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Master Banjo Tuner

★ Precision tool that quickly will help you tune your banjo ★
★ Designed and tested by professional musicians ★
★ Two modes: Tuner & Pitchfork ★
★ Perfect both for professionals and amateurs ★

Master Banjo Tuner is an easy-to-use application with which you will be able to tune your banjo quickly. The application includes sets of strings sounds characteristic for different types of banjo.
The algorithm has been adapted to recognize sounds of banjo most effectively. To get the best result of automatic tuning, play the sound on the single string few times.

The application includes sets of tunes:
- Banjo 5 strings, Open G,
- Banjo 5 strings, Old Open G,
- Banjo 5 strings, Sawmill (Mountain modal),
- Banjo 5 strings, Open D,
- Banjo 5 strings, Old-time D,
- Banjo 5 strings, Open A,
- Banjo 4 strings, Standard,
- Banjo 4 strings, Chicago Tuning,
- Banjo 4 strings, Tenor All-fifth,
- Banjo 4 strings, Tenor Mandolin,
- Banjo 4 strings, Cello,
- Banjo 4 strings, Bass,
- Banjo 4 strings, Contrabass,
- Banjo 6 strings, Standard,
- Banjo 6 strings, Guitar

The application has two modes: pitchfork and tuner.

- Pitchfork
You can use pitchfork to tune your banjo in our application – just play banjo sound of each string and check if the strings of your banjo are tuned properly. You can also play all sounds automatically (from lowest to highest string) and during recording – tune strings of your banjo.

- Tuner
If you need any help with tuning your banjo, turn on the auto tuner. The application will recognize the sound played by you and help you tune each string.

- recordings of real sounds of banjo,
- pitchfork & tuner mode,
- the ability to set different sound names: American, European and solmization,
- sets of strings characteristic for different types of banjo,
- the ability to set the frequency of sound "a" (concert pitch) in Hz,
- the ability to determine the deviation from the base frequency in cents.

If you will have any problems, please contact us: [email protected]


Online Banjo Tuner

For bluegrass, the 5 string banjo is typically tuned to open G - gDGBD, but there are some songs that require other tunings. Open D, drop C, double C, or sawmill are some of the different tuning options you may encounter.

How it works?

1. Select your instrument and press 'Start Tuning' button.
2. When prompted, allow your browser to use the microphone.
3. Pluck the string you want to tune and the tuner will highlight the note letter for you and show you if you are sharp or flat.
4. When the note turns orange, it means it is close to being in tune.
5. When the note turns green, that string is in tune.

Spice things up?

These are the most common tunings you will encounter in a bluegrass/old-time music setting:

  • Open G - gDGBD
  • Double C - gCGCD
  • Sawmill - gDGCD

Hot Lessons & Songs

  • SongBanjoFree

    Arkansas Traveler

    Banjo - Scruggs Style

    • Difficulty

    • Key
    • Tempo
      100 bpm
    • Tuning

    This arrangement features some essential Scruggs-style roll patterns, especially in the B section of the song. Check out the preview measure below to learn the MTMT ro...

  • Cripple Creek - Scruggs StyleSongBanjoFree

    Cripple Creek

    Banjo - Scruggs Style

    • Difficulty

    • Key
    • Tempo
      90 bpm
    • Tuning

    This version of the Cripple Creek is designed to teach you how to play slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Take each one slow at first to get them sounding nice and clean.

  • Angeline the Baker - Scruggs - DSongBanjoFree

    Angeline the Baker

    Banjo - Scruggs - D

    • Difficulty

    • Key
    • Tempo
      110 bpm
    • Tuning

    Spike that fifth string at the 7th fret and lets go to work! Playing in D without a capo opens up some glorious new sounds.

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Really a must-have: this chromatic banjo tuner is very fast, accurate and recognizes all strings using the built-in mic! Easy and perfect fine-tuning for all 4-, 5- and 6-strings banjo types ...

This app is developed by a musician and electrical engineer, thus it combines high usability and cutting-edge signal processing.

Simple Banjo Tuner is easy to use and provides an aesthetic and customizable user interface.


+ Default banjo: G4-D3-G3-B3-D4 tuning
+ Tone accuracy: +/- 1.0 cents
+ Large frequency range (22 Hz to 1000 Hz).
+ Gauge view of the detected tone (semitone) and octave.
+ Tuning by ear.
+ Detailed user manual.
+ Free user support.
+ Developed for the iPhone and iPad.

+ Extension for all kinds of banjos and tunings (Tenor, Open G, Double C, Sawmill, etc.)
+ Calibration: 430 – 480 Hz (1 Hz-steps)
+ Display of exact frequency (in Hz)
+ Display of frequency deviation (in Hz, marked by up/down arrow)
+ Spectral view (FFT – visualization of overtones)
+ Time-domain view (amplitude)
+ Configurable user interface (color picker)

In the case that you experience crashes (or other inconveniences) with this app, please contact me (before you give a low rating to this app) - you may use the following contact form:
where you can describe the issue.
Thanks in advance!

- Bugfix: previous selected banjo tuning is not reset to "Standard" after app restart.
- New theme for "snobs": golden color pattern.

Ratings and Reviews

Simple banjo tuner

I’m new to banjo tuning and found this app to be the easiest for me to use. It provides the most information in the most usable manner of all the other apps that I have tried. It is the quickest and most convenient banjo tuning app that I have been able to find.
I have not encountered any installation or operational problems of any kind during my experience with this app. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking for an easy way to tune their banjo.

I love it

It’s easy to use and I love the Alfa band at the bottom of the screen. It makes it easy to know how to get to the note you want when you’re way out of tune.

Doesn’t work after upgrade.

I used this app in the free form for several months without any issues and recently bought a second banjo that is tuned in a different key. So, I bought the full app and it seems to work just fine after several minor bugs such as not being responsive when a string was plucked.

It still doesn’t always respond properly for the fine tuning but eventually does if you turn the mic on and off repeatedly.

The developer, Ullrich Vormbrock, has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

No Details Provided

The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.


Ullrich Vormbrock

19 MB


Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 13.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.

English, Arabic, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

Age Rating

© Ullrich Vormbrock


In-App Purchases

  1. All In One$1.99
  2. All Banjo$0.99
  3. Signal Plus$0.99


  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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Banjo Tuner Free

Simple, accurate and hands free Banjo tuner app.
This Banjo tuner was built by musicians for other musicians to tune their Banjo fast, accurate and with no extra effort.
Can be used by both beginners and experts to achieve professional results.
No touching or adjusting is needed, just open the tuner and start tuning.
This Banjo tuner will analyze the sound of your Banjo using the built-in mic of your device, display the current note played, its frequency and will direct you to tuning your Banjo fast and accurate.
And it's totally free!


- Many alternate tuning options
- Wide range detection C0 - B8
- Only ~2MB
- Simple to use
- Accurate
- Auto detect notes
- Display next higher/lower notes
- Mic level display
- Frequency display


Alternate tuning options
- Common
- Cello 4 Strings
- Cello 5 Strings
- Tenor
- Tenor Irish
- Plectrum
- Banjolin
- Bass
- Contrabass
- 5 Strings
- 5 Strings C tuning
- 5 Strings Double C
- 5 Strings Sawmill
- 5 Strings Open D
- 5 Strings Guitar
- 5 Strings Willie Moore
- 5 Strings Doc Bog's D
- 5 Strings Cumberland Gap
- 5 Strings G Minor
- 5 Strings Open C




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