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Weather: Is the Pressure Getting to You?

Is the Pressure Getting to You?

The seventeenth century was quite an age of discovery. Evangelista Torricelli, a student of Galileo, invented the first mercurial barometer. It consisted of a glass tube open at one end and closed at the other. The open end was covered and immersed into an opened container of mercury. The cover was removed, and the mercury moved up the tube, about 30 inches above the container. That height represents atmospheric pressure. The weight of the atmosphere on the surface of the mercury exerts a pressure transmitted through the fluid, forcing it to rise. The greater the weight, the higher the rise. The barometric pressure seldom goes above 31 inches or drops below 29 inches. Normal sea-level pressure is 29.92 inches.


The type of barometer that you are probably most familiar with, the kind you see in stores and give as presents, is the aneroid barometer. As a rule, falling pressure means deteriorating weather, and rising pressure means fair or improving weather.

But the "inch" is really not a unit of pressure, or force per area. It is a unit of length. So a metric unit has been defined to describe normal atmospheric pressure, called a "bar," and the instrument becomes a "barometer." Actually, normal average sea-level pressure is 1.01325 bars, or 1,013.25 millibars (mb). The millibar is a commonly used unit of pressure.

During the same Galileo-Toricelli era, French scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal discovered that air pressure decreases with height, and pressure changes at ground level at any one place can be related to daily weather changes. In his honor, the newest unit of pressure has become the hectopascal (Hpa). The pascal (Pa) is one hundredth of a millibar. The hectopascal is one hundred pascals and is the same as the millibar. So 1,000 mb and 1,000 Hpa are the same.

Barographtrace of atmospheric pressure.

Barograph?trace of atmospheric pressure.

A two-and-a-half-foot tube is kind of awkward to keep around the house, and the need for a smaller and more practical device led to the development of the aneroid (without liquid) barometer. Instead of the expanding and shrinking of a mercury column, an expanding and contracting metal chamber does the work. Much of the air has been evacuated from the chamber, so slight changes in pressure around it cause it to respond by shrinking if the pressure increases or expanding if the pressure decreases. The metal chamber is attached to a pointer that indicates the pressure?the basic design of most barometers, including the home variety. A barograph (shown in the following figure) allows the pressure to be recorded on a rotating drum so that a time series analysis of pressure can be made. This works similar to a thermograph.

By the way, altimeters work just like barometers. Because the pressure decreases with height, these instruments are marked off in meters or feet rather than millibars or inches. The pressure drop with elevation is proportional to the change in height.

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15 Best Barometric Pressure Forecast Apps for Android & iOS

Many modern phones have a built-in sensor such as a barometer. With it, you can measure atmospheric pressure. Besides, this useful feature will help you determine your geolocation.

Basically, the barometer is popular due to its traditional purpose. But, the mere presence of this sensor does not allow the use of all its functions. In this regard, on the Internet, you can find a large selection of barometer applications. How to choose the best program and why is it needed?

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Many people are affected by changes in weather conditions. This problem can be alleviated or avoided. To do this, you can view the atmospheric pressure forecast. So, you can make your plans for this data.

This list contains the best applications with which you can measure atmospheric pressure. Besides, they have many extra useful features.

Barometer Plus

Barometer Plus is an easy to use atmospheric pressure tracker and barometer. Knowing the level of atmospheric pressure will help you improve your condition.

This is especially useful for people who suffer from persistent headaches. So, you can track the level of atmospheric pressure and how it affects your well-being and mood. Also, this application is useful for those who are fond of fishing. Track changes in air pressure and get the best result.

The application Barometer Plus has a modern and unique design. It shows only current information about atmospheric pressure. To do this, it uses the sensors of your mobile device.

Units supported by the application:

  • millimeters of mercury
  • hectopascal
  • torr
  • millibar
  • inches of mercury

The application Barometer Plus also has a tab in which the history is stored. You can see the level of atmospheric pressure over the past week.

Predictions are generated at predefined locations twice a day. Hourly forecasts are generalized to “night, morning, day, evening” and “night, day”.

High forecast accuracy is achieved through the use of hybrid weather forecasting technology. It is based on a continuous analysis of data flows and artificial intelligence.

