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Ik (Yucatan) / Iq (Kiche) 
Personality:  Talkative, mental, agile, intelligent and versatile. Idealistic and romantic. Fashion conscious or artist.

Imagination, inspiration, messages, and communication are the key concepts in the life of a Wind. As the voice is carried in the air by the wind, you have a lot of things to tell about. You must give some sort of message to humanity, which you have not fully figured out yet. However, you almost feel obliged to continue to communicate, whether through talking, writing or using media.

Spirit and breath of life, the Wind blows life to the matter and brings new awareness to the world. Your character is spiritual by nature. You carry the power to spread good seeds and ideas.

You like to create art and beauty and have a strong sense of aesthetics. You can also become a successful fiction writer but be careful not to be too far from reality. You have a high level of imagination.

The Wind is what gives us life and keeps us alive (called “prana” in India), symbolized by the essence of life. According to the Mayan belief, the Wind is the breath of God.

Challenge: Responsibilities and fears associated with it, indecision, not being able to commit.
Remedy: Education and learning how to communicate better.

Appropriate professions: Philosopher, mathematician, artist, musician.
Signs you get along with: Wind, Road, Earth and Deer
Signs that contribute to your growth: Wind, Jaguar, Knife, Death and the Dog

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There are 20 Mayan signs, changing daily. The day you were born determines your Day Sign. It shows your typical attributes, your most dominant characteristics.

You have 8 more signs, surrounding the Day sign, each one explaining a different aspect of your life. This is called a Tree of Life, consisted of 3 columns and 3 lines.

The main column signs in the center, make up the core of your being. They guide you, support and inspire you on your journey throughout life.
The female column signs influence your private life and intimate relationships. Not just the romantic relationships, but also the family ties and relationships with the significant others.

The male signs influence your job, career, your power relationships. How you interact the world out there, and what you serve to the society at large.

There are 3 main stages in your life: Youth, Adolescent and Maturity.
Which of these signs will influence you the most, depend on your age. The dominant sign at each of the columns will change over the years.

You also have a Galactic Tone and a Trecena Sign, which are complimentary to your Day Sign.

To see the full picture, you can get a Detailed Report, which describes all of your 9 signs on your Mayan Tree of Life.



* Decisions
* Defiance
* Facilitating Change

Tone 2 is very mysterious. You feel separate yet you desire to unite with all. You are learning to walk with balance on your journey while you are making decisions about your life; balancing the duality such as light/darkness, masculine/feminine, good/bad, Ying/Yang. To experience the difference between one thing and another is an important goal of your life [...]


Imix (Yucatan) / Imox (Kiche)
Personality: Full of energy, creative and initiator. Protective and dominant parent. Sensitive and confidential.

Crocodile is seen as the first of the 20 sign cycle, therefore it is very much related with the beginnings and birthing. Mayans call that the Crocodile sign carries the primordial waters, the primitive reptilian mind. In yogic terms, this means a strong connection with the Muladhara (the root) chakra and fertility.

You have a strong personality. Most noticeably you can understand people very deeply.

You have a sensitive nature and therefore you tend to protect yourself by being a private person. Your relationships can be a bit crazy and passionate and you like living wild love stories.

To be able to overcome the challenges coming from this sign, focus on your heart.

Challenge: Rejection (Especially rejection from parents)
Remedy: To build a business or create a family life.

Appropriate professions: teacher, psychologist, sociologist, doctor, artist, poet, film director, orator, politician, author, judge, spiritual healer.
Signs you get along with: Crocodile, Monkey, Owl and Death.
Signs that contribute to your growth: Crocodile, Water, Cane, Serpent and Earth.

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Discover your sign in the Mayan horoscope and what it says about you

It is very interesting to discover that different cultures around the world – Greeks, Romans, Celts, Chinese, Chaldeans- separated not only in distance but by time, coincide in saying that the stars have an influence on the personality of human beings according to their date of birth and sign.

The Mayans, considered great astronomers and mathematicians, also created their own horoscope. Unlike the Greek horoscope we know traditionally, they divided their own into 13 parts instead of 12. This is because the Mayans gave more importance to the Moon that the Sun. Thus, their year was divided into 13 lunar cycles of 28 days that gave a total of 364 days. The last day, the 365th, they named “Day of time outside of time” and dedicated it exclusively to celebrations.

Each sign represents a specific animal that shows the characteristics of a person according to the day they were born.

Which is your Mayan sign?

