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What’s the Best EMT Study Guide?

Many states require new and sometimes recertifying EMTs to pass the National Registry (NREMT) exam before they can begin work in the field. This is to make sure that the candidate is truly ready to treat live patients and has absorbed enough of their EMT-B training to actively help and not hurt anyone they care for.

While different colleges and other EMS training programs have varying criteria for passing a basic EMT class, the National Registry holds everyone to the same standards across the entire country—standards that are developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a division of the United States Department of Transportation, and the American Heart Association (AHA).

Learn where you can find the top EMT study guides to prepare for the NREMT examination.Given the rigorous standards for this test, which is given as both a cognitive exam and a psychomotor exam, even if it is not required by your state, it’s a good idea to take it anyways. Why?

  • Knowing you have to take a national standardized test will make you up your game in your EMT class, and you may get a better grade.
  • Having National Registry status makes it easier to move to many other states to work as an EMT. If you’re not sure if your state has enough EMS work for you, or if you think you might be moving out of state in the future, the NREMT certification is an asset on your resume.
  • If you want to work as a professional EMT, it shows potential employers you are serious about your career.
  • Many volunteer fire departments require National Registry certification to ride with them.
  • You will know you have done your best to provide the best patient care possible once you start working in the field. And if you can stay calm and collected during this challenging exam, you are one step closer to maintaining the right demeanor on trying calls.

Pass Your NREMT Exam On The First Attempt

Where to Find High Quality Online NREMT Test Preparation

There are an abundance of NREMT test prep sites on the Internet today, so you need to do a bit of digging to see which ones are of the standard you want and have high ratings from other EMTs. Look for sites with comprehensive study guides, a large bank of sample questions, and stellar customer service should you have a question.

One very popular site is EMT National Training. With an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and over 3,000 practice questions just like you’ll find on the NREMT test, it’s one of the more thorough sites out there. You can download a study guide and practice exams for first responder, basic EMT, advanced EMT, and paramedic level practice or work off their site from a computer or mobile device. Your exam progress can be tracked too, so you’ll know whether or not you’re improving as time goes on.

If you just have a bit of study time between other activities, you can create a custom exam of 10-50 questions to work on your most difficult areas of study. All the questions come with the rationales for the correct answers, but you can phone or email their professional staff for further explanation if that’s not enough.

When you’re ready for a full-length simulation exam, EMT National Training has that as well. Once your simulation exam is scored, you’ll see exactly how you fared in each section of the test. The National Registry divides the test into five topic areas, with approximately 20 percent of the questions in each area. You need to pass each topic competently, and of course, you want to know you can handle these areas in the field too, once you start work with an ambulance service.

Given what’s on the line with the NREMT exam and how much you’ve invested in your training, the EMT National Training subscription prices are pretty reasonable:

  • EMR 1 month $39.95
  • EMR 3 month $49.95
  • EMT 1 month $ 49.95
  • EMT 3 month $69.95
  • EMT 6 month $99.95
  • AEMT 1 month $59.95
  • AEMT 3 month $79.95
  • AEMT 6 month $99.95
  • Paramedic 1 month $69.95
  • Paramedic 3 month $99.95
  • Paramedic 6 month $129.95

Pass Your NREMT Exam On The First Attempt

If you’re looking for a slightly less pricey, even more mobile test prep site, Pocket Prep offers apps for both iOS and Android users that can be instantly installed on your phone or tablet for study on the go. You can customize your study plan by making different in-app purchases in the $10.99 to $12.99 range. They have 800 practice questions to select from, which is a decent amount for the money. Users on the Google Play Store and Apple Store consistently rate Pocket Prep’s apps very well.

How you study for the NREMT exam can radically affect your test outcome. Don’t wait until the last minute to study, and don’t try to guess at the type of questions you’ll be asked when there are plenty of sophisticated resources to give you precise exam preparation. Armed with good class notes, a structured study plan, and an online EMT study guide with practice questions, you can pass the NREMT exam with flying colors the first time you take it and get out in the field where you really want to be.

To download EMT Practice Tests, head over to EMT National Training and sign up for their subscription service!

How the NREMT Exam Works

The cognitive, or “sit down,” portion of the NREMT exam lasts for roughly two hours (it varies depending on your EMS level). This used to be a paper-and-pencil type of exam, but it was changed in 2007 to a computer adaptive test. This means that students take their tests online, and after each question, the computer decides what the next question will be—it’s not predetermined. If you answer a question about resuscitation incorrectly, for example, you’ll get another question about the same topic. If not, you’ll get a question on a different subject.

The computer wants to know with a 95 percent confidence level that you honestly know all the required material for NREMT certification. Therefore, the EMT-Basic exam can range from 70 questions to 120. Questions will jump around between all the necessary areas of examination: 1) EMS operations; 2) cardiology and resuscitation; 3) trauma; 4) medical and OB/GYN; and 5) airway, respiration, and ventilation.