Also with this application, you can measure the height level. The application automatically calibrates the sensor data. To do this, use satellite GPS data. You can also enable notifications. So, the application Barometer Plus will notify you if the level of atmospheric pressure rises.

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Barometer & Altimeter

The Barometer & Altimeter application will help you find out the level of atmospheric pressure. At the beginning of work, the program will prompt you to select a geographical area. There are two ways to do this: mark on the map and find in the catalog.

After that, you can configure the forecast. Set the duration, step, resolution, and choose what data you want to see. This application also provides a forecast of the strength and direction of the wind.

Precipitation and atmospheric pressure for the largest of two days in advance with a step of 6 hours. Weather data is provided in three formats. Overlaid on a map, in the form of graphs or in tables.

On the map, winds are indicated by standard arrows, pressure – isobars. Precipitation levels are marked by the darkening of various shades. A single click on the map prompts you in case you forget what is indicated.

The play icon at the bottom of the screen turns on the animation. It shows how the weather changes over a forecast period of time.

A Meteogram displays a graph of changes for each weather parameter. This is convenient when you need to quickly get an idea of ​​any changes in atmospheric pressure.

In the settings, you can specify which units of measure the forecast is displayed. Knots, kilometers per hour, miles per hour, or on the Beaufort scale for wind speed. In degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit for temperature. The pressure is displayed in millibars or inches of mercury.

The application has excellent graphics and animation. It offers you a detailed forecast of atmospheric pressure. You can choose a specific location where you are located. You can also view the hourly forecast for the current day or week.

The application Barometer & Altimeter will show you detailed information about the level of atmospheric pressure. It bases on your location. You can also find out the level of indicators such as temperature and weather conditions.

Weather Underground

The Weather Underground app has all the useful features for forecasting atmospheric pressure. It has a built-in widget that shows the current pressure and weather forecast. You can set up notifications. So, when you change the level of atmospheric pressure, you will receive a notification.

At the top of the screen, you will see the atmospheric pressure indicator at the current moment. All data is shown in the form of a scale, graph, indicator, altimeter, list, or chart. You can choose the type of data display in the program settings.

Available atmospheric pressure units:

  • inHg (inch of mercury)
  • psi (pounds per square inch)
  • hPa (hectopascal)
  • atm (physical atmosphere)
  • mmHg (millimeter of mercury)

At the bottom of the screen are special indicators. Such as estimated weather changes and pressure fluctuations. Also in this part, you can find the settings panel. You can configure each function of the application in a special tab. You can also set the data display period (in hours).

The program is detailed according to the time of day. It provides a complete picture of the weather situation. Besides, in the application Weather Underground you can find:

  • Animation Radar for Highlight
  • Weather forecast confidence indicator
  • Chance of sunny weather and precipitation
  • Average, the smallest and largest temperature
  • Perceived temperature
  • Strength, wind direction, gust strength
  • Snow limit
  • Zero degrees limit
  • Fog

The program Weather Underground can also prepare a weather forecast for 10 days in landscape orientation. In addition to the main functions of the application, there are also nice additions. You can choose the color of the application interface, the form of indicators, and the type of widgets.

Barometer Reborn

The Barometer Reborn application displays the forecast of atmospheric pressure for 7 days. The utility can automatically track your location using GPS. There is also the ability to update the weather widget after a specified time interval.

When the application starts, a screen appears with the necessary information. The screen displays information about atmospheric pressure. You can also add extra indicators here. For example, air temperature, humidity, and wind speed.

Selecting specific days can be done using swipe. To view the hourly forecast, you need to select the Today Weather tab, located at the very bottom of the screen.

In the upper left corner, there is a clock displaying the current time and the name of the city selected by default. In the upper right corner, there are function keys. They allow you to activate the weather widget.

At the top of the screen are two function keys. They allow you to update data in the program and change the current city by default.

Among the functions, highlight the “Add Location” key. It allows you to change or add your location.

The “Maps and Media” allows you to change the background of the screen.

The “Nearby Stations” softkey allows you to view the location of the location on the map.

The “Refresh all” allows you to update data in the program.

The “Advanced” softkey allows you to work with the program settings and edit the list of locations.

The program Barometer Reborn settings are very conveniently divided into groups. It allows you to easily find the desired variable parameter.

