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Hello members of RPA! As a member of the Tutorial Committee, I bring you my very first tutorial! Enjoy!

What is the Wiki?

First, we should start with the basics. What is the Wiki, exactly? The Wiki is a place where Wiki Entries are all gathered in one place, so you can find important Wiki Entries with ease. In this specific Amino, there are OC Templates that the Wiki helps you find faster, but that's for another tutorial.


How Do I Pin a Wiki Entry, and What is the Use of Pinning?

To pin a Wiki Entry, you simply click the pin button below the intended Wiki Entry when browsing the Wiki. When viewing a specific Wiki Entry, click the pin button in the top right corner of the Entry. Another way to pin a Wiki Entry to your profile when looking at a specific Entry is to click the three dots in the upper right corner and then click the button that says, " Pin to your profile ".

user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image


The Bar

You will see there is a bar at the bottom of the screen when you look at posts. This bar is included in The Wiki and therefore, I will explain it here.


The Share Button

In this picture you will see that the share button is circled.

user uploaded image

The share button allows you to share a post or Wiki Entry to another social media. In detail, this option allows you to copy the link of the Wiki Entry or to share the Entry via text message, Email, Snapchat, Tumblr, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and others. You can see this in this image.

user uploaded image


The Save Button

user uploaded image

In this image, you can see that the save button is circled, this button allows you to save the Wiki Entry. This one is quite simple.


The Heart Button

user uploaded image

Now, the heart button is circled; This button allows you to like the Wiki Entry or post. The next image shows you that the number next to this button tells you how many members have liked this post or Entry.

user uploaded image


The Arrow Button

user uploaded image

And last but not least in this section, the arrow button. This button allows you to move onto the next Wiki Entry after you've finished reading the one one you clicked on.


That's pretty much all you need to know about the Wiki, so have fun with your newfound knowledge!

~This post/tutorial was brought to you by /Star/Child/ of the #TutorialCommittee or #TTC if you enjoyed this post, or the tutorial was helpful; Don't forget to use the heart button and like my post! More tutorials to be made soon~! Bye!


Tutorial: Submit to Wiki

Welcome to a new tutorial!

In this tutorial we will show you how to submit entries to the Wiki, so it's easier for the community to find your wiki

For those who don't know, Wiki is a way Amino let us organize different entries of important posts to the community

To submit to the Wiki the type of post you need to create is a Wiki entry

user uploaded image

Step 1

Option 1

Open the wiki you want to submit and clic the 3 dots on the top right, and select Submit to the Wiki

user uploaded image

Option 2

You can also submit your entry if you go to the Wiki, clic the 3 dots on the top right and clic Submit your Wiki Entry. Then you have to choose the entry you want to submit

user uploaded image
user uploaded image

Step 2

No matter the option you chose on Step 1, you will get the follow window, where you can leave a message to the Leader/Curator in charge of approve (or not) Wiki entries.

We highly recommend you to use this space to specify which category you choose.

The person in charge can accept or decline your wiki and change the category

user uploaded image

Your Wiki entry could take a few days to approve or decline so please be patient.

If after a week you don't see your entry in the Wiki it's probably because it was decline, and you can PM a Leader or Curator to know why (please always be respectful and remember to link your entry so the leader/curator can review it again)

Thank you very much and we hope this tutorial was helpful (°∀°)b

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Wiki and Wiki Entries Explained!

Author's Avatar

Hello VA family! We (the VA team) have noticed a lot of uncertainty around wiki entries and how the wiki works, so here's a starting guide :relaxed:

Wiki entries are like virtual folders, you can create them by clicking on the "+" button, with a title eg. "recipes" or "my pets". You can give a description on what this wiki entry will contain and even provide keywords. Wiki entries will not be among your post list in your profile, but will appear as small tiles in the designated "My Wiki Entries" area under your background image.

user uploaded image
This is how wiki entries show up in your profile

The next time you are composing a post, on the bottom left corner of your screen (next to the photos button), you will see a button with a star. Press this to link your wiki entry/ies to your post.

user uploaded image
Click the button with the star to link wiki entries/items to your blog
user uploaded image
You can link all the relevant wiki entries/items to your blog

When you do that, the next time you open your wiki entry and scroll down, the linked post will appear as a newsfeed at the bottom.

Once you have created wiki entries, some will be personal and others more general that could be of interest to the community. The latter posts can be submitted for consideration to be added to the wiki. The wiki is a collection of wiki entries that all members can access. If your wiki entry submission is accepted, a copy will be added to the wiki (now called a wiki item for convenience). The original wiki entry will still appear in your profile.

user uploaded image
You will still see the original wiki entry plus the new wiki item that you have pinned

Wiki items can be "pinned" by any member. What this does, is that it adds this wiki item to your profile. Now if you look in your profile you will still see the personal wiki entries you created and some other "wiki entries" with a yellow frame around them. The ones with the yellow frame are the items you pinned. The next time you compose a post, the pinned items will also be available to link to your post.

user uploaded image
This is what the wiki looks like, under each wiki item there's the "pin" button

Wiki entries are personal and only the person that created them can link posts to them. Wiki items are public on the other hand. You will be credited as the original author but anyone can link their posts to it (including yourself of course).

