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With the Lasso integration to, it is possible to export companies to, and keep them updated with up-to-date information from CVR. You can map one or multiple boards in and choose which board to use when exporting. It is also possible to create items in and have them enriched and updated by Lasso, using the feature of

Updating items created in

While it is easy to send companies from Lasso to, you may also want to create items in and still have them enriched and updated by Lasso. Using the feature, can send a message to Lasso whenever the CVR number for an item has been changed. Lasso will then enrich that item, based on your mappings, and the item will be monitored in Lasso, and subsequently updated in when a change occurs in CVR.

The is set up per board, and it will only work correctly if the CVR number has been mapped to a column in that board. Therefore, it is important to set up mappings for every board that you would like to send companies to, and to set up a for every board you wish to have automagically enriched and updated.

Setting it up

In order to let notify Lasso when the CVR number is changed, it is necessary to set up the webhooks for each board. Follow the steps below for each relevant board, and see the webhook documentation for more information.

  1. Ensure that you have mapped the CVR number to a column in the board, in the Lasso Portal.
  2. Go to the by clicking on at the top right of the board. Then select the app.
  3. In the app, select the webhook that says "When a column changes, send a webhook".
  4. On the next screen, enter the , for to communicate with Lasso. The URL should be, where APIKEY is your api key from Lasso (for more details, see here). Then click Connect.
    Connect you webhook URL
  5. Next you must select the column to monitor. Anytime you change a value in this column, will send a message to Lasso. It is important that you select the column that you have mapped to the CVR number for this board, in the Lasso Portal. Click Add To Board.
    Connect you webhook URL

That's it! From now on, whenever you enter a valid CVR number in the CVR number column, Lasso will enrich it with data from CVR (according to the fields you have mapped in the Lasso Portal), and keep it updated.


How to validate a Webhook in PHP

Seriously… The documentation of this feature is horrible. The guide even has major grammatical mistakes which is just lazy. I guess this feature is not that important to the dev team? It’s up to us to figure out how to integrate? rude!

Too bad because Webhooks would basically eliminate the barriers many developers face in beating their workflows into the box.

I have no idea about Node.js but below is how far I’ve gotten with PHP… still working on how to actually validate the “challenge” JSON.


  • I have a file called webhooks_processor.php on our company website.
  • that file logs POST requests to an error file called “webhook.log” that is also on our server so I can see what the heck webhooks are sending.
  • not to overstate the obvious (because it was not to me at first) but at the Board > Integrations > webhooks > “When a column changes, send a webhook” > WebhookURL Prompt, I am entering the url of my webhooks_processor.php file.


So far, all I can get is boolean return of “TRUE” out of this. However, I have no idea if I am a accurately directing the validation response because its not mentioned in the webhook documentation! Now I’m sending it to: but I don’t know. This is not really an API feature.

I hope this helps and we can move this forward somehow.

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