Air Pressure Free

Air Pressure Free is one of the simplest applications. It allows you to track atmospheric pressure levels and changes. You will also learn how these changes affect your well-being. This is useful for those who experience a headache when weather conditions change.

Keep up to date on upcoming atmospheric pressure differences. So, you can prevent the negative impact of these factors on your body. This program uses the data of your GPS tracker. Also with this application, you can find out data such as air temperature, altitude, and wind speed.

Forecasts are particularly accurate. On the main screen, you will find data such as atmospheric pressure and air temperature. Also, the application Air Pressure Free will show you the probability of precipitation for the next 10 days.

Weather-dependent people will enjoy a special feature. It shows the presence or probability of geomagnetic storms. This will help you build your plans for this data. All relevant data are shown in the form of diagrams or graphs. The type of data display can be set in the settings.

You can also establish what weather changes your body reacts negatively to. Then, if available, you will receive a notification from the application. Besides, you will see a red indicator on the screen when the atmospheric pressure is poor.

Air Pressure Free has a beautiful design and user-friendly interface. There are several themes for designing this widget for you to choose from.

Mu Barometer

The Mu Barometer application is based on GRIB files. It downloads them from the GPS server and overlays them on the map. The dataset is standard. The strength and direction of the wind, wave height, air temperature, atmospheric pressure. The program shows the forecast for the next 10 days.

There is only one data presentation format: information layers superimposed on the map. They can be selectively disabled and their level of transparency changed. Clicking on a specific point on the map brings up a window with weather values ​​at that location. In this application, you can also configure units.

The start screen of the application Mu Barometer shows a list of “selected” locations. It indicates the current speed, wind direction, and air temperature in these places.

You can add a geographic point to your favorites in several ways. The application can automatically determine your current location by GPS. You can also manually enter the name of the nearest settlement or search the list.

Clicking on one of the selected locations opens a detailed forecast for 7 days in increments of 3 hours. The forecast includes data on atmospheric pressure, wind strength, and direction, air temperature. The “Report” screen shows a graph of atmospheric pressure changes over the past 12 hours. It allows you to quickly track the expected trend.

This is the most beautiful and minimalist forecast of atmospheric pressure. There are no buttons in the application Mu Barometer. The display modes (forecast for a day or for several days) are switched by a screen shift or double-tap. Colorful background shimmers with a beautiful gradient.

WeatherX Forecast

The WeatherX Forecast application bases its forecast of atmospheric pressure on the terrain. This is a beautiful alternative to submitting forecasts in the form of an hourly chart.

This program will provide you with a 7-day hourly forecast of atmospheric pressure. At the same time, you can find out the weather only at three given points. The information in the application is presented in the form of maps, tables, and graphs.

The main screen contains two graphs. A detailed forecast for the next 48 hours is displayed at the top of the screen. The bottom part provides information on changes in temperature over 7 days.

The main information in the application is divided into several lines. Lines provide information for three hours and contains data on atmospheric pressure. The application WeatherX Forecast gets your current location or selects a location from the database. The program supports metric units.

This application has GPS tracking and tools for route planning. It takes into account weather conditions. Thanks to some extra features, this application will be useful for those who like to travel. Get the fastest route and calculate the best departure date.

The latest version of the application impresses with improved animation. There are also 3D weather maps with QuickView. This allows you to view forecasts simultaneously in several cities. Besides, the set of features of the application WeatherX Forecast has support for push notifications.

Simple Barometer

The main function of the Simple Barometer application is to forecast atmospheric pressure. But, it has a huge variety of other useful features. The application provides information on temperature, pressure, magnetic storms, and even possible earthquakes.

There is so much information that the developers laid it out in three different “tabs”. Units, weather map, and weather clock. Here you can find all the detailed weather information at the selected location and time. The weather clock shows hourly weather forecasts on the dial.

The application Simple Barometer provides the function “Follow me”. Each time you open the application, it itself determines your location. Then it provides the necessary weather forecast.

Besides, the application displays the air temperature directly on the application icon. If you are not interested in a detailed forecast at the moment, you can even not run the program. All the necessary information is already on the screen of your mobile device.

This program is characterized by an original presentation of information. Instead of a dry set of numbers, the application displays vivid graphics. Also here you can find information on how atmospheric pressure can affect your mood.