Pass Your NREMT Exam On The First Attempt

How to Approach Studying for the NREMT Exam

The NREMT exam can be daunting in its length, intensity, and comprehensiveness. That means you want to start preparing for it as soon as possible. If you know at the outset of your EMS training that you’ll be sitting for the exam, you can start readying your materials in advance. Some strategies you can employ include:

  • starting a study group with other classmates
  • asking a certified EMT you know who did well on the exam to mentor you
  • making flash cards or index cards for important points
  • purchasing an anatomy and physiology coloring book to reinforce memorization
  • subscribing to an online study guide (see next section)

You want to keep all your class notes and make sure you stay current with your course assignments. As new material is presented, try to understand the “why” behind the protocols you learn, rather than just trying to memorize them. When you can put all the pieces together, you’ll do better on the NREMT exam and better in the field too.

An example of this is understanding the process of hypovolemic shock, where the body goes into shock from blood loss, a common situation with serious trauma patients. When you comprehend how cardiac output works (stroke volume x beats per minute [or heart rate]), it makes sense that a patient in shock would have a rapid pulse to compensate for the reduced stroke volume with each heartbeat.

Why You Should Use Online Study Guides

Do you feel overwhelmed by the volume of information on the NREMT exam? Did you miss sections or do less than well on them in class? Are you not sure what types of questions will be on the test? You are the perfect candidate for an online NREMT study program; in fact, these subscription systems and apps are great for anyone who wants to do well on the test and ace it on the first try. Many EMS students are disappointed when they purchase a study book to supplement their notes, but it doesn’t cover everything on the exam or give realistic sample questions. You don’t want to fail the exam because you were under-prepared for it.

The best online EMT exam prep sites provide study materials and practice tests that are prepared by people currently working in the field and teaching EMS. That means you’ll get sample questions that are just like those on the NREMT test, not something that’s too easy or off topic. Some cheap sites even have wrong answers to their questions, so you want a program that only offers information up to the current NHTSA and AHA standards.

Please bookmark Paramedic Training Spot for more details.

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Pass Your 2021 NREMT or State EMT Exam

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Online EMT Exam Prep Trusted by Over 160,000 EMTs and Paramedics

Passing the National Registry (NREMT) or State EMT exam is the biggest hurdle to becoming a certified EMT.

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Questions based on EMT National Education Standards just like NREMT

All questions were written and validated by Certified Paramedic and EMT instructors following the current NEMSES guidelines utilized by the NREMT. This ensures that you are seeing questions that are accurate and closely related to the content of the actual NREMT exam.



EMT Screen


Test by EMS Category or NREMT Simulation

We give you the opportunity to study in 3 different ways. Classic random tests deliver a standard EMT test with a mix of all the content areas covered in the EMT scope of practice.

EMS Category tests let you focus on one specific category of question at a time ie. Airway Management only... or Trauma.

The NREMT Simulation is as close as you can get to the real thing. Our proprietary application delivers the same percentages of questions per category as the real NREMT exam.

Questions are delivered one at a time and a timer keeps the pressure on while you wonder when the exam will stop!

NREMT Simulation


Instant Exam Creation, Grading, Tracking, and Review Features

Anytime that you want to create a new examination you just click a button and the exam instantly appears in your web browser.

At the completion of the exam click the"Grade" button and your exam is instantly graded and your results delivered.

If you answer a question incorrectly we will tell you not only the correct answer, but WHY the answer was correct. We don't send you to the page number of some book... we just explain it.

The exam tracking and review features are probably the most valuable component of EMT National Training. Every exam you take is logged into your results page where they can be reviewed at any time.

Results for NREMT Simulations tell you exactly how well you did in each of the category areas.

Detailed cumulative scoring and test tracking allow you to watch your progress the entire way as you better your weak areas and fine tune the areas that you are already strong in.

EMT Test Tracking

Unlimited Tests, Save at any Time and Continue on any Device

There are no limits on the number of examinations that you can take. Each exam is filled with questions that you have either never seen, or questions that you have answered incorrectly. This continues until all questions in a category have been answered correctly and then they too are re-included in the question pool.

Lose your internet connection? Need to save a test for later? Our system saves your test progress so you can continue it on any device.

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Live Chat Support, Toll Free Phone Support, Email Support and Online Helpdesk Support

We have an excellent staff and each person is dedicated to helping you pass your NREMT or state EMT examination. If you have questions about an answer in our database or maybe want to know more about the EMT certification process in a particular US state we are here to help.

Live chat and toll free phone support are available during normal business hours. Email and Online Helpdesk support is available 24 hours a day and is often answered outside of business hours.


Certified Paramedic and EMT Instructors Answer Your EMS Questions

If you have an EMS question about a procedure or intervention it will be answered by an instructor with years of knowledge and experience in EMS.