TZOOTZ (BAT) – From July 26 to August 22 – It resembles Leo

Charismatic and leaders by nature. They have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for life, so their character is strong from the time they are children. Due to their great self-esteem, they achieve important job and social positions. They are usually good friends and protective partners but they will always need to feel free and independent to get the best out of themselves.

DZEC (SCORPION) – From August 23 to September 19 – It resembles Virgo

Observant and analytical by nature. They love to follow customs and rules, so leading a traditional life makes them feel full. Their words are well received by the people around them since they speak calmly and objectively. As for their relationships, they show their love by helping others.

KEH (DEER) – From September 20 to October 17 – It resembles Libra

This sign has a highly developed sense of aesthetics and sensitivity, so they can be great artists. They also like to live in harmony and have no difficulty demonstrating their feelings to the people around them. They are great seducers but at the same time sweet and elegant, so they attract people easily.

MOAN (OWL) – From October 18 to November 14 – It resembles Scorpio

Intuitive and wise by nature, however sometimes they live too much in their inner world. They are very good counselors and gifted listeners, so they can be great psychologists. Their emotions are intense and they can be volatile at times. However, they are very social and like to have a close circle of people who they trust.

KUTZ (PEACOCK) -From November 15 to December 12 – It resembles Sagittarius-Capricorn

They like to attract attention and occupy a high social and employment level. They seek perfection in everything they do, so they are usually extremist, but very original and creative indeed. They live in the present and it is easy for them to see the positive side of everything but without losing the push to improve and face both labor and personal challenges.

KIBRAY (ALLIGATOR) – From December 13 to January 9 – It resembles Sagittarius-Capricorn

Simple and adaptable by nature, they are optimistic people with whom it is easy to relate. They don’t like feeling pressured or being told what to do, and they prefer to take the time to analyze and think before acting. This makes them good researchers or workers with attention to detail. They are prudent and shy, so they seek relationships based on respect.

BATZ KIMIL (MONKEY) – From January 10 to February 6 – It resembles Aquarius

It is the funniest Mayan sign of all, never losing touch with your inner child. They live in the present and are full of optimism. For them, having a large group of friends is important and feeling accompanied is vital. They are good at jobs where they have to organize events or be in touch with people. Sometimes they like to be the protagonists.

COZ (FALCON) – From February 7 to March 6 – It resembles Pisces

Spiritual and perceptive, with strong personalities that those around them respect for their serenity and wisdom. They occupy commanding positions and jobs that carry authority with ease, but they never step over those around them. They have deep and honest feelings, so they are excellent couples and parents.

BALAM (JAGUAR) – From March 7 to April 3 – It resembles Aries

They live their lives with a lot of passion, so they sometimes put themselves at risk. They constantly look for situations that challenge them. They have a strong personality that generates respect and are natural-born leaders. They need to have constant physical activity to release the energy they have inside.

FEX (FOX) – From April 4 to May 1 – It resembles Taurus

Hardworking and responsible, they seek stability and comfort in their life and in the people around them since they are very attached to their family and friends. They like to help others whenever they have the opportunity and do so unconditionally. As a couple they are loyal and respectful, sometimes a bit temperamental.

KAN (SNAKE) – From May 2 to May 29 – It resembles Gemini

Intelligent and curious people by nature, always in constant learning and doing different activities. They like to be admired and respected, something they easily achieve thanks to their natural sensuality. They look for loving couples and in fact, being in a couple is essential for this sign. Laborwise, they are good writers or teachers.

TZUB (SQUIRREL) – From May 30 to June 26 – It resembles Gemini-Cancer

Hardworking and expressive by nature, this Mayan sign constantly seeks contact with other people, which they achieve effortlessly for their sympathy and good humor. They are unconditional and sincere friends. They are easy to speak to and know how to express their feelings. Sometimes they can be impulsive, especially when it comes to handling financial issues.

AAK (TURTLE) – From June 27 to July 25 – It resembles Cancer

For this sign, relationships and family are paramount, so they enjoy their time at home. They are hardworking and persevering. For them, a fair and comfortable working environment is important. They enjoy working in ecological or nature-related issues. They can become a bit introverted, especially in relationships, but once they have a partner, they are very faithful and stable.

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The Mayan Zodiac

In a land far away from ancient Egypt and Sumer, yet another civilization sought to decipher how the movement of the sky affects humans. This is the case of the Mayans who, as historians aptly put it, managed to accurately predict solar eclipses as well as planetary ingresses. The Mayan calendar divided the year into 260 days and several interwoven cycles which in turn are further broken down into sets of twenty days, each representing a day-sign ruled by a particular deity. Overlapping them there was a system of thirteen galactic tones which, in a manner similar to Western numerology, is meant to lend color to the astrological portrait.

