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Top 75 Taurus Tattoo Ideas – [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Many people identify with their astrological signs. Some even identify with it to the extent that they want to get something in its likeness tattooed on their body. In this case, we are looking at pieces that represent the astrological sign of the Taurus—more often known as the bull of the zodiac.  

Tauruses are born between April 21 and May 21 and are known for their ambition, practicality, artistry, ability to analyze their mental and physical strength, their patience, and of course, their stubbornness.

The following pieces show off how each Taurus flaunts their preferred characteristics through the varying mediums of tattoo styles.  

1. Simple Taurus Tattoos 

Simplicity is the name of the game for a few of these individuals who presumably identify with the Taurus astrological sign. It is possible that these people enjoy the image of the bull or the characteristics of the bull sign in itself—it is difficult to say.

What we do know though, is that the glyph, which is the physical symbol for the sign, is sufficient enough to get the point across in some of these pieces. Some rely on the deep shading of the gothic style on blank skin, where others add sprinkles of colours. Simplicity does not always imply small in size, but rather the complexity of the image. A large glyph with heavy shading sits in simplicity on a man’s back—bold and undoubtedly a painful sit. 

There are many simple and minimalist pieces that fall under the category of geometric, Gothic, and even straight line work. There is even a piece that follows the lines of the stars that signify the sign of the Taurus in the sky; though not immediately identifiable, it is nevertheless meaningful for the individual sporting it.  

2. Full Bull Style  Taurus Tattoo


Numerous tattoo pieces in this section identify with the Taurus in a literal manner; meaning, they look to the characteristics of the  bull to direct the unique and fierce style of their particular body art. These pieces do not rely on the symbol of the sign, instead zooming in on the detail of the animal itself to highlight its natural strength, and detailing rippling muscles that signify blatant masculinity.  

A serious conviction of glare in pieces with details eyes, as well as a sense of independence and wild hedonism. People who fall under the astrological sign of the Taurus are in general, people who love luxury, comfort, and are known for their stubbornness. Bulls as animals are associated with stubbornness due to their use temperament during bullfight; possessing a dedication that is difficult to deter.

3. Tribal Style Bull Tattoos


In general, Tribal style tattoos blend in a high level of spiritual significance with the central focus of the image on the person’s skin. In this case, it is a bull; the image of the animal slightly more animated and primitive as it blends in with traditional shapes and complex patterns.  

These tribal style tattoos depend upon the negative space to create multiple shapes on the background of the canvas, which helps to elevate the centerpiece of the serious figure. Dark shading of various shapes creates the face of the bull, its horns and eyes prominent and dedicated.  

The designs of the animal are going to depend upon which style of tribal work is being applied— the Samoan style is considered a symbol of high status, whereas the Mayan style is generally more maze-like and used to appease a certain God.  

4. Geometric Style Taurus Tattoos

The geometric style of tattoos can something replicate the look of a Tribal tattoo; the exists a similar use of lines, patterns, shading, and use of negative space. Geometric pieces though, as a rule, will usually look more minimalist than Tribal tattoos. Tribal tattoos are attempting to make a large statement with a large piece, usually on at least half a sleeve or calf. Geometric will have less shading in black and usually allow for some sprinkle of color. 

This is what is being seen in this section; use of color and shapes that are not Tribal style, with thinner lines, and more of the casual use of the blank space of skin. This doesn’t mean though that the image of the bull is less impressive—one-piece is a clever alignment of multiple sizes of triangles constructed into the head of the bull, eyes tiny, more personal than impressionistic than other pieces in this article.  

5. Surrealist/Colorful  Taurus Tattoos

The image of the bull on its own isn’t enough for some people. Some people took their astrological sign to the next level, dipping their minds into dreamlike concepts of the bull. One-piece applies a blue moon-like stream leading to the skeletal shape of the creature expanding into a shoulder piece, while another once more utilizing the skull of the creature into the colorful shine of sorts on the back of their forearm.

It is definite these surrealist pieces are not straight-forward, but they are not meant to be. Another piece falls under the category of American Traditional, using the styles standard shades and tangible features. This bull appears to be frowning without pupils, staring off into the eyes of its opponent—which can be taken both figuratively and literally.  

