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The happiest people work at these 10 companies

Would you like an inside look at the companies that cracked the top ten list in 2020 for excellence in compensation, workplace culture, stock options, health benefits and more?

“Workplace culture and compensation site Comparably is releasing the following lists this week as part of our 3rd annual Best Places to Work series. Based on 10 million employee ratings across 60,000 U.S. companies, the ranked lists are a true gauge of the best of the best.”

I looked at employee reviews posted on Glassdoor, an unbiased site looking at all of the pros and cons of joining various companies. Glassdoor does not allow the companies “under fire” to edit or suppress honest reviews of what it’s really like to be a part of some of the world’s best and brightest teams.

These honest reviews coupled with Comparably’s 2020 List of Happiest Employees can lead you to your dream job. I’ll even direct you to openings on Ladders that you can apply to, now.

1. Imprivata

Imprivata is a healthcare IT security company.
This company provides:

  • Global healthcare organizations optimal security with an identification platform protected by some of the best in tech and cybersecurity
  • Secure access to patient information
  • Protected encryption for secure communication
  • Positive patient identification from remote environments

This company was founded in 2002 and here’s what an employee of Imprivata had to say about the company culture there in an Indeed review,

“One of the best companies I have worked for. The people there really want to see you succeed. Everyone is really laid back and are genuinely happy. The culture was incredible – they really want you to enjoy working there versus it being simply just a job.”

Some more pros of the job:

“Free food, intern events, company outings, and team building events!”

Check out Ladders’ open positions with Imprivata.

2. TaxJar

TaxJar is a company focused on making e-commerce more accessible to businesses. The company site puts what they do in layman’s terms here:

“TaxJar is focused on solving a problem no one wants to deal with — sales tax. We obsessively leverage technology and exceptional customer service to help you focus on what matters most — growing your business.”

They specialize in sales tax optimization for large businesses and they also specialize in treating their employees exceptionally well. Here’s what one employee had to say in a review featured in Glassdoor,

  • 100% remote company – not brick and mortar with some people working remotely or sometimes working remotely.
  • Great culture. They have and continue to build a culture of collaboration and connectedness.
  • You get to try out the company (paid) before you make a decision if it’s really for you or not.
  • Great benefits

This company was rated Best in Company Culture and Best in CEO and Leadership in Comparably’s 2019 Best of ratings.

Take a look at TaxJar’s open positions here.

3. Microsoft

We all know Microsoft has been a tech giant since the 1990s and they continue to remain relevant in modern times today.

A Microsoft employee tells us why he’s continued his loyalty to this company for over 20 years in this glowing review.

“Here, smart people thrive on their own terms and push their intelligence to its limit. The variety of job opportunities and career advancement at Microsoft is incredible and empowers you to constantly challenge yourself and chart your own course.”

Apparently, 98% of employees mirror this sentiment as this is the current approval rating of Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella.

Join Bill Gates’ prodigal company this year here.

4. RingCentral

This Company’s primary focus is providing seamless protected high-quality video and audio for businesses to communicate seamlessly around the globe. Since there are no current job openings at Zoom if improving remote work is your calling I would check this company out!

In a world gone remote due to pandemic limitations getting on board with the optimization of digital ways to connect is a smart move. This employee agrees, here.

“The onboarding is second to none, even in a covid world. The company goes out of the way to provide as much support as needed. Additionally, you get the sense that it truly is all hands on deck…everyone wants to help each other. Competitive pay, generous RSU (stock options) and ESPP (employee stock purchase plans,) smart people, and a long runway for growth. I couldn’t be happier.”

Give RingCentral a call to become a team member now!

5. Apple

Apple is a team of world-renowned innovators in technology and accessibility with their laptops, phones, and software utilized by most young creative professionals in their fields.

“Every new product we invent, service we create, or store we open is the result of people working together to make each other’s ideas stronger. That happens here because every one of us strives toward a common goal — creating the best customer experiences. So bring your passion, courage, and original thinking and get ready to share it. This is where your work can make a difference in people’s lives. Including your own.”