Expert NREMT Advice from a Knowledgeable Staff

EMT National Training is in the business of helping people gain NREMT certification and state licensure as EMTs. Through-out this endeavor we have amassed a wealth of information that is not readily available to the public.

None of the things we know are secrets, but they can be very difficult to track down. We are available to answer any question related to the NREMT which you cannot already find an answer for on our website.


EMT Test Preparation Developed by a Proprietary EMS School Registered with the Idaho Board of Education

EMT National Training was created by EMT & Fire Training Inc. an internationally recognized EMS training institution registered with the Idaho Board of Education and Accredited by the Continuing Education Board for Emergency Medical Services.



100% Pass Guarantee and 100% Money Back Guarantee

Maybe We Should Call It The 200% Guarantee?

If you do not pass your NREMT or state EMT examination we will extend your subscription FOR FREE until you do pass. That is worth at least 100% of a subscription price.

If you use EMT National Training as recommended and still fail your NREMT or state EMT examination we will refund 100% of your subscription.

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Use our free NREMT practice tests (updated for 2021) to prepare for you upcoming EMT exam. Studying with actual questions and answers will make you more confident on your test day. Our sample tests require no registration and also include scoring and answer explanations. 

By taking our practice tests, you will know how well you are prepared for the actual EMT test, and then concentrate on the areas you need to work on. 

Summary: Try one of our free EMT practice tests below. No registration required. 

NREMT Practice Tests

Need More Help?

Pocket Prep Logo

Pocket Prep is our recommended provider for EMT prep courses. Make sure you pass your exam the first time around.

Take Me There's sample test questions are categorized to help you focus your study. Each question will have four possible answers to choose from. The questions are similar to what you can expect on the actual EMT exam. 

After you submit answers to the sample questions, a test score will be presented. In addition, you will be given explanations to all of the questions to help you understand any questions you may have gotten wrong.

EMT/NREMT Overview

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, or NREMT, is a non-profit organization that helps ensure the skills, knowledge, and expertise of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) in the United States. While you’re probably familiar with the important role EMTs play in our society, you may not be as familiar with the test required to become a registered Emergency Medical Technician.

The NREMT administers a wide-range of emergency medical professional tests, including those for Emergency Medical Responders (EMR), Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT), EMT-Intermediate/99 (EMT-I/99), and Paramedics.

Though the exams vary based on the type of emergency responder, they all cover the general knowledge and skills required to provide emergency medical services. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the EMT exam, including study tips, test content, scoring, the best NREMT practice tests, and much more. But first, let’s look at some of the best EMT exam resources available online.

How to Study for the NREMT exam

When it comes to studying, everyone has different needs,timelines, and study habits. That said, there are plenty of great EMT exam resources to get you started out on the right foot. If you’re searching for additional ways to prepare for the EMT, check out some of the following resources:

Official NREMT Exam Resources

One of the best ways to prepare for an exam is to get information directly from the test administrators. For the EMT exam, this means consulting the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), which has been testing and registering qualified applicants for nearly 50 years. Here are a few helpful links provided by the NREMT:

Exam Outline - What’s On the EMT Exam?

Needless to say, there are plenty of ways to prepare for the EMT exam, but it is extremely important that you know what to expect on the day of the test. In addition to knowing the types of questions on the exam, you will also want to know how the EMT exam is administered, your allotted time, and all of the DO’s and DON’Ts for the test day.

It is also important to note that becoming an EMT is a multistep process. First, you must have completed a state-approved EMT course within two years of taking the EMT exam. Additionally, you will need to have a current CPR-BLS for “Healthcare Provider.” Once these first two requirements have been met, you can apply to take the EMT exam and receive your Authorization to Test letter.

The EMT exam is broken down into 2 separate parts: the Cognitive Exam and the Psychomotor Exam.

EMT Practice Tests

EMT Cognitive Exam

The EMT Cognitive Exam is administered as a Computer Adaptive Test, or CAT. This means that each candidate is evaluated based on where their answers fall on a spectrum. Once a candidate gets a few answers correct, the computer will automatically introduce harder questions, to continue to test the level of the candidate’s abilities.

The exam covers the following topic areas: Airway, Respiration, & Ventilation, Cardiology & Resuscitation, Trauma, Medical/Obstetrics/Gynecology, and EMS Operations.  

Allotted Time: 120 minutes

Number of Questions: 60-110, plus 10 unscored “pilot” questions

Type of Questions: Multiple-choice

EMT Psychomotor Exam

Unlike the Cognitive Exam, the EMT Psychomotor Exam is not administered by the NREMT. Instead, each exam is managed by the State EMS Office. This exam tests a candidate’s ability to meet specific qualifications using live, hands-on assessments.

The Psychomotor Exam covers the following topic areas: Patient Assessment/Management, Ventilation, Spine Immobilization, Bleeding Control/Shock Management, Cardiac Arrest Management, Joint Immobilization, and Long Bone Immobilization.