The application Simple Barometer is able to make a forecast anywhere in the world. The application database contains more than a million places with weather data. You can view the weather in several places at once.

The program provides two widgets for tracking the forecast of atmospheric pressure. One shows the forecast for the day. The second shows the hourly trend of today and the general forecast for the next day.

In the application Simple Barometer, you can configure push notifications about changes in weather conditions. You can also share weather information with friends through social networks.

MyAltitude – GPS Altitude and Barometer

MyAltitude – GPS Altitude and Barometer is a powerful, detailed, and accurate application. It will provide you with important information about atmospheric pressure.

The forecast can be viewed every hour. You will also receive data on wind speed and air temperature. Also, the application has a very convenient RealFeel function. It shows how the temperature actually feels on the street, based on other factors.

All data in this application is placed on one chart in the form of a watch dial (or barometer). Temperature is shown in color, precipitation is depicted as a blue spot. To see the weather forecast for several hours or days ahead, you just need to turn the arrow on the dial.

The application MyAltitude – GPS Altitude and Barometer has 5 main tabs:

  • general forecast
  • hourly forecast (for the next 15 hours)
  • maps (satellite map with 5x zoom)
  • graph (information is presented in the form of columns, the height depends on temperature, and color – on the environment)
  • calendar (contains weather data for 15 days)

An interesting extra feature of the program is the per-minute forecast of precipitation. It uses ultra-precise localization by address or GPS coordinates. You will receive information on the types and intensity of the precipitation. You will also learn about the time of their start and end at the point of your location.

And one more bonus of the application is the section “Lifestyle”. The application MyAltitude – GPS Altitude and Barometer is a smart program in which you can set preferences for the weather.

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Barometer + pressure tracker

The Barometer + pressure tracker application will help you prevent the negative impact of atmospheric pressure. When you first turn on, you must select a city manually or automatically. In addition to the main city, it is possible to introduce extra ones. So you can view the level of atmospheric pressure in ten cities at the same time.

On the utility toolbar, there is a choice of six options:

  • forecast for the current day
  • extended (by 9 days)
  • temperature graph
  • probability of precipitation
  • wind direction map
  • sunrise/sunset times

The first function “Today” shows the current level of atmospheric pressure. And three lower extra indicators to choose from. Chance of precipitation, humidity, wind speed, or pressure.

An extended forecast will show you atmospheric pressure for nine days. It is especially convenient for those who are going on vacation or on a business trip.

The third function to choose from a 36-hour forecast chart or weekly forecast. It can be used to track changes in temperature and humidity over a selected period. There is an option for viewing the probability of precipitation for seven days. The lower the probability, the better the mood.

Basically, all data is shown on the map. Here you can view the direction of the wind at different times of the day. Perhaps this function is useful to someone.

An equally informative function is called the “Sun and Moon.” It informs about the time of sunrise and sunset, as well as about the lunar phase. This function will be of more interest to women. Study the lunar calendar for cosmetic procedures.

The application Barometer + pressure tracker can warn of impending bad weather. Such as heavy wind, a hurricane, heavy snowfall, and other natural disasters.

Despite the useful features, the main purpose of the application is to identify the forecast of atmospheric pressure. The application Barometer + pressure tracker will be especially useful for those who are dependent on geomagnetic changes.

Barometer Graph

There are not only barometer simple apps, but that kind of software that allows you to fully record the barometric pressure during a certain period of time. Moreover, apps like this are multi-functional and they allow you to make your own measurements and scientific experiments.

The Barometer Graph app is the app for Android, and it includes all the possible features so that you could not just watch the barometer pressure, but also compile the graph, count the average, the maximum pressure points, and so on. One more bonus is that the interface is intuitive and even for beginners it will be not difficult to handle this app.

After you have recorded the data of the pressure, you can convert the measurement into 14 different measurement systems. There is also an adjustable running average to filter noisy data. What is more, you have the ability to record, review, save, share, and export data as CSV files.

In order to better view the data that you recorded on the graph, you can zoom it whenever you need it. All the information about barometric pressure is received in the app by the accurate barometric sensors. The only thing that you should keep in mind here is that the app doesn’t work in the background mode.



Barometer pro – free

Barometer pro-free will help you to get a forecast of atmospheric pressure. But, it also provides access to an indicator such as height.