CEO Tim Cook has a 93% approval rating especially from students working retail that claim the benefits and culture are bar none compared to other retail jobs college kids are usually forced to work at before getting a degree.

Become a person behind the Genius Bar here.

6. Google

Just google it! This company remains on the cutting edge of ways to share and optimize global content on a trusted and accessible platform.

Here are some pros of being a part of Google’s growing team firsthand from a current employee.

  • Food, food, food. 15+ cafes on the main campus (MTV) alone. Mini-kitchens, snacks, drinks, free breakfast/lunch/dinner, all-day
  • Benefits/perks. Free 24:7 gym access (on MTV campus). Free (self-service) laundry (washer/dryer) available. Bowling alley. Volleyball pit. Custom-built and exclusive employees only outdoor sports park (MTV). Free health/fitness assessments. Dog-friendly
  • Compensation. In 2010 or 2011, Google updated its compensation packages so that they were more competitive.

Find your dream job here.

7. SBA Communications

This company located in Boca, Raton Florida is an independent owner and operates to ensure sound infrastructure to facilitate wireless communications for cell towers, distributed antenna systems, buildings, rooftops, and small cells!

With fourteen markets operating in America and South America, they’re consistently looking to expand their innovative forward-thinking team with a digital future in mind.

Employees that have worked for this company have the following to say about SBA in this review:

  • 96% of employees would recommend this job to a friend
  • 99% approve of CEO Jeffrey A. Stoops who also happens to be the Communications President
  • Professional company with great benefits and core values such as diversity and inclusion, financial stability, great leadership, and an organized environment

If this sounds like the right fit, look at the open positions.


This company urges us to embrace the benefits of automation for our future. What is UiPATH’s mission?

“We envision a world with a robot for every person. Delivering the leading RPA platform to accelerate human achievement.”

If you want to be on the ground floor in perfecting robotic process automation to save time wasted on mundane tasks look no further!

Here’s what an employee based out of New York has to tell us about working for this company in 2020, the year of the coronavirus.

“UiPath has really transformed itself for the good in 2020. When the rest of the world is struggling with COVID, UIP is thriving and delivering technology that is changing the future of work. Culturally: the company has turned a corner in internal communication, employee trust. There is a sense of excitement and accomplishment in the air, while a strong management team is keeping us grounded.”

Join the team here now.

9. ADP

ADP is a company based in Roseland, New Jersey originally founded to process payroll in 1949 is now offering services in benefits management, retirement plans, workers compensation, and background checks. This is a huge relief for overworked HR departments.

Why is it still so great to work here?

According to employees they really value family time and work-life balance. During this pandemic jobs offering time off, great health benefits, and bereavement or maternal leave are a cut above the rest, keeping employees happy for the long haul.

A seasoned employee backs this up in this review,

“ADP is by far the best company I’ve ever worked for. Amazing benefits, paid time off up front, and a company that cares about the employee on a personal level.”

Open positions in this company can be researched here.


Last on our happiest employees list are folks that work for streamlines the house-hunting process by eliminating fees and avoiding locking consumers into predatory loans. They also save you from appointments that waste your time by fully vetting listings for you.

Here’s a glowing review from an employee who also enjoys the non-anxiety inducing work from home environment in the midst of a pandemic.

“You’re either helping people save a ton of people refinancing their homes or helping people buy a house. The company is forward-thinking and management does not skate by with blanket statements regarding our company and even the state of the world right now. I feel like we’re really helping change people’s lives all while wearing sweatpants at home until the office opens back up. Feels like I’m really being taken care of during a time with the most uncertainty possible across the country. My first day I walked in and was overwhelmed by how intelligent, diverse, and hard-working everyone in the room was.”

Start working at this company here.

