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Samsung’s new Odyssey G5 32-inch gaming monitor is big, bright, and fast

There’s some good news for gamers in need of a new monitor — Samsung has announced the release of the Samsung Odyssey G5 S32AG52, a new display tailored for an optimal gaming experience. The latest addition to the Samsung Odyssey line of gaming monitors, this screen offers a 165Hz refresh rate combined with a WQHD native resolution.

The new Odyssey G5 comes with a 32-inch IPS panel combined with HDR400, meaning it’s High Dynamic Range-compatible at 400 nits. This is a respectable level of brightness and should be suitable for most gaming or entertainment needs. The combination of an IPS panel, known for its bright colors and contrasts, and HDR400 is likely to offer good color reproduction.

Samsung Odyssey G5 monitor.

Samsung promises a wide viewing angle on this 32-inch screen, stating that the image should remain clear from any viewpoint at a 178-degree angle. The display has a 21:9 WQHD resolution, which refers to a resolution of 2560 x 1440. Compared to Full HD monitors, Odyssey packs 1.7 times the pixel density, allowing for more content on the screen compared to other monitors.

The Samsung Odyssey G5 has a refresh rate of 165Hz combined with a 1ms response time. There are screens that offer higher refresh rates, but 165Hz should suffice for most gamers, even those who enjoy titles that rely heavily on refresh rates, such as first-person shooters.

It’s compatible with both Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD’s Freesync Premium, meaning it can be used regardless of the graphics card installed in the system. The use of G-Sync or FreeSync Premium protects against screen tearing and minimizes input lag.

The monitor comes with an HDMI 2.0 port, a DisplayPort 1.2 connection, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It also has a DC 19V connection and a USB service port.

Samsung Odyssey G5 in 90-degree pivot mode.

Visually, Samsung Odyssey G5 has thin bezels and a somewhat matte look. The monitor comes attached to a height-adjustable stand, and it can tilt, swivel, or even pivot if you prefer to work on a vertical monitor.

The G5 S32AG52 is the successor to Samsung’s rather successful line of monitors , which includes a variety of screens, such as the curvedSamsung Odyssey G5 LC32G55TQ. Although the monitor’s performance remains to be seen, on paper it looks like a good option for gamers and creatives alike, with a bright display and a good refresh rate.

Samsung has not yet announced when exactly Samsung Odyssey G5 S32AG52 will be up for sale, or for how much. However, the monitor is already live on Samsung’s website, so its launch can’t be far away.

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Samsung Odyssey G5 LC32G55T Review – Affordable 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor7 min read

Gigabyte G32QC or Samsung Odyssey G5 LC32G55T

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The 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 offers a large, high-refresh screen with a deep 1000r curved for extreme immersion. It’s an affordable alternative to the G7 series monitors, but it only goes up to 144Hz and is more or less half the price. It’s also competing with value kings like the Gigabyte G32QC, so let’s check out if it’s the must-buy option that comes out on top.

Samsung Odyssey G5 LC32G55T for editing

Samsung Odyssey G5 Specifications

  • Screen Size: 32 Inches
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440 WQHD
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Panel Technology: Vertical Alignment (VA)
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Response Time: 1ms MPRT
  • Contrast Ratio: 2500:1
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m²
  • Built-in Speakers: No
  • Stand: Height – No
  • Stand: Tilt – Yes
  • Stand: Swivel – No
  • Stand: Pivot – No
  • VESA Compatibility: Yes 75 x 75
  • Connectivity: DisplayPort 1.2 x 1, HDMI 2.0 x 1, 3.5mm x 1
  • Dimensions With Stand(WxHxD): 27.96″ x 21.01″ x 10.73″
  • Weight: 12.6 lbs

Dell S3221QS or Samsung Odyssey G5 LC32G55T

Design and Features

The 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 looks identical to its smaller sibling in every way except in its dimensions. The monitor has the same matte black finish with a swirling carbon-fiber texture on its shell which gives it a high-end appeal. The display isn’t bezel-free, but the borders look thin anyway at this size, so they are mostly unnoticeable.

You have to prepare your desk for the Samsung Odyssey G5 LC32G55T since it is quite big in terms of width and depth. The monitor’s stand needs almost 11 inches of depth, and its base has a wide reach that can interfere with your small peripherals line up above the keyboard. It’s not heavy at 12.6 pounds, but it will be awkward to move around due to its general shape and size.

Build quality for the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 isn’t that much different from the smaller variant since they use the same design. The monitor is made out of plastic, but the panels used are thick enough to withstand flexing and cracking. The monitor has a slight wobble as well since its attachment point is quite low, but it only becomes annoying if you type heavily or if you nudge the screen accidentally.

You also get a single joystick with the Samsung Odyssey G5 LC32G55T that controls all its functions, including turning it on and off. The knob is quite big and it’s located just under the bottom bezel, so you won’t struggle with manipulating the OSD. Samsung has been doing this for many of their monitors in every price bracket and we wish other brands would follow as well.