Allotted Time: Variable

Number of Questions: Variable

Type of Questions: Live Assessment 

EMT Exam Administration

Both the EMT Cognitive Exam and the Psychomotor Exam are administered throughout the year. However, the registration process is different for each test. In order to register for the EMT Cognitive Exam, you must first prove that you meet the necessary prerequisites. You can do this by obtaining an Authorization to Test letter from NREMT right here. Then, once you’ve received confirmation that you are eligible to take the test, you can schedule a test date with Pearson VUE here.

What Happens During the EMT Exam?

Each part of the EMT Certification Exam is very different. The Cognitive Exam is a computerized test that will take place at a Pearson VUE testing center. You are not required to bring anything with you other than a state-approved form of identification (driver’s license, passport, etc). You are not allowed to talk during the exam, and you must quietly notify an administrator and secure permission if you have any reason to leave your seat.

The EMT Psychomotor is very different, and the exact nature of each test may vary based on your instructor. Generally, you will be given certain specific tasks to perform with a CPR dummy, a live participant, or a piece of medical equipment (like a non-breather mask). Your instructor will observe you and rate how well you perform and follow instructions. You can learn more about each subject area of the Cognitive and Psychomotor exams at this link.

Who is Eligible to Take the EMT Exam?

As previously stated, you must meet certain requirements to even be eligible to take the EMT exam. Every candidate must successfully complete a state-approved EMT course that meets or exceeds National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards. Your program director must then verify your completion through the NREMT. 

Additionally, every candidate must have a current CPR-BLS for “Healthcare Provider.” The CPR-BLS is a course certification that shows your ability to perform certain Basic Life Support tasks. Once you have completed and can show proof of both of these certifications, you can apply for EMT exam eligibility. 

EMT Exam Scores - How Are They Calculated?

The minimum passing standard is set by the National Registry Board of Directors, and this standard is reviewed once every three years. Since both parts of the EMT exam are administered differently, they also use different scoring methods. The EMT Cognitive Exam is scored from 70-120. Alternatively, the Psychomotor is more subjective, though every action is still given a point score. The two tests are then evaluated together to determine if a candidate meets the minimum passing standard.

It generally takes 24-48 hours to receive your NREMT test results. They will be submitted to you through the NREMT website. On average, 68% of first-time test takers pass the EMT exam. You can learn more about national pass/fail rates for the EMT exam right here.


Where can I register for a state-approved EMT course?

Every state has its own state-approved EMT courses. You will need to consult the State EMS Office in your state to find the best approved EMT courses in your area.

Can I retake the EMT exam?

Yes, EMT candidates are given three attempts to pass the EMT exam. You must wait at least 15 days after each failed attempt before taking the exam another time. If you are unable to pass the exam for the third time, you must take a remedial training program and show evidence of successful completion before you can take the EMT exam again.

How long is the Authorization to Test letter valid?

Once you receive your Authorization to Test letter, you will have 90 days to register and take the EMT exam. If you are unable to complete the test within 90 days, you will need to reapply for exam eligibility and pay the corresponding fee.

Last Updated: 10/5/2021

NREMT Review Session 2020

Article by Jane Newsom. Last Updated: Thursday, Jan 2, 2020.


Overview Of The NREMT

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician (a.k.a NREMT) is the non-government organization that administers certification exams for prospective EMTs. These exams are the gateway to starting your career as an EMT, but being NREMT certified is different than being a licensed EMT in your state. 46 states currently require NREMT certification to make an assessment of your knowledge and skills at one or more EMT certification levels, so it’s a hugely important exam.

We’ll cover the exam in detail, and give you our picks for the best NREMT study guides, review guides, and quizlets to ensure your test prep success! The details are below, but if you just can’t wait, here’s the short list:

NREMT Details

The NREMT Exam is composed of 2 different exams, the Cognitive and Psychomotor (skills) exams.

The NREMT Cognitive Exam

The cognitive exam is a computer based adaptive test, with between 70 and 120 multiple choice questions. Each test includes 10 pilot questions, which are unscored and don’t count towards your final grade. You won’t know which questions these are ahead of time, so answer them all to the best of your ability.

The test covers the entire spectrum of EMS care including: Airway, Respiration & Ventilation; Cardiology & Resuscitation; Trauma; Medical; Obstetrics/Gynecology; EMS Operations. Items related to patient care are focused on adult and geriatric patients (85%) and pediatric patients (15%).

In order to pass the exam, candidates must meet a standard level of competency. The passing standard is defined by the ability to provide safe and effective entry level emergency medical care.

The content is broken down as follows:

  • Airway, Respiration & Ventilation: 8%-22%
  • Cardiology & Resuscitation: 20%-24%
  • Trauma: 14%-18%
  • Medical; Obstetrics & Gynecology: 27%-31%
  • EMS Operations: 10%-14%

The results of your NREMT tests are made available to you within 24 to 48 hours of your EMT examination. You can check your EMT test results at the NREMT website. If you fail any of the NREMT certification exams, you can retake the exam after 15 days.