Sours: Employee Reviews

No work/life balance

Operations (Current Employee) - United States - July 18, 2020

I started at this company in February right before COVID, weeks before mandatory work from home. The company is straight up taking advantage of its employees, not only due to the work from home situation, but because they hire people who they know are not going to stop working until the job is done, and dont stop throwing work on you until you are physically and mentally drowning. Since I started 6 months ago, someone on my team has quit every month since, sometimes more than one person each month. The culture is so toxic, there is no boundary for work/life balance. I've never felt so overwhelmed/anxious in my life before I started working here. But the pay is great and makes it all worth it at the end of the day!!!!!!! Actually, it doesn't. Avoid working here as much as you can.


Compensation, benefits, monthly bonus


No 401k match, mandatory overtime, no boundaries, no support, every man for himself attitude

  1. Until dawn cast
  2. Hawaii tier 2 rules
  3. Monster platform boots

6 Steps to Improve Your Glassdoor Rating

Wondering what your employees are saying about you? Check employee ratings sites like Glassdoor—they might surprise you. In today’s tight job market, you can’t afford for job candidates to form a negative opinion of your practice. That’s why it is essential to establish, repair, and boost your Glassdoor ratings.

With a little effort, you can use positive Glassdoor ratings to support and strengthen your hiring efforts, attract top talent, and build a promising employer brand. But before you rush out to implement the following tips and tricks, remember: this is a strategic plan. There are no secrets or shortcuts to cover up mistakes. In order to attract outstanding reviews, you must be a superb employer.

While there is no single, proven method for managing your brand image on Glassdoor, here are five steps to help you get started:

1. Claim and optimize your free employer account.

Outdated and inaccurate information can cause as much damage as negative or so-so reviews. Claiming your account is the first step to creating and protecting your practice’s image on Glassdoor. Once you do this, you can update company information, read and respond to reviews, and flag something if it seems inappropriate. You’ll also gain access to the “employer center” where you can view analytics like page views and demographics of your profile visitors.

Tip: Don’t forget to sign up for alerts that let you know anytime someone posts something new.

2. Encourage current employees to review your company.

We know you would never require employees to favorably review your practice or reward them for doing so—that’s strictly prohibited. But you can give them the opportunity.Encouraging happy employees to review your company on sites like Glassdoor is an art:

  • Select a point person to reach out to employees, letting them know of the opportunity to review your practice. But don’t reach out to all of your employees at once—it will look suspicious if you have few reviews one day and a waterfall of favorable reviews the next.
  • Put your long-tenured and happy employees on a review schedule. This will help to spread them out over time. Strategically schedule these posts so they seem at random.
  • Ask employees who are willing to write reviews to contact your point person to get on the schedule. Send each employee a reminder on the week they’re teed up, then check Glassdoor to verify that their review is live.
  • If employees aren’t sure what to post, suggest that they “post about what it’s like to work at the practice and the company culture. Things you wouldn’t know unless you were an actual employee,” advises Rupert. That’s why job seekers visit your practice’s profile on Glassdoor—they want to know what the culture is like.

3. Frequently respond to reviews.

Nearly 62 percent of candidates say that their perception of an organization changes after seeing an employer respond respectfully to a review, according to Glassdoor internal data. Not to mention, responding promptly and professionally to reviews will make reviewers feel heard and engaged.

That’s no sweat when the reviews are positive, but what about when they’re not? “Even if you are totally great as an employer, you are occasionally is going to make a bad hire who is going to rip you up on Glassdoor,” warns Suzanne Rupert, director of recruiting at Talent Acquisition Innovations. “I do think it’s appropriate that employers take the time to respond, because that means they really are listening to the concerns of employees or former employees. Readers like to see that,” she continues.

Don’t let a negative review get you down.

“If you have a bad experience with a company, your first response is to complain,” explains Heather Sullivan, a corporate recruiter also at Talent Acquisition Innovation. “That’s what Glassdoor is. It’s a sounding board and a lot of times people use that when they are unhappy with their experience.” And if you’re worried that you’ll never achieve 5 stars? Don’t be. The average company rating on Glassdoor is only 3.3.

