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very popular Kodak All-New Mini 3 Square Instagram Size Bluetooth Portable Photo Printer 3x3" discounts hot sale

lord god, we all to thee give praise,
thanksgivings meet to thee we raise,
that angel hosts thou didst create
around thy glorious throne to wait.

they shine with light and heav’nly grace
and constantly behold thy face;
they heed thy voice, they know it well,
in godly wisdom they excel.

they never rest nor sleep as we;
their whole delight is but to be
with thee, lord jesus, and to keep
thy little flock, thy lambs and sheep.

the ancient dragon is their foe;
his envy and his wrath they know.
it always is his aim and pride
thy christian people to divide.

as he of old deceived the world
and into sin and death was hurled,
so now he subtly lies in wait
to ruin school and church and state .

a roaring lion round he goes,
no halt nor rest he ever knows;
he seeks the christians to devour
and slay them by his dreadful power.

but watchful is the angel band
that follows christ on every hand
to guard his people where they go
and break the counsel of the foe.

for this, now and in days to be,
our praise shall rise, o lord, to thee,
whom all the angel hosts adore
with grateful songs forevermore.

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Kodak's new Mini Shot 10MP camera prints tiny instant photos

Kodak Expands Its Instant Print Camera Offerings with New KODAK Mini Shot Instant Camera

High-quality, instant print photo gratification meets Android and iOS compatibility plus Bluetooth connectivity.

SUWON, South Korea & EDISON, N.J. – Today, Prinics Co., Ltd announced the availability of the new KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera through its North American distributor C+A Global. Expanding upon its instant print product line, the new KODAK Mini Shot point-and-shoot camera combines high-quality, instant-print color photos with digital conveniences such as color controls, filter effects and Bluetooth connectivity, making it the ideal all-in-one solution for picture taking and photo editing.

Furthermore, not only can these photographs be instantly shared with family and friends in that same high print quality expected from Kodak, these photographs can likewise be digitally shared instantly across social media platforms.

There is a resurgence for ‘instant-print’ photography, and the demand for affordable and versatile products is massive,” states Jeff Clarke, CEO, Kodak. “The release of the KODAK Mini Shot and recent launch of the KODAK PRINTOMATIC Cameras are a continuation of Kodak’s commitment to instant printing and represent just the beginning of the Instant Print Solutions Kodak plans to bring to market. We are fully committed to growing a diverse product portfolio and investing in the instant photography business.”

Real Ink. In an instant.

High-quality image processing and printing is at the core of Kodak’s DNA and remains to be the key differentiator in its expanding Instant Print photography product portfolio, which includes the KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera, KODAK PRINTOMATIC Instant Print Camera, and KODAK Photo Printer Dock and Photo Printer Mini Wi-Fi connected printers.

The KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera leverages 4Pass printing technology, also known as dye-sublimation, resulting in beautiful, high-quality prints. It features the world’s smallest 4Pass all-in-one cartridge for carrying convenience.

Snap, Connect, Enhance, Print, Share

The KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to make memories that last, whether it’s by sharing printed photos immediately or posting them to an Instagram feed. It’s the fun of snapping photos on an instant print camera combined with the ability to digitally edit and enhance images, then share from one person to another or with the entire world – or all of the above. With Bluetooth connectivity, users can save and transfer images to a smart device for further editing with the complimentary KODAK Mini Shot App, which features a variety of filters, cropping options, stickers, card templates and more. Through the App, anyone’s smartphone can now be used as a remote shutter for those must-have group shots, or as an extended library of photos that can be sent to the KODAK Mini Shot for instant printing.

KODAK Mini Shot Camera Highlights and Benefits:

  • Maximum resolution 10-megapixel camera
  • 1.7” LCD Viewfinder for viewing photos before they’re printed
  • Auto Focus, Exposure, White Balance, Gamma Color Control
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Complimentary KODAK Mini Shot App for adding filters and effects
  • Normal and photo border printing
  • Print credit card-sized (2.1”x3.4”) or square (2.1”x2.1”) adhesive-backed photos
  • Extra protective layer preserves image quality and color integrity
  • High-quality waterproof, fingerprint-proof photo prints
  • All-in-one ink and paper cartridge
  • Available in black, white or yellow

Pricing and Availability

The KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera is available today for $99.99 USD on Amazon. The camera includes a Micro USB cable, a Quick Start Guide, and an 8-pack all-in-one 4Pass photo print cartridge.