The NREMT Psychomotor Exam

The psychomotor exam is the practical skills assessment portion of the certification. Unlike the Cognitive, the NREMT Psychomotor is administered directly by state EMS offices or training institutions with state EMS oversight.

Tests differ by state, but general topics in which you must demonstrate proficiency include: patient assessment/management of a trauma patient, patient assessment/management of a medical patient, cardiac arrest management/AED, bag-valve-mask ventilation of an apneic patient, spinal immobilization (both seated and supine patient), long bone fracture immobilization, joint dislocation immobilization, traction splinting, bleeding control/shock management, upper airway adjuncts and suction, mouth-to-mouth ventilation with supplemental oxygen, and supplemental oxygen administration to a breathing patient.

Speak with your instructor or State EMS Office about the format and logistics of completing a state-approved Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) psychomotor exam.


Pearson VUE sends your cognitive test to the NREMT for scoring electronically. The Pearson VUE staff does not have access to your results and cannot give you results. The NREMT system posts your results to your account, usually within two business days after you complete your exam (provided all other requirements are met).

Best NREMT Study Guides

EMT Basic Exam Secrets Study Guide

Editor's Choice

EMT Basic Exam Secrets Study Guide | NREMT Study Guides

EMT Basic Exam Secrets Study Guide

1 Stg Edition

by Mometrix Media

Pros: Strong, logical layout is easy to digest.
Cons: Some typographical and other errors.
Our Rating: 5.0 / 5

EMT Basic Exam Secrets Study Guide is our overall top pick for people studying for the NREMT Exam. It has the most comprehensive content, the best practice questions, and overall is just the best out there! The full list of features include:

  • A complete look at the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Basic Exam.
  • A full study of medical, legal and ethical issues for EMTs.
  • Comprehensive practice questions with detailed answer explanations.

With incredibly strong content and essentially nothing in the negative column, this book is an easy recommendation for NREMT prep. Pick one up today as your sole resource or to compliment other materials. Either way, you’re sure to be satisfied with this great book!

EMT Basic Exam

EMT Basic Exam | NREMT Study Guides

EMT Basic Exam

4th Edition

by Kaplan

Pros: Complete and comprehensive review of all exam topics.
Cons: None of note, some people find the practice questions to be too remedial.
Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

The EMT Basic Exam from Kaplan is our second overall pick for NREMT study guide. The book boasts a wealth of knowledge covering all exam sections, and has lots of great practice questions to help you prepare. The full list of features include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of all topics.
  • Detailed test-taking strategies and rationale for all practice questions.
  • Tips and tricks for tackling test questions.

There are a number of great study guides on this list, and this is definitely one of them. This book is exactly what it says - a comprehensive review, and everything you need to succeed. While it didn’t take the top spot, it’s still a viable resource, and sure to have everything you need to succeed!

EMT Crash Course

EMT Crash Course | NREMT Study Guides

EMT Crash Course

1st Edition

by Christopher Coughlin

Pros: Narrow focus is great for last minute preppers.
Cons: Not as comprehensive as other resources on this list.
Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

If you’re short on time and need an accelerated review, EMT Crash Course is a great pick for your specific needs. There’s a special focus paid to the most critical cognitive topics, with all of the fluff and extras cut out. Features include:

  • Laser focused review of just the material you need to know.
  • Detailed rationale for correct and incorrect answers.
  • Glossary of over 400 key terms you need to succeed on the exam.

While you’re doing your last minute review, it’s great to have a book that’s focused on the critical components, and this is it. On the other hand, if you want a more in-depth textbook style guide, this may not be your best bet.

Best NREMT Flashcards and Practice Questions

In addition to the excellent books mentioned above, EMT students will see significant benefits in prepping for the test using flashcards. Our top picks for Best NREMT Flashcards are outlined below.

EMT Basic Exam Practice Questions

Editor's Choice

EMT Basic Exam Practice Questions | NREMT Study Guides

EMT Basic Exam Practice Questions

1st Edition

by EMT Exam Secrets

Pros: Tons of practice questions.
Cons: Some questions are a bit dated.
Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

Practice is an essential part of preparing for a test and improving a test taker’s chance of success. The best way to practice taking a test is by going through lots of practice test questions! Key features include:

  • Over 80 pages of practice questions
  • Covers all major topics and themes.

Practice questions have a tremendous benefit for students who elect to use them in their test preparation. Repetitive drilling on major topics is a good way to help in the days leading up to the test.

EMT Flashcard Book

EMT Flashcard Book | NREMT Study Guides

EMT Flashcard Book

3rd Edition

by Jeffrey Lindsey

Pros: Comprehensive set of cards covering major topics.
Cons: Book format, not actually cards.
Our Rating: 4.0 / 5

EMT Flashcard Book are another solid choice for those preparing for the test. The flashcards are in book form, which some may find inconvenient, but perform the same function if you’re not bothered by the form-factor. Key features include:

  • Over 300 NREMT review questions.
  • Strong organization.
  • Rationale for correct and incorrect items provided.