The massive stand on the Samsung Odyssey G5 LC32G55T only offers tilt, so it feels somewhat limited if you reposition quite often. It’s also acceptable since you only have to sit at dead-center to enjoy the curve’s benefits, except if you are extra tall and the display sits a bit low. You can opt for VESA mounts instead, but that adds more cost to your upgrade if you don’t already have one at home.

Samsung Odyssey G5 LC32G55T for Xbox

The connectivity layout for the Samsung Odyssey G5 doesn’t include much since it only offers a slot each for DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0. that’s enough for a PC and a console so it’s fine, but we’d love to have at least another HDMI slot to cover other secondary devices as well. You will also see a 3.5mm jack for headphones, but there are no usable USB ports.

The Samsung Odyssey G5 focuses on having a low price, so naturally, it doesn’t have a pair of speakers with it. That’s fine since headsets will be better for immersive gaming anyway and you won’t be able to get desktop speaker quality from built-ins. It’s nice to have them as backups, but it’s an understandable omission at this price point.

Display and Performance

The Samsung Odyssey G5 boasts a 32-inch curved VA panel with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, a 144Hz refresh rate, and a 1ms boosted response time. The backlight is limited to 250 cd/m2, while the contrast is modestly listed at 2500:1. This model doesn’t have fancy HDR features like the G7 and G9 variants, but it supports HDR signals and translates it as best it could.

1440p in a 32-inch screen won’t be as sharp as the smaller variant, but it’s still more detailed since the extra pixels are there. 4K is arguably better at this size, but this will be easier on your eyes for extended hours of productivity. It’s also easier to get high framerates with this model but remember that it will still require a lot of GPU power for modern games.

The Samsung Odyssey G5 also covers 99% of the sRGB gamut just like its smaller variant. However, color accuracy is only slightly better since the deltaE average when uncalibrated is at 2.71. It isn’t perfect, but it’s difficult to notice the differences and it’s good enough for daily use and gaming.

Calibrating the Samsung Odyssey G5 lowered its dE average to a more appealing 1.52, but you need to enlist a colorimeter to improve it by that much. Most users should be happy with a few minor tweaks for games and movies, but those who want to use it with some editing work need to look elsewhere. Colorimeters are more accessible now in the market, but they aren’t cheap and impractical if you plan to get them and use them for a budget model.

The Samsung Odyssey G5 can reach as much as 299 cd/m2, while its contrast reached 2656:1 at 60% backlight. It doesn’t have the capabilities to show an enhanced HDR output, but these scores aren’t bad for a budget monitor. Dark scenes look murky and colored images are richly saturated even if you use the monitor at night.

Panel uniformity for the Samsung Odyssey G5 could be better since there are some backlight leaks on the top edges. They become noticeable in dark scenes or when the monitor is powering up, but full-color images aren’t affected. We’ve seen this issue on many curved monitors, but thankfully, not every unit made is affected by it.

The Samsung Odyssey G5’s pixel response time is decent even if it’s bound by the limitations of VA panel technology. Blurs and persistence are kept at a minimal at 144Hz with the monitor’s overdrive set to its Faster setting. However, maxing it out to try and remove the leftover smudges will only result in overshoot, so it isn’t recommended.

The Samsung Odyssey G5 LC3255T is a FreeSync model, but it also works with Nvidia’s G-Sync Compatible mode. This duality is nice to have since both companies have compelling GPU options for high-refresh 1440p gaming. Input lag sits at 5ms at 144Hz, so there is no need to worry about delays while enjoying your favorite titles.

Thoughts on the Samsung Odyssey G5 LC3255T

The Samsung Odyssey G5 is unbelievably affordable for a large 144Hz screen that’s great for immersive gaming. Its imaging scores aren’t perfect, but it can provide excellent contrast and decent color quality. It’s not as sophisticated as the G7 variants, but that’s ok since it costs considerably less and is easier to find in stock.

However, the deal-breakers with the Samsung Odyssey G5 start with its stand and very limited connectivity features. Again, it’s an affordable monitor, but its closest competitors already have a better spec sheet at more or less the same price. it’s a great budget buy if you are after a bigger screen more than anything, but make sure that you will be able to live with its given limitations.


  • Affordable 32-Inch Monitor
  • Decent Image Quality
  • Excellent Contrast
  • FreeSync/G-Sync Compatible


  • Tilt-Limited Stand
  • Limited Features
  • Prone to Blurring in Select Instances

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SAMSUNG G5 Odyssey C27G55T 27" WQHD 2560 x 1440 (2K) 1ms GTG 144Hz HDMI, DisplayPort AMD FreeSync Premium 1000R Curved Gaming Monitor

Pros: -All features work great-Games look incredibly smooth-Love the curve on the monitor

Cons: -The monitor is very, very dim. I read reviews saying it wasn't very bright but compared to what I'm used to at least it just can't achieve very high brightness even with all the modes set to go in its favor. I have an older Benq 1080 27 inch that is at 60 brightness and medium contrast compared to 100 brightness 100 contrast and its still brighter. Makes things "pop" less on screen.

Overall Review: If you don't mind a more dim monitor this one really is for you. I may be accustomed to especially bright monitors, but if you look up its brightness level its significantly below a lot. Unfortunately for me I didn't realize how much that would effect this.