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Is it possible to give permission to someone so they can edit your wiki entry?

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Thanks VeganJo this has been very helpful to me :+1: 🏻

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Hey so I've made a wiki entry for humorously shaped vegetables called 'dirty veg' and it's been flagged for breaking the guidelines, I read them before I started and the only thing I can see is the 'sexually explicit' rule, but...theyre vegetables.... please can a curator check my page and see if it really is breaking the guidelines? Because come on, it comes in all shapes and sizes. ... :) and it's just a bit of fun. Thanks x

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Sorry but where can I find catalog items? Don't get it :pensive:

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I open another persons post, I click the '+' button, a little tick appears, I leave the post, I go to my favourites, . . . Nothing! I give up.

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How to Level Up in Amino!(check description for a link to join the community!)

~ TUTORIAL: Wiki + Wiki Entries ~

Hey everyone :wave:

Today I'm here to give a tutorial about the wiki and wiki entries. This post is mainly aimed at newer users but if you are unsure about any aspects of wiki entries hopefully this will help you. Ok so firstly wiki entries were previously known as favourites but since the new update they're now called wiki entries and I'll be referring to them as that. Of course you don't have to do anything like how I have but this post should give you a good idea about the kind of things you can do in wiki entries.

What are wiki entries?

They are pretty much a folder type thing that can be about any topic. It can include text, pictures, gifs, YouTube videos and links. A users wiki entries can be seen on their profile underneath their reputation/following/followers bar.

user uploaded image

How do I create one?

Creating a new wiki entry is easy and there are a few ways that you can do it. Firstly, you can press the + button that is located on your profile under 'my wiki entries'. Another way is to press the red pencil button that is located in the bottom right corner on most pages then click the wiki entry button which is the yellow one. The other way is by going onto the side menu and clicking 'compose' then the yellow wiki entry button.

What should I make my wiki entry about?

You can make your wiki entries about anything as long as it isn't against the guidelines. Also since this is K-pop Amino it is recommended that you make your wiki entries k-pop related or related to this community. Common topics for wiki entries include idols, groups, artists, songs, albums, shows, companies and other things.

What do I put in my wiki entry?

It is completely up to you how much or how little you add to your wiki entry. The most basic wiki entry would consist of a title and a cover image. You can include any information about the topic that you want to. Just to show you all the different things you can add I'll go through the steps of creating a wiki entry. I'll be creating an example wiki entry about my ultimate bias group Red Velvet but the steps would be pretty much the same no matter what your topic is.

Example wiki entry


user uploaded image

Ok so this is what it looks like when you start a new wiki entry. Firstly I'm going to give a name to my wiki entry which will be Red Velvet as that's what my entry is about. I also put red heart emojis on the side cos why not it's cute right?

Cover Image

Next I'm going to pick a cover image for my wiki entry. This will be the image that you see on your profile. You can use a still image or a gif it's up to you. Since my profile has a rainbow theme I edited some images to be different colours so that on my profile the wiki entries will show up like a rainbow. You don't have to do this you can use any image you want but of course if you want to you can edit images or use images to suit your theme.

user uploaded image


The next step is to choose a background for your wiki entry. The default background is plain white which I like to use but you have some other options too. Other than white you can choose from some other colours or you can use any photo/gif you want as your background. If you want to change your background back to white just select the 'remove background' option.


Next is the part that says 'add more to the gallery' which is where you add all the photos, gifs and YouTube videos that you want to include. You can add up to 50 items per wiki entry. For mine I'm going to add a group photo, photos of each member and all their music videos they have released. In this section there is an edit option for still images where you can crop, add filters, add text and so on. You can also add a description of the image if you want to.

user uploaded image


Next is a section called 'keywords' and here you write any words that refer to your topic. If anyone searches for one of the keywords your wiki entry will appear in their search results. For my wiki entry I'm going to include the members names and their company in the key words.

user uploaded image


In this section you are given three headings by default which are 'my rating', 'What I like' and 'Dislike'. You can use these headings if you wish or you can remove them and/or add your own. If you want to remove a heading just swipe left on it and press delete and to add a new one press the + button. When typing in the info sections you have a few options which are money bags, hearts, stars, a date or normal keyboard. Use whichever of these best fits the heading for example for the 'my rating' heading I like to use the hearts option to show how much I love the subject of the wiki entry.

user uploaded image


The about section is usually where you would include most of the details about your subject. This section works pretty much the same as a blog post does in that you can add text, photos, gifs, YouTube videos and links in this part. For mine I'm going to add some information about Red Velvet as a group, basic information about each member, photos of them and their music videos. You can add any information that you want to for example you could also include how you found out about your subject or anything else you can think of.

user uploaded image

If you want to see everything I wrote in this section you can check out the finished wiki entry here.