Next, respond carefully.

“You can pre-draft a couple of genuine responses where you say you appreciate the feedback,” advises Rupert. “If you respond with ‘I’m sorry you had that experience,’ sometimes even that makes a difference too.” Rupert has even seen instances where upset former employees have removed a negative post after a heartfelt employer response. Sullivan also recommends giving the reviewer “a way to reach out if they want to take it to the next step, whether that’s someone in HR or whoever handles those issues in your practice.”

Tip: To stop negative reviews before they start, make sure your “open door policy” is just that. “If you don’t provide employees any avenues to air their grievances, then you’re going to have more of those negative reviews, but if there are other channels for people to share feedback, then reviews are going to be a lot more positive,” explains Rupert.

4. Use reviews to improve your practice.

One of the most significant benefits of having a Glassdoor profile is that you receive honest feedback from your employees on a regular basis. However, these insights are useless without implementation. “Look at your reviews and assess the landscape to see if there’s a theme emerging,” advises Rupert. “If they’re all saying one thing, see if there’s a way to make improvements. It could be something that doesn’t cost anything, like improving communication.”

When you inevitably receive constructive feedback, consider conducting an internal survey to understand the extent of the problem. Then, be transparent with employees—and the reviewer—about how you are fixing it. If it’s something that you can’t address (benefits, for example), be sure to explain the factors that limit you from providing exactly what the employee wants (a tight budget, perhaps).

Eyes Open:

When it comes to scathing reviewers, “most of the time they just want to be heard, and some people just want to be ugly,” says Sullivan. Unfortunately, their words can haunt you. On Glassdoor, reviewers can renew their post annually, Sullivan explains. So if you have a negative post, that same person can repost it one year later, changing only a few words. It makes it look like you have multiple negative reviews, when it’s really the same person. “If you see wording that looks the same, don’t be afraid to contact Glassdoor and investigate it, recommends Sullivan. “If it’s the same person, you can try to have it removed. It will keep dinging your rating over and over,” she notes.

5. Hire an agency to manage your Glassdoor profile.

User-generated content on review sites like Glassdoor and others strengthens your SEO, improves online reputation, and helps attract the brightest job candidates. Because these sites are so critical to your practice’s overall success, it may make sense to have experts managing your Glassdoor profile. “My advice would to either hire somebody or be proactive and at least respond to the good and the bad reviews” says Sullivan. “It shows that you are paying attention and are concerned and that you care about people’s feedback,” she adds. If you don’t have time to do that on your own, and can’t identify a competent person on your staff to do so, hire someone.

If you decide to outsource online reputation management (ORM), beware: these companies charge vastly different rates, says Joanne Mansour, practice administrator at The Virginia Retina Center and member of AAOE’s Board of Directors, who presented at last year’s AAO conference. One vendor she considered wanted to charge $600 per doctor per month, while another proposed to handle the entire practice’s ORM for $249 annually, she told attendees. The lesson? Before you sign on with an ORM vendor, get detailed estimates of rates and the specific services they’ll include.

6. Remember that Glassdoor ratings improvements take time.

So what if a job candidate brings up your less-than-stellar Glassdoor reviews during an interview? Don’t get defensive, but on the other hand, don’t be dismissive either. Think about it this way: it’s like the tables are turned, and the employer is trying to explain away something negative, whereas usually it would be the candidate who’s trying to address say, an employment gap on their resume. And employers aren’t used to that.

“Share your own experience. Be genuine and let them know what you’ve encountered at your practice,” advises Rupert. Sullivan agrees. “I try to ask people to have an open mind and continue with the hiring process. Take our own conversations and how I treated them into account. See if that reflects the Glassdoor reviews. Give us a chance to prove this is not who we are,” she says.

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