Odyssey G5: A complete game-changer - Samsung

Samsung Odyssey G5 LC27G55T Monitor Review

The Samsung Odyssey G5 LC27G55T is a good budget gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution. It's better suited for a dark to moderately-lit room, as it has a high contrast ratio to produce deep blacks but doesn't get bright enough to overcome intense glare. It has a quick response time, high refresh rate, and low input lag, resulting in a smooth and responsive gaming experience. On top of that, it has FreeSync support and G-SYNC compatibility. Unfortunately, it has sub-par viewing angles and terrible ergonomics, so it isn't the best choice for co-op gaming or sharing content. Also, even though it supports HDR, it has a low peak brightness and can't display a wide color gamut.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Samsung Odyssey G5 is okay. It performs well enough to satisfy most gamers thanks to its quick response time, high refresh rate, and variable refresh rate support. However, it can't display a wide color gamut and doesn't get very bright, resulting in a mediocre HDR experience. Its large screen and high resolution are great for productivity, but it has terrible ergonomics and sub-par viewing angles, making it hard to adjust the monitor to your ideal viewing position or share your work with others.

  • Good reflection handling.
  • Great resolution and size.

    The Samsung Odyssey G5 is mediocre for office use. It has a high resolution and a large screen with plenty of space for multitasking. It has good reflection handling, but it might not be able to overcome intense glare, especially if there's sunlight. Ergonomics are terrible because it only allows for tilt adjustment, and its VA panel's narrow viewing angles aren't ideal for sharing work with coworkers.

    • Good reflection handling.
    • Great resolution and size.

      The Samsung Odyssey G5 is a good gaming monitor. It has a large screen and high resolution, great for playing atmospheric games like RPGs. Motion handling is good, as it has a high refresh rate and quick response time to make fast motion look clear and buttery smooth. Its input lag is exceptionally low, and it supports variable refresh rate technology to reduce screen tearing. Sadly, it has terrible ergonomics and sub-par viewing angles, so it isn't the best option for co-op gaming.

      • Great resolution and size.

        The Samsung Odyssey G5 is okay for media consumption. It isn't the best choice for sharing content on the screen with others due to its narrow viewing angles and terrible ergonomics. However, it delivers good picture quality and has a large screen. It has a good contrast ratio that allows it to produce deep blacks, but there's a lot of backlight bleed. That said, uniformity can vary between units, so your experience might be different.

        • Good reflection handling.
        • Great resolution and size.

          The Samsung Odyssey G5 is okay for media creation. It has a large screen and high resolution, allowing you to work comfortably with multiple windows opened side-by-side. It has a great SDR color gamut with excellent coverage of the sRGB color space, and its gradient handling is superb. Unfortunately, it has terrible ergonomics and narrow viewing angles, which isn't ideal for sharing your screen with others.

          • Good reflection handling.
          • Great resolution and size.

            The Samsung Odyssey G5 is mediocre for gaming in HDR. It can deliver a pretty good gaming experience due to its fast response time, low input lag, and 144Hz refresh. However, HDR content doesn't look much different from SDR because it can't display a wide color gamut and doesn't get bright enough to make highlights pop.

            • Great resolution and size.
            • Can't display a wide color gamut.
            • 6.8Mixed Usage
            • 6.4Office
            • 7.6Gaming
            • 6.8Multimedia
            • 6.7Media Creation
            • 6.3HDR Gaming
            1. Updated Nov 12, 2020: Review published.
            2. Updated Nov 05, 2020: Early access published.

            Odyssey g5 samsung

            Product Description

            Introducing the G5 Odyssey’s high performance line-up of Full HD and Quad HD curved gaming monitors. The G5 range hosts a variety of next level performance and visual upgrades at a fantastic price point, allowing gamers to pick and choose the model that’s right for the games they love to play.

            Unmatched Immersion

            Get your head in the game with Odyssey’s 1000R panel, which matches the curvature of the human eye for maximum immersion and minimal eye strain.

            Stunning WQHD

            Your gaming world, now astoundingly lifelike. Packing in 1.7 times the pixel density of Full HD, WQHD resolution boasts incredibly detailed, pin-sharp images. Experience a fuller view with more space to take in all the action.

            Express 144hz Refresh Rate

            More than double your potential frame production, with the Odyssey G5. With a 144hz super smooth refresh rate, you’ll never want to go back to a traditional screen.

            Lightning Fast 1ms Response Times

            A fraction of a second can be the difference between your destruction, or your enemy’s. With Odyssey’s grey to grey 1ms response time, you can be sure that you’re receiving information as fast as technologically possible.

            AMD FreeSync Premium

            Effortlessly smooth gameplay. AMD FreeSync Premium features adaptive sync technology which reduces screen tearing, stutter, and input latency. Low framerate compensation ensures every scene flows seamlessly

            Truly realistic HDRAwe-inspiring graphics with HDR10

            A kaleidoscope of shades brings game scenes to life more vibrantly than ever before. Uncover the secrets hiding in the shadows with deep dark blacks, luminous whites, and outstandingly detailed resolution
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