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How the bloody hell is this catching your interest? It's messed up! Do you even know Sally's backstory and what Offenderman does and the types of victims he's picks? This is wrong on so many levels, yes, I can see this is a very old post, but that doesn't change the fact it's wrong. Anyone who knows Offender, knows he doesn't ask for consent, you don't have a say in the matter when he's involved and let's address he doesn't only target young adult women. While he's supposedly careful with the victim he picks, he isn't someone who should be shipped with a rape victim. Sally is a child, a young child. It doesn't matter if the creator of the drawing says they have it where she's an adult. It doesn't change the fact she's a child who had an unfortunate and sad past.

The Adler twins were born of a "broken" promise of a son. After they were born they were ignored by their mother, just being reminders of the life she "could have had". Until they meet one of her mother's "friends" a man named Timothy Wright. After their mother gives birth to a baby boy and tries to dig up his history, their house goes up in flames, killing their mother.

MJ Leblanc was adopted into the Adler family after his mother's death. Being only a year younger than The Adler twins they grew close quickly. Later 2 more kids are adopted.

Eurydice Laflamme Akash was raised by their mothers after their father left when she was a baby. Their mothers were also Ingrid's best friends. So when her mothers die in a car accident and her extended family die from a meeting gone wrong she is put with the Adler family for safety.

Mika Adler, after she is found in the woods weeks after the disappearance of another Adler, her uncanny similarities to that Adler are what causes the Adlers to take her in.

This should be fun.

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We were in slender mansion like always and we went outside with pastas all Pastas and we were making snowman and we had snowball fight and we ski and....I think that's all
"Hey (Y\N) check this out!" Jeff yelled
"Wha-"I was cutted by snowball which Jeff thrown at my head
" Haha! "
"You JERK!!!" I yelled
"What you gonna do now call your daddy?" He said laughing
"No...i will call all pastas to be in snowball fight against you!"
" What? "
"Fire!" I yelled and they started to throw snowballs at Jeff
"Haha who is laughing now Jerk?!" I said while laughing
"Ok i give up!" He said that while looking at us
" (F\N) you are against me too?! "
"Umm...kinda"She replied
" See even your girlfriend is against you "I said with smile
" Children come in it's launch! "We heard Slendy yelling
After lunch i sat on slender couch i drank hot chocolate
" ~Hey darling ~"
"Hi my love"
" ~Are you comfortable?~"He asked kissing me
"I don't know i am a little-"He cutted me
" ~Here~"He covered with fluffy blanket
"Thanks daddy!" I said while kissing him gently
"Your welcome my love but that is nothing...I need to care for you~"
"Well thanks..." I said while blushing
"~I wanted to ask you something wi~"He was cutted by Slender
" Guys Sally isn't here!!! "Slender yelled
" ~What?!~"Hmm...weird he is caring for her
"She isn't in mansion or outside!!!"
" ~Calm down Slender...We'll find her...Don't worry~"
"But how what if demons kidnapped her?!"
" Don't panic Slendy... "I said with calming voice
" How to calm down?!She is like my daughter! "
"~I know brother just stay here we'll find her...~"
" We who we? "Slender asked him
" ~Pastas ~"He said looking at all pastas
"Yeah he is right we are going"Jane and I said
" Thank you... "Slender said
" Np"All of us replied
We were in groups me and Jane,Jeff and Ben,Offendy was with Splendor ,and there were proxies they are together always and...whatever
"We search for her everywhere where could she be?" I asked my self
"Who are you talking to?" Jane asked me confused
"No one..."
We called each other because we couldn't find her
We wanted to meet in middle of the woods
There were Benn,Jeff,(F\N),Splendor,Trendy,Jane,E.J,L.J,Proxies and Sally....
Everyone yelled happily and confused
"What you were looking for me?I was in Tady Bear shop!" She said with smile
"Wait everyone are here but...Oh not again!"I said
" What again? "Jeff asked me
" Offender is kidnapped  I think that are demons again... "
Some creepypastas come with me to Zalgo's castle and i was right there was Smexy in chains again!
"Fuck!" I yelled
"Ok you are going..." Jeff said with his forever smile
"Ok I'll go..."
I was inside. ..I was here and I knew everything
"Hey Offendy! Are you ok in there?" I was in the same room where Smexy already was
"~I just want to ask you...~"
" Hey hey you are not gonna die"I said that but i saw he had that scares again and he was bleeding

You will find out what Smexy wanted to say and will he stay alive?


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