Taurus Tattoo FAQ

Which animal is linked to Taurus?

People with the astrological sign of the Taurus are born between the dates of April 20 and May 20.  Taurus is Latin for the bull and is the second astrological sign in the current zodiac. It belongs to the element of Earth and is said to have a feminine polarity.

What is the Taurus glyph? 

Its glyph, which is defined as a symbol that is specific to that word, is an upside-down triangle with two lines pointing upward. This is, of course, meant to represent the shape of a bull with horns. 

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Taurus tattoos are a great way for people who are born under the zodiac sign to show off their pride in their innate traits. Not every Taurus is the same, but most have a very interesting mix of characteristics that can all be shown through these tattoos. On this page we will take a look at a bunch of the best Taurus tattoo designs out there and some of the meanings that come along with them.

The second astrological sign of the Western Zodiac, Taurus is the sign of those born between April 21st and May 21st. If you were born between these months and have often checked your horoscope over the years, then you might just be a great candidate for a Taurus tat. You do not have to use all of the meanings that define the Taurus, but chances are you will want to use at least a couple of them since they really do define who you are.

The symbol of the Taurus sign is the Bull of Heaven or the Cretan Bull, and is represented by the bull-headed icon, representing the constellation for which it is named. What’s great about the Cretan Bull symbol is that it can come in any size and can be as simple as complex as you want. Regardless pf which direction you go with it and where it is placed, you can use all of the meanings that are attached to it. It makes just as good a wrist tattoo as it does a very big back tat.

The Cretan Bull is a mythological creature who parents the Minotaur and is eventually overpowered by the mighty Heracles. The strength and prowess of the powerful white bull is revered because not only is he mighty, but he has powers of creation. The full Cretan Bull tattoo can be an amazing design for any Taurus, but it might just be perfect for anyone who takes pride in their strength and their creativity. That’s a unique mix of attributes, so it’s pretty amazing that they can both be covered with one design.

The horned bull is a representation of the stubborn and determined qualities of the Taurus, but also their reliable and noble characteristics. Some of you may be reading that and wondering how a stubborn person could be reliable and noble; well, chances are you aren’t a Taurus. These are just some of the traits that make them who they are and these types of traits that seem to work against each other are actually what make a Taurus whole. If you are a Taurus, you might take pride in all of these characteristics or just some of them; in either case, you can show your pride in them by getting a Taurus tattoo.

Taurus, the bull, is one of, if not the most ancient constellations visible to humanity and has signaled periods of divinity and worship for thousands of years. The constellation itself is a striking image of a half bull emerging from the heavens, rearing its incredible horns. It is a symbol of the bull’s persistence as well as its strength and will. There are plenty of meanings that can be attached to the bull, as you have and will see, but just about everyone who sees a bull tattoo will recognize that it symbolizes strength.

You have to look quite closely to see the bull in the constellation – or already know how to find it – so many people will actually draw the lines from star to star in their Taurus tattoos. Interestingly, you might choose to just get a tattoo of the stars if you want to keep the meaning of your tat a mystery. As a kind of in-between choice, you might opt to put the stars inside of or behind another Taurus tattoo to have a more complete Taurus design.

The Taurus symbol is a common signifier of the astrological sign and perfectly represents the horned bull. Extending the lines of the horns into more feminine swirls and designs emphasizes the sensitive nature of the Taurus. This is quite cool because all you have to do is slightly tweak the symbol to give it even more meaning. Those who take pride in showing their sensitivity might like this variation of the Taurus symbol.

If you’ve ever seen a bull in a fight, you will know that it is also known for being patient. It will not charge right away since it likes to analyze its opponent before getting into the fight. This is a wonderful Taurus meaning to use since it will tell people that you really think things over before you commit; in other words, you do not make rash decisions.

Flowers and other natural details bring out the calm and patient qualities of the bull that are not generally associated with the raging image of the horned beast. If you didn’t know, every flower also comes with its own meanings, so this is a great way to personalize your Taurus tattoo even more. This does add in a bit more work for you, though, since you not only have to find a flower that has a meaning that works for you, you’ll also have to find a way to make the flower work with the rest of your design.