For this application to work, your phone must have a built-in pressure sensor. Almost all modern mobile devices have this feature. The application sensor is quite sensitive. It can record the most minimal indicators and their changes.

This tool is used by most professionals and travel enthusiasts. It will also be a useful helper for weather-dependent people. An extra function of the application is the measurement of altitude. It is relative to changes in atmospheric pressure.

The program Barometer pro – free has a convenient and useful interface. On the main screen, there are an altimeter and an atmospheric pressure indicator.

All indicators for the last month are saved in the application history. You can view these statistics in a separate tab in the form of graphs. You can view hourly statistics or daily.

In a separate window, you can see the exact value of the current level of atmospheric pressure. This tool supports most of the most used units of measurement (inch, millibar, and others). The calibration of the received data occurs automatically. View the current atmospheric pressure level for the coming hours or current day.

A nice advantage of this application is the ability to change the design. Different colors of the theme are presented at your choice. You can also adjust the transparency and shape of widgets. The application Barometer pro is absolutely free. There are no built-in ads.


Barometer is a tool that allows you to view the forecast of atmospheric pressure for the next 24 hours and 5 days. The utility also immediately gives a forecast for the place where you are. To find out the weather in any other corner of the planet, just ask a question to the application.

It uses an advanced speech recognition system and voice search. When the application starts, the main program menu appears. All information displayed by the utility is displayed here.

In addition to information about atmospheric pressure, the program Barometer displays extra information. Such as:

  • height above sea level
  • humidity
  • cloud cover
  • visibility
  • timezone
  • sunrise / sunset times.

At the bottom of the screen are four function keys. They allow you to quickly search for locations, add locations to your favorites, and go to the menu. It contains information about the current version of the program. The location search can be performed using the on-screen keyboard and voice input.

Also, the application Barometer has special function keys to optimize the process of working.

The “Refresh” softkey allows you to start updating the program database.

The “Share Weather” allows you to share weather information with other people. This can be done using any popular messenger.

The “Add Location” allows you to change the location. By this weather forecast information is collected.

The “Settings” softkey allows you to work with the main program settings. For ease of use, they are divided into groups.

The “About & Help” allows you to switch to viewing help information about the program.

The free Barometer app is a great tool. It allows you to not only view the weather forecast but also other related information.

SyPressure (Barometer)

SyPressure (Barometer) has all the useful functions for determining the forecast of atmospheric pressure. It has a special built-in widget. It shows the current atmospheric pressure and weather forecast.

You can enable notifications in the application settings. So, you will receive notifications about important weather changes for you.

At the top of the screen is an indicator of the current level of atmospheric pressure. This data is displayed in the form of a chart, scale or graph. This parameter can also be selected in the settings. All data is displayed in the most popular units.

At the bottom of the screen are atmospheric pressure changes and a forecast. In the same area, you can open the settings panel.

You can customize each indicator according to your preferences. State your location to more accurately determine the level of atmospheric pressure.

Based on the data obtained, you can get a forecast about changes in weather conditions. It is also useful for weather-sensitive people.

Application SyPressure (Barometer) features:

  • Pressure units: mbar, mmHg, d.h., atphosphere
  • Height units: meters, feet
  • Pressure Graph: shows the pressure change over the last 48 hours
  • Height indicator
  • Widget with four themes
  • Barometer reading in the status bar

The height value is determined by the current pressure. To switch between pressure and height indicators, simply click on the indicator icon.

You can measure the relative height. Just click on the indicator. It will show the height relative to the current point. With the application SyPressure (Barometer), you can know in advance what classes should be planned for the coming days.

For example, at elevated atmospheric pressure, you are advised to reduce physical activity. With reduced atmospheric pressure, it is best to take a walk in the fresh air. This is a free application equipped with many useful features.

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Barometer by farproc

The first barometer was invented in 1643. The mercury barometer is considered to be the oldest type of the barometer and it was invented by the Italian physicist Evangelista Torricelli.

He was conducting the barometric experiments by using the tube of water. Thus, the barometric pressure was helping to make more precise weather forecasts.

Nowadays technologies stepped far ahead of those first devices and even your smartphone can measure this barometric in seconds. Of course, the sensors themselves are rarely installed in the phone itself, usually the app transmits the information from the satellites and so on.

