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Grove Collaborative has a new subscriber deal to help move the world past plastic and help you create a more sustainable home!

When you start your subscription with a $20 purchase you’ll get a new subscriber Beyond Plastic Set FREE! Plant-based and plastic-free, the Grove Co. Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate cuts 2x more grease than other natural cleaners for a sparkling clean home.

Read our Grove Collaborative reviews to find out more, but come back to this post and use this link in order to grab this deal.

By 2025, Grove will be 100% plastic-free

All Grove orders are now 100% plastic neutral. For every ounce of plastic they send, they collect & recycle an ounce of plastic pollution. They’re working to be 100% plastic-free by 2025! Grove orders have removed 6 million pounds of plastic from waterways since the beginning of 2020.

Serious cleaning power, naturally These Cleaner Concentrates pack all that cleaning power into a much smaller glass bottle — helping to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate plastic waste, without sacrificing performance.

When you sign up for Grove right now, you’ll get this Beyond Plastic Set FREE with your first order of $29.

  • Grove Co. Hand Soap Glass Dispenser
  • Grove Co. Hydrating Hand Soap
  • Grove Co. Walnut Scrubber Sponge
  • Grove Co. All-Purpose Household Cleaner Concentrate – Cuts 5x more grease – Refill, Orange & Rosemary
  • Grove Co. Reusable Glass Cleaning Spray Bottle – With Silicone Sleeve
  • Free 60-Day VIP Trial
  • Free Shipping

OR When you start your subscription with a minimum purchase you’ll get a new subscriber Bundle FREE

Grove Collaborative is an eco-friendly subscription service that allows you to quickly pick your favorite high-quality cleaning and household supplies and set up a customized schedule for their shipment to you. You’ll pay the cost of the products (you can see the details on every product on the Grove Collaborative site), plus a $2.99 shipping charge. It’s super easy to skip, move around your dates, and change your products!

After your FREE 60-day trial, the VIP membership automatically renews for the $19.99 year rate.


I Tested Out Grove's Plastic-Free Cleaning Supplies—and I'm Never Looking Back

During the pandemic, I have gotten into a bad habit of buying hand soap in disposable plastic containers. And considering all of the incessant hand-washing in recent months, I was flying through soap, tossing container after container into the recycling bin. So when Grove Collaborative (the company behind one of my all-time-favorite cleaning sprays) revealed that it was creating a plastic-free line of cleaning supplies, I jumped at the chance to give it a try.

Grove Collaborative Beyond Plastic Products, bottles of hand soap
Credit: Grove Collaborative

To buy: Foaming Hand Soap & Dish Soap Refills, $8,

The new plastic-free system works by providing reusable glass pumps for hand soap and spray bottles for cleaning solution. All of the refills arrive in glass or aluminum containers, with some, like the tile cleaner and foaming hand soap, arriving as concentrates that get diluted in water. By providing as many cleaners in concentrate form as possible, Grove cuts down on the amount of packaging needed, while making the delivery significantly lighter. All you have to do is pour the tiny concentrate bottle (sized like a mini airplane bottle of liquor) into the dispenser, then top it off with water to the fill line. This 10-second process somehow makes me feel like I'm concocting my own DIY cleaning solutions, when in reality I'm just adding water to a soap dispenser.

Always a little skeptical about whether supposedly eco-friendly products are actually "greener"—especially when I'm weighing the carbon footprint of walking to the store versus having something shipped—I dug into the reasoning behind the line. One factoid caught my eye: while plastic can only be recycled a couple times, glass and aluminum can be recycled an infinite number of times. By ditching the plastic container in favor of aluminum, the company is switching to an endlessly recyclable material. The result: less plastic in the landfill.

Grove Collaborative Beyond Plastic products on shelves
Credit: Grove Collaborative

With my old wasteful habits, I would be throwing away a plastic container each time I ran out of hand soap. Now, each aluminum bottle of foaming hand soap concentrate translates to three refills. I'm throwing away a container one-third as often, and that container is infinitely recyclable. With the new line in place, Grove is working towards becoming 100 percent plastic-free by 2025.

