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IAA East Bay, High Desert, Los Angeles, Los Angeles South, Portland and Tucson auctions are rescheduled for Friday, Oct. 15. All pre-bids must be re-submitted. Please check branch pages for auction start times. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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IAA sells lightly damaged, salvage and clear-title vehicles, parts cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and heavy equipment at auctions across the United States. Preview our huge selection of vehicles free of charge then register to view auctions and bid.

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Flood Damaged Inventory Ready for Bid at IAA Branches

Find a vast inventory of vehicles with flood damage from Hurricane Ida ready for bid at IAA Branches.

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Buyer Newsletter 59

In this issue: IAA Transport launch, CAT vehicles, Rich Rebuilds at SEMA, Account Credit payment, Wire transfer update, Voice of the Customer.

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New Account Credit Payment Option

You can now pay for vehicles, storage fees, transportation costs, and more online using your available IAA Credit during the checkout process. Take control of how you use your account credit.

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Wire Transfer Process Update

We are giving you complete control over your funds following wire transfers to pay for vehicles and services as you see fit.

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Selling with IAA is Easy

Living in the age of technology gives you options, especially when it comes to selling your vehicles. Whether it’s total loss, aged inventory or even donated, IAA has the services in place to get your vehicles moving through the lanes.

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IAA’s Ida CAT Response was Exceptional

Steve Muscarello provides an update on IAA’s rapid CAT response to Hurricane Ida, which slammed Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

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Enacted IL, NC Industry Bills Going into Effect Soon

IAA’s September 2021 Legislative Update reviews enacted bills affecting the auto auction industry from Illinois and North Carolina.

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Buying Features

IAA is driving a new automotive experience. Built on technology and backed by expertise, our vehicle marketplace and buying services are a modern take on an established industry.

How to Register as an IAA Buyer Online

Registering as either an Individual (Public) or Licensed Business Buyer is easy. Our improved online registration system lets you conveniently sign up from your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Simply follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be bidding and buying in no time. 

IAA Transport™ Vehicle Delivery

Receive a quote, purchase your vehicle and select IAA Transport’s door-to-door domestic and international service with real-time status updates until your vehicle reaches your preferred destination. Save time and effort with easy online payment and vehicle delivery options that ship to nearly anywhere in the world.

How to Pay at IAA

We know our customers need convenient options to pay for their vehicles. Now IAA offers several ways for buyers to make payments. After the vehicle is awarded, payments are due by 4:30 p.m. local branch time on the payment due date. For U.S. domestic buyers, the payment due date is two business days after the vehicle is awarded. For non-U.S. foreign buyers, the payment due date is four business days after the vehicle is awarded.

Featured Inventory

IAA is a Leader in the Global Vehicle Marketplace

With IAA, international buyers have the flexibility to buy online and import their vehicles into the country of their choice. Whether it's a car, truck, or specialty vehicle, IAA provides the convenience of shipping from the USA to Mexico, Nigeria, Guatemala, United Arab Emirates, Belarus, El Salvador, Georgia, Honduras or almost any destination worldwide.

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News & Insights

Read up on the latest IAA news.

Buyer Newsletter

Global Vehicle Delivery with IAA Transport™

October 7, 2021

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Buyer Newsletter

Visit IAA at The SEMA Show

September 8, 2021

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Buyer Newsletter

Save on Vehicle Financing with NextGear Capital

August 12, 2021

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Selling Features

Track bidding activity. Monitor vehicle status. Fuel up on data and sell with actionable insight. IAA gives you the tools and technologies for effective vehicle management and selling.

IAA Loan Payoff™

Let our exclusive online communication portal simplify the payoff process for total loss claims and dealer trades. IAA Loan Payoff reduces the endless phone calls, faxes and overall time it takes to secure and complete payments, allowing more time to focus on customer experience.

Inspection Services®

Inspection Services provides a technology-based system for remote vehicle inspections and appraisals. Carriers are provided high-resolution images and reports with all the information they need, without having to deploy an appraiser to the field.