However, this app allows you to determine the pressure with the internal sensor, even though everything depends on your device. Nowadays most smartphones have weather sensors, so it will probably work.

The app itself is extremely simple – there is just a barometric indicator and that’s it. This fact makes this app extremely lightweight. If you were looking for the barometer app that is simple and that is able to work in the offline mode, this one is a good choice.


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What is this?

This is the only web application dedicated to showing barometric pressure histories, forecasts and maps for any location in the world.

Who is this for?

Humans: Barometric pressure fluctuations can lead to migraine headaches, joint pain, arthritis symptoms, and blood pressure changes among other physical changes in the human body. Some people can predict weather patterns due to their bodies’ responses to changes in pressure. It can help to know in advance when the pressure will change in order to make lifestyle or medication adjustments beforehand, which is where this forecast graph can be helpful!

Meteorologists: Barometric pressure, also known as atmospheric pressure, is a leading indicator for inclement weather. Generally, low pressure systems are associated with cooler temperatures, precipitation, wind and storms.

Fishermen: Some fish respond to changes in barometric pressure and can change their level of feeding activity when pressure is dropping. Thus, fishermen might avoid fishing when pressure is dropping and seek out times to fish before or after those periods.

Where does this data come from?

The weather data come from a combination of the Tomorrow and Dark Sky weather APIs. The map view is from If the data in your area are inaccurate or unavailable, that’s probably an issue with a data source, but please let us know by leaving a feedback message (at the bottom of the page) so we can check on it!

Is there a mobile app?

There is not a mobile app version at the moment, but it is quite easy to save this page as a bookmark in your device’s home screen and access it like any other app you download. Click on the links below for instructions:

For Android users

For iPhone/iPad users

The app is not working for me. What should I do?

We apologize for that. We are running this app on a shoestring budget while we’re trying to get it off the ground, so sometimes we hit our allotted data limits with our data providers. Check back again after some time and it should work. Either way, please leave us some feedback so we can help if you are experiencing problems by clicking on the “Feedback” link, below.

How can I support the maintenance and further development of this app?

The best way to support us is to share your feedback. Tell us what you like, dislike, and would like to see in the future! You may also make a donation by clicking on the "Buy Me a Coffee" button below. Between the costs of hosting and data, this website does require some money to keep running each month, and donors like you help make that easier. Thank you!

Barometers to Predict Weather

Barometer & Altimeter

Barometer and Altimeter is a simple application for measuring atmospheric pressure and altitude.

The application uses:
- built-in GPS,
- built-in pressure sensor / barometer (if the device does not have a barometric sensor, application retrieves atmospheric pressure data via the Internet from the nearest meteorological station),
- automatic altitude and atmospheric pressure calibration algorithm, based on data from local meteorological stations.

Barometer and Altimeter features:
- accurate height measurement above sea level (from GPS and other sensors),
- accurate measurement of barometric pressure (if the device is equipped in pressure sensor and check data available online)
- GPS coordinates, name of location, country
- information and current weather data from your local weather station (if available).
- outside temperature,
- wind speed,
- visibility,
- humidity, hygrometer (if device is equipped with appropriate sensors).

Exemplary uses of a barometer or altimeter tracker:
- health and medical - by monitoring the atmosteric pressure, you can be prepared for pressure jumps, headaches, migraine and malaise,
- for fishermen and anglers who fishing and sailing - monitoring the atmospheric pressure and weather you can increase the chances for good fishing,
- sportsmen and tourists,
- for determining, predicting and checking weather, air temperature, wind speed,
- to check the location,
- for pilots for check pressure and altitude,
- sailors, seamans and surfers can check the wind.

Using this barometeter tracker is simpler than using an aneroid or mercury barometer. Our Barometer and Altimeter tracker are free, easy to use, simple and handy.

Warning! Some portable devices (tablets, phones, smartphones) do not have a built-in pressure sensor. On these devices, the measurements may be less accurate as they will be based on data from the local meteorological stations.

We are constantly developing this app, if you see something that can be improved send us on [email protected] If you like this app, rate it for 5 stars.

Enjoy and have a good time with this app!


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Atmospheric Pressure - Force and Pressure - Don't Memorise


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