Realistic renderings of the bull are another symbol of Taurus, embodying the spirit of the mythology that lies behind the constellation. The bull is usually portrayed ferocious, roaring or stampeding to emphasize the animalistic and primal traits of the Taurus. This is a creative way to show that you do have a vicious side, even if you don’t bring it out very often.

A more docile bull would signify stability and more serene attitude. This is the design you’ll want to use if you don’t have a mean bone in your body no matter what happens to you. It definitely draws the eye since people are not expecting to see a peaceful expression on a bull in a tattoo.

The horned head of the bull on its own is another choice that conveys the sign. Depicting just the head and horns of the bull focuses on the brute force of the Taurus’ stubbornness and strong will. These designs are often chosen as shoulder, forearm, and even wrist tattoos. This also works quite well as the centerpiece in a larger back tattoo.

The image of the head and the horns, however it is rendered (realistically, geometrically, silhouette), is a symbol of warning. It shows that the owner of this Taurus tattoo can be calm and kind, but you do not want to get on their bad side. To make this meaning clearer, some people will put a fuse on top of the bull’s head.

The bull also conveys the intelligence and dependability of the sign but also the consequence of their argumentative personality. This is yet another case of a single Taurus symbol being able to combine some very different qualities of a person. If you love to debate, then this would be the Taurus tattoo and meaning that you will want to get. If you plan to get one of the many Taurus tattoos, then you will want to think about the size of the design before you commit to a location on your body to place it.

Regardless of how big or small your Taurus tattoo ends up being, you will want to work with an experienced tattoo artist to ensure that it is done right. A good artist can ensure that the lines of your Taurus tattoo work with the natural lines of your body. They will also do the work in such a way that you will not need regular touch-ups. Take as much time looking for a good artist as you do making your Taurus tattoo design.

If you want a great way to show off all of your favorite (and perhaps even your least favorite) traits, then you might be a great candidate for one of these Taurus tattoos. You should feel lucky to be a Taurus because there are a plethora of ways that you can show your pride in your sign through tattoos and you can easily tweak these designs to be unique. Just be sure that you are patient during the design process and that you choose a tattoo artist who will make it look amazing on your body.

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Taurus Tattoos: 50+ Designs with Meanings and Ideas

Tattoos are inflating in terms of fashion, as of late. Various personalities seem to be probing into the world of tattooing and expressing themselves through body art. Various patterns, for example, everything from dot-work mandalas to neo-traditional patterns, have come into being. Tattoos have definitely matured into more than just a spot of ink on your skin. They’re a means of self-expression and also as a form of art done by the tattoo artist. The art of tattoo making has become more scientific and more precise. It takes a lot more to be a tattoo artist than just being good in drawing skills. It requires a little more than just the artistic ability to be considered a good tattoo artist. Contrary to the old belief, tattoos have now become a piece of art instead of walking monstrosities.

Many more people are adopting tattoos as a way to symbolize struggles that they have encountered or in remembrance of the near and dear ones. They’re no longer just a fashion statement because, but they have stories behind them. The ink has become deeper than the skin.

In today’s world, tattoos no longer have a negative stigma attached to it and rather, have much positive connotation. They take on the garb of and event or a thing and personify it into something more than just ink and skin. They are symbolic and artistic in a way that allows someone to express themselves. A tattoo is, in fact, no longer a thing to be frowned upon, but, instead, is a subject of praise and envy.

Taurus, represented by the bull, is an earth sign. Like their spirit animal, Taureans relish unwinding themselves in a serene, rustic environment, enveloped by faint melodies, calming aromas, and relishing flavors. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus that reigns love, beauty, and money. Taurus’s influence makes this earth sign the most appealing of all the zodiacs. These cosmic oxen are entranced by any physical sign of solace and delight. Gratification is a constraint for the epicurean Taureans, and they feel most satisfied when pampered.

