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Our 25 Favorite Dip Powder Nail Color Ideas

There's something particularly frustrating about discovering a chipped nail after recently having had a manicure. (Once it happens, you know it's only downhill from there.) And as much as we love gel manicures, the term "no-chip" is occasionally a misnomer.

That's why dip powder manicures—also known as SNS manicures—have changed the game. While SNS manicures were technically "invented" in 1990, the technique didn't enter the public lexicon until years later. (And you yourself may not have found out about them until recently.)

Dip powder manicures are known for their durability and resistance to chipping. The technique involves literally dipping the nails into colored powder, while brushing on layers of bonder as an adhesive for the powder, before using a clear sealant on top. They work for both natural nails and extended ones.

And while you might think the nail polish colors lined up in the nail salon are tempting, the options you'll find for dip powder span the color spectrum, too—and more importantly, they'll likely last twice as long on your nails. Below, find 20 dip powder nail color ideas that'll inspire you to dive into dip.

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Blank Slate

There's nothing fresher than soft white nails, year-round. Plus, with dip manicures, lighter hues tend to look more saturated—aka, you won't have to worry about your nail color peeking through a sheer, light shade like white.

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Put it in Neutral

The perfect swath of neutrals.

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Minty Green

Pick a bold hue like this minty green that'll shine through perfectly with dip powder, which usually lends itself to more saturated, pigmented hues.

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Lavender Dip

This mani makes us think of a lavender cream latte.

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Cobalt Blue Dip

Fewer shades are more striking than cobalt.

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French Ombré

Two different shades create a cool, flawless ombré. It's like a modern update on a French manicure, if you will.

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Ocean Vibes

Don't be afraid to mix and match colors: You can achieve these nautical-feeling nails with different shades of blue, teal, and green.

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Pink Gradient

This pinky nude gradient is perfect all year 'round.

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Glitter Dip

Most dip salons carry a number of glitter hues, so the exact color choice is yours.

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Extra Sparkly

Feeling sparkly? Say "yes" to bold, allover sparkle—the process is the same, just with a sparkle-infused dip powder formula rather than a solid hue or subtly glitter one. Count us in.

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Deep Coral Dip

This coral shade flatters every skin tone.

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Light Pink With Glitter Accent

Dip powder permits creative nail ideas, too, so you definitely won't miss polish or gel—and we love this subtle light pink manicure with a slightly sparkly accent nail.

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Classic Black

Of course, there's nothing quite like a classic black shade—especially when it looks this shiny and lustrous, thanks to the glossy sealant on top.

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Hot Tamale

Yes, this color is literally called "Hot Tamale"—and if you have a hankering for an ultra-bright hue that works for every skin tone and season, we think we've found the one for you.

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French Gradient

Take the pinks and whites of a traditional French and turn them into a gradient across all five nails with this look.

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Burnt Orange Dip

Suitable year 'round, but perfect for fall.

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Copper Shimmer

A dip powder shade with some slight shimmer will have your nails looking chic and subtle—rather than overly sparkly.

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Neutral Vibes

We always love earth tone-inspired nails—and this neutral, "sand dune" shade is our new favorite.

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Sunshine State

These nail color is sunshine in a bottle.

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Stark White

A stark white that you won't have to worry about sheerness with? Yes, please. The multiple layers of dip powder prevent those pesky "I-didn't-think-this-color-would-be-so-faint" moments.

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Pretty in Pink

Calling all girly girls: Pick varying shades of pink for a "monochrome" manicure you'll be showing off at every turn.

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Luxe Lavender

Embrace a chic pastel shade—like luxe lavender—knowing the pigmentation with a dip manicure will come out perfectly.

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Cool Cobalt

As far as we're concerned, you can't go wrong with an eye-catching electric blue.

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Purple Matte

Depending on the sealant you use, you can go for a glossy, lustrous finish, or a matte one. Here, we think the matte finish complements the purple shade and acrylic extensions perfectly.

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Glittery Gray

Alternate between a glitter powder and a solid one for a monochrome manicure that still feels fresh and exciting.


How-To: Apply Dip Powder with Revel Nails


Providing a speedy and lasting service, Revel Nail Dip Powder is available in more than 280 colors, including mood-shifting and glow-in-the-dark shades. Made in the United States, the vegan and cruelty- and odor-free formula applies in half the time as acrylic, cures without a UV light and soaks off easily, leaving nails healthy and strong—now that’s a service to add to your arsenal!

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1. Prep and buff the nail. Apply a thin layer of Liquid No. 1 Pro Base using even strokes.

2. Dip the nail into the powder at a 45-degree angle using a scooping motion. Brush off the excess powder, and then apply a second coat of Liquid No. 1 Pro Base and dip the nail once more.