The organization is extremely helpful and well laid out for focusing your study time. There are tons and tons of questions in this card set, and they are great for drilling in the days leading up to the exam.

Wrapping Up

For EMT students, the NREMT is one of the most important exams you need to prepare for. Study manuals, flashcards, and practice tests are a huge help to many people, and if you’ve read this far you’re probably one of them.

We’ve rounded up the top NREMT study guides and flashcards and presented them above. To recap our recommendations:

Top Study Guide RecommendationEMT Basic Exam Secrets Study Guide
Top Flashcard and Practice Questions RecommendationEMT Basic Exam Practice Questions

Our top pick for NREMT Study Guide is EMT Basic Exam Secrets Study Guide for the NREMT Examination. It’s the most comprehensive and accurate guide on our list, and is the single best resource available.

For top flashcard and practice question pick, we recommend EMT Basic Exam Practice Questions. It’s got over 300 highly relevant cards covering all topics from the exam.

Whatever your circumstance, supplemental study and review materials are a key part of ensuring success. We’ve listed some of the best NREMT resources available. Good luck, and study hard!

Sources and Further Reading


For nremt best study guide

The Best NREMT Test Prep Books of 2021

Are you looking for information on how to pass the NREMT written exam? Are you looking for the best EMT books and prep materials to ensure you get the EMT certification that you need? Well, look no further.

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians provides the National EMS certification to ensure that technicians are ready and able to handle the responsibility of being an emergency medical technician. There are several levels with the EMT exams. These include the NREMR, NRAEMT, NRP, and the NREMT. This list will cover the NREMT.

Imagine spending countless days dreaming of being an Emergency Medical Technician, only to find that you can’t pass the exam. All those dreams were quickly washed away with the receipt of your failed score. However, there is always hope, as well as another test attempt.

If you have taken the test before, don’t make the same mistakes you did before. Find a resource that appeals to your learning style as well as has the material you need. This article aims to provide students with the best possible resources for passing the NREMT Test. Within this list, you will find several of the best EMT study books and supplies.

If you use these resources with an adequate study plan, you are guaranteed to do well on your exam. What are you waiting for? Keep reading to see which text is just right for you!

If you want to just get back to studying, get our top pick for NREMT review books here.

Our Top Favorite
NREMT Study Guide: A Comprehensive No-fluff Review
Our Top Runner Up
NREMT Exam Prep 2019-2020: A Study Guide including 220 Test Questions and Answers for the EMT Basic Exam (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians)
Our Top Value Pick
EMT National Training AEMT Practice Questions & Study Guide

Book Title

NREMT Study Guide: A Comprehensive No-fluff Review

NREMT Exam Prep 2019-2020: A Study Guide including 220 Test Questions and Answers for the EMT Basic Exam

EMT National Training AEMT Practice Questions & Study Guide Paperback

Our Top Favorite
NREMT Study Guide: A Comprehensive No-fluff Review

Book Title

NREMT Study Guide: A Comprehensive No-fluff Review

Our Top Runner Up
NREMT Exam Prep 2019-2020: A Study Guide including 220 Test Questions and Answers for the EMT Basic Exam (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians)

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NREMT Exam Prep 2019-2020: A Study Guide including 220 Test Questions and Answers for the EMT Basic Exam

Our Top Value Pick
EMT National Training AEMT Practice Questions & Study Guide

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EMT National Training AEMT Practice Questions & Study Guide Paperback

Last update: 2021-08-31

Our Favorites for the Best NREMT Review Books

NREMT Study Guide: A Comprehensive No-fluff Review by Newton Test Prep

This NREMT study guide is brought to students by Newton Test Prep. Newton Test Prep has created a variety of NREMT materials for students to use in preparing for the NREMT exam. The guide provides a comprehensive review that contains ample tests and practice material.

What Makes it Unique:

  • This guide contains all the information you need to pass the exam without the added filler and additional text you will find in other guides.
  • In addition to the information the text provides, users also receive a practice exam. The questions on this exam have been thoroughly reviewed to ensure that they are like those on the real exam.
  • Newton Test Prep also provides test takers with detailed explanations and answers to the questions on the practice exam. This ensures that they understand why specific answers are right and why some are wrong.
  • There are a number of topics covered in the NREMT Study Guide. These include the importance of proper documentation, labor & delivery, and even Airway Management.
  • The text opens with the recommended study tools for users. It is then set up by topic and provides users with test-taking tips before closing with the practice exam and its subsequent answers.