Linked wiki entries

In this part you can link any other wiki entries that are related to the one you are creating. Since I have made one for each member of Red Velvet I'm going to link them to this wiki entry. You can always come back and add them later if you haven't made any related wiki entries yet.

Advanced options

If you click on this it will give you two options for your cover background animation which are 'animated (default)' and 'none'. Your cover background is just the items that are in the gallery section which will appear at the top behind the cover image when viewing the wiki entry. If you pick animated it just means that when someone looks at your wiki entry the background images will move slightly and none means they won't move.


Ok so after you've done all of that you press the submit button and your wiki entry will then appear on your profile. Of course you can always edit it and add and change things as you wish.


There is a feature that allows you to put your wiki entries into folders. This is good if you have a lot because it can keep them more organised and you can even create sub-folders too. There is always a folder with all of your wiki entries. If you don't have any folders it will just show all your wiki entries. To create a folder go into 'my wiki entries' then click the white dots in the top right then click 'add folder'. This is what mine look like:

user uploaded image
user uploaded image

You can put any photo or gif that you want as the background and each folder can have a different background. To change the background you just go into the folder and click the white dots on the top right then click edit folder.


You can also reorder your wiki entries and folders to which ever order you want. The first 25 wiki entries in your 'all' folder will be the ones that show on your profile. If you don't have that many it will just show how ever many you have. They will also appear in the order they are in in the 'all' folder.

Why are some wiki entries yellow?

Usually wiki entries have white borders but some have yellow. The ones that are yellow have been approved by the curation team to be apart of the wiki.

What is the wiki?

The wiki (previously known as the catalogue) is a collection of wiki entries that have been approved by the curation team. It contains many wiki entries created by users about relevant topics to our community. This is a great place to find information about different artists, groups, albums and other topics.

user uploaded image
user uploaded image

How do I submit my wiki entry to be considered for the wiki?

To submit your wiki entry you go onto the wiki entry you wish to submit then click the white dots in the top right then click submit to wiki.

What should I do to get my wiki entry approved?

Here are some criteria that we look for when approving wiki entries. If you can say yes to all of these it's likely that your entry will be approved:

- Is my wiki entry relevant to the community?

- Does all content of my entry stay within the guidelines?

- Would my entry be helpful to others looking for information on the topic?

- Is the information provided in my entry correct and in full?

- Is the topic of my entry obvious?

- Is my entry easy to read/understand?

- Have I given credit when needed?

What happens if I get approved?

If your wiki entry is approved it will be added to a folder in the wiki that corresponds with the topic of your entry. The border of your wiki entry will change to yellow and any other user can pin your entry onto their profile.

What does it mean if my wiki entry isn't approved?

If your entry isn't approved it means that it doesn't check all the criteria stated above. If you really want your entry to be approved you can work on it more with consideration to the criteria and resubmit it.

Ok so that's about all i can think of right now. Hopefully this answers any questions you might have about wiki entries and the wiki but if you have any questions that I haven't answered be sure to comment them below.

Thanks for reading :grin:

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user uploaded image
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Wiki entries amino

Amino (app)

Online social networking service (created 2014)

Amino is a social media application originally developed by Narvii, Inc. It was originally created by Yin Wang and Ben Anderson in 2014. Amino was acquired by MediaLab in 2021, and the founders are no longer associated with the application.


In 2012, Wang and Anderson came up with the idea for a convention-like community while attending an anime convention in Boston, Massachusetts.[2] Later that year, they would release two apps revolving around K-pop and photography that allowed fans of those subjects to chat freely.

In 2014, Amino was officially released.[citation needed]

In 2021, Amino was officially acquired by MediaLab for an undisclosed amount. The founders and the original team were not part of the acquisition except for a small amount of support staff that were retained.[3]


Amino received 1.65 million dollars of seed funding in 2014, primarily from Union Ventures. Some additional seed investors include Google Ventures, SV Angel, Box Group, and other interested parties. [4]

By July 2014, Amino's apps were downloaded 500,000 times.[4] Though only having 15 communities at that time, Amino eventually grew to have 41 communities in September 2015.[4][5] Amino's apps had been downloaded 13 million times by July 2016.[6] Fandoms had migrated from websites like Facebook and Reddit to Amino, partly because of the app's mobile-native experience.[citation needed]