3. Apply No. 2 Activator evenly, making sure to cap the free edge. Allow it to dry for 2 minutes.

4. Shape the nail and smooth it with a buffer. Rinse the hands with water, but do not use soap. Apply a second coat of No. 2 Activator, and wait 15 seconds before wiping. Finish with two coats of No. 3 Finish Gel, capping the free edge.

–by Angelina Lewis

[Images: Courtesy of Revel Nail; Armando Sanchez]

This story first appeared in the September issue of Nailpro magazine. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe.

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Full Color Coverage from Revel Nail Dip Powder

Protalk-_Revel Nail-Products

Revel Nail Dip Powder is a nontoxic and odor-free dip system that produces lightweight, flexible and chip-resistant results. Available in more than 200 colors, the system can be used on natural nails without needing a primer for quick and easy application. Here we show you how to get full coverage using the Revel Nail Dip System:

Step 1: Prep the nail by buffing away any shine. Apply a thin coat of Pro Base to the entire nail using even strokes.

PROTALK_step 1

Step 2: Use a scooping motion to dip the finger into a tray containing the dipping powder; tap off any excess powder from the finger. Apply a second coat of Pro Base to the entire nail and dip the finger into the powder a second time.

PROTALK_step 2

Step 3: Apply a generous amount of Activator to the nail, making sure to cap the free edge. Allow the nail to dry for 1 minute.

PROTALK_step 3

Step 4: Shape and buff the nail using a 240-grit buffer and have the client rinse her hands with warm water (no soap).


Step 5: Apply a second coat of Activator to the nail. Wait 15 seconds, and then gently wipe the nail dry with a paper towel.

PROTALK_step 4

Step 6: Apply Finish Gel to the nail using two to three quick brush strokes. Allow the nail to dry for 15 seconds and apply a second coat of Finish Gel; this application can be applied more slowly and precisely. After the nails have dried completely, finish with cuticle oil. PROTALK_step 6

How do you feel about Dip Powder services? Let us know in the comments below!

-Dina Ciccarelli

This article was first published in the July 2018 of NAILPRO

First Impressions Review // Revel Nail Dip Powder
Press Sample

Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder System Review

Hello Loves!  I have something new and exciting to show you today.  Revel Nail recently released their Acrylic Dip System.  The Revel Dip Powderscurrently come in 65 fabulous colors!

Now, I imagine some of you are sitting here thinking "what in the world is an acrylic dip system?"  Let me tell you a little more about it.  Traditional acrylic is a liquid and powder system.  You dip your brush into liquid monomer, then drag the tip trough a powder polymer to create a bead that is applied and shaped to the nail.  I'm sure you're all familiar with it.  Acrylic Dip Systems are a little different in that they use brush on resin instead of liquid monomer.  The resin is brushed onto the nail and the nail is then dipped into an acrylic powder.  The process is repeated several times to create an acrylic enhancement - usually as a natural nail overlay or over a tip.  For those who use the acrygel technique, this probably sounds familiar to you.  ;)

Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder System Review

So, let's talk about the Revel Dip System.  Each of the individual bottles are conveniently labeled by the step.  Step 1 Prepis your first bottle and is used to prep the nail (after removing the shine from the nail plate and cleansing away the debris, of course).  Step 2 Pro Baseis the little bottle of magic (aka resin) you apply before dipping the nail into the Dip Powder.  The Pro Base and Dip Powder steps are repeated a few times, finishing with another layer of Pro Base.  Step 3 Activatorbasically accelerates the Pro Base so that it is completely dry without having to wait.  Step 4 Finish Gelprovides the shine and is applied after shaping and balancing the nail.  Finally, that last bottle you see in the image above is a nifty little bottle of Brush Softener.  Since dip systems use resin (basically nail glue), the brushes can get hard if they are left out of the bottle too long or come in contact with the Activator.  The brush softener dissolves the resin and restores the brush.  Genius!  Since I ran through that pretty quickly, I'll post the step by step directions at the end of the post.

For now, let's take a look at the results.  I have a few colors to show you, including the basic pink and white nail.  All of my swatches are done over my natural nail (no tips).  The Dip Powders are super fine acrylic powders - finer than the traditional acrylic powders used in L&P systems.  This makes them super easy to use with little filing after application.  I did inquire about the powders themselves, and they are standard acrylic powders - just finer.  They can be used with Revel's monomer from the traditional acrylic system if desired.  I plan to try sculpting some acrylic flowers with them to go with the overlays, but I haven't had a chance yet.

