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The 12 Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers of 2021

Final Verdict

While the right option for your home depends on your unique needs and available space, the best kitchen cabinet organizer overall is the SimpleHouseware Stackable 2 Tier Sliding Basket Drawer (view at Amazon). We appreciate the reasonable price tag, stackable design, versatility, and durability. Having said that, Salt's Cabinet Shelf (view at Amazon) is our top budget-friendly option. It's easy to clean, doesn't require any assembly, and particularly great if you need a storage solution for your wall cabinets.


When shopping around for a kitchen cabinet organizer, the first thing you'll want to consider is its primary purpose. Do you need a solution for your cookware, wine glasses, plates, spices, or pantry snacks? How much room do these items need, and how much do they weigh? By answering these questions, and taking a deeper dive into the recurring problems you have, you can figure out what type and size of cabinet organizer you need. You can also start crafting a storage plan that's both sustainable and within your budget.


The type of kitchen cabinet organizer you purchase is directly related to the purpose you defined. If you decided you need a solution for the cleaning products under your sink, for instance, you should reach for a clear bin or pull-out drawer. If you need to store dry food in your pantry, then an air-tight container is in the cards for you. "When I am organizing a kitchen, my top three products to use are shelf risers, clear bins with built-in handles, and turntables," explains Sanchez. "You'll never have to search through your condiments and spices again with a turntable."

Other popular types of kitchen cabinet organizers include: sliding baskets (either freestanding ones or installed ones), under-sink units, corner shelf dividers, and bins that attach to doors. In addition, there are vertical dish dividers, tiered shelves, and heavy-duty racks for pots and pans. Find a type that feels comfortable to use, and serves the correct purpose for you.


Before adding a kitchen cabinet organizer to your space, you want to measure the space it's going to live in, so you know it'll fit and do its job well. Base cabinets (under the counters) are typically 24 inches deep, and wall cabinets are about 12 inches deep. However, some modern wall cabinets are a little deeper. In any case, Bowers recommends measuring before you go shopping. In addition to the kitchen cabinet dimensions, you should also check the weight capacity to confirm the cabinet can hold what you need it to.


The material of your cabinet organizer isn't as essential to consider when shopping, but can help you create storage solutions instead of problems in your space. For example, a metal rack can be easier to maintain and typically support heavier objects. It can be a quality option if you're hoping to store cleaning supplies under your sink. On the other hand, a wooden turntable can match the style of your space, or help create a consistent aesthetic. You'll want to consider your purpose as well as your personal preferences when it comes to material.


  • According to Stewart, cabinet organizers are all about three things: containment, easy accessibility, and knowing where everything is. By adding them to your space, you're creating a long-lasting storage system that'll give you some peace-of-mind and streamline your mealtimes.

    Bowers agrees, saying, "If a home has been created [for an item], the chances of it going back to its designated spot is so much higher!" You are much less likely to create clutter if you have a sustainable system in place.

  • The first step in organizing your kitchen cabinets is to give everything a home, or a designated spot. When deciding where each item goes, start sorting everything by category.

    Then, you can place things based on how frequently you use them, whether they should be near the dishwasher (such as glassware), and what needs to be easily accessible or used in a timely manner. Additionally, Bowers says, "You want to make sure to label the containers, so the whole family is on board as to where things belong."

  • To make the inside of your kitchen cabinets as aesthetically pleasing as possible, you should consider getting matching organizers. Whether it's powder-coated wire mesh, chrome-finished steel, bamboo, or clear acrylic, using the same color and material will make everything look more cohesive.

    Luckily, most organizers come in various shapes and sizes, so you should be able to get a collection that works for your space. Shelf liners can also help protect the material and enhance the look of your cabinets.

Theresa Holland is a commerce writer specializing in interior design and home improvement, and has been writing for The Spruce since 2019, where she covers organizational solutions, furniture, and cleaning products. For this piece, she interviewed six professional organizers and researched the various types of units. She looked at dozens of products from a wide range of brands, combed through user reviews, and carefully considered the specifications and key features before making her final selections.

Recently, she also completed similar research while looking for pantry and bathroom organizers for her new home. Theresa ordered a few Elfa Easy Gliders from The Container Store, which she loves.


