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After a slow sales start, the medium range single aisle 757 has become yet another sales success story for Boeing.

Boeing considered a number of proposals for a successor to the 727 tri-jet during the 1970s, with many of these designs featuring the nose and T-tail of the earlier jet. It was not until later in that decade however that Boeing settled on a more conventional design featuring the same cross section as the 727 (not to mention the 737, 707 and 720) but with the fuselage considerably longer in length, an all new wing, nose and flightdeck and fuel efficient high bypass turbofan engines.

Boeing launched development of the 757 in March 1979 following orders from British Airways and Eastern. Developed in tandem with the larger widebody 767 the two types share a number of systems and technologies, including a common early generation EFIS flightdeck.

First flight was on February 19 1982 and the 757 entered service in January the following year. Subsequent versions to appear are the 757-200PF Package Freighter, a pure freighter, and the 757-200M Combi (only one has been built). The standard passenger aircraft is designated the 757-200, there being no -100. The stretched 757-300 is described separately.

Initial sales of the 757 were fairly slow, however orders picked up significantly in the mid to late 1980s as traffic on routes previously served by smaller 727s and 737s grew to require the 757's extra capacity. Today 757 sales comfortably exceed those of the 767, a position that was reversed until the late 1980s.

On Infinite Flight, the 757-200 is the most powerful airliner. The B752 have been in a 20.3 Beta.



Aer Lingus

Air Astana

Air Baltic

Air China

Allegiant Air

American West

American Airlines

American Airlines - 2013

British Airways

Cabo Verde

China Southern

Delta Air Lines

EC Air


Ghana International

Guyana Airways

Infinite Flight - 2019



La Compagnie




Royal Nepal Airlines

Northwest Airlines



Turkmenistan Airlines

United Airlines

United Airlines - Old

US Air Force


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On this page you’ll find all aircraft, liveries and more found in Infinite Flight, the best mobile flight simulator for iOS and Android.

The database has been updated to reflect the changes made in Infinite Flight update 21.5, released on September 13th 2021.

There now are 60 aircraft and a total of 815 aircraft/livery combinations!

Infinite Flight

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Infinite Flight 757 tutorial

Infinite Flight released the 757 tutorial under 30 minutes ago. Here is the tutorial and of course links to helpful topics on the IFC.

Helpful stuff for the 757.

Infinite Flight Community – 16 Dec 20

Boeing 757 Information Manual

The Infinite Flight Community - Boeing 757 Information Manual Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Guten Tag! Welcome to The Infinite Flight Community Boeing 757 Information Manual! This manual is aimed to show off every aspect of our brand new Boeing 757 aircraft...

Reading time: 3 mins 🕑Likes: 124 ❤

Infinite Flight Community – 15 Dec 20

757 Unofficial Takeoff & Landing Profiles

Lake Tahoe, California Welcome to the Unofficial Takeoff and Landing Profiles guide for the Boeing 757! This gorgeous aircraft comes with two powerful engines to get you off the ground at airports with runways as short as 5700ft. With this power,...

Reading time: 3 mins 🕑Likes: 114 ❤

Infinite Flight Community – 15 Dec 20

Your Guide to Fuel Burn and Cruising Altitudes in the New 757

REWORKED 757 CRUISE PROFILE 20.3 is here! The reworked 757 is beautiful and a dream to fly. Here are some fuel profiles to help you get the best fuel economy. How to Read This Guide An orange cell signifies a cruise altitude a little too high...

Reading time: 2 mins 🕑Likes: 79 ❤

Infinite Flight Community – 6 Jan 21

The B757 Route Database

The Boeing B757 Routes Database Welcome to the B757 routes database. With the newly reworked 757, this update will allow users to expand their horizons and fly flights that they would’ve never flown before! If you’re having trouble trying to figure...

Reading time: 24 mins 🕑Likes: 368 ❤

And then of course to the #groundschool topic by @Tyler_Shelton

Infinite Flight Community – 7 Jan 21

Flying the B757 Tutorial

The B757-200, equipped with two powerful RB211 engines, is the perfect medium-haul tool to operate some of the world’s most demanding routes. In this tutorial I’ll walk you through the various phases of flight in the B757 to help you master the...

Reading time: 1 mins 🕑Likes: 14 ❤

All of these are super helpful. I know that when I’m flying the 757 again I’m gonna check out every single one of these links.

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Flying The B757 Tutorial

757 Unofficial Takeoff & Landing Profiles

Hey Michael!

Great question! When APPR mode is tapped on, it arms LOC and ALT. This is considered “ARMED” when LOC & GS are flashing. It will level out and hold your present altitude and heading respectively. During this “flashing orange/armed” state, you are free to adjust your altitude and heading as you wish. Climb, descent and anything else you’d like to do with the autopilot. Heading change included.

As soon as you capture the LOC, Heading will be deactivated as the AP is now in control. Altitude is still operated by you if you wish. As soon as GS lights up green, AP now has control of your vertical guidance and you can consider this “ACTIVE”.

Remember, if it lights up green, you cannot adjust that aspect of flight as the autopilot is in control now. If LOC and/or GS are flashing orange, you are free to adjust as you wish.

Hope this helps and let us know if you have any further questions!




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Infinite Flight 20 3 Is Here New 757 Long Haul Reykjavik To New York Icelandair 757

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