And as far as the cleansers themselves? Grove had already won me over with the hard-working cleaning concentrates in amazing scents. The Lemon, Eucalyptus & Mint scent is exactly how I want my cleaning products to smell, fresh and subtle, while the scent-free options are just that, completely unscented. No synthetic fragrances here—the products get their aroma from essentials oils. I had never quite realized how the harsh smell of chemical cleaners prolonged my cleaning procrastination, but with these products, cleaning feels like less of a chore. Don't get me wrong, of course I still procrastinate on cleaning the bathroom, but at least this chore smells much more pleasant once I finally get around to it.

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Beyond Plastic Collection By Grove Collaborative Completely Eliminates The Use Of Plastic Within Their Packaging

While some brands take a slow approach to becoming more sustainable, Grove Collaborative is tackling it head-on and swiftly. Grove Collaborative's vision is that consumer products can be a positive impact on human and environmental health. The company's most significant initiative surrounds the idea of eliminating single-use plastic by offering plastic-free and reusable/refillable alternatives.

In early March, Grove Collaborative became the first global plastic neutral retailer in partnership with Plastic Bank®. The Beyond Plastic packaging includes vibrant visuals to communicate performance, scent, and natural formulation. Each product is marked with a How2Recycle symbol with directions on recycling to curb packaging waste correctly. But, not only are the products plastic-free, they are designed elegantly and aren't over the top in proving their sustainable mission.

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Launched in 2016 as a Certied B Corp, Grove Collaborative is the fastest growing retailer of sustainable and natural products in the U.S.. With brand DNA rooted in providing sustainable, safe and ecacious all-natural household cleaning and personal care solutions to the mass market at an accessible price point, Grove Collaborative is creating a more environmentally conscious CPG industry. 

Grove Collaborative’s vision is that consumer products will be a positive force for human and environmental health. The company’s biggest initiative is around eliminating single-use plastic by offering plastic-free and reusable/refillable alternatives. Plastic pollution is a continuous problem stemming from not only the CPG sector, but industries across the board. Currently, however, CPG companies are a major perpetuator of the issue, with many products leaning into plastic packaging. Plastic pollution is not only devastating the earth’s oceans and wildlife, but it is also severely problematic for human health. 

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Grove believes that plastic is not sustainable. On March 10, 2020, Grove Collaborative became the first and only plastic neutral retailer in the world in partnership with Plastic Bank®, and committed to becoming 100% plastic free by 2025 to address the global crisis around single use plastic. 

Paving the way to move beyond plastic by 2025, Grove launched its Beyond Plastic cleaning line in October 2020, a collection of products — hand & dish soaps and cleaning concentrates — from Grove’s signature rell system in 100% plastic-free packaging. The hand and dish soaps are packaged in innitely recyclable aluminum bottles and the concentrates are packaged in recyclable glass. Both are designed to be relled into our reusable and durable glass vessels, which eliminates single-plastic from typical household cleaners. They also save over 94% of plastic compared to a single-use alternative. In its first year, this collection will eliminate over 29 tons of plastic waste from entering the environment. 

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The Beyond Plastic packaging includes vibrant visuals to communicate performance, scent and natural formulation, and each product is clearly marked with a How2Recycle symbol with instructions on how to properly recycle to curb packaging waste. These products are not only sustainable, but they provide top performance compared to natural and conventional competitors, as validated by 3rd party lab tests. The entire line is cruelty-free - Leaping Bunny certied and validated by Forest Stewardship Council, which certies that our paper packaging is either sourced from responsibly managed forests or includes post-consumer recycled material. The cartons that house the cleaning concentrates have been FSC®-certied and our partners within our supply chain hold this deep commitment as well, meaning they are made from 100% recycled content, and are fully recyclable. 

Lastly, all the materials used in our packaging, both glass and aluminum, are innitely recyclable. Glass has a recycling recovery rate of about 26.6% and aluminum packaging has a recycling recovery of 32.8% . Plastic, on the other hand, has an overall recycling recovery rate of 8.4%. While plastic bottles (PET and HDPE) have higher recovery rates, tubes and exible lms are not collected curbside and have even lower recycling recovery rates. Our glass bottles replaced tubes and we’ve replaced multi-laminate plastic pouches with aluminum bottles. In total: -Grove’s glass cleaning concentrates have diverted 860,000 lbs (equal to the weight of what 33 garbage trucks can hold) of plastic from entering landlls -Grove’s aluminum soap rells have diverted 183,000 lbs of plastic from landlls 

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