But at the same time, despite their splurge, these earth signs know the utility of funds. Taureans aren’t hesitant to roll up their sleeves and work hard to gain big. They are enthusiastic, focused, and flexible, and they feel a sense of security as they put their money into their savings. A cosmic ox expects a return on investment (the bull is also the representative of Wall Street), and Taureans are well-versed with the long game in both professional and romantic pursuance. Security is of paramount concern for Taureans, and if they sense any intimidation to their stability, be sure to see a celestial bull turning red. On the downside, because of their own standards set so high, they also tend to push themselves to their limits. Seldom, their relationship to the tangible world can make them a bit possessive – with both people and things. Their admiration for anything sensual can make them be greedy.

The Taurus sign can be composed in many different ways to introduce a little eccentricity to the tattoo. There are some people who like to opt for the entire animal to be inked, while there are others who concentrate only on the face to highlight the horns of the creature. Other designs are either a little more simplified or made tribal by including different patterns, which can accentuate the composition and give it a more earthy or hipster feeling. There is a surplus of choices which are possible, though, in the end, it is ultimately up to you and your discernment.

There is a trivial limitation when it comes to variations in the Taurus tattoo designs but if you can get a hand on a skilled tattoo artist you can get your tattoo customized and turn it as per your likes. And even though there is not much range for design customization too, you can rather experiment with color combination and shading.

The placement and the area selection is totally dependent on one’s pain tolerance levels and personality. If you can bear the pain, you can get the whole bull tattooed on your arm, chest or back and if you can not endure much pain, go for miniature symbol tattoos on the back of the hand or inside of the wrist.

Similarly, according to your personality, if you are an extrovert, you can get the bull’s head inked on your nape where it is evident but if you are an introvert you can also decide to get the tattoo inked somewhere hidden. If it is your first time getting inked and you are not sure where to place it, then always get a small-sized tattoo so that you do not regret your choice in the future or even get it removed or replaced without spending a fortune.

Most of the Taurus tattoos are either entirely black or in a combination of classic black and white but you can demand your tattoo artist to make the tattoo a little ornamental so that it stands out.

  • The Classic Constellation

Constellations are the best way to showcase your love for your zodiac signs. Keep it simple using black and white ink or add colors to make it more attractive.

Taurus Tattoo

This is a rather eccentric tattoo design for someone who can roll up their sleeve and dare to carry it. It represents the true playful nature of the sun sign. This is definitely worth a shot if you have the guts.

Taurus Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are always profound and meaningful even if they are simple.

Taurus Tattoo

One can be creative enough to represent their zodiac through a combination of some curves and lines. The result is elegant and beautiful.

Taurus Tattoo

Venus is the planet of Taurus. The hues of pink and purple are perfect to represent this planet.

Taurus Tattoo

Custom Made Tattoos

For the couples or friends who are looking to get inked at the same time, these designs would deem amazing.

Taurus Tattoo

This is a very powerful tattoo design. It might seem more inclined towards the females, but it will look equally impressive on a male too. All this depends on the way you display it.

Taurus Tattoo

Hipster designs have gained momentum. Any zodiac sign would look great if given a hippie touch to it.

Taurus Tattoo

Simplicity is always charming. One does not always have to go overboard with the designs and sometimes try and be simple.

Taurus Tattoo

  • Conventional Bull Pattern

Taurus Tattoo

This is a great representation of blending cosmic power along with the bull in one single piece. A tattoo design like this is definitely going to draw some attention.

Taurus Tattoo

  • Green and Blue Bull Goddess

The overwhelming blend of blue and green shades gives it an out of the world look.

Taurus Tattoo

This minimal outline look is more than enough to remind you of your Taurean beginnings.

Taurus Tattoo

Taurus Tattoo

Adding color to anything immediately takes away the monotony. So even if it is something as simple as the outline of the horns, adding some cool colors will definitely make it set apart from the rest.

Pro Tip: Test designs with temporary tattoos first, check the collection here➡️ https://bit.ly/2kzKlvH

Taurus Tattoo

  • All the Constellation Combined

If you are a stargazer, this kind of tattoo design is something which will suit you well.

Taurus Tattoo

This simple horn design surrounds the planet Venus which is embedded inside.