Why Choose This NREMT Book:

  • Many students can attest to this NREMT review book being the best EMT study book. The material in the book is accurate and, indeed, only the essentials needed for the exam.
  • Many users also highly recommend reading this book several times in preparation for the NREMT test.
  • Some students also use this text as a resource for the EMT-B course. It provides an alternate way for students to take in the curriculum.

Last update: 2021-08-31

EMT Crash Course with Online Practice Test, 2nd Edition (EMT Test Preparation) Paperback by Christopher Coughlin Ph.D.

If you are looking for a last-minute preparation for the NREMT exam, this is the perfect option for you. The EMT Crash Course provides users with the most essential information in a format that is easy to digest. This text is ideal for the last-minute studier who is looking to cram in just a bit more information. Though it does not include an overwhelming amount of scenario-based questions, it is still an excellent review text.

What Makes it Unique:

  • The EMT Crash Course is the best NREMT test prep quick refresher. It provides a focused content review that covers all of the topics which can be found on the exam.
  • Along with the critical review materials, test-takers will also receive sure-fire strategies for taking the exam. It also includes information on what you can expect on test day.
  • With the key terms, you will have a sense of which vocabulary is the most important for the exam. Understanding and knowing this terminology can make or break the score you receive on the exam.
  • Students also get the added bonus of receiving a full-length practice exam. Taking this exam will determine how much of the information in the book was actually maintained.

Why Choose This NREMT Book:

  • Many users have used this book to create flashcards and other helpful material, which has aided them in passing the exam.
  • This book has been a great aid in helping many students pass the exam and is one of the best NREMT test prep books.
  • The EMT Crash Course provides a significant level of detail for test-takers.
  • Many students can be overwhelmed by using their class materials to study. However, this text aims at taking the stress away from studying by telling you exactly what you need to know.

Last update: 2021-08-31

The Runner-Ups for the Best NREMT Review Books

NREMT Exam Prep 2010-2020: A Study Guide including 220 Test Questions and Answers for the EMT Basic Exam by EMT Test Prep Team

The NREMT Exam Prep Guide is excellent for students who are looking for ample practice questions and exams to study from. This book is brought to you by the EMT Test Prep Team. They are the makers of several test prep materials for the NREMT exam, including flashcards and other prep materials.

What Makes it Unique:

  • NREMT Exam Prep 2019-2020 includes updated information for the 2019-2020 NREMT exam. It is filled with over 200 practice questions to get you prepared for the real exam.
  • The text includes full answers and explanations for all questions listed within the guide. The authors want to ensure that students adequately understand what they should and should not know for the exam.
  • The book begins by telling prospective certification holders all about the exam. This includes exam details, categories you will be tested on, and ways to get prepared for the exam.
  • The NREMT Exam Prep Guide also includes information on what you can expect on your road to becoming an EMT and even all of the services which Emergency Medical Technicians offer. Once this information has concluded, the information on what you need to know for the exam will ensue. After the review portion of the book is complete, the test prep questions will begin.

Why Choose This NREMT Book:

  • This prep guide is a great text for students who have opted to forgo the large course reading. Many students explained that the book is extremely helpful and beneficial for passing the exam.
  • The NREMT Exam Prep Guide provides a great review and refresher for information that students may not remember.
  • Many students purchase the text when they are looking for exam questions. The questions in this book are helpful and can aid in reinforcing the review material. The explanations are accurate, informative, yet still concise.

Last update: 2021-08-31

EMT Basic Exam Textbook: EMT-B Test Study Guide Book & Practice Test Questions for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Basic Exam by Test Prep Books

The EMT Basic Exam Textbook provides a healthy supply of review information, test-taking tips, and strategies for getting a good score on the NREMT exam. This text covers all of the information which could possibly be on the NREMT test. The book is well balanced and able to help even the worst test taker.

What Makes it Unique:

  • Each portion of the exam includes a dedicated review within the EMT Basic Exam Textbook.
  • Test Prep Books has also taken the time to provide users with sure-fire techniques and strategies to do well on the NREMT exam. They want to help students avoid making foolish mistakes.
  • If you’re looking for practice questions, never fear, Test Prep Books includes those as well. Each section contains practice questions that can be answered before moving on to the next section. Immediately following the questions, users will receive the answers and explanations to these questions.
  • Each EMT Basic Exam Textbook also comes with a free DVD offer in order to receive more tips and strategies for test-taking.

Why Choose This NREMT Book:

  • Students rave that the material in the guide is simple and easy to understand. They also added that it is filled with all of the information students need to pass the test.
  • This book comes highly recommended by students and even EMT instructors.
  • Some instructors even use this text as a final review before students are set to take the NREMT test.
  • The EMT Basic Exam Textbook is much easier to maneuver than the EMT book. It allows students to focus on information related to a specific area solely.