For anyone selling with us, CSAToday is an indispensable tool because of its wide range of capabilities. With anywhere, anytime access via computer or mobile device, the ability to manage inventory is at our sellers’ fingertips wherever and whenever they need it.

News & Insights

Searching for market reports or our latest perspective on the industry? Check out our news & insight page.


The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Effect on the Salvage Market in Canada 

October 7, 2021

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Client News

IAA’s Ida CAT Response was Exceptional

September 23, 2021

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Legislative Update

Enacted IL, NC Industry Bills Going into Effect Soon

September 28, 2021

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#1 Marketplace to Buy a Car From Insurance Auto Auctions

Salvagebid: A Trusted Online Platform For Insurance Auto Auctions

Welcome to the one of largest car auctions online marketplaces dedicated to used, salvage and impound vehicles. Through Salvagebid, the general public can now access salvage auto auctions that used to be limited to dealer. Take your pick from thousands of used cars for sale available right now, from all major car manufacturers. Register with us to get full access to the site and buy used cars at affordable prices, saving BIG in the process! Easy global shipping is available!

Why Choose Salvagebid?

Salvagebid, a trusted salvage auto auction platform, lets you bid or buy used and salvage cars from all prominent brands such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and many more. With an aim to provide a simple and easy way for you to buy or bid on your favourite cars, we leverage the latest technology to provide a feature-rich online auto auction marketplace that allows members to pre-bid and participate in exciting LIVE online auctions and bid anytime, from anywhere.

We Save Money for Our Member

Gone are the days when only dealers could participate in a salvage and insurance auto auction online. Salvagebid now gives everyone an easy and affordable way to own their dream cars. Whether you have your heart set on a speed monster or want to bring home a reliable family car, we help you make your dream come true without burning a hole in your pocket.

Ready to Start Bidding?

If you are looking to buy salvage vehicles online, the search ends at Salvagebid. Featuring 200,000+ vehicles on sale every day, the platform lets you find and bid on vehicles with clean and salvage titles, without the necessity for a dealer’s license. If you have any questions or wish to know more about our online car auctions, simply call 1 (360) 347-1300.

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How Salvage autos Auction Works

Are you shopping for an affordable car?

How about we get you the best salvage cars for sale to save you thousands of dollars?

We have the best deals on salvage cars from Copart, the largest salvage cars auction in America. From our website, you can search from close to 150,000 salvage title cars. There are hundreds of car models to choose from, including models from Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Ram, Kia, Toyota, Volvo, Nissan, Chevrolet, and Fiat, among others.

If you have ever dreamt of owning a car, but your budget did not allow it, you can now buy a salvage title car and make your wish come true.

Once you have made up your mind to buy a salvage vehicle, you will have hundreds of thousands of repairable motorcycles, pickup trucks, SUVs, and boats to choose from. At Salvage Autos Auction, we make the process as simple as one-two-three so that you never have to struggle.

A while ago, you needed to have a dealer license to have a chance in the Copart auto auctions. However, when you bid through us, you will have access just like a car dealer, but without a license.

How Salvage Autos Auction Works

There are only four steps to getting a car of your dreams at an affordable price:

Register Today

You can register for a free account on Salvage Autos Auction and start your 30-day trial. During the trial period, you can access a directory of hundreds of thousands of wrecked cars for sale near you, or even further! You can search for as many cars as you want and buy as many cars as you want without any limitation.

Once your free-trial lapses, you will need to upgrade your account to either a monthly or annual subscription to continue shopping. If you are a citizen of the U.S. or Canada, you have to provide us with your driving license. International buyers need a valid passport to start accessing the system.

Car Search and Inspection

You can search for any car you want on our website. Whether you want a specific make or model, a specific year, type of damage, document type, location, and much more, our search filters help you find the car you need fast. You might have several options for the car you want, given that there are hundreds of thousands of cars in the directory.

Before you bid on a car, you need to know its condition. Because we care about you, we want you to have the best car from the salvage car collection. As such, once you see the car you like, visit the facility, or hire an inspector to check the condition of the car for you. Note that that car comes to you with its damages, and you have to ship it from where it is to a location of your preference. We can help you locate the best inspector to ensure the car is what you need.

