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The City of Westminster, in an official statement, denounced Councilman Tai Do over his recent remarks on the state of city politics, following the approval of a controversial new policy that gives the dais’ majority faction more control over agenda-setting at meetings.

The statement, approved for release at a Wednesday, June 19,  special meeting by council members Kimberly Ho, Charlie Nguyen and Mayor Tri Ta, criticizes Do over posts he made to his official Facebook page on June 12, reading: “Westminster is officially now Ho Chi Minh City brought to you by Tri Ta, Kimberly Ho, and Chi (Charlie) Nguyen.

“The Westminster Council has never discussed or thought of changing the name of the ‘All American City’ (Westminster) into any unacceptable communist city,” the statement, posted to the city website June 21, reads.

Do, at the June 19 meeting, voted against the press release. His only other ally on the dais, Councilman Sergio Contreras, was absent.

Ho Chi Minh City, previously named Saigon, is a major city in south Vietnam, and is named after the late Communist revolutionary leader. During the Vietnam War, Saigon was the capital of South Vietnam.

Westminster’s official statement also accuses Do of trying to “maliciously slander” fellow council members amid political disarray at City Hall over the last few months.

Ta, who called the special meeting, said Do’s post caused confusion and unease among the city’s major Vietnamese community over whether the city was actually changing its name.

“In the last several days, I received a lot of calls regarding (Do’s post),” Ta said during the meeting, adding that the meeting wasn’t called to “censor” another council member.

Ho described Do’s Facebook post as “highly inflammatory,” accusing him of doing “irreversible damage” on the city’s reputation as “anti-communist.”

“Councilman Do has crossed the line,” she said. “If we don’t properly condemn this conduct, we are saying we stand with him and approve of his actions. We know that the Vietnamese community (is) sensitive to the communist flag.”

Do wrote the Facebook post after a June 12 council meeting ended with the adoption of a highly-controversial new policy that bars anyone on the dais from placing an item on a future public meeting agenda without the approval of three council members.

Contreras and Do — who have clashed for months with the Council’s majority faction by pushing for public discussions around ethical reform and transparency at a City Hall that faces many corruption allegations — have been against the policy, describing it as “a dictatorship item.”

Multiple people inside City Hall have said the new policy could shut Do and Contreras out of introducing new policies that Ho, Nguyen and Ta don’t like.

Do said his political opponents are overreacting to the post, which his supporters among the public, frequently shouting from the audience, described as “sarcasm.”

“You call this sarcasm?” Councilman Charlie Nguyen said of Do’s remarks, when at one point during the meeting members of the public shouted over him and others on the dais. “This is not sarcasm. It’s very serious.”

Do likened the special meeting to a “trial” for “exercising my freedom of speech.”

He also accused majority faction council members of making him the subject of scrutiny in an attempt to deflect attention from their approval of the agenda-setting policy.

The meeting drew over 20 public speakers, some of them supporting Ho, Nguyen and Ta.

Resident and former planning commissioner Tony Bui said that Do, as a city official, is allowed to say whatever he wants, “as long as it does not hurt a majority of the people.”

“This is the lesson you have to learn, Mr. Tai Do,” Bui said, accusing Do of a misinformation campaign. “You tried to create confusion among” residents.

Former Councilwoman and Mayor Margie Rice took the podium to criticize each member of the majority faction, but zeroed in on Ho.

“Kimberly … I did not vote for you and I will never vote for you. I think you say one thing and you do another,” Rice said, garnering applause from Do’s supporters. “You do not belong on this council. You do not represent the people of Westminster.”

Rice turned to Do, adding: “I didn’t vote for you (Tai), but I will in the future.”

Rice was among numerous city officials named in a 2016 corruption complaint against the city by former police chief Kevin Baker.

Do has been one of the most outspoken advocates for ethical reform at City Hall, and drew many of his concerns from Baker’s memo.

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This information is provided by the candidate

I grew up here in Orange County. I am married with 3 children.