Last update: 2021-08-31

The Value Picks for the Best NREMT Review Books

EMT National Training AEMT Practice Questions & Study Guide Paperback by Travis W Holycross, Arthur S Reasor, Ryan L Asher, Dustin Labrousse

If you have been searching for ample review questions to prepare for the NREMT test, this is the best NREMT test prep book. The EMT National Training AEMT Practice Questions & Study Guide provides information that all students can use to reinforce the material learned in the EMT course.

What Makes it Unique:

  • This EMT test prep book comes with a study guide that provides tips for how to beat the NREMT test as well as explaining how the multiple test questions are structures.
  • The book opens by providing users with information about the exam as well as opportunities to find more NREMT resources.
  • EMT National Training book also provides information on what materials you should be using to pass the exam as well as what is needed for test day.

Why Choose This NREMT Book:

  • With the EMT National Training book, users have the option also to access material online. This online material includes access to over 4000 questions, answers, and even their rationale.
  • Many users found the explanations for the incorrectly answered questions to be detailed and extremely beneficial in understanding why a specific answer was not chosen.
  • Many students explained that the material within the book directly relates to the information that they learned in class. EMT students highly recommend this text if you are looking for material to help pass the exam.

Last update: 2021-08-31

EMT Exam Study Guide 2019 & 2020: EMT Basic Exam Prep Secrets & Practice Test Questions for the NREMT Emergency Medical Technician Exam (Updated for the Current EMT Cognitive Exam Test Plan) by Mometrix EMT Certification Test Team

EMT Exam Study Guide 2019 & 2020 comes from the Mometrix EMT Preparation team. It is a comprehensive guide for anyone who is looking to pass the NREMT exam. This text is highly recommended and includes mass amounts of material to ensure you are adequately prepared.

What Makes it Unique:

  • EMT Exam Study Guide book provides users with the most critical information they will need to pass the exam. This includes topics in relation to ethics, law, and medicine. This consists of the Ryan White Law and Universal precautions.
  • The text also provides a comprehensive airway section that focuses on assessing respiration and clearing obstructed airways.
  • Other topics included within the text include poisoning, pediatric patients, rapid trauma assessments, and much more.
  • All of the content presented in the text is explained in great detail and structured in a logical fashion, which allows users to grasp the material easily.
  • The text does include one practice exam, which also provides answers and explanations.

Why Choose This NREMT Book:

  • The book comes with five keys to successfully pass the NREMT exam as well as proven strategies to aid you in studying and on test day.
  • The text also aims to help you choose the best answer even when you are guessing. It provides information on how to make the best possible guess for the best outcome.
  • For users who have cases of test anxiety, the book even includes tips for combatting stress.
  • Most test-takers highly recommend this book and say that it is well worth the money. Although it is one of several resources, it is one that most students can’t put down.

Last update: 2021-08-31

Summary of the Best NREMT Review Books

To sum up, here are the review books we looked at today:

Our Top Favorite
NREMT Study Guide: A Comprehensive No-fluff Review
Our Top Runner Up
NREMT Exam Prep 2019-2020: A Study Guide including 220 Test Questions and Answers for the EMT Basic Exam (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians)
Our Top Value Pick
EMT National Training AEMT Practice Questions & Study Guide

Book Title

NREMT Study Guide: A Comprehensive No-fluff Review

NREMT Exam Prep 2019-2020: A Study Guide including 220 Test Questions and Answers for the EMT Basic Exam

EMT National Training AEMT Practice Questions & Study Guide Paperback

Our Top Favorite
NREMT Study Guide: A Comprehensive No-fluff Review

Book Title

NREMT Study Guide: A Comprehensive No-fluff Review

Our Top Runner Up
NREMT Exam Prep 2019-2020: A Study Guide including 220 Test Questions and Answers for the EMT Basic Exam (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians)

Book Title

NREMT Exam Prep 2019-2020: A Study Guide including 220 Test Questions and Answers for the EMT Basic Exam

Our Top Value Pick
EMT National Training AEMT Practice Questions & Study Guide

Book Title

EMT National Training AEMT Practice Questions & Study Guide Paperback

Last update: 2021-08-31

The best way to study for NREMT is to find a resource that works for you. This text contains several resources that can be beneficial to all students to pass the NREMT exam or even to use as a supplemental resource to their EMT coursework.

If you are looking for an excellent text which will have you in great shape for the NREMT test, the NREMT Study Guide: A Comprehensive No-fluff Review is a great place to start. This book contains all the information you need to pass the exam without the added fluff or filler material.

Another no-nonsense EMT study book is the EMT Basic Exam Textbook. The text comes with ample practice material which is structured in a way that focuses on specific subheadings and provides detailed answers for its practice questions. The text also aims to offer tips and strategies for ensuring you have grasped and understood the material.

No matter the text you choose, everything depends on how you use it. You shouldn’t start cramming days before your exam and expect immaculate results. However, if you are cramming for the exam, the EMT Crash Course with Online Practice Test is the way to go. Whichever of the texts you choose, you are bound to be fully prepared for the exam and ready to take on a career as an EMT.

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