Buy the Car

Once you are sure the car is in a condition you like, you can now enter a bid and buy. You need to pay a security deposit of $600.00 or 10 percent of the bidding amount (whichever is higher), to Salvage Autos Auction, Inloher Corp. When the purchase process is over, you will fully get your security deposit back.

Sign And Transportation

Once you win the bid, we help you process all the payments and needed documents, and your car will be ready for shipping. You will pay through us, and we will get everything in order for you. There’s even a list of transporters on our website to help you find the right transportation.

How to Buy Cars at Auction and Flip them for MASSIVE Profit - How to Buy Cars from Copart

Online Salvage Auction

At ASM Auto Recycling, we have a close working relationship with the UK’s largest independent vehicle salvage and stolen-recovered agents.  This enables us to offer more than 2,500 damage-repairable and stolen-recovered road vehicles to purchase at weekly online auctions.  From two-seater cars and motorbikes to large work vans, our online salvage auctions give thousands of road users each week the ability to purchase vehicles up to 50% cheaper than the same model bought from a car dealership forecourt.

Expanding from local to online salvage sales

Historically, we have operated a vehicle salvage auction locally in the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire area.  However, ASM Auto Recycling has acknowledged the rise in popularity of online salvage sales on auction sites such as eBay and joined forces with UK vehicle insurers and salvage dealers to offer online bidding of salvage cars through our own platform.  If you cannot collect a salvage vehicle bought at auction online, ASM Auto Recycling offers a competitively-priced delivery service to specified addresses.

Understanding vehicle salvage insurance categories

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) recently updated its Code of Practice for the UK insurance industry to categorise salvage vehicles for re-sale.  The new salvage categories replace the existing ‘A, B, C and D’ scale with the following:

  • Category A – A written-off vehicle that must be totally destroyed
  • Category B – A written-off vehicle from which used parts may be re-sold, but the chassis must be destroyed so that the vehicle itself cannot return to the road in its current form
  • Category S – A written-off vehicle that has sustained structural damage but is considered repairable
  • Category N – A written-off vehicle that has sustained non-structural damage or was stolen-recovered

Note: ASM Auto Recycling’s online salvage auctions will be updated to reflect the latest Code of Practice.

Featured Vehicles

Get to grips with vehicle salvage jargon

Struggling to understand the descriptions of our salvage vehicles within our latest online auction?  Click here to get a full description of each technical abbreviation to put you firmly in the picture before making a purchase.

Bid on up to 2,500 repairable cars online each week

Our UK online salvage auctions feature up to 2,500 repairable cars each week, with a broad spectrum of makes and models.  From premium supercars such as Maserati’s to functional family estate cars, all of our available salvage cars offer a bargain to those willing to restore them to roadworthy condition.

Parts discount

As a gesture of goodwill to our vehicle salvage buyers, ASM offers a discount of up to 20% on all used car parts supplied for the repair of cars purchased from us.  (NB. This discount only applies to salvage vehicles purchased from ASM Auto Recycling Ltd!  It does not apply to vehicles being sold by any of the other companies on the online salvage auction.)


Auto auctions salvage

100% Online Auto Auctions
Over 3 Million Used, Wholesale and Repairable Cars, Trucks & SUVs sold per year!

What is Copart?

Copart is a global leader in 100% online car auctions featuring used, wholesale and repairable vehicles. We make it easy for Members to find, bid on, and win vehicles like classic cars, boats, repo cars, ATVs, exotics, motorcycles and more.

Copart car auctions have something for everyone — used car buyers, dismantlers, dealers, body shops and individuals. We even have “No License Required” vehicles available to individuals in public auto auctions. We feature clean & salvage title cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, heavy equipment & more in live online auto auctions every weekday.

As a global used car auction company, Copart puts the power to bid and win into your hands. Sign up for a Basic or Premier Membership to start bidding and winning used car auctions.

Become a Member
Buying the BEST Salvage Cars for CHEAP PT 1: Hidden Damage


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