Here you can find our Mayan sign calculator (Tzolkin). You’re one click away from the Mayans’ ancestral knowledge. Check what it says about your personality.

Not sure what’s your Mayan sign? Please enter your birthdate below:

Mayan Zodiac, Tzolkin calendar
Mayan Serpent/Chicchan Day Sign - Life Purpose, Evolution, Talents \u0026 Personality

What’s Your Mayan Birth Sign?


If you have read up on astrology before, you know that the placement of the stars at the time of our birth can tell us a lot about our lives and personalities. We have discussed traditional astrology before, based on the twelve zodiac signs and constellations. However, you can also learn valuable information about yourself by calculating your Mayan birth sign, based on the Mayan calendar.

The Mayan calender, or Tzolk’in, contains 20 Day Signs and 13 Galactic Numbers, which results in a 260-day calendar year. These ancient peoples had a lot of wisdom about our Earth and how we connect to it and through it, so their interpretation of astrology will allow us to venture deeper into the study of ourselves and this universe.

The Mayan people believe that 20 different gods rule the 20 days, or Nahuales. They also believed that every person had a galactic tone, or number, associated with their birth, ranging from 1 to 13. First, we will discuss the meaning of the numbers, and then get into the 20 Day Signs.

The 13 Galactic Tones

One: Unity, solidarity, solitude, beginning, first, complete, whole

Two: Duality, duos, yin/yang, longing for connection, dynamic

Three: Willpower, expression, action, motion, rhythm

Four: Stability, direction, heart, love, romance, action

Five: Communication, listening, connection, networks

Six: Intuition, flow, mind, energy work, psychic

Seven: Purpose, goals, practice, soul, morals, spiritual journey, inner reflection

Eight: Love, justice, healing, balance, fairness

Nine: Patience, perseverance, finish, cycle, perspectives

Ten: Collaboration, responsibility, creation, art

Eleven: Answers, improvement, refinement, logic, simplicity

Twelve: Knowledge, understanding, interdependence, thinking

Thirteen: Completion, renewal, new beginnings, end of a cycle, rebirth

What’s Your Mayan Birth Sign?

Here, we will go over the 20 Day Signs, and discuss what each one means in depth.


The first day sign in the Mayan Calendar, this one represents new beginnings. You have a clever, sly, dominant personality. However, you can also come across as aggressive and self-centered. You are a natural born leader, able to initiate new projects and see them through to the end.


You excel in all forms of communication, and are very open-minded. You are very intelligent and reflective, but can also be insecure and doubt yourself. You probably have lots of interests in life, and can master many different occupations and hobbies.


The third day sign in Mayan astrology, you keep traditions intact and work diligently to provide stability for yourself and your family. However, you tend to approach life very rigidly, which doesn’t leave much room for the universe to do its work. You have a lot of patience and inner strength, which will bring you much success in life.


You are very courageous, and have a bold personality. You love the spotlight, and your passion and independence makes you an impactful, influential person. You’re very creative as well, and will excel in artistic endeavors.


An empath, you are highly psychic and sensitive to other people’s feelings. You are drawn to certain causes in life, and will stand behind them passionately. However, your emotions can sometimes get the best of you, so make sure to do ample inner work to achieve balance in life.


Practical and pragmatic, people are drawn to you for your peaceful, collected demeanor. You’re a problem solver, natural mediator, and give your time and effort to many people and endeavors. Make sure to take time for yourself, however.


You’re a wandering soul, and have an aversion to anything mainstream. You get hurt easily, so you spend much of your time alone, where you don’t have to deal with other people’s energies. You do well in the arts, as you find you can express yourself best in creative ways.


Rabbits are very playful, childlike, and witty. You’re competitive, and will take up a challenge in a heartbeat. However, your constant need for movement and stimulation can leave you burned out, so make sure to take some time to relax.


You’re a very strong leader, able to move the oceans with just a touch of your hand. You stick by your morals no matter what, and have great emotional intelligence. You have an endless passion for creating a better world, and your vision and commitment to make a change will carry you far.


Dogs are loyal, faithful, and dependable. You don’t let people down, and will face any obstacle with courage and strength.


Monkeys love entertaining people, and excel in the verbal arts such as drama and acting. However, your obsession with winning and gaining awards might cause you to lose sight of the bigger picture. Allow your curiosity for life to flourish and help you discover new interests and hobbies.


You are flexible and can adapt to any situation. You’re a compassionate, understanding person, but rarely show your own emotions. You aren’t swayed by others’ opinions, choosing to live life how you see fit.