Taurus Tattoo

The Taurus female goddess design is perfect for both men and women equally. It, apparently, leaves quite a profound message behind.

Taurus Tattoo

This tattoo is something unique because of the snake imprints. Surely one needs some kind of creative edge to think of a pattern like this.

Taurus Tattoo

Taurus Tattoo

Hipster designs are all over the internet. Yet still, one can alter the design by adding a hint of color to break the dreariness.

Taurus Tattoo

Feet is one of the most unusual parts to have a tattoo on. But this skull design is just right for the area. It’s a perfect fit!

Taurus Tattoo

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Shading always transforms any design immensely. Add color or leave it as it is, it is totally up to you.

Taurus Tattoo

Taurus Tattoo

Great for the couples or best of friends who share the same zodiac signs and want to inscribe their sun signs as a reminder of not only their own reality but the bond they share too.

Taurus Tattoo

This is a very feminine design. it incorporates bright colors, a sense of simplicity and looks absolutely cute when inked.

Taurus Tattoo

  • Geometric Hipster Taurus Twist

Yet again a hipster design, this is very special for the ones who are seeking some spiritual guidance. This tattoo pattern reminds one to gaze inwards for progression in life. It incorporates the word ‘om’ which is the ultimate cosmic mantra to achieve peace.

Taurus Tattoo

Despite being a simple one, this pattern incorporates all the aspects of whatever a Taurus represents.

Taurus Tattoo

Taurus Tattoo

This particular design assumes the composition of an evil genius. The profundity in the design is immense.

Taurus Tattoo

  • Sketchy Designs for Taureans

Taurus Tattoo

Taurus Tattoo

The watercolor effect is very “in”currently. In addition to the watercolor effect, this design has a hipster look which absolutely tops all the trending charts for fashion.

Taurus Tattoo

  • Affectionate Taurus Symbol

This tattoo represents a genuine adoration for the zodiac sign. Being a very personal design, this is absolutely created to win over many hearts.

Taurus Tattoo

  • Colorful Geometric Pattern

If you are looking for something different, this tattoo pattern is just right for you. An animated design with a geometric pattern is quite an innovative figure to be inked in.

Taurus Tattoo

This is a highly unique design for a Taurus who wants the best of both worlds. It is undoubtedly true that this kind of creativeness needs an immensely developed and innovative acumen.

Taurus Tattoo

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101 Best TAURUS Tattoo's

The Best Astrology Tattoos to Get for Every Sign

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Aries Geometric Ram Tattoo

Just because Aries is the ram doesn't mean your tattoo has to be complicated. Consider getting a minimalistic geometric tattoo that breaks the idea of the ram down to basic shapes. "With geometric shapes, more people are becoming aware of its meaning to the universe and how life is patterned here on Earth, so that type of design is still gaining popularity," says Forte. The thick lines and dots at the end of the horns give this otherwise basic tattoo a sense of design.

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Aries Constellation Tattoo

A good go-to for astrological tattoos is getting the actual constellation. "Celestial motifs like constellations and planets are one of the most trendy astrological tattoo designs now," says Missy. The Aries design adds a bit of whimsy and originality with its inclusion of bigger stars.

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Aries Symbol Tattoo

If you're looking to get a truly minimalist tattoo that gets across that you're an Aries (but doesn't punch you in the face design-wise), try getting the basic symbol tattooed. This specific tattoo has a very delicate feel due to its thin lines, and the finger placement makes it feel even cuter.

Astrology is an ancient practice with so many layers, so your options are endless. If you know your natal chart, try to come up with something custom and unique, like incorporating your sun, moon, and rising signs together or even having your sun sign's ruler tattooed. 

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Taurus Bull Tattoo

Taurus is represented by a bull, so why not get that exact symbol tattooed? This ink has a basic line art design, but the inclusion of details like eyelashes, the whimsical surrounding design, and the realistic face shape gives this design a detailed feel while still maintaining an air of simplicity.