Before 2016, when a user wanted to join a new Amino, they had to download another app for the Amino they wanted to join. In 2016, Amino Apps launched a centralized portal that hosted every Amino community in one app, meaning users no longer had to download multiple apps.[7]

In July of the same year, ACM, an app that allowed users to create their own communities, was launched.[8] This resulted in the number of communities on Amino skyrocketing to over 2.5 million as of June 2018.[9]


The main feature of Amino is communities dedicated to a certain topic that users can join. Users can also chat with other members of a community in three ways, text, voice, or screening room, which allows users to watch videos together while voice chatting.[10] Other features include polls, blog posts, image posts, wiki entries, stories, and quizzes. In some cases, posts that are very well-made and have been noticed by a community’s administration will end up receiving a feature, making it appear on the front page along with other featured content.[11]

In 2018, a premium membership option called Amino+ was added. Amino+ comes with additional features such as exclusive stickers, the ability to make stickers, custom chat bubbles, high resolution images, and other perks. [12] Membership can be purchased with money or Amino coins. Amino coins can be purchased or earned through enabling ads, watching ad videos, completing activities on the Offer Wall, and playing Lucky Draw when checking in.[13] Members can give and receive coins through props. [14]

In 2019, Amino introduced six original short-form animated series, labeled "Amino Originals," produced by independent artists from across the internet.[15][16] ATJ's "Little Red," a re-imagining of Little Red Riding Hood, premiered on November 15th, 2019.[17] "Little Red" was joined by five other shows in late December. Sophie Feher's "The Reef," a comedy featuring an aspiring marine biologist meeting a merman, premiered on December 27th alongside "Princely," an LGBTfairy tale created by Matt Bruneau-Richardson of Tiny Siren Animation.[18][19][20] "Spaced Out," an alien abduction comedy by Michael Jae, and YouTuber Alex Clark's "Wyndvania II" premiered on December 28th.[21][22] Mysie Pereira's fairy tale "Turned to Stone" and Marcin Pawlowski's "Stranded" premiered on December 29th, 2019.[23][24]


On each community, there are two types of staff members, these being ‘Leader’ and ‘Curator.’ Leaders are higher rank than curators. Curators are usually the ones who feature posts, or post important announcements for users to see.[25]

Curators are able to disable a post or public chat, delete comments or chat threads, manage featured content, manage posts in topic categories, and approve Wiki entries.[25]

Leaders have more power than curators. In addition to curator powers, leaders can submit a community to be listed, change the Amino's features, change navigation, alter the community appearance, change the Amino's privacy settings, manage the Amino's join requests, send invites, appoint or demote Curators, strike or ban members, manage flagged content, change users' custom titles, manage topics and wiki categories, and create broadcasts (notifications sent for posts).[25]

One leader will have the status of agent. An agent is the primary leader of a community; the person who created the community is automatically agent.[26] An agent has the ability to delete their community as long as it is not too large or too active.[27] An agent can appoint and remove both leaders and curators. [28] Agent status can be transferred voluntarily to another leader, curator, or community member.[29] If an agent is inactive, Team Amino may assist in transferring agent status.[27]



Otherwise known as ACM, this application is what users use to create and manage their own community in Amino.[30][31] This app allows moderators to customize a community's theme, icon, and categories.[30] ACM also allows moderation to customize community descriptions, pick leaders, change language settings, create a tagline for the community, change the home page lay out, alter the side navigation menu, and more. [32][33] Unlisted communities are able to change their community's title and Amino ID, but this is not an option once a community is listed.[33] A leader can use ACM to submit a request for their community to be listed on the explore page, after which the community will be reviewed by Team Amino for approval.[34] Communities can be deleted on ACM, but only by the agent of that community.[27]

Amino Guidelines and Enforcement[edit]

Amino has a set of guidelines that all communities must comply with. Amino does not allow harassment or hate, spam or self-promotion (including promotion of one's own Amino community), sexual/NSFW content*, self harm, real graphic/gross content (fictional content is generally acceptable), unsafe/illegal content, or content that violates copyright. [35] Communities are allowed to have additional rules so long as they do no violate Amino's rules.[35]In addition to Amino's rules, users are required to be at least 13 years of age in the U.S. and 16 years of age in European Union countries.[36]

*Note: While sexual imagery is not allowed in any community and text based sexual content is not allowed in public areas, some private communities are allowed to discuss sexual themes. However, they are not exempt from Amino's rules on NSFW content.[35]

If guidelines are broken, moderators may disable content or impose a warning, strike, or ban.[37][38] A warning is a message informing the user that they have violated a guideline and may face worse punishment if they do not change their behavior.[37] A strike will put the user in read-only mode for 1-24 hours; this mode prevents the user from posting, chatting, or interacting with posts in that community.[37] A ban removes the user from the community.[37] Team Amino can separately give strikes or bans across the platform.[38]


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