I went to Westminster HS & continued my education at CSU,Fullerton, graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering. I worked at large Aerospace Companies, starting out as a Design Engineer and later became a Senior Manager in the department of Engineering. While working, I continued my education at CSU, Long Beach and obtained my Master Degree.
As a Sr. Manager in large Aerospace Corporations, I managed groups of supervisors, project managers, and engineers. I know how to set priorities with limited resources to produce the best products for the company.
Now I am a businessman, responsible for the whole operations: top-down business strategies and Day-to-day activities.
I am passionate about serving the communities, and I have serving our communities over the last 20 years:
-I was an Executive Director of a Youth & Young adult ministry for over 15 years. We organized retreats for the youth and young adults annually. We visited the juvenile hall kids on a monthly basis. We served food to the homeless shelters in O.C. and Los Angeles. We visited elders in the nursing home. We taught citizenship classes in local churches all over O.C.
-I am also a Community Leader:
  • I've served as Lead Organizer on numerous meaningful projects. I coordinate & work well with different groups in the community to complete successful events. I have worked with various religious faiths, political organizations, different groups in the community. One of the events that I was proud to lead was the Election to establish the Vietnamese-American Federation in southern California. This event was sponsored by the Interfaith Council. 18,000 people participated in the voting process. It set the record in the Vietnamese community for the largest turned out ever.
  • I've organized Walk-A-Thon events for the Katrina, Tsunami & hurricane victims. These events attracted over 10,000 people and raised several hundred thousand dollars to a million dollar to help those victims.
  • I've also organized Candle Light Vigils to pray for 9/11 victims and to raise awareness for religious freedom & human rights.
  • Over the last 12 yrs, I have organized 4 Conferences in Southern California for the young people, providing them the opportunities to get together to learn and share their faiths as well as finding their ways in life. These conferences attracted up to 4000 attendees coming from all over the U.S.
  • I am a volunteer member in the Community Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC) for the Ocean View School District.
  • I am a volunteer Coach for different basketball youth leagues in O.C.
Presently, I'd like to take a step further to serve Westminster city community. With my management and leadership skills and a passionate to serve, I am well prepared to take on the responsibility to serve Westminster city citizens. I want to make the city of Westminster not only a safe place to be but also a best City to live in.
Chi Charlie Nguyen Ứng Cử Giám Đốc Sở Vệ Sinh Westminster \u0026 Midway City


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Charlie nguyen chi

In yet another rancor-filled meeting, the Westminster City Council voted 3-2 Wednesday, Sept. 22, to prepare a formal censure of Mayor Tri Ta and Vice Mayor Chi Charlie Nguyen.

Council members Tai Do, Kimberly Ho and Carlos Manzo complained that Ta and Nguyen have used Vietnamese-language media to malign them, though they did not offer specific examples.

Ho placed the item on the agenda, again signaling her dramatic split from Ta and Nguyen.

“I just want to make sure you’re exposed,” Ho said, referring to Ta and Nguyen. “Because of your lies, people get confused.”

Nguyen called the resolution a “personal vendetta.”

“This kind of thinking can only come from the minds of sick people,” he said.

Until last spring, Ho routinely stood with the two men in close decisions. But her relationship with her former allies has disintegrated over such issues as the redevelopment of City Hall and the quiet appointment of politician Tyler Diep as a Westminster consultant.

Yet the most emotional quarrels during council meetings have revolved around something far less consequential to the city budget or to residents as a whole. For the past few months, hours of public discussion have been devoted to the construction in of a memorial honoring a 1972 South Vietnamese battle.

Ho voted last December to approve the Quang Tri Monument at Little Saigon’s Freedom Park. Half a year later, however, she requested that the memorial be rethought by a citizens’ committee.

Ultimately, the new majority, with Ho now joining Do and Manzo, voted to put a hold on the monument.

The controversy erupted over the summer with a recall effort — now in the signature gathering phase — against Ho and Manzo.

On Wednesday, Do, Ho and Manzo took turns claiming that Ta, Nguyen and other Quang Tri Monument organizers have spread misinformation about them via Vietnamese-language television, radio, social media and newspapers.

“I’ve heard a lot of lies told about me by people who translate for me,” said Manzo, who does not speak Vietnamese.. “I don’t have the ability to go on Vietnamese television and tell my side of the story. How can I defend myself?”

Ta dismissed the resolution as “a waste of staff resources.”

Do pointed out that Ta and Nguyen approved a similar resolution, condemning remarks Do made during a council meeting in 2019.  “Don’t get on your high horse and start lecturing people that you don’t do this stuff,” Do said.

Back then, Ho voted alongside Ta and Nguyen. New to the council, Do assumed the role of pot-stirrer, regularly chiding what dissenters labeled “the gang of three.”

“I’m just glad that after all these years, Councilwoman Ho sees the truth and wants to distance herself from all the lies,” Do said Wednesday.