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Taurus Geometric Tattoo

If you'd rather keep your Taurus tattoo simple, try breaking it down into a geometric design. This one is very simple, but the basic lines seem to taper off in some places, which gives the ink an almost hand-drawn feel. Its placement behind the ear also makes it a very personal tattoo.

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Taurus Floral Tattoo

A Taurus is very grounded, but sometimes you want a bit of whimsy. This bull tattoo combines astrology with the design aspect. The animal skull head shows a dark side while standing in strong contrast to the floral design and delicate crescent moons, showing the different elements and the true complexity of a Taurus.

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Gemini Snake Tattoo

Twins tend to symbolize Gemini, but any figure or pair with two identical elements can be used to represent the zodiac sign. So get creative! "Beyond the personal meaning and attachment, it’s also a great conversation starter if your tattoo isn’t painfully obvious on what it is," says Forte. Here, the artist uses a snake with two heads and adds constellation-related designs like stars and moons to relate the animal back to astrology.

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Gemini Angel And Devil Tattoo

A typical stereotype of Geminis is that they are "two-faced"—in other words, they've got a good side and a bad side. This tattoo plays off that idea by showing a pair of identical twins except for their hair and head accessories. Just like the idea of having angels and devils on your shoulder, some people think Geminis are both at once.

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Gemini Faces Tattoo

Another take on the "two-faced" idea of Geminis, this design uses overlapping lines to give the tattoo a sketch-line effect. The two faces also look different ways in an effort to relate back to how each "side" of a Gemini can sometimes vary in personality.

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Cancer Symbol Tattoo

Sometimes getting the small symbol of your zodiac sign can be enough. This Cancer tattoo uses the minimalist mark as the base of the design, but it also adds space elements, like the moon and a star, to tie it in with astrology. The tapering lines also make the design feel delicate and give it an almost weightless feel.

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Cancer Crab Tattoo

The crab is the symbol of Cancer, and crab tattoos can easily be customized to your color, style, and size preferences. Here, the artist employs thin line art to create the animal's basic outline and fill it with stylistic detail. And don't be afraid to go big. "Animal symbols are easier to register as larger pieces," says Missy. "The universe is so big, so why not make your tattoo as well?" Forte adds. 

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Cancer Constellation Tattoo

Constellation tattoos are the white t-shirt of the zodiac sign tattoos: They're basic, but beautiful nonetheless. "I really like the minimal constellation tattoos out there right now. On Instagram, I do see a lot of users getting constellation tattoos, so clearly, some celebrities or influencers are spurring a lot of interest in that," Forte adds. The artist keeps this Cancer design very basic, using small dots as the connection and little "x" marks to show the placement of the stars.

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Leo Geometric Lion Tattoo

Leos are (proudly) represented by the lion, and this animal design is fit for a jungle ruler. The geometric line art creates the base of the lion, but the lines themselves overlap and collide. This makes it feel as though the tattoo was created without the artist ever picking up their gun. The additional dots also give it a bit of detail without distracting from the bold outlines.

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Leo Symbol Tattoo

Customize your small Leo symbol tattoo a bit by adding a bit of color. This tattoo used red ink for its delicate lines. "It's nice to keep things small and more intimate, almost to remind yourself of your strength as a Leo, or your tenacity as a Capricorn, for example," says Missy.

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Leo Constellation Tattoo

Want the look of a constellation tattoo in a creative spot? Try it between the upper chest and the shoulder—it gives all the mystery that Leos love. This traditional constellation tattoo uses literal black stars to make it bolder. "Celestial and constellations designs can be dainty, minimal, more decorative," says Missy.

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Virgo Symbol Tattoo

If you want a larger design that incorporates your zodiac symbol without making it the whole tattoo, consider something like this Virgo one. The biggest aspect of the design is the flower, which immediately catches your eye. However, the Virgo symbol is centered underneath the focal point to lead your eye directly to it.

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Virgo Maiden Tattoo

Because Virgo is symbolized by a maiden, there are many variations of women that could easily represent astrology. This tattoo uses a mixture of different black ink techniques, including varying line thickness and heavy shading. While the woman features many details, it's easy for the eye to instantly find the Virgo symbol and its connection to the zodiac.

