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Love sick [Morisuke Yaku]

[Without you, you’re my lovesick
Because you’re not here, I’m...]
Love at first sight is so clique, has anyone actually believe in them, or the better question, has it ever happened?
Yet this world is amazing how it is able to prove you wrong so easily. Like they said, things are always so unpredictable. Things like weather or humans or...
The feeling of strong attraction and personal attachment to another of your kind, and there she was. Someone that he didn't think he'd even look at, is now driving him insane just at the sight of looking at her. Ordinary, young, sweet and kind girl, she wasn't a model, she wasn't a superstar. She was just a normal person who happened to go to the same school as he did. Neither did she had an extremely beautiful face born from birth, neither was she very tall or have an exceptionally majestic figure.
She was as normal as he was. So why is it that, a simple girl like her who wielded nothing, is able to flip his entire world upsi

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/haikyuu-x-reader/gallery/51099254/yaku-morisuke

夜久 衛輔

• Height : 165.2 cm

• Weight : 60.2 kg

• Birthday : August 8

• Age : 18

• His birthday falls on World Cat Day.

• His current concern is that his kouhai are causing him all kinds of worry.

• Off the court, he is supportive of his team and often takes on a mother-like role when speaking toward, or of them, similar to Sugawara. Because of this, Yaku and Sugawara get along well.

• His favorite food is stir-fried vegetable.

• His  star sign is Leo.

• Yaku is in a college prep class.

• Kuroo was shown calling Yaku in names like as "Yakkun" and "Demon Senpai".

• Lev seems find Yaku's anger "Scary", Kuroo also referred to him as a demon senpai and was shown to be a rather honest, straightforward person who's very confident about his skills.

• Unlike Kuroo, he prefers meat, girls with short hair, spicy curry, Molten volleyballs, and going to the mountains during the summer.

• Yaku's skills (as a libero) rival those of Nishinoya. He can even steadily receive Asahi's strong spikes (just after he faced it the first time). This is what made Nishinoya respect Yaku's abilities as a strong libero.

• Standing at 165 cm, Yaku is insecure about his height, and his teammates have once stated that it's a taboo subject after Lev pointed it out (he was subsequently kicked by Yaku).

• It was mentioned by Kuroo that his team was defeated by Yaku during middle school, while Yaku said he doesn't remember Kuroo at all.

• Lev is Yaku's friend and "student", who he coaches regularly in receiving.

• Yaku was shown playing with his juniors' hair (eating their food too) showing his teasing and personality is very similar to Sugawara's.

• During the Nekoma - Nohebi game, Yaku had made a rather dangerous save both the audience and his team went crazy about, It gave the other team so much trouble trying to catch it, But his risky move leaded him to injure his right ankle.

• While people usually call him "Yaku", Kuroo and Bokuto were shown calling him "Yakkun", and Nishinoya calls him "Morisuke".

• His name Morisuke means protecting help.

TEAM MOM #2 (;▽;)

Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/302605850-haikyuu-trivia-yaku-morisuke
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Yaku Morisuke

The Basics

Nickname: Yakkun; Demon Senpai; Paisen

Age: 18

Birthday: August 8

Height: 165.2 cm (5'5")

Weight: 60.2 kg (132.7 lbs)

Team: Nekoma

Number: 3

Position: Libero

Favorite Food: Stir-fried Vegetable

Current Concern: His kouhai are causing him all kinds of worry

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Having light brown hair, brown eyes and a height he is insecure about, Yaku isn't the 'flashiest' player you'll find around but despite everything, he still has his own charms (tbvh, him being 'small' is already one) so what is there to not like about this guy?

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"Small but mighty

When you're powerful and wise,

You can rise above any size."

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He is noted to be very similar to Sugawara for he often takes on a parental role when it comes to his team. He is very supportive of them and whether or not he will admit it, he likes taking care of his teammates more (older or younger than him) rather than taking care of himself. He bears responsibility of taking care of his teammates antics (like when Yamamoto starts a 'fight' with Tanaka or when Lev tries to skip practice receives with him) which can also be a reason why he could be incredibly short tempered from time to time. (well, mostly to Lev) Due to this, Kuroo at times refers to him as a 'Demon Senpai'.

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As the team 'mom', Yaku may be a strict one who likes commenting at the sides with his snappy wits. He will frequently engage in light-hearted scuffles with his juniors and will sometimes eat their food too. And can we please talk about this cute scene that reminds me of Suga's way of cheering up his teammates or something?

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Overall, Yaku is a straightforward person who's very confident about his skills and often looks out for his team.

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"You know, getting nicks and bruises... that's the same as breathing for me."

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Yaku may be small but he is swift and skilled when it comes to keeping the ball in the air. He is respected for his skills as a libero and he takes great pride and honor in playing as libero for Nekoma, a team whose members specialize in powerful defense. Like the rest of his teammates, he would do anything to make sure his team would win. He has a keen sense of receiving and can steadily receive strong spikes like Asahi's, which earns him Nishinoya's respect.

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Nishinoya also commented that the reason he admires Yaku is that he doesn't stand out much on the court, yet his defense prowess is undeniably invaluable and his presence can ensure their team's victory. Bokuto stated once that Yaku's recieves 'give him chills' and he acknowledges Yaku's impressive defense. Akane Yamamoto had also described Yaku as the 'Guardian' and 'Commander-in-Chief" of Nekoma's defense and regards him as a player just as important as the ace.

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Power: 1/5

Jumping: 3/5

Stamina: 4/5

Game Sense: 4/5

Technique: 4/5

Speed: 4/5

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Sugawara Koushi

Yaku and Sugawara first met during the Karasuno vs Nekoma practice match when Yamamoto and Tanaka were causing trouble. Sugawara and Yaku apologized to each other for their teammates and soon bonded over their similar positions of being caretakers for their team. Due to a lot of similarities over their personality, the two get along really well and are seen conversing in a friendly manner on multiple times.

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Kuroo Tetsurou

Despite their relationship starting off badly due to the fact that Yaku's team wrecked Kuro's when they played against each other back in middle school and they had nothing in similarity with the other, they set aside their differences and united as teammates who trust each other when they found out that they both have the same goal which is 'to dominate the nationals'. At present, their interactions are far friendlier when they first met.

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Haiba Lev

Lev is Yaku's 'student' who he coaches regularly in receiving. The two appear to be close despite Lev's frequent attempts at escaping Yaku's merciless coaching and him making fun at the latter's height. (which sends Yaku flying into a rage and kicking Lev) Like the rest of the team, Lev has great respect and admiration for Yaku due to his impressive skill and his commanding presence, once commenting that Yaku would certainly save the ball without fail when he was reprimanded by the older not to flail his arms aimlessly while attempting to block the opposing spikers.

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Last but not the least, don't ever think of bringing up his height into a conversation if you don't want to end up like Lev who was subsequently kicked by Yaku about it.

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Sours: https://aminoapps.com/c/haikyuu/page/item/yaku-morisuke/o4v4_wjioI4176JMe6agzpkZal78NRE48


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