Nguyen demanded that his colleagues who voiced support for the censure name instances when he and Ta lied about them. “Tell me, where did this happen?” he asked.

“Every time you open your mouths, lies come out,” Do said.

But City Attorney Christian Bettenhausen said the resolution would need to be more explicit.

“I can make sure it’s the right format, but I can’t put together facts because I don’t know them,” Bettenhausen advised. “You need to be very clear and provide evidence of what was said.”

Responded Do: “Trust me, there are a lot of recordings. It’s not hard to prove.”

Manzo alleged that Ta and Nguyen “manipulate the truth for people who came here as refugees (to) escape tyranny and communism.”

“Now you’re trying to control their minds again, in order to gain power,” he charged. “You take advantage of their vulnerability of having English as a second language.”

Do, whose family came here as refugees, concurred: “All that dirt we ran from – then we turn this into the same place we abandoned.”



















Chi Charlie Nguyen Ứng Cử Giám Đốc Sở Vệ Sinh Westminster \u0026 Midway City

Vice Mayor Chi Charlie Nguyen


Council Member Nguyen was first elected in 2016 to serve on the Midway City Sanitary Board and is proud to be serving as the Board President.  He was then elected as a city Council Member in November 2018.
Council Member Nguyen grew up in Orange County.  He went to Westminster / Bolsa Grande High School, graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering at Cal State University, Fullerton and went on to receive his Master's Degree from California State University, Long Beach.

Council Member Nguyen is passionate about serving all members of our community.  As a compassionate community leader, he has been volunteering to work on various projects for the last 35 years.  Many of these projects were directly to help the youths, young adults and seniors.

He is an experienced engineer and a successful businessman.  For years, he has successfully managed his own business in the City of Westminster.
In his engineering profession, he worked for the Boeing Company, Rockwell International, and B/E Aerospace companies. He worked as a Design Engineer, a Risk Management Engineer, a Project Manager and Manager. His last position at Rockwell was as a Senior Manager in the Department of Engineering. 
As a Senior Manager for large corporations, he managed Supervisors, Project Managers and Engineers.  He managed to set priorities with limited resources to produce the best products for the company.

As a successful businessman running his own company, he is responsible for the whole operation, top-down business strategies and day to day activities.

Council Member Nguyen truly believes that with his well-rounded management and proven leadership skills, along with his passion to serve members of our community, he will continue to make positive impacts. He has sincere enthusiasm to make the City of Westminster safe and prosperous place to live and to raise the family.


Now discussing:

Efforts in Westminster, California, to recall Mayor Tri Ta and Councilmembers Kimberly Ho, Chi Charlie Nguyen, Tai Do, and Sergio Contreras were initiated in July 2019.[1]

Petitioners submitted enough signatures to put recall elections against Ta, Ho, and Nguyen the ballot. The recall election took place on April 7, 2020.[2]Official results showed Ta, Ho, and Nguyen all survived their recall elections.[3][4]

Petitions were taken out against Contreras and Do but did not receive approval for circulation.[5]

Recall vote

The recall election took place on April 7, 2020. In-person voting was canceled due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. Westminster residents were required to postmark their mail-in ballots by April 7.[6]

Tri Ta recall

Yes/no recall question

Tri Ta won the Mayor of Westminster recall election on April 7, 2020.









Total Votes


Ballotpedia Logo

It has been certified. Source

Kimberly Ho recall

Yes/no recall question

Kimberly Ho won the Westminster City Council recall election on April 7, 2020.









Total Votes


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It has been certified. Source

Chi Charlie Nguyen recall

Yes/no recall question

Chi Charlie Nguyen won the Westminster City Council recall election on April 7, 2020.









Total Votes


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It has been certified. Source

Recall supporters

Petitions against Ta, Ho, and Nguyen accused the officials of corruption and ethics violations.[5] Notices of intent to recall against Do and Contreras cited grandstanding.[7]

Ta, Ho and Nguyen represent the majority on the council, with Do and Contreras representing the minority.[5]

Path to the ballot

See also: Laws governing recall in California

Petitions against Ta, Ho, and Nguyen were approved for circulation. Petitioners needed to gather 8,736 valid signatures by December 6, 2019, to put the recall on the ballot. About 11,000 signatures were turned in. The Westminster City Clerk's Office certified the signatures on December 23, 2019.[8]

Petitions were taken out against Contreras and Do but did not receive approval for circulation.[5]

See also

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