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Virgo Constellation Tattoo

Perhaps the most unique of all the constellation tattoos featured, this constellation tattoo uses a bold outline to show Virgo's power to everyone. The spaces for stars are replaced by black dots as well as some personal elements, like a crown, a heart, and a musical note. Overall, this design feels intimate and not basic by any means.

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Libra Scale Tattoo

Libra's symbol is the scale, which represents balance and harmony. This delicate scale tattoo has just the outlines to give it a more delicate feel. The dotted shading gives a clean and crisp look to the tattoo.

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Libra Constellation Tattoo

Who says constellation tattoos have to be boring? This design employs small, doodle-like details to give the tattoo a sense of personalized whimsy. A combination of dots, stars, and hearts make up the design, and it features the small, minimalist symbol that represents the sign to tie the constellation back to astrology.

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Libra Minimal Tattoo

If you want to keep your astrology tattoo as minimal as possible, this is the perfect design. By drawing the Libra constellation using only thin lines, the design highlights the star sign's scale shape while remaining delicate and not clogged with too much detail. "Beyond the personal meaning and attachment, it’s also a great conversation starter if your tattoo isn’t painfully obvious on what it is," says Forte.

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Scorpio Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpions are the symbols of Scorpio, so they make great zodiac tattoos without being too in-your-face about being astrology-related. This colorful tattoo mixes flowers and the animal in the center. "I personally love a mix of animal and celestial symbology and motifs. Incorporating both styles feels closest to representing astrology as a bridge between earth and the cosmos," says Missy.

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Scorpio Constellation Tattoo

Another good astrology tattoo idea is to get a simple constellation. The artist dressed this design up with the details: The tiny dots and the opacity of the stars make the tattoo's shape immediately recognizable as a star sign, but they also add a bit of unique detail to the classic design.

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Scorpio Symbol Tattoo

Sometimes the best tattoos are the simplest; this design is just a simple, bold depiction of the Scorpio symbol. The boldness and size of the symbol make it stand out, though the lack of any other adornment or details makes it feel classic and effortless.

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Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo

Another way to dress up the basic constellation astrology tattoo is to add some florals to the design. Here, the artist uses a thin outline for every design element, so that no aspect overpowers another. This means that while the Sagittarius design is front and center, the florals get just as much attention.

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Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo

Due to Sagittarius being represented by the archer, any bow-and-arrow imagery can be used in an astrology tattoo for the sign. This arrow has a simple base design, but the shading and line work details give it a bit of charm.

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Sagittarius Snake And Crossbow Tattoo

While this is another archer-based design, the tattoo adds much more detail. Based around the crossbow, the artist uses a snake in place of an arrow to customize the symbol to the person being tattooed. The dot composition also gives the design a unique, complicated look.

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Capricorn Woman Tattoo

Capricorn's symbol is the horned goat and astrology is inherently at least a little bit like necromancy, so what better way to combine the two elements than a witch with horns? The artist uses black outlines to create the basic shapes in the design, as well as to add detail to the face and the hair. The shading is done with dots so as not to overwhelm the already complex design.

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Capricorn Symbol Tattoo

If you're a type-A Capricorn and want to get a simple, minimal tattoo to show your pride, try getting the zodiac symbol tattooed somewhere small. Here, the design is largely only one thin line. It gets a modern, feminine touch by adding some leaves on its end.

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Capricorn Goat Tattoo

As the representation for Capricorn, the goat makes a great tattoo option for someone who wants something unique and customizable. This goat has a basic black outline that's full of inner details. Crosshatch shading gives the goat's coat a bit of texture, as well.

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Aquarius Water Bearer Tattoo

Aquarius is Latin for "water carrier," so it's no wonder the sign is represented by a water bearer. This astrology tattoo uses a small water bearer that's chock-full of small dot details to make it seem like realistic pottery. It also cleverly uses the Aquarius symbol as the water pouring out of the bearer, incorporating astrology even more.

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Aquarius Water Bearer Tattoo 2

This design also features the water bearer image, but it goes big with the color and bold lines, making it feel more visible and realistic. Line details on the water make the waves seem as if they're truly in motion.