Reeds are a beacon of hope and light for others here on Earth. You are a natural leader, commanding authority just by walking into a room. You also strive for peace and harmony within, and because of your idealistic views of life, you can sometimes be too rigid in your approach. You’re a problem solver, and stand behind causes you care about passionately.


You’re very mysterious, yet excel in interpersonal skills. You enjoy having close relationships with others, but your ability to connect with almost anyone can allow toxic people into your life. You seek for a bigger purpose in life, always on the prowl for new information and ways of thinking.


Eagles have a keen eye for details, but can also see the wider picture in life. You’re very logical and introverted, and crave freedom and adventure. You’re the rock in all your relationships in life.


Vultures are warriors, approaching life bravely, but underneath it all, they can be very insecure and self-conscious. You can be cynical toward life and yourself, so make sure to show yourself compassion.


You have a very practical, grounded personality. You’re drawn to things that make logical sense, and make a wonderful leader and problem solver.


You’re also very logical, and can become so engrossed in work and excelling in life that you forget about your relationships. You appear hard and steely to others, but you have a big heart underneath it all.


You’re a very multi-faceted person. You have a calm nature sometimes, able to bring peace to any situation. However, other times, you are very turbulent and spastic, needing action and stimulation for enjoyment. You have a lot of friends, but also enjoy solitude.


You live with your head in the clouds, forever a dreamer. You’re loving, compassionate, idealistic and optimistic. However, don’t get so lost in ideas of changing the world, that you forget to focus on changing yourself.

To find out your complete Mayan birth sign, go here. 



Birth sign mayan

Mayan Horoscope

Mayan Indians are associated with many legends and mysterious stories, but the researchers pay special attention to the ancient calendar of this mysterious civilization. The Mayan civilization began to form in Central America as early as 2000 BC. The culture of this people has always attracted the attention of scientists thanks to the perfectly developed mathematical and astronomical sciences, hieroglyphic writing, unusual architecture, knowledge of agriculture and other achievements in art and crafts. An integral part of the Mayan calendar is the Mayan horoscope, which is based not on the movement of planets and stars, on which modern astrological horoscopes are known, but the energy rhythms of the universe. That is why the signs of the Mayan horoscope are replacing each other more than once a month (as in the Zodiac horoscope), and more than once a year (as in the Eastern calendar), but daily.

One of the features of the calendar-horoscope Maya is that it is based on a cycle of 260 days, which in turn consists of 20 periods of 13 days. Every day horoscope Maya, in accordance with the diurnal motion of the Earth, has its own name and sign, which determines everything that happens at this time. Surprisingly, even global events fully correspond to the character of the sign under the influence of which the time period is located. Since the Mayan horoscope consists of a 260-day cycle, and this determines his second feature: people born in the same day of the month with a difference, even in one year, will be under the control of different characters Maya calendar. That is why to determine your horoscope sign Maya to modern man, accustomed to the 365-day cycle and the annual cycle of the lunar calendar, it is difficult.

Mayan Horoscope by Date of Birth

The Mayan calendar is a unique tool that has come down to us through the dark ages. With his help the Mayan priests knew how to predict not only global events, but also the personal future of each person. At the moment of birth, we receive a charge of energy that affects our future life. The Mayan horoscope takes this influence into account and gives a full characterization to each of the 20 signs. To determine the sign of the Mayan calendar, under the control of which one or another day is located, calculations are made by special formulas using tables of correspondence of the modern calendar to the dates of the Mayan calendar. We suggest you not to bother yourself with long calculations, but use the online calculation form. Enter your date of birth and click the button to determine the sign of your birthday on the Mayan calendar, find out the meaning of its symbol, the characteristics of the people who were born that day.

Mayan Sign Calculator

Crocodile (Imix)

Mayan Horoscope Crocodile

People born under this sign often feel themselves lost and helpless. Perhaps this explains their emotionality. At the same time, sparkling fantasies scatter from them. They have an incredible desire for constant activity. They just radiate creative energy and head to the most risky projects. These people have a constant need for security and coziness, from which they are very sensitive. They understand the disturbances and emotions of other people. Thanks to this line, they make excellent teachers and doctors. Children and family play one of the main roles in life of Imix Mayan sign. People of this sign love to patronize their loved ones. However, sometimes they can lose self-control and lose their temper. At such times they may turn away from everyone and go away to live in a world of their own illusions.

