when ordering. Since covid it is the only place I shop for clothes. I think Zulily gets a bad rap sometimes. Just purchase things you are sure about because they rarely give returns only store credit. Many times it does not pay to send the items back.

Rated with 2 stars
Jennifer of Marianna, PA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2021

Received a necklace instead of bracelet. Looks very cheap as well. Have not called customer service yet as it is 4 pm on sat. Will contact them on mon. Now I understand why they have a store credit instead of refund policy. Also no reviews. A little suspicious, don't you think? Will never order from them again. Also telling my niece and friends to stay away from their site!

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Sandra of Nacogdoches, TX Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 28, 2021

I order 8 items from them on April 16th. Took weeks to get the first 2 items. Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. Both were ordered in a size 8. First pair was maybe a size 4 and made out of some weird velvety material and the second pair were about a size 14. Then the two dresses showed up about 2 weeks later. Both way too big and these cute little dresses looked like muumuus. Ugly. Slippers fit well but made out of Styrofoam. Tops were cute but HUGE! So far can't wear anything but the slippers. Still waiting on the last two pairs of jeans but don't expect them to fit. It's August 1st. So that's 3 1/2 months to wait for overpriced junk made in China. Steer clear of this website.

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Lisa of Dayton, OH Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 20, 2021

My jumper/overalls came with the zipper already broken. The item is very poorly made. I immediately inquired on what to do/how to return or get refunded, and I keep getting the run around. They say the email address doesn’t match. I have done all of the steps they have asked me to do, yet there seems to be an automated email that I have been sent at least 3 times stating the email addresses don’t match. I’m not sure why that even matters. I took a picture of the damaged zipper, and still no response.

Sours: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/online/zulily.html?page=2
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terry of Clermont, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2021

I have been buying from Zulily for 5 years before QVC bought them. Most of the items are Chinese and are cheaply made. Suzanne Betro is an exception and Thredup will take them to resell if in good shape. I have bought shoes Home Goods toys you name it. Yes shipping takes a long time but I am used to it now. They carry some name brands including makeup and fragrances. I miss weekend free shipping. Customer service is not the best now so I am more careful when ordering. Since covid it is the only place I shop for clothes. I think Zulily gets a bad rap sometimes. Just purchase things you are sure about because they rarely give returns only store credit. Many times it does not pay to send the items back.

Rated with 5 stars
Stephanie of Mexico, MO Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 30, 2021

Shopping at Zulily for me has become akin to surfing social media for other people. I LOVE the specials and the way the site will tailor the item listings to your personal interests. Once you get familiar with the vendors (usually exclusively clothing) and the quality, it's easy to determine what to stay away from. All the designer items are authentic and they even offer refurbished high dollar mechanical products like iPads and Dyson vacuums. I browse almost everyday just to see what's listed and purchase frequently. I don't mind the longer lead time, I'm always getting little Zulily "gifts" in the mail almost daily.

With as many products that I've purchased, only one time did I find the manufacturer site of the item had a slightly lower price. Every other time, Zulily reigns the low price leader for identical products. I especially like the "back in stock" feature where if you missed an item, they notify you it's back. I can't think of a single retailer where I can buy a 8'x10' high pile area rug that retailed for over $1K for $139. Absolutely gorgeous in my living room!

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Rated with 5 stars
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Suzanne of La Crosse, KS Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 14, 2021

Customer for eight years and love them! I have bought everything from clothes for me and the grandkids two kitchen gadgets, books, and toys. As far as clothes for me, I’ve learned that many brands run a little small and adjusted my ordering accordingly. I love that some things are marked that they can ship out immediately, those things get here surprisingly fast, usually within a week. I keep a list of brands and what size I wear in them, and of course have my Favorites that I buy from frequently when they are offered. Even when things do not fit right, customer Service has been fabulous! Extremely prompt refunds, easy returns, and pleasant people to deal with. I’ve recommended this site to literally over 100 people and would continue to do so indefinitely.

Rated with 5 stars
Lynn of Oregon, OH Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 7, 2021

I have ordered countless items from Zulily for as long as they’ve been in business. I’ve purchased clothing, to kitchenware to toys. I had an item arrive but was wrong. I contacted them and they refunded my item including return shipping. It was a credit but I was ok with that. I’ve had a few clothing items be of a lesser quality so now I avoid those brands. All other items I’ve had no issues with. Customer service has always been excellent. They now offer some returnable items although whenever a problem has occurred, they’ve taken care of it. The only complaint I would have with them is the shipping times. In an Amazon instant delivery world, it is hard to wait weeks for an item.