The 4Pass Photo Paper comes in 20 (2.1”x3.4”), 30 (2.1”x3.4”) and 50 (2.1”x3.4”) packs or as an adhesive-backed 20 (2.1”x2.1”) pack, and is sold separately. More information is available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077BF7KG7.

Sours: https://www.dpreview.com/news/7162709326/kodak-s-new-mini-shot-10mp-camera-prints-tiny-instant-photos
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Kodak mobile printers and instant cams up to 25% off at Amazon, deals from $72

Today only, as part of its Gold Box Deals of the Day, Kodak Photo Printer (100% positive feedback in the last 90 days) via Amazon is offering up to 25% off mobile printers and cameras. One standout is the Kodak Mini 3 mobile printer for $92.79 shipped. Regularly $140 direct where it is currently on sale for $123, today’s offer is a new Amazon all-time low and the best price we can find. With the ability to connect to “any” iOS and Android device wirelessly, the Kodak Mini 3 allows you to print your smartphone photos wherever you are. It uses Kodak 4Pass Technology on the included 60-sheet bundle to create 3- x 3-inch fingerprint and waterproof photos of your family memories and can even be used “to make beautiful scrapbooks that everyone will enjoy.” Rated 4+ stars from over 1,600 Amazon customers. More deals and details below. 

If you think you can do with a smaller image, check out today’s Gold Box deal on the Kodak Mini 2 Retro Portable Instant Photo Printer at $71.99 shipped. Regularly $100 or more at Amazon, this is nearly 30% off the going rate with a 4+ star rating from over 990 Amazon customers. This creates photo that 2.1- x 3.4-inches, but includes much of the same functionality found on the model above otherwise. 

You’ll find the rest of today’s Kodak Gold Box deals right here including additional mobile printers and a series of the brand’s instant cameras. 

Then head over to our smartphone accessories deal hub for even more including Google’s official Pixel Stand 10W Qi charger, a look at the new JVC MagSafe-compatible Power Bank, and a solid price drop on Anker’s PowerWave Lite MagSafe charger. Just be sure to dive into these ongoing offers on iOttie’s popular iPhone and Android car mounts from $16 as well. 

More on the Kodak Mini 3 mobile printer:

  • TIMELESS MEMORIES: Connect your Kodak Mini 3 Square Retro to any mobile device and get your favorite pics in print wherever you are! Make sure to always keep your favorite snapshots so you can revisit them later on. It uses a stable wireless connection that can be easily paired to your device.
  • STELLAR PHOTO QUALITY: The Kodak 4Pass Technology allows you to print high-end photos instantly. You will get premium 3 x 3-inch photos printed in layers of ribbon with a laminating process that makes them fingerprint-proof and waterproof.

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KODAK MINI 2 RETRO Portable Instant Photo Printer PR210R Hands-on, App Detailed Review

Kodak Instant Printer

Thank you for purchasing KODAK Instant Printer.

Supported Models :
Kodak 2 inch Printer (P210)
Kodak 2 in 1, 2 inch Camera (C210)
Kodak 3 inch Square Printer (P300)
Kodak 3 inch Square 2 in 1 Camera ( C300)
Kodak 4 inch Dock Printer (PD460)

Easily print amazing photos with KODAK Instant Camera and Printer.
The "KODAK" Instant photo printer and camera can be used to print images from smartphones by connecting Bluetooth to the device.
You can take and edit pictures on smartphones or tablets. It will instantly print your precious moments!
[How to Use]
1. Make sure you recharge the printer before you use it.
2. Make sure the Adapter is connected properly.
3. Turn on the printer
4. Go to Bluetooth setting and find the printer’s MAC address.
The MAC address is placed inside the printer’s door
If you purchased Dock Printer, dock your smartphone at the pin on top the of the printer or find the MAC address on the downside of the printer to connect the device to the Bluetooth.
5. Select an image from the Gallery or take a photo with your smartphone.
6. Once image has been selected, edit the image with your personal preference.
7. Now press print button located on top of the printer when editing is completed.
8. When you print for the first time, it may need to update the firmware. Please follow the instruction shown on the screen of your smartphone.
9. It will take about a minute to fully print. Please do not pull the photo until it is completely printed.