Wind (Ik)

Mayan Horoscope Wind

People born under this sign have an ineradicable desire to change the world around them with the help of amazing deeds and creative ideas. They have strong spiritual and physical health. Versatile, talented and unpredictable. The people of the sign of Ik are, first and foremost, romanticists and idealists. They are very communicative, they are able to express simple and accessible even the most complex thoughts. Therefore, as a rule, everyone understands from the side. There are people in this sign and a disadvantage. It is the indecisiveness and total absence of a sense of duty. From difficult situations they try to simply "escape", shifting responsibility to someone else. You can not rely on such people.

Night (Akbal)

Mayan Horoscope Night

People who were born under this sign, all their lives balancing between conscious and subconscious worlds, in search of balance. They strive to achieve spiritual and physical harmony and stability. Try to create a comfortable atmosphere at home, as well as at work. Energetically they are weak, but they fill it with creative ideas and the ability to listen to intuition. Virtually all representatives of this sign are very conservative. They logically think and have good organizational skills. From such people are good organizers and thinkers. Quite often people of the sign of Akbal become self-absorbed, falling into reflections on the meaning of life. Sometimes this ends for them a sense of complete desperation, helplessness and apathy.

Lizard (Kan)

Mayan Horoscope Lizard

People of the Kan sign can be described in one word combination — "natural disaster". For their thoughts it is simply impossible to have time. One crazy idea is instantly replaced by another. They need to learn to direct their energy in one direction. The self-sufficiency of representatives of this sign allows them to gain complete independence. They can not scare anything, except one — the future of time, which inexorably advances on them. Lizards are not persistent, which, however, does not prevent them from finding their own half. It is true that a large amount of time can be spent searching. But this way Kan will be held to the very end, despite any obstacles.

Serpent (Chicchan)

Mayan Horoscope Serpent

A distinctive feature of the Maya sign of Chicchan is the snake, which is also compared with the milky way in the starry sky. The patron of the Chicchan is Kukulkan, he is also Quetzalcoatl. All representatives of the sign of the Milky Way has a developed physical condition, as well as a beautiful spiritual upbringing. But they are in dire need of general attention, which makes not hide, but on the contrary show all their experiences and sympathies. These people have some kind of mystical charm, which they skillfully use. Despite the fact that the representatives of the Chicchan are surrounded by many people, they diligently distance themselves from everyone, not allowing themselves to even close relatives. In many ways this is due to the inherent selfishness that is inherent in all people of the Milky Way. Being in a state of movement to something special, Chicchan quite often misunderstands what comes to their eyes, and from this their search can become truly endless.

Death (Cimi)

Mayan Horoscope Death

Cimi is a conductor from one world to another, wandering in search of something or someone. This is a sign of death, the patron of which is the ruler of Shibalba. The god of death Ahpuh gave each person who came into the world at this time, incredibly easy character, but they do not hinder to quickly move into a state of melancholy. Depression — that’s what accompanies Cimi their whole life, and it’s not accidental. They are hard at experiencing any trouble, even not directly touching them. Changes for people of the sign of Death are worse than terrible penal servitude, and the need for constant prosperity makes Cimi extremely unhappy. Conservatism is their desired way of life. But all this does not prevent them from being interesting to others and support any conversations. Spiritual and mysterious knowledge goes to them with incredible ease and simplicity. Rarely, but still there are among them even great magicians or astrologers who have achieved incredible successes in their field.

Deer (Manik)

Mayan Horoscope Deer

The pride of the forests, endowed with regal grandeur — this all directly relates to the representatives of the Manik sign. He is guarded by Tohil himself, a deity in the image of this forest inhabitant — a deer. Energy overflows representatives of this sign, allowing them to do great things. They are characterized by incredible talent, artistry, as well as the ability to heal everyone around — gifts, which with great generosity gifted them to God Tohil. And this is not all the good qualities that are available to deer people: ease and naturalness in behavior allow representatives of this sign to find a common language in any company. But, despite this, in the depths of his soul, Manik suffers from loneliness. However, this does not spoil their relationship to others, because the nobility and generosity inherent in this sign, does not allow them to fall below the level of communication.

Star (Lamat)

Mayan Horoscope Star

This sign represents the celestial night star, which is the moon, so do not be surprised at the protection of the moon goddess Ichkhel and her assistant in the form of a rabbit totem-charm with a melodious name Nagual. What are the characteristics of the representatives of Lamat? First of all, it is not difficult to solve a difficult task or to get rid of an insoluble problem with a subtle cunning and a shrewd mind. However, before that they do not bring, because they choose the most optimal way in their lives, which allows to avoid any troubles. Many people of this sign become excellent healers, and also successfully study astrological and magical sciences. At the same time, all representatives of Lamat can not imagine another pastime, except work.