I am quite confused over so many negative reviews on here as I have always been very satisfied with Zulily. One person stated a price went up. Well, prices on certain items have gone up due to covid and shipping restrictions. Appliances, electronics and some plastic items are harder to get. I always check Amazon to cost compare. That being said, I will continue to shop with Zulily as I have never had bad service.

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Rated with 5 stars
Brenda of Carleton Place, ON Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 19, 2020

I've been a customer at Zulily for the past five years. I know how to spot Chinese apparel and you also can research the company names separately. But if you tend to go for the cheapest thing on the site and it says it's going to take three weeks or more to be delivered that in my opinion is a recipe for disaster! As I found the above to be a rarity as I'm now a Zulily pro.

But the merchandise is not all crap and far from it. I have bought a tonne and thousands of dollars of stuff and I'm very happy with all of it. They have a lot of brand name items that go through the site. You can even have an email sent when a company posts items for sale. There are some very high end items that show up now and then. I've seen Nine West, Coach and some high-end European designers. Also the customer service is very receptive. For instance I had ordered about $200 of stuff and was let go from my job about three days later. I called customer service to cancel my orders and because they hadn't shipped they canceled the entire order. If you read the product descriptions including their particular sizing charts and review Company names separately (if you're not familiar with them already) you shouldn't go wrong.

I can count on one hand things I wasn't particularly happy with whether quality or sizing but that was a learning curve. All in all Zulily has been good to me and it gets more and more brand names as the years go on. As someone else stated I'm surprised with the bad reviews but what I read from those reviews was they went for the cheapest they could find and of course didn't get what they thought they were getting. It's happened to me on Amazon many times but I can safely say less on Zulily. And folks that's my two cents. Cheers!

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Carrie of Mission, Other Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2021

I love zulily. They are amazing and so are the products .I have purchased lots of items from them and have never had any issues. And if there is any problems they will refund your money back .Excellent products. Super cute outfits.

Rated with 1 star
Kayla of Belmont, MI Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2021

Ordered a pair of shoes…Over a month until they ship but I’ve been charged twice for them. Contacting them is a joke, it shouldn’t take over a month for a product to ship…Should’ve done more research before ordering from this company. Beware…

Rated with 1 star
Gaige of Oakland, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2021

LIES. The products that Zulily sells are factory seconds, defects, irregulars, mislabeled / inaccurate product descriptions, and dud and or flop products that do not sell in Department's store. Zulily does NOT disclose this information. Zulily is willing and knowingly sells the inferior products as top-quality products. Their goal is to offload all the inferior products they can on unsuspecting customers as close to full price as they can. I bought a 2" mattress cover. Which shows up a thin not even 1/5 inch thick mattress cover that slides and does not stay on or stay put, I let it "fluff up" and air out due to the horrid smell of the product. At NO point on the entire mattress cover did it measure 2".

Zulily wanted to charge me an unreasonable return fee, almost what I paid for the product. This is how Zulily gets paid for their Crap products, it charges an outrageous return shipping and restocking fee to discourage any product return. This company is criminal, unethical, LIARS and they sell CRAP products. Their return policy and fees are unreasonable.

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Rated with 1 star
Trisha of Mesquite, TX Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2021

I ordered a solar light for the back yard and when it arrived I could see it was poor quality for the 39.99 price. I went to the website to return it but it said the item was not eligible for return even though it had only been a few days after I received it (well within the 30 day return policy). The item had a link next to it to click and find out the reason for the ineligibility, but the link took me to the policy that had a long list of items that basically included everything and anything ordered from Zulily could be argued to fall under this list to be deemed ineligible for return. I will not be ordering from Zulily again and will have to eat the 40.00+ that I wasted at this company.

Rated with 1 star
Cryssi of Salem, OR Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2021

I ordered a queen quilt. I was shipped a twin. First the chat tried to tell me I had to wait 10 days for some other department to contact me since it ships from the manufacturer directly even though the packing list and shipping label show it came from Zulily. I called the customer service number instead. A nice guy named Chris assisted me. He said since the queen was out of stock, all he could do is credit the incorrect one (which they did). But I also ordered all of the pillows and everything since I like this set. It's not cheap, especially from other places. Zulily customer service refused to try to contact the manufacturer directly to get the correct one shipped despite trying to pass the buck and blame them for the error. I emailed the manufacturer myself and hopefully they will step it up where Zulily has failed.

This is my first ever order from Zulily and I will NEVER order from them again. I advise you to NOT order from them either because if something goes wrong, they won't do a whole lot to help. Pay the extra money from a more reputable place and have the peace of mind that you will have REAL customer service should you need it.

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Sours: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/online/zulily.html

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