Sours: https://play.google.com/

Square 3 kodak mini

Kodak Mini 3 Retro Review, Pros and Cons

Kodak Mini 3 Retro Review

View on Amazon

Kodak Mini 3 Retro is among the Kodak printer family that brings your photo printing experience to the next level. The wireless photo printer features the latest technology to produce beautiful looking and high quality prints.

The retro style was released earlier this year and it seems to be a new favorite among photo enthusiasts and photographers. I am about to dive deeper to reveal anything you wish to know about this mini printer, so you’d better check this out.

Travel-Friendly Design

Kodak Mini 3 Retro Design

To meet your needs for easy printing on the go, Mini 3 Retro boasts a compact and sturdy layout. The streamlined design makes it slip easily into your bag yet feels comfortable to grip. The rounded edges give a sleek appearance aside from making it safe when stored with other devices.

As with other instant photo printers, this product has minimal controls on its body. It houses a power button on one side and cartridge slot on the other side. There is also an output slot where printed photos go through it as well as a micro USB port where you can charge the device.

Aside from its ergonomic design and minimal controls, unique retro nuance is another thing that gets my attention. There is a big logo of Kodak with stripes and P300R code, which is the name of the product. This model is available in 3 color variants: Black, White, and Yellow.

Featuring 4Pass Print Technology

It goes without saying that dye-sublimation is one of the best imaging methods for photo printing aside from zero ink technology. The Mini 3 Retro features 4Pass dye-sublimation printing technology that promises brilliant photo quality.

Featuring 4Pass Print Technology

Coming with 4Pass printing means the device moves the paper back and forth over the printhead. During the first three sets, it prints CMY ink colors on the paper. The fourth set coats the paper with a clear coating to give extra protection.

This print technology gives beautiful and vivid prints with layered colors. More importantly, it has laminated protection that prevents your images from fading or degrading. It also features waterproof and fast dry prints, just like its counterpart the Kodak Smile Classic.

Kodak Mini 3 Print Speed

The Mini 3 Retro is a portable printer that won’t make you wait. For the best experience of printing on the go, this gadget allows you to print photos in less than 50 seconds. This fast print speed is significantly faster than its competitor that takes a little longer to print a photo.

As a comparison, Sprocket Plus from HP is rated at 58 seconds per photo while Hi-Print from Polaroid takes around 60 second to complete a photo. There is also Sprocket Studio that requires around 2 minutes to print. According to this, it’s not hard to say that Mini 3 Retro offers a promising print speed.

Kodak Mini 3 Supported Print Sizes

This model is designed to print 3 x 3-inch photos with high-end quality. This size is suitable to print Instagram photos—simply pick your favorite photos, edit if necessary, and print from Mini 3 Retro. Once printed, you can stick the print on any surfaces.

Supported Print Sizes

What makes it better? This mini photo printer supports border and borderless printing which can be tackled with one paper. Without the need for replacing photo paper, you can opt to print border or borderless photos.

Whether you want to make scrapbooks or celebrate beautiful moments in life, Mini 3 Retro can be the best device you could ask for. Print your favorite snapshots and enjoy the pics anywhere and anytime.

Kodak Mini 3 Print Results

Excellent Print Results

View on Amazon

The Mini 3 Retro promises excellent output quality, thanks to dye-sublimation technology. This imaging method produces prints with accurate and vibrant colors, making it an ideal choice for businesses and creative projects.

The overall result is comparable to printers with zero ink technology, even though I should say that dye-sub offers better print results. As the photos are printed in ribbon layers, it produces impeccable details with beautiful colors. Not to mention it shows minimal graininess.

High quality output is not the only thing you’ll get from this pocket printer. The laminated protection makes it water and smudge resistant, which means your prints won’t fade or degrade even up to 100 years. The results may vary depending on your environment and storage.