Water (Muluc)

Mayan Horoscope Water

Falling drops, water surface — so you should "read" this sign. The main Maya raincoat, Chaak, is the patron saint of the people of the sign of Muluk. It is Chaak that gives his subjects a deep, penetrating mind with the purest thoughts. They have a very rich inner world. They are emotional and sensual people. Revolutionary ideas are constantly emerging in their minds, often bordering on fantasy. The distinctive quality of people born under the auspices of Chaak can be called their independence and the desire for complete independence. Nature generously endowed them with good qualities. Representatives of this sign are always under the close attention of others, and all because they often become participants in sensational and controversial events, for which the whole world is ready to watch.

Dog (Oc)

Mayan Horoscope Dog

This sign of the Maya, Oc, entirely belongs to the dog. It is not accidental that his patron himself, the god Tzul, whose distinctive feature is the dog’s head. All representatives of the sign Oc excellently developed a sense of devotion. Faithful to their family, they delight not only loved ones, but also surrounding people. But in every barrel of honey there can always be a fly in the ointment — in Oc it is immense jealousy. This quality frightens and annoys most people. But do not be angry with the representatives of this sign, because all this happens only from the desire to be closer to those whom they strongly love. Family and friendly ties make Oc happy, relaxed. Willingness to come to the rescue allows people-dogs to become even closer to all their loved ones. But despite this, they themselves need constant protection and attention.

Monkey (Chuen)

Mayan Horoscope Monkey

Hunchuen, the monkey god, who is the patron of this sign, gave him part of his name as a sign of special disposition. Chuen gives each ward a special gift of sociability. Not for nothing does the people of this sign try to surround themselves with many acquaintances and like-minded people, gladly discovering new contacts for themselves. This is also promoted by talents, which Chuen quite a lot. Representatives of the monkey sign are surprisingly romantic nature, flirting or coquetry for them — like water for fish. But despite the frivolous frivolity, Chuen can carefully hide their secrets. They are usually old grievances, caused by heart experiences and failed intrigues. Nevertheless, this is the most successful sign, which almost does not know the defeats, and certainly not in the affairs of the heart.

Road (Eb)

Mayan Horoscope Road

The constant struggle between light and dark is peculiar to the sign of Eb — the sign of the road. He is supervised by twin brothers Hunahpu — they also include a spare head, which is also associated with the sign of Eb. All the representatives of Eb are constantly in the process of achieving the highest ideas and plans, spending all their strengths and emotions on this, remaining completely devastated. Within themselves, the people of Eb feel vulnerability, which is amplified in the most severe trials that the gods have prepared for them. Despite all their aspirations, the representatives of the sign are rather restrained in life and with others. Anger and fury will bubble inside them like a volcano, but it will be incredibly difficult for them to break out, as the self-control of the people of this sign takes precedence in most cases. To do this, they need the inner harmony that Eb tries to draw from relationships with others.

Reed (Ben)

Mayan Horoscope Reed

Fertile and majestic Reed — that’s what the sign of Ben means. Most often it is associated with the cob of this plant, which serves as the main source of food not only for humans, but also for those who surround it. It is no accident that the young deity Ben Reed is considered the patron of this sign. If in life you have met an incredibly creative person, then we can safely say that it will be Ben. The people of maize never leave their inspiration and desire for new achievements. For them, life is something endless, indestructible, permanent. The thirst for knowledge overwhelms the maize people, they have a huge number of different talents. Any restriction of one’s own freedom is unacceptable to them. Ben also has a tendency to change. The maize people need constant help, maintaining a balance between the cliffs on both sides of their lives.

Jaguar (Ix)

Mayan Horoscope Jaguar

Children are jaguars or magicians who enjoy the protection of Ichkhel and Ichalance, who are the gods of the moon. Jaguar people have the ability to find the ray of the sun even where it was never. People Ix — subtle natures, penetrating into all corners of the world. Representatives of this sign have a very developed taste, they just go crazy with the desire to purchase a beautiful new thing. However, daily life is able to completely dislodge them, forcing them to experience helplessness and a sense of loss. But the children of Jaguar are easily transferred to the world of dreams and fantasies, going to distant travel, which draws their restless imagination. And in this, no one can hinder them, which is what representatives of the sign Ix use. Ancient Maya, knowing about the abilities and character of jaguar people, tried to direct them to the perfection of the spiritual essence. The only way to prevent the negative consequences of their rampant thoughts.

