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Tommy Timmy Smoother Skin (Laser) Review


Alternative To Waxing And Shaving

There are several disadvantages to shaving or waxing excess hair from your body. Apart from anything else, a full body wax from a beauty parlor can cost 100s of Dollars. To shave all of your body hair can take you hours and only lasts days if you are lucky.

Especially when you are removing hair from more sensitive areas, it can be excruciating.

The Tommy Timmy Smoother Skin is a great alternative to waxing or shaving, and it is one of the best hair removal devices for women. It uses laser technology to remove body hair, and you can do it safely from home.

Whether you want to remove hair from your legs or be confident with your bikini line, this device will come in handy whenever hair removal is concerned.

Smoother, Hairless Skin

The Tommy Timmy Smoother Skin (Laser) provides smoother skin by removing unwanted hair from your body. However, you will need to be patient to see results. This will not remove all of your hair permanently overnight. It would help if you waited for a few weeks to experience its effects. For example, if you want to remove the hair from your legs, you need to wait for three to five sessions equal to eight weeks. In the first couple of weeks, the device will cut down the significantly bigger hairs, and slowly you will notice that the hairs are uprooted from the base in the subsequent weeks.

One of the best things about this device is it is 100% pain-free. Waxing is very painful when it comes to removing body hair. Moreover, it is not suitable for women with sensitive skin. But the Tommy Timmy Smoother Skin is perfect for everyone. This device emits rapid pulse lights that work under the skin surface. It targets the root of the hairs so that they are restricted from further growth. This permanent hair remover is a boon for women who don’t like hair in their underarms, legs, hands, face, and bikini lines.

Benefits of Tommy Timmy Smoother Skin

Women who use razors to shave their body hair know how time-consuming the process is. Also, the hair grows back in a few days, and you have to shave it off again. Shaving is only a temporary solution. But the permanent IPL laser hair remover saves time, money, and you don’t have to worry about the hair growing back. The laser pulse goes deep into the roots of the hairs to inhibit their growth. Here are a few benefits of the product:

• It is suitable for most parts of the body, including legs, underarms, neck, face, back, shoulders, thighs, and bikini line. All you need to do is switch the device on and place it in the areas where you want to remove the hair.

• Both men and women can use this device.

• The laser technology used in this device is clinically proven and is considered safe and effective by dermatologists. It does not involve any evasive methods that can harm the skin of the user.

• Unlike waxing, it operates gently on the skin without any pain. Since the lasers prevent hair growth, you can be assured that you won’t have to consider waxing or shaving anymore.

• It is straightforward to use. The device doesn’t require any batteries or chargers. Plug the device and begin the hair removal process. You need to bring the device to the target area so that it is perpendicular to the skin. The device will emit pulse lights to begin the treatment. It has 5 levels of pulse intensity. Depending on the hair growth, you can customize the treatment by changing the light pulses’ intensity.

Reducing Costs

Permanent hair removal was a costly treatment, but not anymore, thanks to Tommy Timmy Smoother Skin. Those who haven’t used the product may be thinking that this device will affect their skin. Yes, it will, but positively. Once all the hair is gone, it will leave smooth skin, something you longed to have. If you think it will hamper the texture of the skin, then you are wrong. The natural healing process of the skin stimulates collagen production. That is why this product is safe for older users too.

Drive facial hair away

Many women have a problem with unwanted facial hair. Razors become their best friend because they need to shave their facial hair off every time they have to go out. But with the permanent hair removal device, you can expect smoother skin with 0 hairs on your face. You only need to wait a month before noticing the dramatic change.

Women who are planning to buy this device want to know how many times they should use it to remove the hairs:

Ideally, it would help if you used the handset once a week. Continue this for the first twelve weeks to see how effective it is. Following that, you can use it once a month for the next three months. It would help if you were careful not to use the Smoother Skin more than once a week on any area. However, if you want to remove hairs from different areas of the body, you can use it more than once a week. For example, if you want to remove the hair from the legs on Monday and facial hair on Wednesday, you can use it twice or thrice a week. But don’t use it on the same spot more than once every week because the laser lights take a few days to react and restrict the hair growth from within.

Pressurizing them is not always a wise thing to do.

Why A Smoother Skin Review?

If you are searching for a permanent hair removal device, nothing is better than the Tommy Timmy Smoother Skin (laser). Use it for a few weeks, and you will understand why there is such hype about this product, and we are so enthusiastic about it in our Tommy Timmy Smoother Skin Review. It is easy to use, cost-effective, comes with excellent packaging, and is an incredible gift to others.


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Tommy Hair Salon is a casual and family-friendly hair salon in Lewisville, Texas operated by award-winning stylist and trainer Tommy Ton.

At Tommy Hair Salon, the consultation process is a key to identifying the right style for you. By taking into account your hair structure, face-shape, complexion, personality and lifestyle, your stylist can achieve an instantly gratifying and easily manageable result for the season ahead. You’ll leave Tommy Hair Salon with a healthy, flattering new hair style that really impresses!

In addition to standard haircuts and salon services, Tommy Hair Salon specializes in precision cuts, colorings, and perms, Japanese straightening techniques, up-do’s, and wedding styles.

Having a tough day? Let the friendly staff at Tommy Hair Salon take care of you with a selection of relaxing and personal services designed to get you back on your feet!

Tommy and his experienced stylists are ready to help you discover the perfect style – whether you’re interested in a totally new creation, something for a special event, or just wanting to bring out your personal best.


Whatever style you’re looking for, Tommy can do for you!

Hair Topper Transformation for Thinning Hair

For what reason do people go to Tommy Hair Salon? For regular upkeep on the appearance, to reinvent oneself, to feel more confident, and just out of sheer boredom. Whatever your reason, you can get what you’re looking for with professionals here.

One of their services is haircuts. In addition to working with scissors — a talk and tips. Your stylist would hope you to tell him about your daily hair routine, how you make the styling, what products you adjust to.

Consumers seem to be glad visiting Tommy Hair Salon. 52 users rated this place at 4.27. Review a few of 11 feedbacks below to make sure you will like the salon.

To learn more about this place, you can go to Tommy Hair Salon is located in Lewisville, TX 75067, 1126 W Main St. To make an appointment, call +1 (214) 222-42-84 during office hours.


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