Cartridges and Consumables

Designed with dye-sublimation technology, this printer uses ink-paper cartridge to deliver life-like and impressive prints. A built-in cartridge slot is housed inside the casing, but it can be easily retracted for cartridge replacement.

Cartridges and Consumables

The Mini 3 Retro is compatible with ICRG-330, ICRG-360, and ICRG-390 cartridges. The replacement cartridges are available in different packs consisting of 30, 60, and 90 sheets.

How about the running cost? Based on the marketing material, this gadget spends around 30 cents per photo, which is best value for money. However, the costs may vary according to the package of cartridge that you use.

Battery and Power

Great portability design paired with a powerful battery gives you the best experience of printing on the go. This pocket printer supports cordless printing, thanks to a Lithium ion battery that allows you to print anywhere and anytime.

The battery has enough capacity to print up to 25 photos, but it can be shorter or longer depending on file size. You will need to charge the battery for around 90 minutes before the next use. Simply plug micro USB cable into the port and wait until it is fully charged.

For additional information, each package of this product includes a Mini 3 Retro printer, a micro USB cable, User’s Guide, and an 8-sheet cartridge. This means you don’t need to purchase the cartridge separately before using it for the first time.

Connectivity and Software

Bluetooth is a standard connectivity that lets you establish a reliable connection between mobile devices and the printer. It also supports wireless printing right from your Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

Kodak apps

Before using the device, be sure to download Kodak apps from Google Play Store or App Store. Once downloaded, use the app to browse your gallery, edit photos, and print directly from your mobile phone. For the best experience, make sure to run the latest version of Android or iOS.

If you never used a pocket printer previously, you’ll not find difficulties using Kodak app. It comes with easy setup and configuration so that you won’t need to spend time learning about it. This is another I like about this gadget.

Things get better as it supports plenty of editing features. You can easily enhance photo by adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation. It also promises easy printing for your favorite pics and snaps from smartphone.

Kodak Mini 3 Retro Pros and Cons

  • Great Portability
  • High-end Photo Results
  • Easy to Use with Kodak App
  • Affordable Print Cost
  • Doesn’t Support Window and Mac Computer
  • Lack of Wi-Fi

View on Amazon

I know that it’s always hard to make a decision. The Mini 3 Retro seems an ideal gadget to enjoy the most memorable moments through photos. But it can’t be denied that it has a few drawbacks which make it less attractive to purchase. Do you need help? The compilation of pros and cons below will do.

Kodak Mini 3 Retro Pros

Whether you are inside or outside, the Mini 3 Retro lets you bring a personal studio everywhere you go. Thanks to a compact and sturdy design that makes it easy to port. Slip the gadget into your bag and get new printing experience from almost anywhere.

Compared to analog products, this pocket printer promises high quality output. Featuring dye-sub print technology and laminated protection, you can enjoy not only vibrant and accurate colors but also extended longevity up to 100 years.

  • Easy to Use with Kodak App

Kodak app makes the printer easy to use, even for beginners. All you have to do is download Kodak app from Google Play Store or App Store. It also comes with editing features that let you enhance photos before printing.

While most pocket printers struggle with high running cost, the Mini 3 Retro is an exception. It costs about 30 cents per photo, which is significantly more than other printers that spend around 70 cents.

Kodak Mini 3 Retro Cons

  • Doesn’t Support Window and Mac Computer

If you plan to connect the instant printer to a desktop computer, I’m afraid you have to take it down. This gadget doesn’t support Windows and Mac OS. So far, the manufacturer doesn’t release software for laptops or PCs.

The pocket printer doesn’t support Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct. Instead, it only relies on Bluetooth to connect with mobile devices. If you expect a stable and robust connection via Wi-Fi, this is not your cup of tea.


In a nutshell, the Kodak Mini 3 Retro makes you feel like having a personal photo studio everywhere you go. With easy setup, you can print high-end photos from Instagram or gallery right from your smartphone. The support for Kodak app allows you to make the best out of the photos.

Despite it only supports Android and iOS, this pocket printer can be a perfect companion during your travel. With a powerful battery and dependable print technology wrapped in a compact design, the Mini 3 Retro is worth the thought.

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KODAK MINI SHOT 3 RETRO - unboxing and review - camera + printer


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