Eagle (Men)

Mayan Horoscope Eagle

The majestic eagle, the king of all representatives of the feathered world, identifies this sign of the Maya — Men. He is protected by the Sun God himself, namely Hunahpu-Ahau. People Men have a huge number of different virtues — they have a keen sense of intelligence, intelligence, vision, as well as the possession of talents, which others can only dream of. In general, they are so developed that it is difficult to imagine an area where they could not show themselves. A feature of the character of Men is love of freedom. Not having time to be born, eagles are already striving to become independent. People, taking an example from their sign, make an ascent to the highest peaks, trying to rise above everything that only sight gets in their field — and it is excellent for eagle people. But, unfortunately, as often happens in life, many can not stand the tempo and headlong down, "breaking" on the rocks of distrust and envy of those around them.

Vulture (Cib)

Mayan Horoscope Vulture

The most insidious predators, such as a vulture or a kite, have become prototypes for this sign. And this is not accidental, since the patron saint of his is the keeper of the underground gardens — the Great Owl. Every representative of people Cib has exceptional talent, and all because the patronizing Owl generously endowed them with a lot of the best qualities. Charisma and sensuality are characteristic features of such people. Rich in knowledge and full of spiritual education, vultures easily compensate for the lack of physical development. But do not underestimate them, because if you make people-owls angry, they will show the fullness of their cunning and cunning. Knowingly the patron of the sign has an agile sharp beak, which is always ready to use for its intended purpose. Also, do not limit the freedom of these people — they will sooner or later achieve it, but only their detractors will not be able to recover from the received strikes.

Earth (Caban)

Mayan Horoscope Earth

People who were born under this sign are very much connected to the land. They have a great opportunity to realize strong feelings and thoughts in creative areas, for example, in painting or in music. Such people know first-hand what inspiration is. Representatives of this sign can give good practical advice. But they will not insist on anything, show anything in practice. Sometimes people Caban too seriously perceive life, become impressionable and badly experienced criticism. In some cases, these people can completely close themselves from the outside world. At the same time, when they open themselves to the world, leaving the protective shell — they quickly begin spiritual growth and come to success.

Flint (Etznab)

Mayan Horoscope Flint

Values for this sign is pretty much — a sword, a pyramid and even a flint are associated with it. The patron of Etznab is Kukulkan himself, who also has some other signs. God gave his wards the sharp and mighty intelligence that they use throughout their lives. The search for fresh ideas, solutions and new worlds does not prevent people from staying in Etznab practical and restrained. Diplomacy is the distinguishing feature of people of this sign, which they successfully use. A good relationship with everyone who does not surround them, allow the people of Etznab to find a common language and the right decision in any situation. With all these abilities and characteristics, people-flints never allow themselves to be offended. The beautiful half of this sign also has distinctive features — the girls and women of Etznab possess charming beauty, behind which a real iron character hides.

Storm (Cauac)

Mayan Horoscope Storm

This sign is closely related to the rumble of thunder, fire, rain clouds, because it is in the patronage of the great rain god Chaak. If a brilliant actor appears in the theater of drama, then he definitely belongs to the Cauac. But most often they are revealed not on the general review, but inside their own family. Rumble of thunder and arrows of lightning are falling upon all those who were not fortunate enough to be in the field of activity of the great "playwright". The play, where the main action will be a tragedy, storm people are ready to start any minute. Like a terrible hurricane, coming from nowhere, the Cauac suddenly starts to spew a lot of lightning and rain. But do not be scared ahead of time — gradually the storm passes, and after it appears the sun, let and for a while. Another distinguishing feature of these people is the constant depression. They can be in them because of the pursuing bad luck, which can become fatal, and to get them out of this state is extremely difficult.

Sun (Ahau)

Mayan Horoscope Sun

Representatives of this sign are associated with incense. The value for Ahau is power, in another interpretation the sun acts to them. The powerful god Kukulkan patronizes people born under this sign. As a rule, all Ahau are extremely gifted and have diversified development. Despite the fact that they can not be called adherents of idealism, they are rather refined and sensual natures. They aspire to an easy and bright life, constant joy of awareness of harmony. However, people around Ahau treat them with undisguised indignation. People of this sign quickly lose their way — if a person has "left the ground from under his feet", then this is a bright representative of Ahau. But they are gifted to learn many secrets, mystical secrets that will never be revealed to other people. Sages and prophets, that’s who is hiding under the sign of Ahau.