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33 Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers and Clever Storage Solutions

How’s your kitchen cabinet situation? Are the doors hiding chaos? It happens. Out of sight, out of mind. But haphazard heavy pots and pans can be dangerous — especially if you have little chefs in the kitchen. Safety aside, crammed cookware or items stacked unevenly can lead to chipping on glass or scratches on enamel coatings. If you need a complete kitchen cabinet overhaul, consider this your organizational boot camp. We’ve rounded up the best kitchen cabinet organizers for every problem area, from under the sink to products that double shelf space to a nifty hack for those awkward corner cabinets. Take a look at our top picks below— most under $20! — and start outfitting your cabinets with smart storage solutions.

Shelf Maximizers

The first mistake people make with cabinets is organizing inside the lines of shelving. Most shelves can be adjusted! And you should adjust shelves to better suit the height of your items. If you still have a lot of empty space per shelf, hanging racks and tiered stands can turn the space of one shelf into two or three. These dividers, such as this stand from mDesign, are great for cabinets with dishes and bowls of different sizes because it keeps like items together and prevents you from stacking items infinitely. Another great way to hack more space on a shelf is with a vertical tray sorter like this one from The Container Store. If you have the cabinet depth, these are a godsend because they turn baking sheets and cutting boards on the side so they take up less space.

Pull-Out Storage

We're big fans of pull-out storage here at HGTV. It just makes life easier. And kitchen cabinets are one of the best places for pull-out drawers and racks. We love these chrome sliding racks from The Container Store. And these heavy-duty pull-out drawers from simplehuman actually come with little inserts so you can break each pull-out into smaller sections. But, if you can splurge, this pull-out shelf from Bed Bath and Beyond is a godsend for heavy appliances. No more lugging them out and chancing to drop them on toes because this cabinet pull-out pulls all the way out to create additional counter space. Genius.

Corner Cabinet Storage

Corner cabinets are the worst. You either get a really long cabinet that extends into the darkness where Corningware dishes are never seen again or you get a huge wealth of storage that would be really cool except for the fact that you can barely fit a hand through the tiny cabinet door. We can't come to your house and redo your cabinets, but we can make that corner cabinet work better with these efficient accessories. If you have one of those lower cabinets with tons of space but no way to get in, you need a lazy Susan like this tiered one from Bed Bath and Beyond or this clear XL one from The Container Store. Cabinet lazy Susans keep items quickly and easily within reach. Plus, you can use dividers, such as these inserts from mDesign, to create themed-zones, which is really handy for spices. For the infinitely long cabinet, try a tiered stand designed for corners. This will elevate what's hiding back there and keep everything in sight.

Door-Mounted Storage

The name of the game in kitchen organization is to use all available space and that means cabinet doors, too. Door-mounted racks and baskets are great for storing plastic bags, cutting boards and other items you use frequently. This spice rack from mDesign is perfect if you don't have the space for a dedicated spice drawer. If you have deep cabinets, there is nothing more satisfying than this rack for all of your pot and pan lids.

Over-the-Door Storage

If you live in a rental or would rather not screw things into your cabinet doors, there are tons of over-the-door racks and baskets, too, such as this clear bin from mDesign. We love this over-the-door trash can as an XL basket for foil, sandwich bags and plastic wrap.

Under-Sink Storage

The sink cabinet is such a random catchall for cleaning supplies, and it's important to have storage that prevents spills and keeps all those bottles organized. If you can swing it, The Container Store has a great starter bundle for a little over $100. It comes with a pull-out wire shelf, an over-the-door bin, a clear cleaning caddy and a tiered shelf insert to give your under-the-sink cabinet a complete makeover. For something more budget-friendly, you could pair this caddy from mDesign with these pull-out drawers from Amazon for under $100. If you're looking to maximize as much space as possible, this expandable rack from Amazin is U-shaped to fit around pipes and garbage disposals.

Smart Sorters

And now for the miscellaneous trouble makers. There are the loose plastic lids that aimlessly float around shelves never to find their matching tub, the water bottles that roll off the top shelf and nearly hit your face and the boxes of foil and parchment paper that fall erratically — always with that very sharp edge pointed up. It's time to contain them. YouCopia has some seriously nifty organizers to keep everything in place, from a plastic food container sorter to an adjustable rack for foil boxes.



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