First up is the pink and white.  I'll be and white looks really easy when you watch the Revel Nail Dip Powder demo video (later in this post).  Trust me on this's not as easy as it looks!  Dipping the perfect smile line takes practice...practice I haven't quite managed to fit into my schedule yet.  lol  The pink is a soft, semi-opaque natural pink called Scarlett (D71).  The white is a bright white called Veronica (D74).
Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder French in D71 Scarlett and D74 Veronica

As you can see, my smile lines are all over the place.  I also found that the pink and white is a little tricky because you have to dip into both jars.  By the time I carefully dipped my smile line, the Pro Base was drying and wasn't quite wet enough to dip into the pink.  That's why the pink looks a little grainy.  When done correctly (aka quickly with the proper ratio of Pro Base to Powder), the pink is smooth.  Here's another shot.
Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder French in D71 Scarlett and D74 Veronica

The next color I tried is a solid combo of Michelle (D56)and Clara (D12).  Michelle is the pink and Clara is the mint green.  Application on these went much easier for me since I didn't have a smile line to worry with.  I wore this mani for over a week before removing it.  I'm happy to report that it wore beautifully, even through a week of class!  I should note that I did not use the Finish Gel with this one and opted for the Revel Tack-Free Gel Top Coatinstead (it does require curing in a CFL UV lamp, but the rest of the system does not).  The Finish Gel doesn't stand up to acetone, so I needed something stronger for school.  The Tack-Free Gel Top Coat is intended for use over permanent enhancements and is not soak off, so it worked beautifully.
Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder in D56 Michelle and D12 Clara

I love how the dip system flatted out the wonky areas of my nails.  Remember, my nails are thin right now from overfiling, so they tend to curve more than they should.  The dip acrylic added support and lifted the tips into a very nice squoval.
Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder in D56 Michelle and D12 Clara

The next two swatches I have to show you are glitters!  I should also note that these are swatched using the Acrygel Techniqueinstead of the full dip system.  Swatching acrylic is hard on my nails due to extended soaking times, but I wanted to show you true swatches so this is my compromise.  Before using the Dip Powders with the acrygel technique, I emailed Keeli at Revel Nail and asked about the safety of combining the powders with the Revel Nail Gel Polish Base Coat and Top Coatfor this purpose.  She checked with her chemist and confirmed that the products are compatible and safe for use together, but she did caution that they haven't tested it and can't guarantee the wear.  For more info on the acrygel technique, check out Andrea's Acrygel post on Chickettes.

First up is a beautiful, glittery blue called Ingrid (D31).  I wore this mani for over a week as well and am happy to report that these Dip Powders are fantastic with the acrygel technique!  My nails felt strong, it wore beautifully with no lifting, and removed easily.  Plus the added bonus - the color is built right in!  No need to add gel polish over it.  The result is a super strong, beautiful mani that took no longer to apply than a traditional gel polish.  Not to mention I've never seen this depth in a gel polish.
Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder in D31 Ingrid

Just look at the depth in that blue glitter!  Plus full coverage.  I am absolutely in love!
Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder in D31 Ingrid

If the previous photo didn't convince you, take a look at this closeup.  My camera couldn't even begin to focus on the glittery goodness.
Closeup of Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder in D31 Ingrid

The final swatch I have for you is called Marilyn (D49).  This is a semi-sheer pink base that is loaded with red and gold glitter.  The mix of red and gold creates a glamorous, copper tone.
Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder in D49 Marilyn

This color isn't the best with my skin tone, but I can definitely see myself using it for accent nails in the future.  It's just so pretty!
Revel Nail Acrylic Dip Powder in D49 Marilyn

Before I go into the Dip Powder System application steps, let's talk about removal.  Since the powders are applied with resin, this acrylic overlay removes quicker than traditional acrylic enhancements.  To remove, I filed the surface with a 180 grit file to remove the Tack-Free Gel Top Coat and a little bit of the bulk from the enhancement.  I then soaked in a double bowl with pure acetone (one bowl of acetone sitting in a separate bowl of warm water) for about 30 minutes.  The enhancement turns gummy while soaking and can be pushed off.  I pushed it off in layers to speed up removal, but the total time was around 30 minutes. 

Ok, so let's go through the Dip Powder System application steps.  I'll share the Revel Nail video below as well.  A few quick notes about the video - she removes the shine from the natural nail with an efile.  I don't recommend this and would have to think long and hard before allowing anyone to use an efile on my natural nail.  It can be done safely, but it requires many years of practice with the file (no doubt the tech in the video is very experienced with her file!).  So please use a hand file to remove the shine from the natural nail if you haven't mastered an e-file yet.  I used a hand file on all of the manicures I showed you above.  Also, if you are using the powders on clients, you might want to place some in a dappen dish and discard it after use rather than dipping directly into the container to reduce the risk of cross contamination.  Another option is to sprinkle the powder over the nail, but I found it difficult to get the right ratio of Pro Base to Powder with the sprinkle method.  Also, be sure to watch the video at least once before applying the product to your nails just in case my steps below are not clear.