Structure of the Mayan Calendar

One of the oddities of this calendar is that it is based not on a year and not a month, but a complete cycle of 260 days, or 20 periods of 13 days. More precisely, this 260-day cycle is the result of overlapping two cycles — a 20-day and a 13-day cycle. The days of the 20-day cycle have their names, which successively replace each other: first comes the day of Imix (Crocodile), followed by the day of Ik (Wind), then — Akbal (Night), etc. This cycle is superimposed 13 days, days in which do not have their names and differ only in numbers — from 1 to 13. The first day of the 260-day calendar circle is called Crocodile-1 day. Next come Day of Wind-2, Day of Night-3 and so on. When the day comes to thirteen, the account is updated and starts again with one. So, for example, after the day of Reed-13 follows the day of Jaguar-1. After a lapse of 260 days, the account is renewed from the beginning, that is, from the day of Crocodile-1.

If a day has a numerical value of 1, it is considered the start of a new thirteen-day cycle. Each cycle is called the first day, since it is the first day that leaves an imprint on all 13 days of the cycle. Hence, it is clear that the cycles in the Mayan calendar have the same names as the days, but follow each other in a different order. The first is the cycle of the Crocodile (beginning with Crocodile-1), followed by the Jaguar cycle (the beginning of the Jaguar-1 day), then the Deer cycle (beginning on the day of Deer-1), etc. To determine what Mayan day and cycle falls on today, it is sufficient to know what sign it was yesterday. For example, if yesterday was the Lizard-3 day, today, accordingly, there should be a Serpent-4, tomorrow — Death-5, etc. Well, in order to know the cycle, you need to find the next day with the number 1 in the reverse order. In the case of Snake-4, the first day of the cycle is Wind-1, accordingly, the Day of Serpent-4 falls on the Wind cycle.

Traditionally, the beginning of our Mayan era was chosen as the day that according to the Gregorian calendar falls on August 11, 3114 BC. This is the beginning of the day Imish-5 (Crocodile-5, cycle Earth). Using this date as the starting point, you can determine which Mayan day and cycle falls on any date of the European calendar. Or, for convenience, to avoid confusion with the zero year (which was not in the Gregorian calendar) and other calendar subtleties, you can use any other starting point, for example: for the 20th century it is convenient to count from January 1, 1900 (Etznab- 4, or Flint-4, the Eagle cycle), and for the 21st century - from January 1, 2000 (day Ik-11, or Wind-11, the Skull cycle).

So the Mayan calendar is arranged. In addition to these 260-day cycles, the Maya also counted longer cycles — tuna (360-day intervals), katuns (20 tuyas for 360 days, ie 7200 days), baktuns (20 katuns or 144,000 days). Finally, the whole epoch counts 260 katunas in Maya, that is, 5200 years (more precisely 5200 tones, which corresponds to approximately 5125 solar years). The last Mayan era was called the Fifth Sun and ended on the night of December 21, 2012. And what’s next? Next — the Sixth Sun.


Ancient Aliens: The Mayan Calendar Mystery (Season 14) - Exclusive - History

Mayan Astrology

The calendars of the Mayan culture have been catapulted into our planetary consciousness through many different media sources. One of the calendars of the Maya, which has the end date of 12/21/2012, has been subject of many theories as to what it predicts.

Abby Isadora HaydonOur contributor Abby Isadora Haydon’s realm of expertise focuses on another calendar of the Maya: The Tzolkin. Her connection with Mayan astrology, that is chronicled in her book, The Mayan Sacred Count of Days, reveals the way she came to understand the astrology calendar of the Maya.

The Tzolkin, which means ‘count of days’, was adapted by the Maya from the earlier Aztec, Toltec and Olmec cultures of Mesoamerica. The Maya used their own names for the 20 astrology signs that comprise this calendar. When a child is born to the Maya of today, the parents know what the child’s personality and nature will be from the astrology sign and the accompanying number.

These two components can be thought of as being similar to the sun and moon signs of Western or Gregorian astrology.

Using Each Day Wisely

Western astrology focuses on the movement of the celestial bodies within our solar system. Even though the Maya were aware of the movement of the planets in our solar system, their cosmology and mythology centers around what they felt was the creator of the cosmos: the Milky Way or center of our galaxy.

The Maya lived at a place on the planet that enabled them to see the center of our galaxy easily. The Maya feel that the galactic center, which they call the Hu Nab Ku, is the center of all creation. They feel that the energy that comes from this center is what is really important for people on Earth.

Mayan astrology focuses on knowing your astrology sign and number that describes the energy that came from the galactic center the day you were born.

The second aspect of Mayan astrology focuses how your sign and number combine with the energy of the present day. It is a ‘Be Here Now’ concept. The Maya focus on the theme of the present day and how each person can use it wisely.


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