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Aquarius Wave Tattoo

If you'd rather keep your Aquarius tattoo sweet and simple, a great way to make it more unique than the basic zodiac symbol is to tie it to the water moving overtly. Here, the design takes the Aquarius symbol's base structure and turns it into waves, connecting it more obviously to the theme of water.

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Pisces Symbol Tattoo

A simple way to dress up a basic Pisces symbol tattoo is to add dots. This design features three dots on both the top and bottom of the symbol, giving it a sense of balance but still dressing up an otherwise basic astrology tattoo.

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Pisces Fish And Symbol Tattoo

Pisces is represented by a pair of fish, as well as its basic symbol. Both are pictured in this tattoo, though the fish are the main focus of the design. While the artist sticks with black ink for the whole image, the intense shading, dot additions, and small details make the design feel unique and like a labor of love.

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Pisces Fish Tattoo

Because there are no real rules for how the Pisces fish have to be laid out, this astrology tattoo arranges them in a way reminiscent of Yin and Yang. The color also adds a bit of whimsy and a watercolor feel to the overall design.

Sours: https://www.byrdie.com/astrology-tattoos-4707787

Tattoo taurus word

Taurus is the second astrological zodiac sign. It is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Individuals born between April 20 and May 20 belong to the Taurus zodiac. They are down-to-earth, stable, persevering, possessive, prosperous, dependable, sensual and stubborn people by nature. This zodiac is symbolized by the bull. Listed below are some of the most popular Taurus tattoo designs.

Top 10 Taurus Tattoo Designs

Here are the best taurus tattoo designs for you to take a glimpse at!

1. The Bull Tattoo:

The Taurus zodiac is symbolized by the bull and you can have a bull tattooed on your body. The bull is a symbol of perseverance and one mindedness. You could have it tattooed on your arm or back. For men especially this would make a very masculine tattoo.

2. Venus Tattoo:

Venus is the ruler of Taurus. She is the goddess of beauty, love and prosperity. Taurus zodiac sign holders always seek love and are very possessive when it comes to relationships. You could have goddess Venus tattooed to symbolize that you have Taurus traits of love and beauty.

3. Taurus Tattoo:

You could have the word tattooed on your lower back, wrist, ankle or your upper back. You could have it tattooed in blue or green which are the Taurus colours. You could have it in any font and size on your body.


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4. Taurus Constellation Tattoo:

Taurus is the second astrological sign. It is depicted by a constellation. You could tattoo the constellation on your body. This would be a great tattoo to have. You could have it across your back or on a smaller part of your body like the ankle. You could ink it in blue to depict the night sky.

5. Taurus Zodiac Tattoo:

The Taurus zodiac sign looks like an outlined bull’s head. You could tattoo this on your waist, at the nape of your neck, your wrist or ankle. This would be a small tattoo that would be perfect for people who like minimalistic tattoos.

6. The letter T:

You could have the letter T tattooed on your wrist, ankle or waist. This would be a very flexible tattoo as you could choose both your font and colour.

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7. Bull head with Taurus written Underneath:

This tattoo would avoid misinterpretation and would be very artistic too. You could add touches of colour to the bull to make it look realistic and wild.

8. A Fairy with Bull Horns Tattoo:

You can have one such pretty tattoos that has a beautiful fairy with bull horns. This can be one of the best taurus tattoo designs for girls. The creepers with leaves add an extra glare to the fairy.

9. Bull Head Outline Tattoo:

You could consider having just the outline of a bull’s head. This would reduce the wild masculinity but at the same time allow you to ink a bull.

10. Combine it with another Zodiac Tattoo:

You could combine your zodiac tattoo with another zodiac sign. For example if you want to combine the Taurus and Sagittarius zodiac signs, you could ink a piercing arrow through the Taurus zodiac. When choosing the two zodiac signs you want to combine, you could consider having your and your soul mate’s sign together. This will remind you that you always have a part of your lover with you at all times.

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Is your sun sign Taurus? Have you ever tried before getting a tattoo like this? Or would you like to give it a try now? Share your thoughts with us.

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