Application Instructions
(Note:  These instructions are for a pink and white overlay.  For solid colors, omit the steps where you dip into the white.  All other steps are the same.)
Step 1:  Sanitize hands.  Use a 240 grit (or higher) file to gently remove the shine from the natural nail.  Remove all nail debris with a nail brush or a lint free wipe
Step 2:  Apply Step 1 Prep to the nail
Step 3:  Apply an even coat of Step 2 Pro Base to the stress area of one nail (the stress area is the portion of the nail that turns white if you push down on the tip)
Step 4:  Dip the nail into the pink powder using a scooping motion
Step 5:  Tap the nail to remove excess powder
Step 6:  Repeat Steps 3-5 on the remaining 9 nails
Step 7:  Apply a second coat of Step 2 Pro Base to the first nail
Step 8:  Dip just the tip of the nail into the white powder (see the video below for tips on creating the smile line)
Step 9:  Dip the entire nail into the pink powder.
Step 10: Tap the nail to remove excess powder.
Step 11:  Repeat steps 7-10 on the remaining 9 nails
Step 12:  Repeat steps 7-11 on all 10 nails (at this point you should have three layers of powder on the nails)
Step 13:  Apply a final coat of Pro Base to all 10 nails to seal the last dip.
Step 14:  Apply a generous coat of Step 3 Activator to all 10 nails, making sure to cap the tips
Step 15:  Once the nails are dry, shape and balance the acrylic with a file.  Be sure to smooth the cuticle area if needed.  Brush away any powder with a nail brush.
Step 16:  Quickly rinse hands with water and dry.  Do not use soap.
Step 17:  Apply another coat of Step 3 Activator to all 10 nails.  Then wipe each nail with a lint free towel.
Step 18*:  If using the Finish Gel, quickly apply a coat to each nail on one hand without pausing.  Wipe the brush on a towel between nails to reduce brush stiffness.  If the brush gets stiff, allow it to sit for a few minutes in the brush softener.
Step 19:  Apply a second coat of Finish Gel to the nails on the same hand.  This coat can be slower and more precise.
Step 20:  Repeat steps 18-19 on the other hand.
Step 21:  Once the finish gel is dry, apply cuticle oil to restore moisture.

*If you opt to use the Tack-Free Gel Top Coat, omit steps 18-20 and apply a thin coat of Tack-Free Gel Top Coat instead.  Cure for 2 minutes in a CFL UV Lamp (it is not LED compatible). 

Got it?  I know the instructions look complicated when typed out like they are above, but it's really super simple.  Check out Revel Nail's video and see for yourself.  :)

And there you have it!  If you're looking for a great Acrylic Dip Powder Systemwith a wide range of colors, Revel Nail has you covered.  And for my gel lovers out there, check these out for acrygel!  They're amazing!  I will definitely be adding more colors to my collection.  These held up to the abuse I put my hands through in class much better than my gel polish usually does!  Of course, I still love my gel polishes and don't plan to abandon them any time soon, but these will definitely be added to my regular arsenal. 

Oh, I almost forgot...I put together a shot of the colors side by side.  :)  Excuse the wonky swatch stick for Michelle.  lol  From left to right:  Pink and White with Scarlett and Veronica, Clara.  Michelle, Ingrid, and Marilyn.  Such a great group of pretty ladies.  lol
Revel Nail Dip Powder Swatches

Revel Nail also offers several packages for the Dip Powder System as well as individual listings.  Check them out on Revel Nail's Website here!


*The Revel Nail Dip Powder Acrylic System featured in this post was provided by Revel Nail for my honest review.  All links within this post are courtesy links and do not benefit


Color revel swatches powder dip

Left to Right 

Tricia - Opaque Ballerina Pink 

Erica - Light Sheer Pink 

Julia - Clear Powder with Silver and Green Shimmer 

Bubbly - Light Pink with White / Silver Shimmer 

Scarlet - Light Neutral Pink (Used for French Manicure) 

Margo - Sheer Light Pink with Green and Silver Holographic Shimmer 

Left to Right 

Virgin Islands (Sun Changer ) Pale Pink / Changes to Berry Magenta Pink 

Queen - Mauve Purple 

Bermuda (Sun Changer) - Light Lilac Pink Purple w Shimmer / Changers to Darker Lilac 

Glam - Sheer Light Pink with Shimmer 

Enchanted - Sheer Light Purple with Pink and Purple Glitter 

Revel Nail Holiday Dip Powders!

Revel Nail Gel Polish Swatch Gallery

This is a summary of all of the Revel Nail gel polishes that I have swatched to-date. I will update this page on an ongoing basis as I swatch new colors. Click on the images to see larger photos.  Revel Nail gel polish colors can be purchased here.











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